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Best Kingston Brass Faucets Reviews – How Good Their Faucets Are?

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen and are on a tight budget, then replacing your worn-out faucets with Kingston Brass faucets is your best option. According to Kingston Brass faucet reviews, the kitchen faucet range by Kingston brass is ergonomic, accompanied by designs that will definitely force the guests to look twice and praise the piece.

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However, before jumping onto the facts, let us brief you up with the precise history of this faucet company. Founded in 1998 in California USA, Kingston Brass has been up on its heels to provide the best possible faucets to its customers from day one. Making the customer view as its top priority, the company has been on its journey to improve the faucet experience for its users. Check the link to know more.

The company has long been known for their exquisite designs, which enhance the aesthetics of your kitchens. In addition to its impeccable designs, top faucets from Kingston Brass come laden with advanced technical features to make working in the kitchen a delightful experience for its users.

You will come across several original designs by the company, which accentuates an antique effect. At the same time, you will also find some modern designs by the company which has been redefined for modern use. Whether it’s their modern looking faucet or the classic faucet, both offer great features despite their outlook.

Today, Kingston Brass has around 20,000 designs for the customers to choose from. The company continues to improve its faucets based on customer reviews and suggestions.

How Good are Kingston Brass Kitchen Faucets?

Being a relatively new company in faucets dealings, Kingston Brass does not have that much popularity as that shared by Moen and Delta faucets. Another reason for the company not making much into the lights is that it built itself from scratch. Plus they are a direct seller of their faucets, so the online reputation building is a bare minimum when it comes to Kingston Brass.

By directly providing services to its customers, the company has followed a slow yet smooth tread towards expansion. This has been the tradition for the company for quite some time now. The started off by directly selling the kitchen faucets to their customers and tending to their grievances themselves when required.

When comparing the company’s online standing, you will find its reviews to be 80% less than those of other faucet brands like Moen. The point here is marketing, not that the product range offered is not comparable.

After searching and analyzing a few reviews from the retailer sites that sell Kingston Brass faucets, we found their average rating to be a striking 9 out of 10!

While going over the different reviews around the Kingston faucets, we found out that the quality reviews scored a high by the customers. However, the company did not get much of a score when its services were being rated. This led their average rating to fall down to 7 out of 10. However, this was based on the company’s actions and not on the quality of their product line.

You will find the best Kingston Brass faucet to have some traditional designs yet some top-notch features. Whether it be there double-handle faucet range or a faucet with a side spray, each piece is crafted to perfection and is incorporated with modern features for the user’s ease.

The technology used in Kingston Brass faucets

Looking antique but working like any modern-day faucet you come along, Kingston Brass is known to present its customers with a fusion of the old and the new. You will find the outlook of the faucets antiquated, but the functionality t holds is you’re your everyday modern faucets, with sensors, filters and motion detection.

kingstone faucets and sink

Talking about the making of these faucets, they carry top quality cartridges and valves, which allow you to use them for an extended period. Some of the faucets that the company sells, are wall-mounted, which although makes their installation a bit difficult, but they look great in your kitchen.

Apart from wall-mounted faucets, some accessories come along with some of the faucets offered by Kingston Brass. These accessories include a side spray to help you out cleaning the difficult corners. Aerators are also part of these antique looking faucets, to ensure efficient water consumption, without much waste.

The faucets are also made leak-free by the incorporation of quality ceramic cartridges. Even the washerless pieces are made leak-free owing to the technology used by the company. Additionally, the availability of spout swivel with every faucet offered by the company, allows you to effectively clean large pots and pans without much effort.

While these were some of the features common to the faucets by the company, you will also find many finishes in which these faucets are made available to the customers. These finishes are generally scratch-resistant, which increases the lifetime of the faucet, making them look new even after years.

This scratch-resistant feature makes the cleaning of the faucets easy too. You do not need to use any cleaning material which might damage the finish, all you need to do is wipe them clean with a piece of wet cloth.

What Types of Kitchen Faucets are Available from Kingston Brass?

You will find several options to choose from when it comes to kitchen faucets by the company. Their production line has every design and feature to facilitate your activities in the kitchen. With their amazing designs, Kingston Brass faucets are available under the following categories at their stores:

  • Pull-down Kitchen Faucets
  • Pull-out Kitchen Faucets
  • Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucets
  • Single Handle Kitchen Faucets
  • Double Handle Kitchen Faucets
  • Bridge Kitchen Faucets
  • Bathroom faucets

In addition to this list, you will find a bunch of wall-mounted faucets too offered by the company. These faucets generally require a single hole or a three-hole for installation. You can also find these faucets coming in different finishes so that you can choose the best model and match it with the rest of your kitchen. Delve into 700 different models offered by the company for your kitchen.

Warranty on a Kingston Brass Kitchen Faucet

Unlike other known brands that tend to offer, limited lifetime warranty on their fixtures, Kingston Brass only offers a 10-year limited warranty on their faucets. Under this warranty, the company claims that the faucet will be completely free from any flaws. If there develops any flaw, like a leak or a drip, that can be claimed at the original place of the purchase. The warranty parts have to first contact from the original provider and then Kingston Brass is to be contacted.

For the faucets installed in the US, if the original seller is not available, then the warranty parts are shipped to the original buyer by the company. However, for the places outside the US, this facility might not be available.

For the finishes, the company offers a 10-year warranty. This warranty covers the material and makes of the faucet. However, the faucets with a matte black finish or faucets with the oil bronze finish are excluded from this list of warranty.

To avail, this warrant, the purchaser must provide the relevant seller with a proof of the purchase. Additionally, labor costs are not covered by the warranty given by the company.

Prices of Kingston Brass Faucets

On to the real question, now. What price range will you find in these antique pieces of faucets? Well, you might be surprised to know that the company has to offer a wide price range to its users. Most of the models offered by Kingston brass are under the $300 range. And you will find some of the premium coated faucets to fall in this price range too.

You can also come across a more economical range under $200 in the Heritage collection by the company. And at the same time, if you are looking for some luxury kitchen faucets, the Gourmetier collection by the company will give you that and more.

So basically, all price ranges are covered and all people are catered to by the company with their kitchen faucet product line. You might come across some of the retailers, where you might get these faucets at a discounted rate too.

Despite being a young company, Kingston Brass follows full transparency and you can very well find your required faucet at their stores.


On an overall scale, the company has ranked high when it comes to quality. Therefore it would not be a bad option to opt for their faucets. As for the service and the online market, they will gradually expand as the other did, but the procedure will take time. Stay tuned for more such reviews on your favorite faucet brands.

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