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Best Commercial Kitchen Faucets Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

The effectiveness of kitchen appliances can determine whether kitchen space becomes your favorite or not. We all appreciate well-cooked food, but the artistry in preparing the most delicious dishes is all about efficiency in the kitchen. In MyHomeNeedz, we try to discover the best possible kitchen appliances or tools to make you more productive in the kitchen. This article is all about commercial kitchen faucets.

So if you are looking for a commercial kitchen faucet for your home or restaurants than we are here to help. We have tested almost 98 industrial-quality kitchen faucets and found out the best 8 commercial kitchen faucets that can make you more productive in a busy kitchen.
Top 5 Commercial Kitchen Faucets:

Let’s dig deep:

Best 8 Commercial Kitchen Faucets Reviews 2019

1. Moen 5923 – One-Handle Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet

The industrial design and the aesthetic appeal is the first thing that catches your eye the first time you come across it. This is a device that can truly refer to ‘a great addition to any kitchen.’

In terms of functionality, the kitchen faucet has various features that make it among the best. For example, the height is appropriate and makes it easy to clean large cookware. The pull-down of the swivel is an exceptional feature that makes it easy to clean various utensils. It is especially useful when rinsing inside the pot or pan.

The swivel allows a full range of motion so that you can reach different corners of the sink effortlessly. Sometimes, you need to clean the sink after washing the dishes, and it becomes challenging when you use an inefficient kitchen faucet.

The secure docking ensures that the kitchen faucet stays in place after cleaning the utensils, and everything else.

You also have the freedom of choosing between a steady aerated stream, and a powerful spray with the minimal splashing of the water. That means you can finally clean the dishes without getting wet – something that you don’t get with other types of kitchen faucets.

The design and chrome finish makes this kitchen faucet to be quite attractive. It makes your kitchen look sophisticated, and you feel comfortable working it preparing various dishes. When you are comfortable, you become creative, and you can prepare the best meals that will leave everyone with praises.

There’s also the option of picking a stain-resistant finish, which is equally attractive. It all depends on preferences.

And another thing that makes this product as one of the best industrial kitchen faucets is the fact that it easy to install, and you may not need a handyman to do it for you. It is a simple exercise in every way.

2. Kraus KPF-1610SS – Commercial Kitchen Faucet

The Bolden kitchen faucet comes with an industrial design and aesthetics to fit any kitchen characterized by heavy use. The ceramic free cartridge and the brass material is what makes this kitchen faucet durable and easy-to-use.

The heavy-duty lead-free materials are eco-friendly, and they do not add any harmful elements to the water. You will enjoy the drip-free ceramic faucet for a significant amount of time.

It has a stainless steel color that is entirely compatible with any theme that you have in your kitchen. It will not be necessary to change anything in terms of decor and aesthetics.

With a compact 18 inch height, the kitchen faucet is quite easy to use and provides enough space to work in. You can, therefore, was the oversized cooking pot without any problems. Another benefit of the short height is that it can fit under any kitchen cabinet without a problem. Particular kitchen faucets are too tall, and that creates a problem during installation.

The easy, retract flexible hose is another crucial feature that makes cleaning various utensils an easy job. It can rotate 180 degrees, and rinsing the cooking pot or pan is a walk in the park. The retractable hose is 20 inches, and a perfect feature for any kitchen. You no longer have to struggle washing certain utensils in the kitchen.

You can change between the aerated spring and spray function depending on your needs. The aerated spring is perfect for filling the pot, and the spray function works best when washing the dishes.

The mounting hardware and 22-inch pre-attached waterlines are quite convenient and easy-to-use. Typically, the installation process is effortless, and that is a good thing for anyone.

3. Friho Lead-Free – Cheapest Commercial kitchen Faucet on Our List

The brushed nickel finish and brass construction are the two factors that make this pull-down commercial kitchen faucet durable and attractive. You will find the coiled spring design to be exceptional, and making the kitchen faucet a great addition to any household or enterprise.

Other features such as ceramic discs that are above industry standards make it a heavy-duty appliance to have around. It is therefore quite versatile to accommodate a variety of uses in different places such as hotels and standard home setup. In other words, the faucet is one of the best to have in any kitchen.

The overall height of 16.5 inches is not so bad and is quite adequate for most people and applications. What matters most is the kitchen counter or sink height from the floor. Also, the spout reach of 9.1 inches is ideal, and it makes your cleaning of dishes more comfortable, and fun. of course, it is always fun to work with an efficient appliance, and you are always motivated to complete the task at hand.

A high-performance aerator is another feature that is worth highlighting, and which, of course, adds to your efficiency in the kitchen. In our opinion, its performance makes faucet suitable for restaurants. The single lever control and spout swivel make the kitchen faucet quite functional. You have a better range, and you can use the spout effectively in the kitchen sink.

You have the choice of picking between a regular flow of water and a powerful spray. It all depends on the application, such as filling a pot with water or rinsing the pots and pans.

4. AXOR Starck – Luxury Industrial Kitchen Faucet

It is not always that you come across a have a duty kitchen faucet that is easy to install. This kitchen faucet is a one-hole installation device. As such, there are not many bits that need assembly or installation, and the whole process can only take a few minutes.

You must admit that the minimalist design will make anyone curious regarding its efficiency. However, it functions quite well, and you will be surprised when you put the faucet to work. As they say, appearances can be devious, and that is precisely what happens with this kitchen faucet.

But we are not saying that there is anything wrong with the design. If anything, it is quite satisfying and attractive.

The height and aerator clearance is quite decent, and anyone can use the kitchen faucet quickly regardless of their height. However, it may depend on other factors such as the height of the sink or kitchen counter.

The solid brass body and chrome finish give the kitchen faucet an exceptional appearance. It is quite attractive to look at, and of course, work with. We all love using devices that have a beautiful design and they give you a bit of confidence.

Other standout features include the no-clog aerator, ceramic cartridge, and two spray patterns. It also features a Quiclean cleaning system that makes it all easy to maintain and clean. The simplicity associated with this kitchen faucet is extraordinary, and anyone looking for a user-friendly kitchen device will find it quite useful.

In terms of flexibility, the swivel arm rotates 360 degrees, and that makes it easy to use when cleaning the dishes, and when you need to fill the pot with water.

5. Grohe 32951DC0 K7 – Best for Busy Kitchen Faucet

Grohe is a well-known faucet maker brand. The Grohe 32951DC0 K7 from Grohe is another cool addition. A single hole installation is one of the essential features to have in a kitchen faucet. It makes the installation process easy and quick. In some cases, you don’t even need a handyman to do it for you, and you also don’t require some special skills to pull it off.

35mm ceramic cartridge is a source of efficiency and durability. The same case applies to the metal handle lever and controlling it is as effortless as it can get, and that is a good thing for anyone. You will also find the adjustable flow rate limiter to be quite useful, especially in a busy kitchen.

You only need to turn it sideways, and you get the necessary flow of water according to your needs. Every minute is priceless, and you should not waste it by turning the faucet.

The Professional spring arm can rotate 360 degrees for maximum flexibility. You can, therefore, direct the flow of water from one container to the other quickly and effortlessly. The rotation does not have any problems, and that makes it one of the best professional kitchen faucets, and fun to use.

You can also switch from the regular flow to the high-powered spray to accommodate your needs sufficiently. The high-powered spray is necessary for some applications such as washing the vegetables and the utensils.

The cubic design head is comfortable to hold and use. You will find that the majority of other kitchen faucet heads are round, but they may not be ergonomic.

The super steel color maybe a little different from the chrome that most kitchen faucets on the market have. However, it has the same attraction and durability. It is also shiny and quite appealing. Depending on the decor you may have in the kitchen, the super Steel color isn’t so bad at all.

6. GICASA Single Handle – Oil Rubbed Bronze Commercial Kitchen Faucet

Many people may prefer the nickel-plated finishing or the Silver color in kitchen faucets. However, the sprayer oil rubbed bronze color is not so bad. Plus, it is quite durable as it protects the kitchen faucet from corrosion and rusting. The most important thing is durability when it comes to kitchen faucets.

Even so, we are not trying to downplay the role of the overall appeal of the kitchen faucet when they come to finally doing the purchase. If anything, the dark color on this faucet is comfortable and compatible with a variety of kitchen decors. However, you may still need to consider your tastes and preferences.

The brass material passes the necessary certifications, and it makes the kitchen appliance durable. It is a good thing having to use a particular item for a long time – it saves you money over a period.

You will find the coiled spring neck to be versatile and the commercial grade. It functions flawlessly and looks good as well. In our opinion, the dark finishing and the overall design adds to the kitchen’s sophisticated look. It is mainly a good thing if you have other dark-colored appliances in the kitchen, such as a microwave and refrigerator.

The pull-out faucet is quite functional and easy-to-use. It helps you in your work of ensuring everything is clean, and your work in the kitchen is quick and efficient. The overall time spent in the kitchen can be quite significant if you have an inefficient kitchen faucet, and most of us have minimal time for other chores.

It comes with a five years warranty which is better than most, and that protects you from defective devices.

7. GICASA Upgraded Version – Single handle Industrial Kitchen Faucet

The brushed nickel stainless steel finishing and the attractive heavy-duty design are what makes this kitchen faucet stand out in the market. The solid brass construction adds some reasonable level of durability, and you can be sure that the kitchen faucet will last a long time.

The coiled spring design makes the faucet versatile and attractive to look at. It has exquisite artistry that makes it a versatile kitchen faucet to have around. But apart from the modern flavor instilled in the design, the kitchen faucet has other features that enhance its longevity.

Thanks to the ceramic disc valves that exceptionally exceed the industry standards, the kitchen faucet lasts through the years without any drips or leaks. A brushed nickel finish adds some exceptional level of durability by preventing corrosion or flaking. We might also add that it is compatible with a variety of kitchen decors, and you can be sure that it will not look out of place – this is one worry for some people that care about the overall appeal.

The installation process is effortless, and it comes with professional instructions that are clear to follow – something that you would expect from the best industrial kitchen faucet. Of course, some of us worry about the installation process and the associated costs of getting someone professional to do it. The good thing is that you can do it yourself.

An extended warranty period of 5 years spices things up for you as the buyer. You can be sure that you get adequate protection from faulty equipment even as you enjoy an exceptional performance from the kitchen faucet. The 5-year warranty is also an indication of the faith that the manufacturers have on their product.

It weighs 8.2 pounds, which may seem significant, but it also indicates the overall mass of the brass construction, and therefore durability.

8. Kraus KPF-1602 – Commercial Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet

The chrome finish and the design makes this kitchen faucet to have a sophisticated look. It carries a particularly contemporary look that becomes the center of attraction in the kitchen. Any visitor to your kitchen will notice and appreciate it.

In particular, it is an exceptional appliance to have in any kitchen, especially for people that care about aesthetics. Of course, we all want something attractive within our homes, and more so in the kitchen. This is one of the best professional kitchen faucets we have on our list.

The brass construction is lead-free and Rust resistant. This faucet is durable, and it does not matter how much water it handles.

Some poor quality faucets easily rust only after a short period, and you may need to return to the drawing board. Most people find the single-lever flow control to be among the easiest to use. Another user-friendly feature is the smooth flow control. Necessarily, you can control the intensity of the water coming from the faucet depending on your needs. Filling the pot with water requires a different flow of water from washing the pot and other dishes.

For flexibility, this faucet has a pull-down sprayer with the flexibility that you need to clean the various dishes in the kitchen. You will find the single lever handle to be very easy to use and change the temperature, as well as, the force of the flow.

It has a heavy-duty spring design that makes it easy to use in a variety of settings. For example, you can use it comfortably in the restaurant kitchen or at home without any problems.

The powerful pre-rinse spray is another useful feature that every kitchen needs. With it, the cleaning becomes effortless, and you can enjoy the process.

Commercial Kitchen Faucets Buying Guide

What to Look for When Buying A Commercial Faucet

Before you can go out and make the all-important decision of purchasing a commercial faucet, you will need to consider the following factors.

  • Water Pressure Recommendations: the commercial faucet comes with a particular water pressure recommendation. In other words, it will only work efficiently under specific water pressure. Ideally, you should check the local pressure of the water before making any significant decisions. If you install a faucet without the necessary capability to handle the water pressure, it will not be efficient, and it may take more than the recommended time to wash the dishes.
  • Height: undoubtedly, the faucet mostly comes with a tall design. However, you may need to check how much space you have for installation so that it works efficiently. Make sure that there is appropriate space to work in as you wash the dishes. Sometimes it may be too tall for you depending on your stature. Also, the sink may not be deep enough for a very tall faucet. The problem of installing a tall faucet in a shallow sink is that it will splash water all over the place, and that’s not the idea.
  • Finishing: you will find that various faucets come in a particular finishing. In ideal situations, you should choose the finishing that matches with the other kitchen appliances for aesthetic purposes. For example, stick with chrome faucets if the other devices you have in the kitchen are chrome plated. Your kitchen will look much better and comfortable to work in.
  • Warranty Period: Professional kitchen faucets are not like the ordinary faucets that you find when shopping. They are designed to be heavy-duty, and so they should be robust as well as durable- nothing less nothing more. To be safe, pick a commercial faucet that has an extended warranty period.

Why You Should Buy a Professional Faucet

A professional faucet is an excellent addition to any kitchen. It makes your time in the kitchen, worth it in every sense. But why should you choose a professional faucet over the others?

Easy installation

Undoubtedly, professional faucets are more comfortable to install than the other cheap quality appliances you come across when shopping. It does not matter whether it is a Wall-mounted commercial kitchen faucet or any different design.

Usually, they come with everything necessary to install and use the faucet. You will also find that some of them have a simple knob to change the temperature of the water.


Professional faucets are user-friendly and designed to handle a significant amount of use. The appliances don’t need any special skills to hack. If anything, they are enjoyable to use, and they make your work in the kitchen, fun.

Useful in cleaning pots and pans

The professional faucets are easy to use, especially when it comes to cleaning pots and pans. You can pull the tap close to the cooking pot, and clean the grease and other food particles inside. Most notably, they save you a lot of time as they have a good jet of water to fill the pot and pan quickly.

Heavy Duty

If you have a professional kitchen, then it goes without saying that a heavy-duty faucet will do you much good. That means you will not have to deal with leaks and malfunctions after some period.

Easy Maintenance

A good quality professional faucet is easy to maintain and saves you some cash in the end. In particular, it does not suffer from hard water buildup because it mostly has a rubberized mouth.

It enhances your kitchen design

The kitchen faucet is quite a darling to have in the kitchen. It complements the kitchen theme by adding some unique style to it. They are better looking, and most importantly, easy-to-use.

Main Advantages of a Pre-rinse Kitchen Faucet

Pre-rinse faucet

There are various benefits of pre-rinse kitchen faucets. Among them include the following.

Easy to use when cleaning large pots and pans

We all have those large pots and pans in our kitchen, and you can admit that they are not easy to clean. However, a pre-rinse kitchen faucet makes it easy as you can pull it close and clean the pot or pan.

They are quite efficient

They are quite efficient when it comes to doing particular tasks such as filling a pot or pan with water. The functionality that makes it possible to pull the faucet prevents the mess that would result when the water splatters all over the place. This is often the case with faucets that are some distance away from the sink.

They are easy to maintain and clean

The finishing and the style of the professional faucet make it easy to maintain and clean. Mostly, they have a rubberized mouth that protects it from the abuse associated with constant use. Typically, hard water and different pressure levels can have a significant effect on the life of the faucet.

The pre-rinse kitchen faucet is also easy to clean. The chrome or stainless steel surface only requires a damp cloth to clean, and it looks as good as new.

They are appealing

Some commercial kitchen faucets that come with sprayers mostly have different designs, and you can choose one depending on several factors that include needs, and the current kitchen theme that you have. Admittedly, pre-rinse kitchen faucets are quite attractive, and they make the kitchen one of the best places to work in. We all love working in beautiful spaces as it is motivating. It is a psychological thing.


It is not always simple to find the best commercial kitchen faucet on the market. In our research, we found Moen 5923 Kitchen Faucet as a top Choice, and a great addition to any kitchen, whether a commercial establishment or a typical home. It is heavy duty, durable, and most importantly, good-looking. The kitchen faucet has this attractive appeal that makes your kitchen look sophisticated. The other products in the above professional kitchen faucet reviews are also good options. You have a free hand in choosing any of them according to preference, budget, and needs.

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