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Jaclo Faucet Review – How Good They Are at Faucet Making?

Jaclo faucet is a people’s brand that has made its way into numerous houses since its entry in the market. It is a specialist residential faucet brand who are dedicated to offering you a quality faucet for both kitchen and bathroom. The goal of the brand is quite simple, and they just want to provide you durable products at an affordable rate. This is the reason most of the users offer positive Jaclo faucet reviews on all the places.

Best 3 Jaclo Bathroom & Kitchen Faucets

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Jaclo 7830-T679-PCH Widespread
Jaclo Faucets Reviews

History of Jaclo

Jaclo is a widespread American bathroom and kitchen faucet manufacturer brand that first made its entry in 1901. It is a family-owned organization, and almost five generations of the family have operated this organization. They have always been a popular choice for bathroom and kitchen fixtures in both residential and commercial sectors.

They have always greeted the market with a massive range of designer and performance products, and they are still continuing the same policy. They have been an industry leader since 1961, and the increasing demand for their product has never dethroned them from that position.

How Good Are Jaclo Kitchen Faucets?

Jaclo is one of those organization whose main motto is to manufacture excellent faucet that would highly functional and last for a long time. An organization that follows such motto can never go wrong with their product, and if you go by the numerous reviews of Jaclo faucets, you will know. They offer 26 finishes for kitchen faucet’s lineup so that their product can complement any kitchen decor.

Why does the homeowner widely like Jaclo? It is because they incorporate robust body material, useful features, and innovative technologies in their kitchen faucets. The products are designed in such a way that you can make the most out of your space without spending a considerable amount.

Most of Jaclo’s kitchen product, whether budget or premium designer level comes with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. Most importantly, you will find numerous top faucet from Jaclo in the favorite list of experts as they make the most out of the kitchen space.

For their high quality and technically advanced kitchen faucets, the American brand has won numerous prestigious both for design and innovation. Almost all their faucets reliable, certified safe, EPCA certified flow and lead-free materials, and these perks have made them more agreeable in the market. Their luxury product lines can be found in many top hotels and houses which depicts the quality they offer.

Technology Used in Jaclo Faucets

Jaclo doesn’t incorporate many technologies, and you will find only a handful of them in different ranges. They believe more in incorporating part that would make the faucet highly functional rather than incorporating technologies.

Another reason for not utilizing many technologies is that it increases the making cost. However, you will find JX7 technology with a pause control facility which their famous innovation that you would in most of their bathroom faucet series. If you go through the Jaclo bathroom faucet review, you will notice that it is a unique technology that creates rain like water output through the showerheads.

What Type of Kitchen Faucets Are Available From Jaclo?

You will be spoilt with a choice when you will look at the extensive range of modern kitchen faucets from Jaclo. Pull-off spray two-hole deck mount, monoblock mixer, single lever mixers, three-hole mixers, and wall-mounted bridge mixers are some common type you will find in their catalog.

Not only that, you will also have the option to choose the widespread bar, widespread pull-out spray, single hole two-handle, bridge kitchen faucet, and kitchen soap lotion dispenser. The best thing about all these types is that you will have the choice of 26 body finishes for all these types. Although the number of designs related to all kitchen faucets is quite limited.

Warranty On A Jaclo Kitchen Faucet

One year limited warranty service is what you will get whether you are getting top faucet from Jaclo or any budget kitchen faucets. This warranty service covers cartridge, mechanical parts, and body finish so you won’t have to worry about any repair or replacement cost.

However, the American decorative giant also indicates that that the product under normal usage and service gets a lifetime warranty for any kind of craft issue or defect in the material. So if you face any problem with material or artistry, you will get repairing or replacement without any labor charge.

However, Jaclo states that they won’t be liable to warranty-service if their product faces any intentional or accidental damage. You won’t be able to claim for the service, if you don’t properly maintain the kitchen faucets, misuse the parts or if you have made any alteration with elements from other manufacturers.

The manufacturer also states that to claim the warranty service, the consumer must have installed the kitchen faucet from professionals, and they have followed all the instructions. Like every other manufacturer, the warranty would be void if you purchase the product from a non-authorized seller.

Prices of Jaclo Faucets

Jaclo offers a wide range of faucets, so you are likely to find faucets in different price ranges. The budget faucets from Jaclo starts somewhere near $50 and stays within the boundary of $300 mark. While the premium ranges faucets pertaining to both residential and commercial category goes above $500.

Some of the fixture sets come with a whopping price tag of $5,000, and they come with all the functions and features you will need. The manufacturer has designed its price catalog in such a way that every citizen in the US will find something suitable for their kitchen despite budget range.

So in the end, we can say the faucet range from Jaclo, mainly their kitchen range would serve as the ideal addition in your kitchen if you want something decorative. Not only you will get a lot of choices in different price range but you will able to bring a vintage look in your decor.

You will get the option to choose from 26 body finishes which you hardly find in faucets from other manufacturers. Although they don’t treat with a lot of technologies, the number of features and longevity it offers makes up for the limited technologies.

Whether you look for best Jaclo faucets or budget models, you will never get disappointed when it comes to the availability of options. Their faucet is almost available in every plumbing retail store and e-commerce sites throughout the USA. However, you should check the authenticity of the seller; otherwise, you won’t get the warranty service of the manufacturer.


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