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Chicago Bathroom & Kitchen Faucets Reviews

Chicago faucet is one of those brands which has a high reputation and image in the industry. The company is focused on delivering the best experience and customer services to their clients. Also, they are known for introducing high tech technologies in their faucets to provide smooth functions and performance. However, if you are looking to buy a faucet from this brand, then you are going to need information as well as some Chicago Faucet Reviews. And for that, here is everything that can help.

Best 3 Bathroom & Kitchen Faucets from Chicago Faucet

Name Type Author's Rating
Chicago GIDDS-231318 897-RC Wall Mount Faucet
Chicago Faucets 333-665PSHABCP Lavatory Faucet
Chicago Faucets 895-317ABCP Gooseneck Faucet

History of CHICAGO

Albert C. Brown who was the founder and started the company in 1901. He started with his savings and opened his own small shop where he manufactured different plumping products. He also produced lampshades frames, oil burner tips, and gas regulator valves. In 1911, the demand for the plumping product increased where Albert started to sell items under the company’s name. In 1913, he invented the cartridge which was the cornerstone for the Chicago faucet company.

However, during the Korean conflict and World war II, the company also manufactured products for war-related such as screws, bolts, nuts, etc. But in 1953, the operation turned normal and back the way it was. In 2002, Chicago faucet was acquired by the Gerberit group, which is itself 125 years old company.

How Good Are CHICAGO Kitchen Faucets?

Chicago Faucets Reviews
Chicago faucets have a good reputation in the market, especially for their durability. Also, the company avails all kinds of important information about the products they are selling on their sites. They have a video about how to do installation and maintenance, product resources and support, etc. To get the quality of the products, there is an online catalog available too. After studies, the overall rating for the company is 4.1 out of 5.

The company offers a wide range of a product which includes kitchen, prep, commercial faucets, laundry, etc. Also, the company makes sure to meet all laws and regulations related to sailing or installing faucets in North America. Chicago faucets are known for offering safe, reliable, and durable faucets to their customers.

The technology used in CHICAGO faucets

Chicago kitchen faucet offers features which can meet the very need of the people who spend their time in the kitchen. It can be hectic and chaos if your faucet is not well equipped. To not let issue arise, there are latest updates made which includes new technologies additions in the models.

They have added E- Tronic 80 which allows clean and contemporary work. It also helps in working comfortably and convenient too. With that, there are 420 – T which offers the temp shield thermostatic protection. It helps in saving water wastage and make the faucet durable. There are more in faucets such as Alpine, EQ series, Hydronic series, etc.

What Types of Kitchen Faucets Are Available from CHICAGO?

Chicago faucets manufacturers faucets for commercial and residential use. Well, they have divided the faucets into two categories, which include manual sink faucets and touchless faucets. They have decorative Symmons, Danze, KWC, and Elkay like kitchen faculties for home. Whereas T&S brass like faucets for business purpose. They have added best CHICAGO Faucet such as wall mounted kitchen faucets, pull out spray faucets, pot fillers, and other different types with finishes such as oil rubbed bronze and brushed nickel. They also produce some of the best quality faucets for bathrooms.

Also, the company makes the dependable touchless electronic kitchen faucets in this field. They offer the electronic faucets which are better when it comes to water conservation, hygienes, and style. Also, to boost up your smooth work and meet your expectations every time.

Warranty on a CHICAGO Kitchen Faucet

Along with selling Top faucet from CHICAGO faucets, the company offers the warranty on their products only for the original users. Well, any metal cast or formed portion has a lifetime warranty.

However, a lifetime warranty is not applied to every product; there are certain portions or products which are defected by the manufacturing have the five years warranty that starts from the date when the product was purchased.

If the metal portion of the product is defecated, then there is a five-year cartridge warranty on that. For commercial applications, there is a one-year finish warranty period. All products by the Chicago faucets come with a warranty period other for one year or depending on what you are buying.

However, the company doesn’t take responsibility for the damages that occurred during labor transport, abuse, misuse, or damage because of natural elements. In these cases, the warranty period will be null and void.

To claim the warranty, the customer needs to contact the company. If not, then they have to request the services. After approving the reason, either company will repair the product or replace it. In case if that doesn’t work out, the company will refund the price. For that, the company will fist do the inspection, and if the reason is valid, then you will get a refund.

Prices of CHICAGO Faucets

To buy some Budget Faucets from Chicago, there are several options. However, the price range starts at $33, and it can go higher as it depends on the model you are buying. The company also launched the collections and series which avail the best technologies as well as covering the need all in one. However, to buy the affordable range, you can also consider the online option as you can save money from that.

The price of faucets may vary on the model and series you are purchasing, other factors that can affect the price is the technology and latest updates added in the faucet.


Well, Chicago faucet focuses on making faucets, which can be easy to use, install, and deliver the best kind of experience every time. However, the company didn’t follow the style that much, but again it’s their own uniqueness which made their faucets different from others. Along with selling affordable price range, high tech, and the latest updated faucets, the company also offers the ideal brand for residential and commercial use.


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