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Best Touchless Kitchen Faucets Review & Buying Guide 2020

Touchless kitchen faucets are growing in popularity day by day. You should also go for a touchless kitchen faucet.

But why should you upgrade to touchless kitchen faucet?

Well, apart from the fact that they are adorable, touchless kitchen faucets are hygienic They save a significant amount of water. The idea of water conservation is gaining momentum, especially in the wake of global warming awareness.

Today we will review the top 6 best touchless kitchen faucets available in the market.

In the following Touchless kitchen faucet reviews, we look at some of the best on the market so that you will not have a hard time finding the most appropriate one for you. Before we go to the review section, let us discuss some of the popular topics on hands-free kitchen faucets. You may skip to the review section by clicking here.

Here are our top 6 recommended touchless kitchen faucets:

But Why Should You Go for Touchless Kitchen Faucet?

touchless technology

There are several reasons to upgrade to touchless technology. Well, most of us want to keep up with the trend, and the current trend in kitchen faucets is moving towards touchless technology. Of course, you score some points with your friends and acquaintances that come to your home. Let’s see the main reasons:

      Convenient to Use
      Safe & Easy
      Less water waste
      Modern look in the kitchen

The touchless kitchen faucets are more hygienic. Essentially, there is less touching of the faucet, and you cannot make it dirty or transfer germs. That is why they are becoming more popular nowadays.

People are becoming more interested in finding ways of stopping the spread of bacteria, and the touchless faucet is one of the best options in the kitchen.

Furthermore, the touchless kitchen faucets are easy-to-use and you can use both hands to do a particular task such as washing a pot. You are more efficient in the cleaning task. Your children and the disabled members of the family will not have a problem using them, and that is what are user-friendly kitchen appliances should be like.

The technology is also water-saving as the sensor is efficient. Typically, the technology switches off the water only with a simple tap. It may not be much, but such efficiency plays a significant role in saving water. The time you take to turn the handle and the water that goes to waste can be quite substantial over a period.

Unlike in the past, people are becoming more aware of the benefits associated with saving water, and the touchless faucet is one of the most viable options. Clean water is an essential and limited resource, and we all have a role to play in ensuring sustainability.

Touchless Kitchen Faucets – Buying Guide

There are numerous touchless kitchen faucets on the market, and it is not always easy to choose one among several. Some of them are not of top quality, and their efficiency is questionable. But how do you separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to hands-free kitchen faucets? Let’s discuss some of the things that you need to think about before buying a touch-free kitchen faucet.


The sensor is one of the highlight features of the touchless faucets. However, the efficiency of each sensor in different models of the touchless faucets may vary. It is not all of them that may be efficient, and that can be annoying and lead to wastage of water.

An efficient sensor should respond automatically, and it should be practical. For example, the sensor should stop the flow of water when you need it to. It will also be a good thing if the sensor can stop the water when it senses no movement for a while.

sensor in faucets

The efficiency of the sensor determines the user-friendliness and water conservation of a particular model. We all have come across cheap technological devices that do not function as you need them to, and it can be quite annoying. Similarly, an inefficient sensor will negate the primary purpose of acquiring a touchless kitchen faucet, which is to save water. Overall, these sensors make the faucets fully automatic.


The touchless kitchen faucets have a distinct finish that makes them attractive and easy to clean. There are different types of finishes, and it is not all of them that may be appropriate for you. Some of them may not be sufficient for the theme that you have in the kitchen.

Ideally, pick a touchless faucet with a finish that resembles the other fixtures in the kitchen. We all have a particular style, and we should always make sure that whatever kitchen appliance we select is appropriate. After all, you are the one using the device, and it should be convenient as well as comfortable to use. You cannot be comfortable with a theme that you don’t like.

Among the features that you will come across as the spot resist finish. In appearance, it is just like any other finish that you have on other kitchen appliances. However, it does not easily hold onto stains such as fingerprints and others.

There are also special finishes, such as Venetian bronze and Matt Black. Essentially, this special finishes add a sophisticated look into your kitchen

Battery consumption

The touchless faucets require battery power to function efficiently. However, the kitchen or bathroom faucets do not all require the same type and quantity of batteries. The consumption is also different across models.

Ideally, you should choose a touchless kitchen faucet that takes time before requiring a change. For example, something like three months is not sufficient. It should be something like two or three years. Of course, some of us do not like the idea of having to search for batteries and replacing them now and then.

Docking method

Most of the touchless faucets have a pull-down head which can either be automatic or manual. The automated docking is more convenient and easy-to-use. If anything, you should always try to get the automated docking system as opposed to the manual one. Of course, the manual docking system may be a little challenging to pull off, and that is not the idea. The primary purpose of getting a touchless faucet is, convenience and ease-of-use.

Now let’s move on to the Review of the selected 6 touchless kitchen faucets.

Top 6 Best Touchless Faucets for Your Kitchen

1. Delta Faucet 9113T-AR-DST – Best Rated Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Do you have messy hands? Well, if that is the case, this delta touchless kitchen faucet allows you to touch anywhere using the forearm or wrist to turn the water on or off. The touch activated kitchen faucet is a favorite of many people based on its efficiency and attractive build.

The LED indicator tells you the water temperature from across the room. You don’t have to get close or even turn on the water to determine the temperature. It is quite convenient and easy-to-use.

You will find the magnetic docking system to be quite functional as it pulls the sprayer into place after every use. It does not droop after some time like the other touchless kitchen sink faucets on the market. Even better, the magnetic docking is ADA compliant.

The diamond seal technology ensures the durability of the kitchen faucet. In particular, the touchless kitchen faucet lasts for up to double the time of conventional faucets. It does not leak, and you enjoy using for a considerable amount of time.

The installation process is versatile, as it can fit a single hole or 3 hole configuration. Everything you need is within a single package, and you will not need to shop for anything else.

The installation process of this delta touch-free faucets is also effortless, and it will not take much of your time. You may also not need a qualified professional to install it for you if you have the necessary DIY skills.

And unlike the others on the market, the supply lines are integrated into the faucet, and that reduces the leak points.

The touch clean spray hose is easy to clean, and you can use your finger to wipe away the lime and calcium that builds up in them. You don’t need to use any chemicals, and that is a good thing.

2. Moen 7594ESRS Touchless Kitchen Faucet

We are living in the age of technology devices, and we should all take the advantage of the convenience they offer. In the world of touchless kitchen faucets, nothing demonstrates practicality, and style better than this Moen touchless kitchen faucet. It is the kind of kitchen equipment that people love. Moen 7594ESRS faucet is one of the best touchless kitchen faucets we have reviewed so far.

It has two sensors that allow for hands-free operation, and that is what convenience is all about. You only need to move your hands on top of it to switch on or off. The touchless faucet is quite efficient, and it reduces the spread of germs from one individual to the other. You don’t need to touch to operate it, and that is quite hygienic.

However, it has a handle that you can use to control the temperature and the intensity of the flow. But the most important thing is that the touchless kitchen faucet from Moen is easy to use. Your children can wash the fruit before eating them without a problem. As a disabled individual, you will find this kitchen faucet to be quite effortless to use, and that makes your life easier.

The retractable reflex system ensures effortless and secure docking. Using and docking the spray head is as effortless as can be.

3. Moen 7185ESRS Brantford – Motion Sense Hands-free Kitchen Faucet

The spot resists stainless finish is somehow becoming popular by the day, especially when it comes to pull-down kitchen faucets. The main benefit associated with this kind of finish is that it is easy to maintain and clean. Typically, it does not become dull as a result of touching the kitchen appliance. Well-selected touchless kitchen faucets will have such a finish for durability for sure.

Even better, the stainless finish makes it durable. It will not rust or experience corrosion in any way, and that is how every kitchen appliance should be like.

An exceptional hands-free operation is another critical feature that makes this touchless motion sensed kitchen faucet one of the best.

Moen is one of the leading faucets brands in the USA. Moen 7185ESRS has two sensors that efficiently responds to simple hand movements. That means you can switch it on and off effectively without the need to operate the handle. Particular models do not have efficient sensors, and they are a pain to use.

The power cleaner spray technology is another source of efficiency when using the touchless kitchen faucet. With up to 50% more spray power, the motion sensor faucet can help you accomplish several applications in the kitchen efficiently and quickly. We all deserve efficient equipment in our kitchen to reduce the time we spend doing particular activities.

You are going to find the reflex system to be quite user-friendly of Moen 7185ESRS, You can accomplish a variety of tasks effortlessly. The docking of the spray head is effortless, and it is more secure than the other systems on the market.

It incorporates a quick connect system that makes it easy to install. You may not need any assistance to install the touchless kitchen faucet as you can do it yourself with some DIY skills.

4. Moen 7864EWSRS – Touch Activated Kitchen Faucet

Moen 7864EWSRS is a commercial type kitchen faucet. It has one sensor, but it is quite efficient. The simplicity in design is something that we like regarding this touchless faucet. It is uncomplicated, and that makes it one of the most user-friendly. Most of us do not want something that looks complicated or hard to use and will find this kitchen faucet to be quite ideal.

The spot resists stainless finish is one of the best. It helps to keep the kitchen faucet looking astonishing, no matter how many times you use it. It will not have any fingerprints, and the finish will complement any style that you have in your kitchen.

We all have different styles and decor in the kitchen, and it is always necessary to make sure it is matching. It will not be appropriate to have a kitchen faucet that looks out of place.

It has a smooth, retract system that makes it easy to operate. This touch-free kitchen faucet is one of the most user-friendly you will come across. The best part is, it is ADA compliant. So Disabled Persons within your home will not have any problem using the pull-down kitchen faucet.

The deck-mounted motion-sensing kitchen faucet is built to last, and it comes with Moen’s lifetime guarantee. As a result, you will not need to worry about defects and other problems that the equipment may have.

In terms of installation, the faucet is not difficult to hack. You can fit it within the shortest time possible. Of course, you can’t wait to use the new technological advanced kitchen faucet, and you don’t have to wait for long.

The bundle comes with everything that you need for installation, such as an optional escutcheon plate, and the supply lines.

5. Moen 7594EC – Two-Sensor Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Moen 7594EC is a two sensor-touchless kitchen faucet. It comes with a chrome finish. Mostly, the faucet does not rust, despite the significant amount of water it handles.

The faucet is therefore durable, and you are going to use it for such a long time for sure. The dual sensors allow for a hands-free operation that is quite satisfying.

You don’t have to worry about inefficiency that characterizes particular sensors in some models. It is completely a hands-free kitchen faucet. You only need to make some simple hand movements to turn it on or off.

The convenience of the touchless kitchen faucet is quite satisfying for everyone in the household. If you have anyone living with disabilities in your home, then this kitchen faucet makes it easy for them. It is ADA compliant – something that most touchless faucet reviews from users, underscore.

Another source of efficiency is the spray technology that ensures up to 50% of more power to clean the pots and pans that may have stubborn stains. It is vital to have efficient faucets to reduce the time we spend in the kitchen.

The reflex system allows for natural movement and smooth operation of the spray head. It docks easily, and it is quite enjoyable to use it. There’s no problem using it, even for the small kids in your home.

It has a flexible design that allows you to install in either a single or a three-hole setup. Everything you need for the connection is inside the package, and you don’t have to return to the market for additional appliances or components.

6. KOHLER K-72218-VS – High-End Touchless Kitchen Faucet

What makes this Kohler touchless kitchen faucet a pure joy to use is the fact that you don’t have to use the handle or touch it to operate. You wave your hand or the utensils to turn it on and off. The benefit of this touchless technology is that you do not spread germs from one place to the other.

Most of the touchless kitchen faucets on the market require battery power to function effectively. The problem with battery power is that it will eventually require replacement. In contrast, this hands-free kitchen faucet uses AC power to ensure reliability and convenience.

The hose and ball joint in the pull-down spray are quite efficient, and it does not make noise. It is smooth and silent. Even better, it uses a magnetic system for docking. You will not have to deal with a drooping spray head after using for some time. This is usually a problem with most of the kitchen faucets on the market.

It is also easy to clean and maintain as the spray head resists the buildup of minerals and other substances. The surface is stress-free to clean, and you did not spend a lot of time on it. Furthermore, this particular feature ensures the durability of this Kohler touchless kitchen faucet. It is not going to block, eventually.

The innovative sensor on this kitchen faucet is one of the most effective. Its responsiveness is down to milliseconds, and you get the response that you need to do a variety of tasks in the kitchen. Also, such efficiency reduces water wastage and makes it easy to use even for the people living with disabilities.

It also has a precision activation window that prevents unplanned or unwanted activations of the faucet. You, therefore, don’t need to worry about water coming out when you don’t need it to.

The deck-mounted Kohler touch faucet is durable, and it comes with an attractive Vibrant stainless finish. Typically, the beautiful vibrant finish will match any style that you have in the kitchen. It will not look out of place in any way, and that is the main idea.


The best touchless kitchen faucet is always a joy to have. It is convenient to use, user-friendly and conserves a significant amount of water. Mostly, these technologically advanced faucets are attractive to have around, and anybody can use them, including the disabled.

One of our favorite hands free kitchen faucet is Moen 7594ESRS. The touch-free kitchen faucet has two active sensors that respond to hand movements, and that makes it easy to use. It has a spot resistant finish, and it is easy to clean, as well as maintain. With an efficient kitchen faucet, your tasks in the kitchen related to faucets become more manageable

Most of the touchless kitchen faucets have particular features such as a spot resistant finish that is nice-looking and easy to maintain. Mostly, it will not look out of place with whatever theme you have in the kitchen.

The finish is quite versatile, and that is a good thing (check our newly published guide on choosing faucet finish) . A spot resistant finish resists fingerprints that can make the kitchen fixture look dull. That means you have an exceptionally looking kitchen faucet at all times. There’s no hustle of having to use a damp towel to clean it.

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