How to Save Water at Home in a Clever Way?

At MyHomeNeesz we know how important that is to save water, currently, the planet Earth runs many difficulties with the management of water resources. Increasingly the problems of water shortages in some places on the planet and are presented more in modern cities, that is vital for us to present alternative saving the precious liquid.

Water is the precious fluid needed for life on the planet and human, it occurs in nature how colorless the indiscriminate use of this natural resource has brought innumerable problems in the environment. For this very important reason we cannot ignore and leave the responsibility to third.

By the above, it is imperative to create strategies for responsibility in the conservation of natural resources, therefore we must start with our homes. Not only cost savings but a vital resource for human life -saving.

We then offer you all the necessary information which must be taken into account to save water.

The 10 best tips to save water

  1. The tubs are bathroom accessories which deposited large amounts of water. From MyHomeNeedz, we recommend that it is more effective when it comes to saving water showering, a 5-minute shower spends less than 200 liters of a bathtub.
  2. Faucets are the most used elements in households with an average of 12 liters per minute, our recommendation is to turn off the tap when you are using for the lather of the hands, in the brushing of the teeth or is shave . Likewise, if you try to wash food preparedness meals it is best to do it in a container and not under running water.
  3. The aerators are devices that are installed on the tip of the taps, are elements that allow the mixing of air and water and give a potential jets with less than half of water than one without the aerator. For this reason it is recommended to use these devices for saving water in their homes.
  4. Toilets are elements that spend lots of water, some organizations recommend placing bottles of water into their tanks to save in the filling. Modern devices that determine the amount of water of discharge one 3 liters and another 10 can also be placed.
  5. Another trick to save water is used bins toilets fences, throw the toilet paper to provoke unnecessary downloads. These elements used from 6 to 12 liters per flush.
  6. Other elements that cause water to large quantities are the leaks in the bathrooms and kitchens. We must make periodic checks of all installations, fittings, and appliances which are in perfect condition and that do not present any abnormalities. Thus a lot of money is saved.
  7. Appliances such as dishwashers used 2 times per day tend to expend an amount of 120 liters a day, this using them at their maximum capacity with the full stack full of water. To avoid this waste is recommended once a day the dishwasher.
  8. In households is common defrost food with the direct water stream, the cost of water in this activity is too large. Therefore, it is recommended to leave food in advance on the countertop so thaw with this strategy saves almost 22 liters of water.
  9. Other of practices requiring attention with the expenditure of unnecessary water is to have large gardens, it is recommended to irrigate gardens in times where the presence of the Sun is lower in this way it saves up to 30% water temperature is vaporized.
  10. Keep under surveillance the key main house and slightly close the ahorrarías much of the precious liquid.

Measures for saving water that we all must do if or

The above tips will help us define and think well our measures which would be mandatory for saving water among them MyHomeNeedz is recommended.

  • Do not leave taps Open.
  • Save water by closing the taps to wash the dishes and vegetables.
  • Reuse water.
  • Keep the taps in good condition.
  • Change the rubber and ceramics of the taps when they come due.
  • Rationalize the irrigation
  • Change appliances traditional by the modern ones that have water -saving systems.
  • Install faucets thermostatic or electronic in their kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Installing flow reducers on all of your faucets.
  • Keep controlled the main inlet of your home.
  • Use touchless faucets for kitchen and bathrooms

The latest reasons of the because we must save water

Why is it important to save water?

One of the reasons more powerful that we must save the precious liquid of water is because it gives us life, there is need to understand that there are places that do not have the same facilities as to the amount of resources water. We can name thousands of reasons of the because we must save water but we will focus on the most important.

  • In the first instance the gift of living, simple as that is one of the reasons of the why many organizations and countries are responsible for creating campaigns to care for the natural resource more important having the
    Is not a resource renewable, once in use you can not retrieve, for this we must know in what to use.
  • If the water resource is missing there are food shortages since the crops need the precious liquid as another powerful reason to take seriously the water saving.
  • Personal hygiene and cleaning areas reduce the indices of diseases since sanitation is very important and without water would not occur this process.
  • The water cycle for life and the regulation of climate reason of life on the planet.

Accessories for saving water

In the market there is an endless number of accessories moderns to install in the rooms bathroom and kitchen that allows us to save optimally this resource so important. will show the most used around the world.

Eco showers

Starting with ecological showers that reduce up to 50% of water consumption by using the bathtub work with a minimum pressure, are easy to install and even come with flow regulators.

Sanitary savers.

They present themselves as the alternative of save water in one of the accessories of bathroom that consume more water on average. These come with modern systems regulation of discharges where give the option to the user to use the amount of discharge at its own discretion.

Basin mixers taps.

Mixers are also perfect since they generate a consumption efficient water per minute maximum consumption is 10 litres.

Reduced flow device.

This device allows to limit the flow of water to increase the pressure, there are also so-called aerators that offer the same function except for that water-saving up to 50%, are available in different formats even in the metal.

Edemas of many other devices as the washing ecological saving the water use in our portal you will find hundreds of devices with this aim of makes and models from high-end to the most economic

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