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Project Source Faucet Reviews by MyHomeNeedz Team

Project Source faucets are known for their variety and reliability in the faucet world. Project source not only deals in kitchen faucets but is widely known for its number of innovative home products and accessories. You can find a huge variety of home-related accessories by Project source at several retailers and online markets worldwide.

We are here to review the Project source faucets. We will also discuss their faucet quality, prices, pros, cons, etc.

Best Project Source Bathroom & Kitchen Faucets

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Project Source Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet
Project Source Chrome Kitchen Faucet

History of Project Source

Currently located in South California, Project Source has long been known for its business in the global market. Its service is reliant on the number of successful key relationships with verified suppliers and shipping companies. Dealing in almost all the home decor products the company makes a prominent mark in the global market owing to its reliability and variety.

As of now, Project Source deals in faucets for kitchen and bathroom, lamps, lights, bathroom accessories and fixtures and a lot more. However, Project Source bathroom faucet depicts its popularity amongst other Project Source products. As these faucets come in many finishes and often feature additional accessories to facilitate the users.

How good are Project Source faucets?

According to our experts, the after-sales service of the company is not up to the mark. The overall quality of Project source faucet is not satisfactory. Moreover, many customers have negative reviews about their faucets.

Coming under Lowe’s faucets, the Project Source faucets generally form the low-end spectrum of Lowe’s. Nevertheless, this brand range is affordable with unique designs and features.

Apart from their availability at Lowe’s, you can find the Project Source kitchen faucets at many retailers and online stores. While they may cost a lot at Lowe’s, you might be able to grab some discounts on them at the online stores.

Project Source Faucet Reviews

After collecting the reviewer’s data regarding the Project Source faucets online we found several opinions amongst customers, but most of it fell towards the good end of the spectrum. Which led us to the conclusion of giving it an average score of 5 out of 10 in all aspects. The biggest reason for the popularity according to the customers worldwide was the affordable price range despite the elegant designs of these kitchen faucets. At the same time, many customers were also satisfied with the easy installation of these fittings.

However, we also came across some highly unsatisfied reviewers who complained regarding spills and leakage faults in the faucets. Other than that, we did not come across any verifiable complaint data regarding these kitchen faucets.

All in all the kitchen faucets by Project source had a positive rating and their ergonomic nature further added to their popularity among the users.

The technologies used in Project Source faucets

The design and the applicability od Project Source faucets are top-notch, but at the same time, their modern artistic designs are pleasing. The Project Source kitchen faucets fit well in your modern kitchens, beautifully complimenting the modern art and design.

But that does not mean they will look odd when put into a traditional kitchen setup, the versatile design range has a piece to fit in every setup. Apart from the design aspect, the durability of these faucets is also first class. Despite the elegance, the faucets are robust, resisting the sedimentation by hard water (we have a different guide on hard water faucets though). They are fashioned in a manner to prevent any clogging despite the sediments in your water.

Additionally, the top class faucets from Project Source come with standard safety features. These faucets are environmentally friendly and safest to use when compared to other products in the market. Meeting the WaterSense criteria, the faucets also ensure water conservation by minimizing spillage without compromising on the performance.

Therefore, for the given price, the added features whether it’s related to design, functionality or safety, Project Source kitchen faucets are one of the best in the market.

What types of faucets are available from Project Source?

Project Source offers a wide range of kitchen faucets and they come in a number of design options including the gooseneck, single handle, double handle and much more. Apart from the faucets, they incorporate accessories like a side spray, a soap dispenser and other faucet options to complement the faucet.

Here are the different types of kitchen faucets that Project Source currently stocks:

  • One-Handle Kitchen Faucets
  • Two-Handle Kitchen Faucets
  • Pull Down and Pull Out Kitchen Faucets

You can find the budget faucets from Project Source in different finishes. Brass, Nickel, and Chrome are some of the popular finishes by the company in their kitchen faucet range. However, you will not get this option of every finish for every model, certain faucet model has one or an exclusive finish in which they come.

Check out the installation of Project Source Faucets:

Warranty on a Project Source kitchen faucet

Project Source offers a lifetime warranty on their fixtures. The cartridges, mechanical parts, and finishes are covered under lifetime warranty by Project Source. This is something worth bragging about, as most faucet brands offer a limited lifetime warranty, unlike the generous Project Source.

However, it is useful to know what the company means by the term lifetime here. By lifetime, Project Source implies the time or the lifetime of the original purchaser. This indirectly implies that the original owner does not need to continue owning the faucet for it to be under the lifetime warranty.

Additionally to claim the warranty, the customer needs to show proof of the purchase, otherwise, the warranty will stand null and void.

Prices of Project Source faucets

Keeping it on the economical side, the Project Source faucets do not cost much despite their sturdiness and functionality. You can buy them at Lowe’s or simply order them from an online platform and avail additional discounts on the prices.

The price range of these ergonomic faucets starts from roughly $50. In this category, you can opt for a number of a different single hand, high arc kitchen faucets by Project source. Moving on to the mid-range where the prices go from $100 to $200. However, if you are purchasing these faucets from Lowe’s you will find the difference in prices owing to varying locations and product availability in the stock.


With so many options to choose from and that too in subsidized rate compared to other faucet brands, Project Source is a reliable solution to your kitchen faucet problems. Keeping in view their lifetime warranty and the varying prices, choose your kitchen faucet today!

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16 thoughts on “Project Source Faucet Reviews by MyHomeNeedz Team”

  1. Alicea Collin

    I thought to buy a project source faucet. But after seeing the review, I decided not to buy that crap. Thanks.

  2. It seems the faucets from project source are not as good as other popular brands. What do you suggest for me? Should I buy?

  3. Project source is junk
    Don’t buy it
    I bought a kitchen faucet about a month ago
    It has a plastic quick install nut which I tightened
    It loosened itself but I thought well maybe i didn’t tighten enough
    Today it has loosened itself again
    This should not happen
    I won’t be buying this brand again

    1. I purchased a vanity with sink. after just 20 days the sink cracked. I called the number in the manual and got no help at all. going to have to call my credit card company and dispute the charges. supposed to have a one year warranty. Stay far away from this brand unless you like greif.

  4. Don’t buy. I bought a project source faucet 5 days ago from Lowe’s. The screw was loosen. Couldn’t even contact to project source.

  5. I purchased 2 kitchen faucets at Lowe’s item # 831710 Model #51-k814 and a month after the plastic nut got loose and the water pressure is low. Recently the handle felt off and I have been trying to reach Project Source customer service to the number that a rep from Lowe’s gave me and no one ever answers. Please contact me at 702-743-0788

    Thank you

    1. Pat Abbaticchio

      Martha, sorry to hear that. But we are just a third party blog that reviews different bathroom and kitchen fittings. You should contact Lowe’s.

  6. Don’t buy this product! A simple kitchen sink sprayer hose is near to impossible to replace. Once the hose starts leaking at the crimped fitting at sprayer hose. you not only spend days looking for a proper replacement to their proprietary connection at the faucet just to discover that where you bought it will not support replacement parts. In the end, you just end up with rotten wood under the sink and end up having to buy a new faucet anyhow!! HAAAAA! PROJECT SOURCE! ..|..

  7. Just bought a Project Source pull out kitchen faucet today and put it in. It was an easy install-very few parts. It looks great and seems to operate properly. There were a couple of wonky things with it. After installing and then turning it on, there was a bad leak where the hose connects to the pull out nozzle. So the fitting had not been properly tightened at the factory. I simply hand tightened that fitting and that did the trick. They also labeled the hot and cold water lines incorrectly so that it gave me cold water when the handle was turned on the hot setting and hot water on the cold setting. So I had to switch the lines. Minor stuff but shows a lack of attention to quality control. And irritating. But very happy with it after half a day. LOL And It was only $79 so I’m not really expecting that much. I would recommend it.

  8. Project Source is junk. Installed a kitchen faucet less than 6 months ago. I had to turn off my water under sink because it would stop leaking. I pay for my water every month. Never again.

  9. We got this end of September 2020. Only thing good about it so far is the price. Water flow is really low, customer service bad. Had to take a piece from the Quick Connet Assembly to get decent water flow. Hope this is the only problem I have to deal with.

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