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Best Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet Reviews & Buying Guide

The number of kitchen faucet types available in the market is quite vast, and different people use different kinds depending upon their requirements and decor. But one type that has always been a rage in the market is wall mount kitchen faucet. It not only makes the kitchen a fully functional space but also makes them look spacious and well-utilized. However, you can’t add a random model to your kitchen as it might hinder the whole purpose. So what should you do? Well, check out our list of best wall mount kitchen faucet that will assist you in picking the right model.

Top 5 Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets (Quick Look)

But before move on to the list, let’s check out some essential facts that you need your attention. You may go to the review section as well if you are in a hurry.

What Is a Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet and Why Should You Need It?

Best Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets Reviews

A wall mount faucet is a widely used faucet type that is installed on the wall which is right above the sink. They are designed in such a way that the spout extends over the sink and occupies less amount of space in the kitchen.

They are attractive, aesthetically pleasing and give you the clean appearance that you want in your kitchen. Unlike others, it holds a unique design that attracts the attention of all the people, whether they are looking for modern or utilitarian kitchen decor.

Many people prefer wall mount kitchen faucet over others because it makes the kitchen look spacious and allows you to move in the sink area easily. Moreover, they are available in an array of sizes, designs, finishes, and features. However, they are quite challenging to install and costs more than usual faucet types like deck-mounted faucets.

When the question arises that why should you install wall mount kitchen faucet then we can there are a lot more to wall mount faucet than meets the eye. The main advantage of installing a wall mount kitchen faucet is that it allows you to keep the sink area immaculate and tidy.

Moreover, it facilitates easy cleaning of any mineral deposit and dirt that generally accumulate over time. In addition, it also offers more range of motion than other fixtures because it maintains a reasonable distance from the bottom of the sink.

Wall mount kitchen faucet is beneficial to houses that have a small kitchen or where the owner like to maintain well-organized decor. It also serves as an ideal addition to the minimalist kitchen as it simply mounts on the wall allowing the sink to be the main attraction of that particular space. Most importantly, it keeps the sink entirely different fixture in the kitchen without any hole or deck plate.

How To Install A Wall Mount kitchen Faucet?

Well, installing a wall mount faucet is a challenging task, but following specific simple steps can assist you in accomplishing the goal. Let’s start with the process;

  1. First, call a plumber and ask him to properly hook all the required connections and water supply line before you can begin. The supply lines located inside the wall must be placed appropriately; otherwise, you will have difficulty in installation.
  2. Now take a measurement tape and maintain a 1-1.5inch gap between the top of the sink and bottom of the faucet. After this, decide what height will be ideal for the installation, and you should choose it depending on the size of both the fixtures. Mark decided height with a marker.
  3. It is time to drill holes on the marked area.
  4. In this step, first, you will have to attach the spout to the wall plate and then you need to position the washer so that you can join them with bolts.
  5. Then take the setup and position on the wall in such a way that the holes coincide with the holes on the wall. Attach them with the help of bolts.
  6. Lastly, attach the handles along with other accessories to the faucet. Properly tighten them and also check the water connection before you start using the faucet.

Pro and Cons of Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets

When it comes to pros and cons of wall mount kitchen faucet, we can say its advantages outclass the cons. So let’s take a look at them;

  • First and foremost, it saves ample amount of space in the kitchen. As it is installed on the wall, it doesn’t bite a large amount of space, making it suitable for the sink that doesn’t have extra space.
  • It offers a lot of space for movement while you are doing your kitchen chores. You get a lot of room for placing large pots and cookware in the sink.
  • Brings a minimalist design element to the kitchen space and makes the kitchen look spacious.
  • It comes a lot of colors, sizes, and designs so match them with the kitchen surrounding won’t be a problem.

In the con part, we can say;

  • The installation process is quite tricky, and it requires a lot of measurement work.
  • If there is any issue, then you renovate the whole supply line inside the wall.

Now, let’s dive into the review part of all the beautiful wall mount faucet for the kitchen we have selected for you;

Top 7 Best Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets Review

1. Delta Faucet 28T9 28T – Most Popular Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

From the house of legendary faucet maker Delta, we present you the widely popular 28T9 28T two-handle wall-mount faucet that has never disappointed anyone with its performance. Enjoy the commercial-grade performance with this faucet and it cross handle setup is partly responsible for it.

Not only that, it even gets a nine 1/2inch long ASSE approved vacuum breaker and an articulated wall flange which ensure stable water performance without any disruption or air gap. Apart from the central spout, you will cross handle setup in this setup for hold and cold water. To avoid confusion during rush hours, the handles are marked with a red indicator for hot water and blue for cold water.

Whether you have small or large cleaning loads, you won’t ever to worry about water pressure because Delta F28T9 28T delivers 4 gallons per minute flow rate. This affordable wall mounted kitchen faucet comes with an 8inch center so that you can get the maximum range of motion during cleaning.

You can even attach a hosepipe to the hose pipe outlet while cleaning a lot of items on the sink. In addition to performance, it will also impress you with its durability and heavy-duty cast brass built serves as the proof.
Leakage or any other issue won’t bug you for an extended time, and it is due to the heavy-duty cartridge it carries. The whole body is matted with a rough chrome finish, so it is quite flexible when it comes to blending with most kitchen decors.

Apart from the lucrative look, it also offers excellent resistance to rust and stains, thus making it look like new even after years of usage. The installation is extremely straightforward, and you can easily accomplish with the help of some tools. Delta is always known for taking care of its customers, and that is why it 5-year limited warranty with this product.


  • Excellent water flow rate.
  • Durable body construction.
  • Highly effective chrome finish.
  • Option for attaching a hose.


  • Not Recommended for Driking Water

2. Kingston Brass KS213C – Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet under $100

We can introduce Kingston Brass KS213C as a budget-friendly wall mount kitchen faucet that excels by a high margin in look, durability, and performance. It is a classic style faucet that has an 11inch spout reach which ensures that the spout is almost parallel to the sink drain.

Enjoy maximum sink coverage while cleaning, and the praise goes to its swivel spout that allows you convenient cleaning. Kingston has geared this model with an X style dual handles where one of them used for hot water and the other one is for cold water.

Cleaning would become a fun activity in the kitchen because Kingston Brass KS213C delivers a 6.8 LPM water flow rate at 60PSI, which facilitates all types of cleaning chores. Even though it has a high-pressure water flow, but it saves from a high water bill.

Fixing the disruption of water flow won’t be a problem, and it is due to the removal aerator that it gets with the spout’s head. The operation is quite flexible, and the handles come with hot and cold water indication to avoid confusion.

We can assure you can’t complain about Kingston Brass KS213C’s build quality because it is based on premium brass that sets it apart in the crowd. Moreover, it has a 1/4 ceramic disc cartridge that enhances the durability by a large margin.

The blend of vintage and classic outlook will generate a refreshing perspective in your kitchen. With a polished chrome finish, it not only allows it to mold with any kitchen decor but also resist corrosion and tarnishing. It acts as an investment for every homeowner because it enjoys a 10-years limited warranty coverage.


  • Oozes a vintage look with X-style handles.
  • Swivel spout offers good reach.
  • It offers a reasonable water flow rate.
  • The body finish offers excellent resistance.


  • It is not suitable for small sinks.
  • It is not easy to mount.

3. Delta Faucet Peerless P299305LF – 2-Handle Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet under $50

Delta faucet peerless P99305LF a simple yet highly rate wall-mount faucet that gets you the best of both worlds that is durability and performance. It gets a high arch design with 16.7inch spout reach so you can stay assured that you will be treated with optimum cleaning performance.

To make your everyday kitchen task a convenient activity, it comes with a 360 swivel spout so you can move the water flow depending upon your requirement. Enjoy full control of water flow and temperature that is facilitated by its two handle design. However, it doesn’t come with the indication of hot and cold water.

Delta faucet peerless P99305LF gets you a 1.8 gallons per minute water flow rate which we assume would be sufficient for any of your cleaning chores. As it saves a lot of water wastage, so it comes with CALGreen standard certification. In addition to performance, it would also baffle you with its durability, and it is due to solid brass construction.

Despite having the robust build quality, it is totally free from lead, and that is why it gets Vermont and California low-lead legislation compliance. However, the part that also plays a significant role in notching up its longevity is its washerless stem valve cartridge.

The contemporary and traditional design of Delta faucet peerless P99305LF will stand out the most in your kitchen. Moreover, this peerless wall mount kitchen faucet with its chrome color also brings beautiful aesthetics to the kitchen.
The chrome finish not only offers a smooth finish but also provides resistance to corrosion.

It won’t take much of your time to install it on the wall, but you will have to purchase the supply lines separately. While installing, you should keep in your mind that it is compatible with two hole wall installation.


  • Highly affordable price point.
  • Compliant with all the government standards.
  • The body finish gets a lifetime warranty.
  • Excellent water flow rate.


  • It doesn’t come with supply lines.

4. IMLEZON Pull Down – Commercial Type Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

Imlezon IMLEZON2TH-002 can be introduced as a top-of-the-line commercial type wall mount kitchen sink faucet that has earned numerous positive reviews due to its performance and features. It is a meticulously engineered product that is designed to give a lot of space during cleaning and credit goes to its 25inch spout height.

Get pampered by its full range of motion during your cleaning chores because it offers a pull-down sprayer that can cover all the areas of the sink. However, the feature that will attract you the most is its high-arch industrial open coil swivel spout with a 360-degree swivel that adds to the flexibility and maneuverability of the faucet.

The spray-head of Imlezon IMLEZON2TH-002 gets flexible metal tubing for cleaning convenience, and it even gets a 100,000+ bend lifespan. Like others, it also delivers a standard water flow rate of 1.42 GPM, which will suffice all your cleaning need. Water splash is a common issue with faucet but not with this model because it features a bubbler head that makes the water-dense and gentle.

What’s more?

It’s pre-rinse spray function that not only gives you the option for aerated flow and powerful spray but also prevents hard water along with mineral buildup. Besides all these exclusive features, it also offers you two handles for controlling hot and cold water flow.

When it comes to design, Imlezon IMLEZON2TH-002 will leave you awestruck by its industrial style design with seamless body lines. The whole body gets a chrome treatment that makes it more aesthetically pleasing and resistive to rust. With its lead-free brass construction and flexible spring, it ensures that it would last for a lifetime. Most importantly, it’s double layer anti-leaking construction with two O-rings also enhances the lifespan by providing drip-free usage.


  • It is quite easy to mount.
  • Loaded with features.
  • Industrial level build quality.
  • The pull-out spray is highly useful.
  • It resists all the hard-water issues.


  • It is a tad bit expensive.

5. Lordear Pot Filler – Wall Kitchen Faucet

Lordear pot filler faucet may seem like a standard product, but it is a specially designed faucet that excels in both performance and looks. It is an extendable faucet that provides you a maximum reach up to 19inch which comes really handy while filling a lot of pots or glasses. You can also retract the body when you are not using it. It gets a 360-degree rotation facility that gives you a full range of motion while using it.

Unlike pot filler Delta wall mount kitchen faucets, Lordear pot filler delivers a mammoth water flow rate of 5.5 GPM for optimum efficiency but that too without water splash. For an easy on and off water flow, it pampers you with dual handles with smooth turning. However, it only offers cold water flow which might be a deal-breaker for some people.

Thanks to the premium brass build it depicts not only top-notch durability but also lead-free water delivery. The joints are geared with ceramic disc shut off valves that allow smooth retraction and even prevention to leakage.
The handles of Lordear pot filler also packs dual brass ceramic shut-off valves that provides you smooth water flow control.

Blending with any posh decor won’t be a problem for this high-performance fixture, and it is mainly due to its retracting design with brushed nickel finish. The entire body is garnished simple lines and aesthetically pleasing detailing that also adds to its eye-catching design.

For your convenience, the manufacturer has offered 5-years warranty coverage with this model which is really appreciable.


  • Remarkable filling performance.
  • Entirely free from drips.
  • Durable body construction.
  • Retractable facility with colossal reach.
  • Beautiful body design.


  • The valves faces issue after some months.

6. MSTJRY Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet – Another Commercial Type

If top performance wall mount kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer is your main priority, then there is no better product than MSTJRY MJTH-002. This faucet is all about features, and its pre-rinse spray with powerful spray and aerated spray option serves as the primary proof.

Moreover, the pre-rinse spray also gears rubber nozzles that resist water splash and buildup of minerals due to hard water. Cleaning is made easy with sprayer’s lever handle that changes the water flow from the central spout once you change press it. Enjoy uninterrupted movement while you are using the sink because it comes with a faucet height of 25inch that offer ample space.

Get complete sink access with MSTJRY MJTH-002’s spray-head, and it is due to 360-degree rotating spout that allows you to reach any part during cleaning. It gets a standard flow rate of 1.45 GPM, which gets all the cleaning job done and also saves you from a high water bill.

Get complete water flow and temperature control with its double handle and to make things easier it also gets hot and cold water indicator. Handling it during daily kitchen chore is quite easy because it gets a rubber handle with gasket sealing design. Unlike others, the installation process won’t take more 10 minutes as it facilitated by unique riser connector.

MSTJRY MJTH-002 will surely impress you with its restaurant-style double-layer coil design that can easily uplift the decor of any kitchen without hindering the minimalism. It is based on a lead-free brass and stainless steel screw bolting that make sure it would last a lifetime.

Moreover, its metal tubing can be bent up to 100,000 times without causing any clumsiness. What impressive about this package is that it comes with all the necessary hardware and accessories that you will need during installation.


  • Robust durability and leak-tightness.
  • It is effortless to operate.
  • Covers all the spaces in the sink.
  • The bends don’t face any breakage issue.


  • It won’t suit all type of kitchen decors.

7. Havin HV1003 Pot Filler – Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

Havin HV1003 is a multi-purpose faucet that not only serves as an exotic fixture but also as a highly functional kitchen tool. Coverage is not an issue with this pot filler because it comes with a spout height of 5 1/2inch and a maximum length of 24inches.

Most importantly, it comes with a dual jointed swing body which allows you to put it in any direction depending upon your requirement. The spout bags a 360-degree rotation capability that gives you the flexibility to fill pots whether they are near or placed on the extreme corner. Filling large pots, jugs or pans will take only a few seconds, and it is made possible by Havin HV1003’s 4 GPM water flow water at 60psi.

Geared with two separate handles, it allows you to switch between hot and cold water easily. The design of this wall mount vessel faucet is a treat to the eye, and the whole body is filled with fines lines and small detailing. What’s glorify its design? The brushed nickel body finish gives it a sophisticated outlook that would attract everyone’s eye.

Based on 100% premium brass material, Havin HV1003 ensures that despite regular usage, it would last for more than a decade. Leakage won’t be a concern even after years of usage, and the praise goes to its two ceramic valves with a tight seal. Moreover, it is also strengthened by 1/2inch NPT connecting thread. It carries all the required tools and parts, so installing it on the wall won’t take more than a few hours.


  • Fills any large pot within a few seconds.
  • It offers extensive area coverage.
  • The installation process is easy.
  • Unique design with seamless body finish.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • The water flow rate could have been better.


We can wrap it up the list of the best wall mount kitchen faucet by saying all the models we have included in the list has been added after a series of testing and research process. We were totally unbiased during their testing process so you can stay assured that you will get the most excellent faucet.

Even though they have many wall-mounted faucets pros and cons, but the number of disadvantages is quite less in number. Rather than including similar function products, we have tried to maintain variation in our list so that it can cater to different readers depending upon their requirements.

One thing we, MyHomeNeedz team can assure, all these products may look different, but when it comes to performance, they won’t disappoint you. Not only performance, but they would also impress you with its robust build quality which serves as a vital consideration for every customer.


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