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Moen Kitchen & Bathroom Faucet Reviews

Moen offers the best quality and fantastic designs when it comes to the kitchen. They avail world-class hardware and components to their customers. However, with that, they are also a manufacturer of kitchen faucets. The company has collections of different types, garbage disposal, filtration faucets, and accessories, which are modern updated for easy sink work. Before you buy, you must know the Moen Faucet Reviews and why to consider them in the first place. And for that here is everything that might help you.

Best 3 Moen Bathroom & Kitchen Faucets

Name Type Author's Rating
Moen 7594SRS Pull Down Kitchen Faucet
Moen 5923SRS Commercial Kitchen Faucet
Moen 6410BN Eva Bathroom Faucet

History of MOEN

Well, there is a story about how the company started. The idea of Moen was established due to Seattle’s dark night. In 1937, Al Moen was cleaning up after completing his work and went to wash his hands at a faucet which was standard at that time: a two-handle plan. Soon He turned on that faucet, but he switched it off because the water was way too hot. Well, That issue drove Moen to a special arrangement: the single-handle faucet.

It would be a thought that changed the industries of the kitchen as well as a bath. Moen concluded his innovation in 1939 and generation for it started in 1947. Read the history on their site here.

During 1970, when Moen would make another flow. With their collection in Boutique, the brand started to enter the faucet ‘s upscale premium market. In 1979, the brand came back to the two-handle plan, however with a protected without washer cartridge. Non-metallic cartridges would be presented only a few years after the fact. Altogether, Al Moen worked for his organization for a long time. At that time, there were 75 and more patents he awarded. For more than 75 years, the company is being a leader no matter if it’s about innovation or the design. Because of this, the company has been the first choice for professionals and homeowners.

How Good Are MOEN Kitchen Faucets?

Well, almost all Best MOEN Faucet are reviewed high in rates because of its collections and other features that they offer. The company’s name is listed in the top best brands that offer unbeatable quality. Reviews of MOEN faucets get a normal score of 4.4 out of 5 as a brand. Huge numbers of their individual models are positioned considerably higher.

What strengthens the strong appraisals for Moen faucets is their broad arrangement of assets which makes it easy to access for the homeowners as well as for the professionals. There are some videos that are accessible, and they can take you through the different kitchen items made by Moen. Along with that, it also includes plumbing solutions and designs.

You can even discover videos that can help in solving plumbing obstructions for the homeowners, without any hassle or trouble.

At the core of the Moen, the experience is the longing to put the client at the focal point of the plan procedure. Also, From the days when Al Moen chose that there was a superior method to make a faucet for the kitchen. The objective of this brand has been to distinguish client needs and afterward transform that data into bits of knowledge. The main idea of Meon is to provide its users with the best hassle-free and complete solution use in their kitchen.

With the help of their knowledge, observations, and years of experience, the company develops different inventions and latest updated technology so the household chores can be done with the utmost ease.
Moen Faucets Review

The technology used in MOEN faucets

At Moen, the company centers its attention to customers along with the designs. The company focus on developing as well as introducing new technologies with their kitchen items, including faucets. Well not just to make the work easier but also to save time and effort.

Motionless technology

To save your time in the kitchen, they have added motionless technology that comes with one and two sensors. It gives flexibility when you are busy doing something extremely busy in the kitchen. Also, with the hand-free operation, the faucets stay germs free. It also saves water as water will deliverer to you when you need it.

Power Clean technology

There are so many messes in the kitchen, such as sticky and caked-on dirt. With power clean technology, the faucets deliver the concerted spray with powerful water flow to clean all that dirt without wasting time. Also, here you get 50% more power in the spray as compare to any other faucets in the market.

Power Boost technology

To boost power as well as performance, Moen launched the power to boost technology in its kitchen faucet. With this, you can fill the container faster and also with 50% more power clean up. It saves time and gives flexibility as filling pots and container become much faster and simpler.

Magnetix showerheads

It’s the first magnetic docking attached showers that helps in a secure snap and easy release. When you are busy in the kitchen, you don’t have to worry about placing the dock safely as it will be done automatically with complete security. It also comes with no clutter and cradle. Magnetix showerheads have six spray functions that are unique and helps in providing easy work in different settings.

The Reflex system

The reflex system gives the benefits of using a flexible hose. In the kitchen everything should be in their own respective place, and so does your faucet. With this technology, the spray will retract securely and fully.

What Types of Kitchen Faucets Are Available from MOEN?

Top faucet from MOEN not just comes with different technology but also with different types as well. The company offers almost every type that can match different styles of kitchens. Due to which, professional and homeowners can use these variations to get the best quality faucets without paying too much for it.

Well, the company categorized their types in four, which include Bar and prep work, general kitchen work, utility faucets, and beverages faucets. Also, they have easy browsing; they divided the options into three styles, such as modern, transitional, and traditional. With their collections, they also have different finishes that are available in matt black, bronze, spot resists stainless, etc.

Best of Moen faucets offer a combination of fashion, innovation, functionality, and design. Choosing what is best for you can be easy with the collections that they offer, as it will suit different tastes and requirements.

There are different collection sin faucets type that they offer, here are listed types that they are currently offering:

  • Pull down kitchen faucets
  • Pull Out kitchen faucets
  • Gooseneck kitchen faucets
  • Low arc kitchen faucets
  • Wall mount kitchen faucets
  • Deck mount kitchen faucets
  • Single mount kitchen faucets

Warranty on a MOEN Kitchen Faucet

Moen kitchen faucet warranty applies to the original purchaser only. However, it comes with a lifetime warranty that the faucets will be leak-free and drips. Along with that, it also includes defect-free materials and manufacturing items.

The company offers five years of warranty to all, no matter the purchase is related to commercial use, industrial use, or business use. The warranty starts from the day you bought it. To qualify claims, the company also offers the replacement of the parts without any charge. You can get the replacement if you prove that the part has defected.

Apart from this, moen is also not responsible if there is any damage occurs during installation, repairing, or labor charges. To claim the warranty, the users are provided the address where they can send their description in detail. The warranty is applied to all items as well as faucets provided by the company. However, the purchase should be made after 1995, December.

Prices of MOEN Faucets

Moen avails the best wide range that can match with different kinds of tastes related to the kitchen. Along with style, the faucets also have the features and functions which are required during the work. Adding more to the deal, they also updated their faucets.

Apart from this, you can get budget Faucets from Moen that are priced below than $100. The price can differ if you look for more features and additional benefits. To meet your needs, you can also browse their different categories and styles. The company has a premium kitchen facet series that comes with motion sensor technology.

The product by the Moen is manufactured in order to give a long period of service that can be worth the money you pay. The company is known as one of the largest names in faucet manufactures. They have the reputation and image that they build with their experience an idea.


The company has the largest scale manufacturing in kitchen faucets with cutting edge innovation, design, styles, and affordable range in price. Moen offers the best collection that can help to find the ideal faucets during the renovation of your kitchen.

The company also have different technologies to make the work hassle-free, preventing the water wastage, and performing well for a long period. However, it’s on you and what exactly you are looking for as Moen got everything that you ever wanted to have in your faucet.

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