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MyHomeNeedz is a blog on which we share information about different home products and tips about home. Everyday we are trying to improve ourselves. We are now a family of 25 members.


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Who We Are

Through our site, we try to provide you an honest review and information of the remodeling products so that you can get an in-depth idea. We keep ourselves updated with all the latest trends and demands so that we can guide you to the best products catering to your remodeling needs.

We can assure you that in our site, you won’t get any biased review about any product as we don’t entertain any specific brand marketing. The internet is a vast space, and not all sites will provide you with unbiased and detailed reviews. So it becomes challenging to find the appropriate product for remodeling that will not only compliment your decor but also will offer you optimum performance.

Therefore to make things simpler for you, our team who have been working on this field for the past few years to create a list of top products that would suit your need.

So we hope that our reviews will significantly benefit our reads so that they can get their ideal product for home and kitchen.

What Is Our Motto?

Our motto is quite simple, and we only want our guide our readers to the best products that will suit their requirement. We don’t hunt for most popular and feature-rich products; instead, we include items that will rightly serve their need at a great price.

Although it would be unwise to deny that our motto is also to become a top tier blog in the USA. Our team of professionals is working hard towards this goal, and if our readers are with us, we hope that we will soon achieve our goal. Lastly, we take our relationship with our reader seriously, so we maintain a firm privacy policy.

How We Test A Product?

Our team is quite strict when it comes to testing products for home and kitchen remodeling products. They neither pick random products from the market, and neither they recommend products. The testing of products contains two layers

  • Initial Testing Process.
  • Final Real-Time Evaluation.

First, our team scout for different products that fall into the criteria they are planning to include in their list. During this process, they mostly evaluate all the products that fall into the category, and they don’t leave any even if it has the least amount of popularity. While finalizing the initial list, they mostly evaluate them depending upon user reviews from different e-commerce sites and expert reviews. However, our experts also take consideration of feature list, warranty service, design, build material, and price. The initial testing process is never influenced by any kind of brand recommendations and market popularity.

product in the store
Now after our team selects the initial list, they buy those products so that they can test them in labs before putting them into the final list. After the purchase, our team checks them in the lab under different circumstances so that they can make the space fully functional where they will be installed. In addition to the circumstances, our experts diligently examine all the features so that they can judge whether the features are useful or not. They even test the water flow, functionalities, and durability of all the products. Then after evaluating each product, they tally all of them side by side. Finally depending upon all the lab test, they create the final list of products.

However, the final work is done by our editor team who collect all the information and verdicts from the testing team and then put them into words. Even they frame the whole blog, but they never customize the facts supplied by the experts. They are quite neutral when it comes to product reviews, and they never put their own opinion. While creating the blog, they make sure the phrases are easily readable and easy to understand.

Meet The Team


Nicholas Buckley

Co-Founder & Planner




Co-Founder & CTO


Pat image

Pat Abbaticchio



Nicholas Buckley – Nicholas Buckley is a highly experienced individual who is currently working as the direction of faucet operation in the renowned organization of Kohler Co. He has co-founded this blog, and he serves as the planner of our team. His 18-years of experience as a plant manager in Tenneco and Eaton has greatly benefited him to select the most appropriate products for our customers for remodeling. Although he had done business administration from the Indian Institute of Technology, but he has a vast knowledge in manufacturing operation, manufacturing engineering, and design. His field of expertise also includes process improvement, root cause analysis, quality system, and many more.

Jason – Currently serving as the manager of materials in Kohler Co. Jason Arnhoelter is the co-founder and CTO of our blog. His experience 12years of experience in different positions of Kohler Co. has largely helped our team to evaluate products. He studied BBA from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with an emphasis in supply chain management. Apart from having knowledge of faucet materials, he has a good command over ERP, material management, lean manufacturing, production planning, strategic sourcing, etc. His proficiency in SAP tools and other cross-functional team leadership has helped us to rise to a top-tier position in the market.

Pat Abbaticchio – The primary person behind all the fabulous blogs on our site is Pat Abbatichhio, and it is because of him, so many people praise our blog throughout the circuit. Readers widely appreciate his works, and many of his articles are featured in different reputed sites. He hails from Concord, Ontario, Canada and he has completed education at Centennial College in CAD and Architecture. He has mostly worked as a sales specialist in different organization for 18years, and this experience is greatly benefited him in creating great blogs. His expertise in interior design and custom homes has also helped him a lot.

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Awards and Certifications

For our effort, we have been greeted by some prestigious awards, which is a great achievement for our team. Recently we have won the Saveur award that boosted the morale of our team by a large margin. Many organizations and experts highly appreciate our professional’s and editor’s work, and it also counts as a great achievement for us. Although our most significant achievement is still a considerable number of followers we have and it is increasing gradually. According to some sources, organizations like Feedspot and Detailed.com are also planning to reward us with some awards.
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