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Types of Kitchen Faucets with Advantages and Disadvantages

There are mainly two types of faucets available:

  1. Bathroom Faucets
  2. Kitchen Faucets

We will talk about kitchen faucets here. I ran into a frenzy when my kitchen faucet malfunctioned last week. All my water-related tasks took hours to complete and I was at my breakpoint. However, after getting it replaced with a faucet that much suited my needs I finally can take a sigh of relief. After researching and finding out different types of kitchen faucets, I will today share my findings with you guys, so that you don’t run into the nightmare I faced!

8 Different Types of Kitchen Sink Faucets with Pros and Cons

1. Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets

Pull-Down kitchen Faucets

Being famous in the kitchen accessory world, pull-down kitchen faucets come in several design styles. If you happen to have plenty of soiled dishes and pots to clean up then these faucets make it convenient for you to do the dishes.

Featuring a goose-neck style with a head the snakes around the body as an extension, Pull-down faucets are known for their flexibility. The self-retracting head that comes out of the head hose provides you with the freedom to spray the water at any required angle. Thus makes it easy for you to remove the hardest stains at the most unruly angles.

The cool thing about these faucets is that you can clean sweep the dirty pile of dishes, without even a drop of water splashing over the counter. I love a clean dry counter, so yeah I will definitely recommend this one. However, despite the ease and the utility, the pull-down faucet offers it does have some shortcomings which might force you to rethink before selecting them.


  • Easily access, difficult corners and crooks in the sink
  • In deep sinks, there is a minimum to no splashing
  • Comes I exclusive designs to enhance the aesthetics of your modern kitchens


  • Can only be pulled in a downward direction; reduces flexibility
  • Not suitable for shallow sinks

So if you are someone looking to get the dishes done and at the same time maintain the beauty of the kitchen, then pull down faucet is your best option in the market.

2. Pull-Out Kitchen Faucets

Pull-Out Kitchen Faucets

As the name implies, the pull-out faucets offer the functionality to the users to pull out the spray head and clean the dishes. This faucet is actually my favorite one on the list, due to its easy handling and the freedom of movement it allows.

If you want a spray like action that can be pointed at any angle to the dishes or in the sink, using a pull-out faucet will help you greatly. The faucet head can be moved to any position you like within the sink contrary to the pull-down faucet mentioned earlier.

Plus this cool faucet allows you to fill in pots and pans of varying sizes, without going through the hassle of fitting them into sinks. This comes in handy if you happen to have small-sized sinks, or you are simply lazy to fit the pan inside the sink!

Another cool feature is the tap, which comes with a button to adjust the water flow to your liking and some even allow you to adjust the temperature of the water. How cool is that!


  • Multi-purpose, gives you great cooking and cleaning experience
  • Advanced flexibility
  • Suitable for hollow sinks


  • High chances of water splashing

Now that you know how useful this type of faucets can be, if you can be careful with the splashing part, then you should give this style a try.

3. Single-Handle Kitchen Faucets

Single-Handle Kitchen Faucets

The most simple and easy to use faucet on our list; as the name suggests it only features a single handle that does the entire job. The faucet is pretty easy to navigate and doesn’t require much thought to operate.

With the use of a single handle, you get to adjust the temperature of the water and also decide the flow rate. Either move it up or down or in a horizontal fashion from left to right to adjust the water flow.

This faucet is recommended to be used in shallow sinks by the people how do not like too much tech involved in their tasks. You can find a wide range of designs in these faucets in the market.

Some of them come with additional features, which you might like to try depending on your need. However, given their simplistic designs and ease of use, you can add a modern touch to your kitchen with these faucets.


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Requires one hole for installation
  • Widely available in the market and is comparatively less expensive


  • The setting of the temperature might take time
  • Lacks several useful features comparatively

If you are looking for a simple design that is light on your pocket, this single-handle faucet is a must-try for you.

4. Double-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Double-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Improvisation of the Single-handle faucet, the dual handle comes with two handles for control as the name suggests. It allows you to have one separate control for hot and cold water, which inevitably reduces the chances of accidents.

Despite being old-fashioned these faucets are still used today owing to their simple operation and two-hole installation; one hole for each handle. The designs of these faucets can vary and there is always something new to try.

Nowadays, the gooseneck is quite in fashion when it comes to different types of kitchen faucets, and so is the case with the double handle faucets. Like many other faucets, these too come in different finishes and styles.

While suitable to be used at home, this traditional faucet is commercially used too.


  • Easy to operate
  • Has separate controls for cold and hot water
  • Comes in many unique designs


  • Repairs might be a bit expensive
  • Two holes are required for installation

If you want to manage your hot and cold water separately then do give this faucet a try.

5. Commercial Style Kitchen Faucets

Commercial Style Kitchen Faucets

If your kitchen is a heavy-duty cooking place where you are working most of the time, then you require a faucet to handle all these heavy-duty tasks. Commercial faucets are exactly there for this purpose. Easily handling all you 24/7 intensive cooking and cleaning these faucets are known for their reliability and robustness.

Additionally, these faucets are used in restaurant kitchens, where the chefs cannot take even a single error. Due to their advanced design and features, they are the chef’s favorite kitchen faucet on our list.

You can find these faucets in different size ranges and functionality options. If you are some heavy-duty cook at home, this faucet will make your cooking ordeal a pleasant one. Apart from size, you can also choose the design option in these faucets. Depending on your kitchen style and the sink area, you have plenty of options in the market to choose from.

Check our recommended commercial type faucets here.


  • Can handle heavy-duty water tasks
  • Has several advanced features for cleaning
  • It comes in several design styles and functionality options


  • A little expensive compared to the home kitchen faucets
  • Costly and tricky installation

Try out the commercial faucets if you plan to do some intensive cooking in your kitchen, not only will this faucet provide ease with cleaning but also reduce down some of your stress in maintaining the kitchen.

6. Separate Spray Faucets


Offering 2 in 1 functionality, these faucets come with a separate spray in addition to the faucet itself. This allows you to switch between the regular faucet and a detachable sprayer anytime you want.

For people who like to have several options, this faucet is a must-try. You can make use of the faucet for your regular small tasks of cleaning. At the same time, if you happen to clean any crook or corner that cannot be reached by the faucet, the sprayer on the side can be detached and extended to clean that corner.

The cool thing is that the sprayer comes with its cool features, like a 360 degree rotates, changeable aerators and spray head styles. So you get to choose from a variety according to your kitchen needs.

The faucet and the sprayer make use of the same water pipe, so this also makes the installation easy.


  • Dual functionality; faucet and the sprayer
  • Hygiene is maintained
  • The detachable sprayer can be moved to different places in the sink


  • Multiple holes required for installation
  • Splashing due to the sprayer
  • A bit expensive

So opt for this faucet if you want to avail the spraying action benefits. You might have to spend a little extra, but the features are worth the cost.

7. Pot Filler Faucets

The pot filler is another option on the types of kitchen faucets list. While this may not seem like a must-have in the kitchen, but trust us, you might need this one for a whole lot of things other than boiling spaghetti.

Fill up your large pots without having them to forcefully adjust into the sink. These faucets, when installed over the stove, make the filling of your pots extremely easy. At the same time save you the exercise of carrying the filled heavy pot over to the stove.

Pot Filler Faucets

Additionally, you can nurture your kitchen garden with these faucets too, how cool is that! Simply fill up the pitcher to the brim and water your plants without going through the ordeal of splashing and waiting.

If you have a craving of some pasta, simply fill in the pot using these faucets to boil the pasta and enjoy your time savoring it. You can also easily clean up long jars and that too in a speedy manner with the pot filler faucets.


  • No need for lugging large filled pots


  • The leaks can damage the stove
  • Cleaning issues being above the stove

Now that you know of this nifty tool, might as well try using it, but do remember that you still will need to carry the hot water pot from the stove to the sink to discard it.

8. Touchless Kitchen Faucets

Best Touchless kitchen faucets

Completely different from your regular style kitchen faucets, the last on our list is the innovative smart faucet, which detects your movement to operate. The sensor inside the faucet detects any motion and operates the faucet in the required manner.

With this feature, you no longer need to operate your faucets with dirty, greasy hands. This not only ensures sparkly clean faucets but also increases the lifetime of the product. Simply wave around the faucet either using your hands or some utensil and see the faucet operate magically.

We also have a list of top touchless kitchen faucets.

This feature makes cooking and cleaning a lively process. Plus you can also get benefited with additional features in these faucets to ensure maximum hygiene.

Apart from the functionality, these motion-sensing faucets also come in sleek and elegant designs which add a modern look to your kitchen.


  • Promotes hygiene and cleanliness
  • Most convenient option on the list
  • Modern artistic designs


  • Costly repair due to intricate tech

If you are willing to spend that extra buck to avail this amazing motion sense facility, then this faucet is your best option.

So what types of Kitchen Faucets should you buy?

Now that you know of the different types of faucets available in the market along with their pros and cons, you can be better able to decide which one to install in your kitchen.

If you want to keep it light on your pocket but want temperature control at your hands, a single handle or double handle faucet will perfectly fit into your kitchen.

However, if you want to use modern faucets in your kitchen and at the same time want super easy cleaning, you might as well go with the exclusive pull down or pull out kitchen faucets.

Opt for the commercial style faucets if you have some intensive cooking and cleaning in your kitchen. And if you don’t mind spending a little on this essential component of your kitchen, the Motion detection faucet is recommended for you.

In the end, the decision is yours to make, depending on the reliability, durability and usage, you can make the best choice for your particular set-up.


With tons of brands and variety available in the market, you have a wide range of options to choose from. However, before delving into the choosing spree, make sure you are well aware of all the advantages and disadvantages a particular type has to offer.

This will not only help you streamline your search but also ensure a leisurely cooking and cleaning time in your kitchen. At the same time, you can focus more on the functionality than on the outlook when buying a faucet to be installed in your kitchen.

Do try out these types and let us know if your experiences!

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