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Best Bathroom Faucets (for Hard Water, Low Water Pressure) 2020 – Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

You need the most efficient fixtures and equipment in your bathroom and it should also meet your bathroom design.

We have reviewed almost 102 faucets to find out the best bathroom faucets for this year. Our lab experts have examined all the products carefully to bring the top 10. We have separately reviewed bathroom faucets for hard water, bathroom faucets for elderly, bathroom faucets for low water pressure. We have also created a section for the best bathroom faucets for the money as well.

In the following bathroom faucet reviews, we are going to discuss some of the best sellers on the market to make your choice even more effortless. At the end of the reviews, we will also discuss what kind of bathroom faucets do you need e.g high arc or low arc with other buying guides.

Here are our top 8 picks of bathroom sink faucets:

Best Bathroom Faucets for Hard Water Reviews

If you have hard water, it will be difficult for you to remove the stains it leaves in the bathroom sink or tub. We recommend you to buy the best possible faucets that can fight against hard water in your bathroom. That’s why, we have listed the top 4 bathroom faucets for hard water.

1. Pfister LF042JDKK – One of the Finest Bathroom Faucets for Hard Water

The design of the Pfister LF042JDKK single control center set bathroom faucet is one we can refer to as exceptional if you are looking for a bathroom faucet for hard water. It looks good, and it will add some level of appeal to your bathroom. You have to admit that using an attractive bathroom faucet makes you feel good, and you can achieve what you set to do inside there.

The brushed nickel finish looks exotic, and it is easy to clean. All bathroom fixtures should be easy to clean and maintain. That is precisely what this bathroom faucet is all about.

In terms of functionality, center set bathroom faucet comes with a ceramic disc valve technology with a guarantee to never leak.

That means you will never encounter leaking problems like most other faucets on the market. It is quite reliable.

This Pfister bathroom faucet comes with a decorative deck plate and a single post mounting ring that are not very hard to handle. The installation process is not so hard, and you can do it effortlessly without any technical knowledge.

The installation process is versatile, and you will love the fact that it is compatible with a single or 3-hole installation. The installation does not require any tools, as it is the push and seal kind. It only takes a few minutes of your time, and you can enjoy its efficiency and quality. Check out the video here:

The metal material makes this faucet quite durable, and you can enjoy using it for a long time. It is quite efficient in a way you can enjoy.

A deck-mounted style is not so bad, and we find it fitting for a variety of bathroom styles on the market. We must also admit that the brushed nickel combined with the deck mounted Style is quite attractive.

2. Moen 6903BN Voss – High-Arc Bathroom Faucet for Hard Water with Drain Assembly

We found some of the most-selling bathroom sink faucets for hard water from Moen. Moen 6903BN Voss is also a perfect faucet for your bathroom. The warm and inviting brushed nickel finish makes this bathroom faucet have an outstanding look. It is suitable for small bathroom sinks.

It will easily match the other fixtures and equipment in the bathroom, and you will not need to change anything. The uncomplicated and crisp edges make it a bathroom faucet that most people desire.

The smooth surface is also stress-free to clean and maintain. That means you can keep it looking exceptional and sophisticated throughout.

The bathroom faucet is according to the EPA WaterSense criteria for water conservation. That is without sacrificing performance. What that means is that it does not waste water, and you will not incur high bills as a result.

It also has a flexible design where you can use a drill hole deck installation. Even better, the bathroom faucet is easy to use. Even the people living with disabilities can use it without problems. It is ADA compliant.

The lever handle is easy to operate, and you can control the level of water effortlessly. It does not need muscle power or energy to run it, and that saves a lot of your time. The aerated flow is entirely sufficient for several bathroom applications such as brushing your teeth and washing your hands. The high arc neck provides enough space to work in.

3. KOHLER Alteo K-45800-4-CP – Good quality bathroom faucet for hard water

I bet you heard about Kholer. They are so good at making faucets and other fitting accessories. KOHLER Alteo K-45800-4-CP is a centerset bathroom faucet which can be a perfect addition to any bathroom. The rounded corners and the shape are symmetrical, and everyone will notice and appreciate the quality of the bathroom faucet for sure.

The polished chrome finish creates a mirror-like appearance that makes your bathroom bright and attractive.

The color reflects the light and the surrounding images to create an exceptional experience in the bathroom. We might also add that it is easy to clean. You only need a damp towel or a piece of cloth to remove the fingerprints and other stains on it.

You can install the bathroom faucet on a single hole or a three-hole sink which makes it versatile. It comes with an escutcheon plate for that purpose. The installation process is not complicated, and you don’t need any special skills to do it.

All the drains and supply lines are all in the package. You don’t need to spend extra costs searching for a particular item or another. There’s no guesswork when it comes to installation, and that is a good thing.

The pre-installed and flexible supply lines are what make the whole process of installation quite effortless. It only needs a handful of minutes, to have a fully functioning faucet.

The ceramic disc valves are some of the highlight features, responsible for the durability of the bathroom faucet. The fixtures exceed industry standards. It will, therefore, not be a surprise to use it for a long time to come.

The unmatched performance and longevity of this bathroom faucet will make you forget about other bathroom faucets on the market. After all, it will not need replacement.

4. Moen 6400BN Eva – Best Faucets in Design

MOEN 6400BN is a well-designed bathroom faucet for hard water. The brushed nickel finish looks exceptional, and it makes the fixture an attractive addition to your bathroom. It is the kind of fixture that makes your bathroom accommodating, and one of the best rooms in the house. In fact, this is one of the best Moen bathroom faucets for hard water available in the market.

It has a single handle lever that you can use for temperature control. The lever handle is stress-free to use, and anyone in your household, including the small children, can use it. But overall, the bathroom faucet is user-friendly.

And unlike most other bathroom faucets, the design is versatile. You can install this top single handle bathroom faucet in either one or three holes without any problems.

Even better, it comes with an optional deck plate that you can fit as well. That is depending on your preference and needs. The bathroom faucet has an aerated flow that is quite convenient for a variety of applications in the bathroom. The flow is not too low to take much of your time, and it is not too much to create splashes.

It’s according to the EPA WaterSense criteria, and the bathroom faucet does not include wastewater. In other words, it is economical, but at the same time, efficient. You never have to complain about significant water bills, and that is a good thing. It is also suitable for the environment since water is a limited resource.

And even better, the bathroom faucet is compliant with ADA. The American disabilities act requires the bathroom faucets to be easy to use for people living with disabilities.

The lifetime warranty that comes with is something that excites many people.

Best Bathroom Faucets for Low Water Pressure

1. Pfister LFM42YPKK Ashfield – Single Control Bathroom Faucet for Low Water Pressure

Pfister LFM42YPKK is the first pick of our list of the best bathroom faucets for low water pressure. With this bathroom faucet, you have the opportunity of adding vintage Style into your bathroom. It is the picture-perfect complement to any bathroom project, and it is something that will make you feel comfortable every time you come across it.

The traditional waterfall design and the rustic style are the two factors that will steal the show in your bathroom. The faucet will become the center of attraction of the bathroom, and that is what most homeowners want.

Apart from the attractive brushed nickel finish, the bathroom faucet is also available in polished chrome and Tuscan bronze finishes. You can choose the most appropriate according to preferences. The advanced ceramic disc valve technology used in this bathroom fixture makes it durable.

It has a “No-leak lifetime guarantee” meaning that you’ll never have any leaking issues with the bathroom faucet. Dripping is one of the most common challenges affecting bathroom faucets, and it is an excellent thing to purchase a quality product that will never give you any trouble.

Check our detailed review of Pfister Faucets here.

The design of the bathroom faucet reduces the installation time, and you can install it within the shortest time possible. It will not take a great deal of time, and there’s a guarantee a secure connection. The secure connection makes sure there are no leaking problems, and the flow of water is effortless.

It is easy to run, and it has a good flow of water. As a result, you do not spend a lot of time in the bathroom. However, the rate of flow may depend on the pressure of the water from the city supply.

You can mount the bathroom faucet on the bathroom countertop or sink. The choice is yours.

2. Moen 6410BN Eva – Centerset Bathroom Faucet for Low Water Pressure

The brushed warm grey metallic look is what greets you the first time that you come across the bathroom faucet. It gives you a sense of a top-quality product from the design and the materials used to fashion the bathroom faucet.

Moen 6410BN is a very good faucet for low water pressure you can find it for your bathroom. The smooth curves and corners are exceptional, and it underscores some top-quality handiwork. Overall, the two handle bathroom faucet is attractive, and it is an excellent addition to any bathroom.

You will find the two handle lever quite easy to operate and to control the temperature of the water. Your children will not have a problem using the faucet, and that is a good thing. There is no learning curve as you install and use.

It also complies with the Americans with disabilities act, meaning that any disabled person can use it without needing any help.

The bathroom faucet weighs 1 lb but is as durable as you would expect any top-quality bathroom faucet to be. The deck mounted faucet does not leak, and is easy to install.

The setup process will not take a lot of time, and that minimizes the time you have to wait to enjoy the use of your new bathroom faucet.

It has a smooth 1.2 GPM flow rate that will not produce any splashes or lead to wastage of water. In our opinion, it is efficient and economical. You will no longer have to complain about the high water bills. The bathroom faucet has a WaterSense certification too.

A limited lifetime warranty protects you from possible defects that the bathroom faucet may have. Furthermore, the warranty is an indication of the faith that the makers of the product have on it. The longer the period, the more reliable it is.

3. Moen 6400 – best bathroom faucet for Hard Water

With a mirror-like chrome finish, Moen 6400 sink faucet has a distinct decorative finish that is unique. In our opinion, it is quite versatile.

It is a real beauty to have in your bathroom, and that is how it should be. Bathroom faucets should have a distinct finish, and that makes the room comfortable. You can only get these qualities from top manufacturers of faucets like Moen.

The single handle lever makes the bathroom sink faucet to be quite easy to use. The temperature control is also on the same handle lever. Mainly, we find the bathroom sink faucet to be easy-to-use, and anybody, including the children and the disabled, would not have any problem operating it. It is ADA compliant, and the disabled will not have trouble using it.

Furthermore, the faucet meets the EPA WaterSense standards for water conservation. That means it does not wastewater, and it is quite efficient. Typically, you will notice that the water jet comes out smoothly, and there are no splashes of water all over the place. It’s functioning is quite smooth, and that is what makes it one of the best bathroom faucets on the market.

In terms of installation, the bathroom faucet is quite versatile. It comes with a three-hole deck plate that you can install if you want to. It all hinges on your preferences and needs. The good thing is that this option is available.

Best Cheap Bathroom Faucets for the Moeny

1. Yodel Single Handle – Quality Bathroom Faucet under $50

The simplicity associated with this Yodel single handle faucet is what makes it a favorite of many people. It has a simple design, and it is quite easy to use. The children, as well as the people living with disabilities, will not have a problem using this bathroom sink faucet.

You will notice that the spout reach of 4.7 inches is sufficient for most people. The single-touch operation is time-saving, and you can use the bathroom faucet quickly and move to something else. It is quite efficient. But you cannot ignore the attractive brushed nickel finish that matches with most bathroom decors. It does not matter what style you have in your bathroom.

The design and the brushed nickel finish makes this bathroom faucet to be quite fitting.

It is a single hole sink installation, and the process is effortless. You may not need the services of a handyman or a professional plumber. You can do it without help, and that is a good thing. We are not all technically endowed, and a complicated faucet would mean spending extra cash for installation. It is an easy one-step installation, and most people can hack it.

We might as well mention that it has a quiet and straightforward design. It does not make a lot of noise when operating, and the faucet contributes to a calm environment. So this cheap bathroom faucet can be very good option for you.

2. Moen 6702 – A Budget Friendly Modern Bathroom Faucet

The combination of sophisticated curved edges and the chrome finish is what makes this bathroom sink faucet exceptionally attractive. The design is also unique, and it highlights excellent artistry. It brings a modern style to your bathroom.

Most people find the chrome finish as creating a mirror-like effect in the bathroom, and that adds some special kind of attraction, and feel. It is a very good faucet for shallow bathroom sink as well.

Moen 6702 Genta can be a cheap option but it is really a quality bathroom faucet. The classic one handle design makes the daily cleaning and brushing, a simple exercise. Operating the handle is easy, and the steady flow of the water does not take much time.

There are red and blue markings that guide you on how to control the temperature. Using the bathroom faucet is a walk in the park, and that saves you a lot of time.

A high arc neck creates a comfortable clearance to do everyday bathroom tasks. The distance is also sufficient for other tasks such as cleaning a handkerchief or a face towel.

And even though the bathroom faucet has a smooth and consistent flow of water, it fulfills the EPA WaterSense standards. That means you will be able to conserve on water usage and fulfill most of the bathroom tasks. And even better, you will make savings on water bills.

The 1.2 gallons per minute of the aerated stream is sufficient for most applications, and you don’t have to worry about inefficiency. The dependable and efficient performance of the bathroom faucet will satisfy you.

A Duro-last cartridge and some level of ruggedness to the bathroom faucet, and it can withstand some abuse that characterizes most bathroom sinks. The limited lifetime guarantee creates some cushion against problems that may arise. And even though it is unlikely to encounter problems, the warranty makes the bathroom faucet reliable.

3. Delta Faucet 15999-DST – One of the cheapest bathroom faucet from delta

Efficiency and reliability are the two qualities that define this bathroom faucet. Delta 15999-DSTis bathroom faucet one of our favorites based on several factors. Among them is the limited lifetime warranty that gives you peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about malfunctions and leakages.

The diamond seal technology ensures that no leakage takes place. As a result, it lasts twice as much as the other bathroom faucets on the market.

The chrome finish is not only durable but also attractive. The mirror-like appearance, together with the outstanding design makes the bathroom faucet stand out. But it is also available in two other finishes:

  1. Venetian bronze and
  2. Arctic Stainless.

All the finishes are top quality, and a choice between them depends on preference.

The ceramic discs do not require any maintenance such as oiling. As a result, the seals do not experience the wear and tear that you find with other bathroom faucets. It performs like a new bathroom faucet for a long time to the satisfaction of many. Of course, we all want our bathroom fixtures to last a long time, and that is precisely what you get with this product.

The installation process is versatile, and they can fit in one hole or a three-hole configuration, effortlessly. Everything that you need comes with a single package, and you will not need to spend any extra dollar. It is usual for most people to shun anything that seems complicated, especially when it comes to the installation. However, nothing is difficult, and you can install the very versatile bathroom faucet, quickly without the need for extra help.

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Faucets

Best Bathroom faucets Review

There are certain factors you need to consider when choosing a bathroom faucet for low water pressure or hard water. For starters, the most appropriate valve needs to be both functional and attractive. In the majority of the cases, you will find beautiful bathroom faucets, but their functionality may be in question.

So you should be careful when choosing a bathroom faucet. Let’s see what you need to know before buying a faucet for your bathroom.

The Style and Design

The style and design of the bathroom faucet depend on the overall bathroom design. One of the most standard Styles is the Classic Style. The first thing that comes to the mind of many people is that the classic style is pretty much like the bathroom faucets that our old folks used to use.

The classic design only takes the appearance of the 19th-century bathroom faucets, but the functionality is pretty much like any other contemporary faucet. The traditional design is only about appearance. Of course, there’s a good section of individuals that love the classic design of the bathroom faucets.

The modern design faucets usually have straight or curved lines, and they may have single or double handles. In the majority of the cases, the contemporary design faucets complement other fixtures in the bathroom, such as sink or bathtub.

Ideally, the faucet should be in the same design as the other fixtures in the bathroom. The main idea is consistency, and it is possible to achieve it if you stick with one style for the whole bathroom.

Another conventional design is hybrid. Typically, the hybrid design combines both the modern and the classic to have something with a unique appearance. They may have harsher edges and straight lines, and it is always a good thing to make sure that the bathroom faucets are fitting for the style that you have. The benefit of the hybrid style is that you can install them in any sink or bathroom without looking out of place. We all want our bathrooms to look good, and the hybrid style makes sure of that.

“Pro Tip: You may buy bathroom faucets of universal colors like silver or white. These types of faucets match almost every style of bathroom.”


Ease of installation is quite an essential factor that you should consider before you can purchase a particular model of bathroom faucet. Of course, specific faucets on the market are quite attractive, and they tick all the right boxes. However, if they are complicated to install, they may incur extra costs. In other words, you should choose a faucet that doesn’t need a professional or handyman to install for you.


The finish is one of the most critical factors that determine durability, and the attraction. Also, the type of finish determines the ease of maintenance and cleaning.

One of the most common finishes on bathroom faucets is chrome and stainless steel. And while the two are quite attractive, and enhance the durability of the bathroom faucets, there are still other styles you can choose from. For example, the oil rubbed bronze has a unique appearance and is consistent with whatever style you have in the bathroom.

Now let’s discuss some common problems of bathroom faucets. We will try to provide the best solution of these problems too.

Finding Problem in Bathroom Faucet Chunks

The first step when troubleshooting a problem with the bathroom faucet is to identify the product number. In the majority of the cases, the eight-digit code is displayed under the name of the bathroom faucet in the instruction manual or the packaging is the product code. Most of us get rid of the packaging and instruction manual once the installation process is done, and that is not a good thing.

The product number will help you when dealing with customer care or looking for helpful information when troubleshooting.

Once you have identified the product number, look for the installation manual, and follow the provided steps for maintenance and cleaning of the fixture. You will learn how to clean the aerator and how to put the fixture apart. You can go through the instructions and determine whether the bathroom faucet was correctly installed. The problem could be coming from the wrong installation.

If you are successful in identifying the problem, you can order for replacement parts from the manufacturer. If the product is under a lifetime warranty, then better for you. All you need to do is contact the manufacturer, and get the replacement parts as per the Warranty agreement. Typically, the cost would be lower to get the replacement parts.

The customer service may also direct you on how to install the bathroom faucet effectively and quickly.

Please note that it is critical to keep the instruction manual as well as the packaging at a safe place for reference purposes.

How to Fix a Leaky Bathroom Faucet

fix bathroom faucet leaking
Fixing a leaky bathroom faucet need not be a complicated process. You can follow some few steps without the need to call a professional that will cost you extra money.

  1. The first thing to do is to switch off the main water supply to avoid dealing with additional problems. You cannot fix a bathroom faucet when the water is running, no matter how good you are with DIY projects.
  2. Then plug the drain or use some rug if you don’t have a plug. Remove the handles by unscrewing them. With the majority of bathroom faucets, you may need to remove the decorative cap that is at the top before extracting the fixture.
  3. You will need an Allen wrench to unbolt the nuts. After you remove the nuts, you will find some rubber rings with a stem sitting on it. It is here where the dripping comes from. Typically, the o-ring experiences wear and tear, and you will need to replace it after a period to stem the dripping.
  4. After replacing the o-rings, you reassemble the handles and return everything as it was. The process should be simple if there are no complicated parts. Of course, it will not have any complicated parts if you choose the right equipment when purchasing.

If the leaking does not stop, you may need to try again. If it is still not stopping, calling a professional may be necessary. But that is a last resort move.

How to Fix a Dripping Bathroom Faucet in 6 Easy Steps

  1. Switch off the supply from the mains
  2. Plug the drain or use a towel if you cannot find the plug
  3. Find the decorative cap and remove it before removing the handles
  4. Use an Allen wrench on the handle bolt
  5. After removing the handle, you will locate rubber o-rings, and this is where the problem is. Replace the rubber o-rings, and return the handle to its place.
  6. The last step is to reassemble everything and switch on the supply. Everything should run smoothly from here if you do it correctly. In the majority of the cases, the dripping comes from a faulty o-ring that has undergone through wear and tear.

Low Arc Vs High Arc Bathroom Faucets

This is one of the most standard queries that you may encounter when researching the most appropriate bathroom faucet for you. And while there is no straight forward answer to it, you may need to consider the depth of the sink that you have. A high arc bathroom faucet may create a significant distance to the base of the tub, and that may have specific problems.

In such a case, you may be dealing with a significant amount of splashing, and that is not ideal. It is not always a good thing to have a bathroom faucet that leaves you wet every time. Sometimes you only need a simple wash of the face, and such a faucet will not be appropriate.

high arc vs low arc

On the other hand, a low arc bathroom faucet may not be appropriate for a shallow sink. There may not be enough space to do anything, such as wash your hands or handkerchief. The low arc faucet may also direct the stream of the water to the sides, and that is not appropriate either. It may create splashes and leave you all wet.

Therefore, a high arc bathroom faucet is most appropriate for deep sinks. That is because the sides of the sinks will catch the splashing.

However, the depth of the sink is not the only factor to think about. There are others, such as the purpose of the tub.

Taste and preference is another factor. Choose the bathroom faucet that compliments the style of the bathroom, and which is according to your style. In the end, you’re the one using the faucet, and it should be as comfortable as possible.

Widespread Vs Centerset Bathroom Faucets

Centerset bathroom faucet is one of the most popular bathroom faucets nowadays. It comes with a 4-inch spread faucet or a mini spread. The design requires three holes on the basin; one for the spout, and the other two for the handles. Therefore, the fixture comes with three connected pieces.

In contrast, the widespread bathroom faucet has three pieces that are separate from each other. You install these pieces separately, and you require three predrilled holes. The widespread model has more installation flexibility, and you can install the parts according to the spacing that you consider appropriate. The connection between the components is under the counter, and that makes it seem unique. It looks as if they are separate from each other without any relationship, and their functioning is like some magic.

In some quarters, you will find people arguing that the widespread bathroom faucets are the easiest to maintain and clean. However, that may not always be true. You will still find center set bathroom faucets that are even easier to clean than their widespread counterparts.

Another perspective that most people have is that widespread faucet is more expensive than the center set bathroom faucets. Well, that may be up for deliberation, but there may be some truth to it. In most cases, it depends on the model, brand and the quality of the bathroom faucet.

Even so, the widespread bathroom faucets are attractive to look at, and it is the kind of thing that you would want in your bathroom if you’re going to impress people. It has a sophisticated look that will impress anyone, anytime.

Another critical issue is the build of the sink. If your bathroom sink is a one-hole model, then it only makes sense to stick with center set bathroom faucet. You should choose the model that may not be complementary with the style of the bathroom, and the sink. You don’t want to start drilling extra holes to install the widespread bathroom faucet. It will take time, and it may look out of place, in the end.


We hope this in-depth guide will help you to find the best bathroom faucet. You can go for KOHLER Alteo K-45800-4-CP or Pfister LF042JDKK. It is durable and has diamond technology discs to prevent leakage. The bathroom faucet is also quite attractive, with exceptional design, and easy-to-use handle.

Your bathroom should be a place you go to re-invent and wash away all the tiredness and dirt that you picked throughout the day. However, he will need an efficient bathroom faucet to make the process effortless and fruitful. All the above bathroom faucets fit the description, and you can choose any of them confidently.

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