The Best Bathroom Accessories You Need to Have in 2019

In this article, we invite you to get to know the most relevant in the world of accessories for bathrooms.

The bathroom offers comfort and well-being to users, comfort is the key to success in a perfect environment, accessories for bathrooms to generate order and cleanliness in modern bathrooms.

Here, we will present you with the types of most common accessories in the market according to their use, among them are the following:

  1. BathTubs
  2. Bathroom Faucets
  3. Bathroom Racks
  4. Bathroom scales
  5. Bathroom Bin
  6. Escobilleros: are elements intended to collect objects present on the floor of our room, they are usually hidden behind the toilet. Within the escobilleros we have the base and the wall.
  7. Hangers: they are the elements of less investment in the bathroom but with outstanding functionality, it is hooks can hang bath towels.
  8. Toilet roll holder: are the most essential elements in the bathroom within the available on the market are the classic toilet roll holder with cover and book them without cover.
  9. Towel: the element classic of bathrooms although they currently have with an avant-garde design adapted to all discerning tastes.
  10. Rack and shower basket.
  11. Mirrors.
  12. Bathroom furniture.
  13. Hydromassage columns.
  14. Toothbrush holder.
  15. SOAP dishes and liquid soap dispensers.
  16. Shower enclosures and shower cabins.

The bath accessories are elements auxiliaries that they complement the elements already installed in the bathroom, usually these accessories play a super role in the decoration of these spaces. Reporting consistency, harmony, aesthetics and a distinctive and exclusive touch are the bath accessories.

From another point of view the bathroom accessories help to create an image of elegance and it gives a harmonic style to the interior design of the room with the rest of the home.

The main elements and the most used bathroom accessories namely towel bars, SOAP dishes, hooks , are able to give life to their lifestyles, obviously accompanied by a fitting will allow us to settle the area without any problem.

Bathroom decoration

Materials of the bath accessories.

The radical difference between the bath accessories is its price and depends on the material in which they are made each of them, among the materials in the bath accessories are:

  • Steel: it is the type of basic material that are made economic or low range accessories, have a 2-year warranty and is resistant to corrosion.
  • Lacquered steel: the only steel like instead of having a chrome finish, this is painted that attachment protects its degree of corrosion is very low and has a 3 year warranty.
  • Stainless steel: presents a very good quality chrome alloy presents practically zero corrosion and its warranty is 5 years.
  • Stainless steel 18/10: has one of the toughest steel alloys within the bathroom items that are made with this alloy is of higher quality and your warranty is 10 years.
  • Aluminum: the material more resistant to the humidity by its structure does not create oxides corrosion level is void and you can have a 5-year warranty.
  • Brass: is the most common material used for bathroom accessories is an alloy steel, nickel and chrome has zero corrosion and accessories made with this material have a 5 year warranty.

Brands of bathroom accessories.

Then only the name the most recognized brands of bathroom accessories, these are the most used around the world.

  • Grohe
  • Handsgrohe
  • Delta
  • Jaquar
  • Kohler
  • Roca

How to choose the perfect bathroom accessory?

When selecting a bathroom accessory product not you must guide specifically for your design or aesthetics, you must bear in mind most important aspects and practical that are economic.

Depending on the type of bathroom:

For a quarter of bath family, needed the presence of coat racks for more organization in your space, besides that all attachments commonly used giving priority to the quality of materials. They must be sufficiently resistant to the daily comings and goings.

For a quarter of bath child they must use accessories that are not defined in space over time, they can go moving according to the growth of children of the House.

In small bathrooms we recommend the use of wall accessories, but if on the other hand, the room is big can be thought of great accessories that are positioned in desktops and foot towel.

For bathrooms which are to be used by persons with reduced mobility, should install all the necessary accessories to make them feel good.

According to the style of bathroom

Accessories in bathrooms put personality final always watching a harmonious modern design, if the bathroom is rustic / vintage should choose Accessories brass with aged finishes since they perfectly combine with the wood.

For bathrooms with a modern contemporary design bathroom accessories should be minimalist in which Excel the straight lines in your designs. However if what you want is personality the combination of co chrome accessories details of colors is the most optimal for your choice.

By its material

The choice of the bath accessories that are made must be guaranteed by their durability and resistance to material which is made. Materials such as brass and aluminum have an excellent quality – price, if in addition to this the level of corrosion is null will have accessories for many years and in perfect condition.

Bathroom accessories decor

One of the main advantages of baths applied in decoration, accessories bathrooms is no longer limited to their small space. Currently, offer very attractive designs and nothing boring for the users. The colors, the size of the furniture, minimalist finishes are leading value-added benefits.

Today accessories transform any bathroom into a stylish and functional space, an example of This is the mirror. It is the most used item and you must not miss in your bathroom, traditionally is located over the sink although currently used incomplete walls.

Other larger bathroom accessories benefit is that if you have a small bathroom room it can transform into a modern bathroom and view it more big.

Installation of the bath accessories

The installation of these accessories depend on the brand Distributor and the quality of the attachment, normally they have tapes of two sides or bases of 5-yearscrew in any case each of them has installation instructions well through a QR code or by means of printed graphics manuals.

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