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The Best Bathroom Accessories You Need to Have in 2020

The bathrooms are probably the most crucial place in anyone’s home, and no one would deny this fact. It offers comfort and functionality to the house owners. A bathroom is not only about the toilet, walls or bathtub but it also about all the bathroom accessories without which it is incomplete.

But do you know what those bathroom accessories that make the bathroom fully functional, spacious, and beautiful are? Well, you don’t have to brainstorm as we have made a list that will tell you about all the best bathroom accessories. In addition to the list, we have also mentioned the best bathroom accessory materials and manufacturers.

Here, we will present you with the types of most common accessories in the market according to their use, among them are the following:

  1. BathTubs
  2. Bathroom Faucets
  3. Bathroom Shelf
  4. Bathroom scales
  5. Bathroom Bin
  6. Toilet Brush
  7. Towel Bar
  8. Toilet Paper Holder
  9. Towel
  10. Rack and shower basket.
  11. Mirrors.
  12. Bathroom furniture.
  13. Hydromassage columns.
  14. Toothbrush holder.
  15. SOAP dishes and liquid soap dispensers.
  16. Shower enclosures and shower cabins.

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Now, it is time to check out the names of some finest bathroom accessories without which a bathroom won’t be fully functional.

Top 15 Bathroom Accessories

1. Bathtubs

bathtub image factlion

Well, without a shadow of a doubt, bathtubs are one of the most used bathroom accessories in the household. It generally serves as a large container where a person comfortably sits on them to take a bath. They are designed in such a way that they can comfortably accommodate one person, but nowadays the capacity has increased. Most of the bathtubs are fitted with waste drain, overflow drain, and taps, so they cover all the essential fixture requirements.

Bathtubs don’t come in one type; instead, you will find varied types in the market. Freestanding tub, alcove, drop-in, pedestal, corner type, and whirlpool tubs are the popular bathtub types that you will find in the market. The materials used for making bathtubs also varies, and they range from thermoformed acrylic, fiberglass to marble, porcelain-enameled cast iron. However, like its type, it doesn’t offer much choice in length, and they mostly reside between 5ft and 7feet length.

2. Bathroom Faucets

You will agree to the fact you can’t think of a bathroom without its faucet as they are the one that makes the bathroom functional. The faucets are called as the crown jewels of a bathroom, and why not? It serves as the primary source of water and also the most used fixture. In modern days, they not only serve as the functional part of the bathroom but also act as a decorative item to improve the overall aesthetics.

bathroom faucets

Like every other faucet, bathroom faucet also comes in an array of types, and it mostly includes single-hole, center-set, widespread, and wall mount. Likewise, you will also find a different kind of finishing associated with them, and they are chrome, stainless steel, nickel, brass, matte black, copper, white, and oil rubbed bronze. Nowadays, many modern faucets are incorporating advanced technologies like motion activation, sanitization, laminar flow, etc. to make itself more useful.

3. Bathroom Shelves

When you talk about the most excellent bathroom accessories, one item you can’t miss is bathroom racks. It acts as an inexpensive solution to keep your bathroom organized as they can store all the things in one place. It helps you to store items like toiletries, linens, cleaning products, and many more. Like other accessories, it also comes in different sizes and types, thus allowing you to install it at your desired spot without worrying about the bathroom’s space. The common rack types that are mostly installed are glass racks, standalone steel racks wall mounted type, vanity rack, designer rack, above-the-door rack, three-tier rack, etc.

bathroom racks

Bathroom racks are built using different materials and wood, aluminum, steel, and plastic are the common ones. Nowadays, many sophisticated frames are made out of glass and marble pieces. The best thing about this item is that you won’t need an expert hand to install them in your bathroom. Although decorative rack and some other type do need experts.

4. Bathroom Scales

Bathroom scales are essential weighing scales that are mostly placed in a convenient place in a lavatory to measure weight. It is a standard bathroom accessory that has made its way into the different households of the United States. Previously it was only available with regular reading, but with the advent of technology, they have gone digital. A digital bathroom scale not only indicates the weight of yours, but it also shows you the temperature, body mass, and many more.

bathroom scales

The bathroom scale comes handy for people who are trying to lose bodyweight or maintaining body weight. However, if you opt for a poor scale, then it will jeopardize the whole effort as the measurement shown by them is not accurate. It is always smart to choose for the finest as they rarely show any fluctuation.

5. Bathroom Bin

A bathroom bin may not seem important in the first place, but they come beneficial for the temporary storage of garbage. People mostly throw their garbage like toilet paper in the commode and then flush them out, but it is not the right way of disposal. Having a bin solves all the issues as it can comfortably all the temporary trash.

Apart from the contemporary look, the bathroom bin also comes with stylish and attractive designs so that they can be useful and decorative at the same time. They come in various sizes, shapes, and build so you can choose the model depending upon your bathroom’s size and decor. The material used for the manufacturing bin ranges from plastic, wood to steel, and unique fiber. Some manufacturers are nowadays are using resin or recycled papers to create temporary bins for bathroom space.

6. Brush

Well, a brush is one of those crucial bathroom accessories that help everyone to keep their bathroom space neat and tidy. Daily cleaning with the brush will not only keep the bathroom clean but will also support in maintaining the aesthetic look. It is essential to have them in the toilet because you will definitely won’t love to have a lavatory swarming with dust and moss.

Brushes may not vary much in type, but different kinds of materials are used in creating them. Plastic and fiber are the most common materials used for manufacturing them. In recent time, some manufacturers have also come with electric brushes that automatically catches all the dirt when hovering them over the floor.

7. Towel Hanger/Bar

Bathroom decor isn’t only about the faucet, tub, bin, tiles, etc. It is about small things like hanger that make a difference in the functionality and decor of the bathroom. The hanger may look minute in the vast dimension, but they come handy for hanging hand-towel, dress, short or any other cloth. They occupy a little space in the bathroom, yet they serve as a highly functional item in the whole area.
bathroom hangers

The number of varieties of the hanger in the market is enormous, and you will find a suitable type for every kind of bathroom decor. Stainless steel is the most common material that is used for creating a hanger, but many decorative models are made out of brass, bronze, chrome-plated zinc, iron, etc.

8. Toilet Roll Holder

You can never miss a toilet roll holder when you are searching for the most excellent bathroom accessories. They not only offer convenience by holding a giant toilet roll in the bathroom but also helps in maintaining a hygienic place. Most importantly, it bars the toilet roll from getting contaminated by moisture and dust. Another great advantage they offer is that you can easily install them on limited bathroom space.

The array of types and sizes associated with toilet roll holder is relatively vast, so you won’t ever feel a shortage of designs. Single roll, double role, quad role, standard roll, jumbo roll, enclosed roll, etc. are some popular types found in the market. However, there isn’t much variety associated with the material which is used to manufacture them. Plastic, fiber, stainless steel, and brass are the most used material.

9. Shower Basket

Another crucial bathroom accessory that you should never forget to add in your lavatory is shower basket. It might feel like a minute item, but they are highly useful that helps you to keep your toiletries organized in one place. Moreover, it keeps the toiletries within a proper reach but that too, without making them wet. They aren’t a large unit rather a meticulously designed item that can hold all the essential items without biting an ample space in the bathroom. It is an ideal bathroom accessory for houses that has a small bathroom.

The shower basket is neither restricted to limited design nor size. You will find verities like over-the showerhead basket, corner shower, freestanding corner shower, tension corner shower, over the door shower basket, etc. Most of the designs come in different size options, so house owners get to choice models depending upon their requirements. The good part is that you will even find designer models that can lift the decor of any bathroom.

10. Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors

Whether you man or woman, you will always need a mirror in your bathroom. Many people have admitted to this fact that a bathroom looks empty without a mirror. People mostly think that the mirror is only suitable for makeup and setting the hair. But it does a lot to the bathroom than meets the eye. It not only brings more visibility and visual drama in the bathroom but also brightens up the mundane corners. Moreover, it brings a wow factor in the lavatory by filling the empty with optical illusion.

Like every other bathroom accessories, you will also find a lot of choice in design and size when it comes to mirror. Currently designer and decorative mirrors are in high demand, and almost everyone is replacing their old one with these models.

11. Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture might seem like an extra addition to the bathroom space, especially to people who have a compact or small bathroom. But in reality, they help you to save a lot of space and also bring a new dynamic to the bathroom decor. It helps you to maximize the small amount of space in your bathroom. It brings function to the bathroom but that too, without biting a large area.

A new trend of modular bathroom furniture is grasping the market as it offers enormous storage options within a limited space. The segment of bathroom furniture is vast as they have a considerable variation in design, size, and build. Usually, plastic, wood, and metal are used for creating this kind of furniture, but nowadays modern materials are being incorporated to make them more attractive and cost-effective. The best part of owning them is that they are quite inexpensive and come in different color options.

12. Hydromassage Columns

Hydromassage column is a unique bathroom accessory that turns your bathroom into a personal spa. The warm water jet that flows from the above-head columns combines the cascading effect of the showerhead and gives you therapeutic massage in your body while showering. These hydro columns force out warm water jets which when falls on your body, drive away all the cellulite and improves your blood circulation. Apart from a relaxing bath, it also assists the shower in saving some right amount of water.

Hydromassage Columns

The health benefits one gets from a hydro massage column is immense as it relaxes the muscles, calms the mind, relieves any tension, and drives away cervical pain. However, it is not suitable for all bathroom sizes, and you will need a good amount of space to install them. This kind of accessory hasn’t become very popular, so they are limited in design and facilities. They are mostly made out of stainless steel although some top-end models utilize brass material.

13. Toothbrush Holder

The toothbrush holder is a small bathroom accessory that occupies only a tiny area in the bathroom wall. They may be small, but they are highly functional as they offer proper storage places for toothbrushes and keeps them within a favorable reach. It also looks after your health as it protects the brush from getting contaminated by bacteria, dirt, and other things.

The toothbrush holder is a widely popular bathroom accessory that is available in different designs and sizes. Whether you are looking for something for your family or yourself, you will various type of models for your requirement. Starting from squeezer holder, suction holder, stainless steel stand to the electric holder, you won’t ever get disappointed if you are interested in unique designs. Some electric toothbrush holders offer wired or wireless charging option for the brush.

14. Soap dishes and liquid soap dispenser –

We can say that a bathroom without a soap dish is almost incomplete. It is generally a flat or curvy panel that comfortable one or two soap at a time. It serves as an inexpensive solution for keeping your soap in a proper place. Plastic and stainless steel dishes serve as the standard option in the market, but nowadays you will find a lot of unique designs. However, it is not as healthy as a liquid soap dispenser because it often gets contaminated by dirt and bacteria that generally resided in our dirty hands.

The liquid soap dispenser, on the other hand, is another crucial accessory that is rapidly getting popular in homes. It is a convenient and affordable option that offers you a clean washing facility. Many people prefer soap dispenser as it protects the soap from germs and other forms of contamination. The number of varieties and sizes associated with soap dispenser is quite extensive, and there are a lot of color options available in the market. They are made up of a varied type of materials, but metal and plastic is the most common type.

15. Shower enclosures and shower cabins

Shower enclosure and the cabin are an innovate and highly effective shower solution for the bathroom. It is often regarded as one of the top bathroom accessories as it benefits the house owner in many ways. Whether you have a small or large bathroom, it doesn’t matter, as you can easily fit an enclosure to create separate shower space. Installing an enclosure or a cabin not only provides you a separate space but also makes the bathroom more spacious.

Most importantly, it creates a safe space for you in the bathroom, which is important because everyone is always in a rush. A curtain and glass shower enclosure is the widely popular option when it comes to the shower enclosure. However, many prefer a glass cabin over curtains as they make the surrounding space wet and steamy.

Shower enclosures and shower cabins

Well, we have discussed all the best bathroom accessories. Now, let’s talk about the materials which make all these accessories finest in the lot.

Materials of the Bath Accessories


It is known everybody that almost steel is the most used material to make bath accessories. It acts as the essential material that is heavily used in the industry to create a bathroom accessory at an economical rate. It may not offer the same degree of corrosion resistance and durability as stainless steel, but it gets the job done. Nowadays, many manufacturers are masking them with coatings so that it can help the steel to enhance the corrosion resistivity.

Steel is mostly used in making budget bathroom accessories, and the manufacturer attaches two-years warranty coverage with all the steel products. Another disadvantage they offer is that they don’t have a wide variety of designs, and almost all the accessories come with the most basic designs.

Lacquered Steel

It is another form of steel that is often used in manufacturing bathroom accessories. Unlike stainless steel, they don’t come with the chrome finish so they need to be polished during installation. Moreover, it needs to be painted with oil-based paint and also coated so that it can offer resistance to corrosion. However, the degree of corrosion resistance it possesses is quite low, so due to this reason, it is not used as much as stainless steel. However, you will still get a 3-year warranty coverage with this material.

Lacquered steel is quite inexpensive but the extra cost it incurs for priming and painting notches up the cost of ownership by a large margin. Due to lack of popularity, it also doesn’t come with different varieties, and that is why the house owner resents from buying accessories made of lacquered steel.

Stainless Steel

Almost all the bathroom accessories available in the market have stainless steel as the common material. Stainless steel is the popular steel alloy form that is widely utilized in manufacturing all types of accessories of the bathroom. The main reason behind its popularity is because it is corrosion resistant and prevent the inner layer from chloride attack. Many manufacturers offer five-year warranty coverage with all their stainless steel bathroom accessories.

However, the corrosion-resistant capability and price of bathroom accessory vary according to the grade of stainless steel used for making them. Only a few manufacturers use top-grade stainless steel to manufacture accessories. In addition to corrosion, it also offers enormous durability, and it can last for many years, even after heavy usage. Despite having colossal durability, they don’t have the same durability period as premium brass bath accessories. Moreover, they are slightly costly than other materials, but due to the availability of various designs, they always stay in demand.

Stainless Steel 18/10

Stainless steel 18/10 is a premium steel alloy which is considered to be one of the most robust forms of steel alloys available in the market. This kind of steel form is mostly used in manufacturing designer and top-quality bathroom accessories. The corrosion resistivity it has on offer is quite immense, and you will hardly get any rust even after years of usage. You can’t question its durability, and due to enormous durability, it comes with warranty coverage of 10-years.

However, all premium things come with a hefty price tag, and most of the bathroom accessories made out of stainless steel 18/10 are quite expensive. A great thing about them is that they aren’t limited in choices, and you will find a lot of variety of style, form, and size.


Aluminum may not be a widely used bathroom accessory material, but it has a fair share of popularity in the market. It may seem like a premium material that is utilized for making bathroom accessories, but it is quite cheaper than stainless steel or 18/10. Even though they are not as robust as steel, but they offer the most excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation. To make things more useful, they weigh a lot lighter, thus making them easy to install.

Aluminum bathroom accessories come with a considerable variety of designs and shapes as they are quite straightforward to cut and mold. Although they come with five-year warranty coverage when it comes to durability, they fall short to stainless steel. The use of this material is quite prevalent in colder parts of the country as they offer excellent thermal conductivity.


Apart from stainless steel, brass is also considered as one most used materials that are utilized by companies to manufacture bathroom accessory. They are highly durable and robust, and it has been seen that brass accessories last for many years. They have a strong core that is why you would rarely find leakage in the body of the fixture. Like others, they also offer a lot of resistance to corrosion so you will hardly face any issue with this material.

Brass accessories also excel in the durability department, and it will last longer than you expected. This is the reason almost all the brass bathroom accessory manufacturers offer five years warranty coverage with all their items.

Now, it is time to move to the section where we will depict the name of those reputed manufacturers that offer the finest bathroom accessories in the market.

Brands of Bathroom Accessories

best bathroom and kitchen faucet brands review

  • Grohe.
  • Hansgrohe.
  • Delta.
  • Jaquar.
  • Kohler.
  • Roca.
  • Pfister.

Now, you have learned about various facts about all the best bathroom accessories but do you know how to choose the ideal one? Well, if you don’t, then you don’t have to worry as we have covered that part for you.

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How To Choose The Perfect Bathroom Accessory?

Here are some factor that you need to keep in your mind and they will help you to choose the perfect bathroom accessory;

  • Bathroom Layout – Before purchasing a bathroom accessory, always assess the bathroom layout and the available space for installation. You should be careful while analyzing the placement as the right accessory at the right place will elevate the aesthetics. Choose those accessories that will be functional and maximize your bathroom space rather than cluttering the area.
  • The decor of the Bathroom – You should buy accessories depending upon the decoration of the bathroom. Along with the decor, it is also essential to emphasize the color and design of other accessories present in the bathroom. The main task is to blend the new fixture with the decor of the shower.
  • Floor and Wall Finishing – It might not seem like an essential factor, but many designers suggest that you should emphasis on this factor. One need to choose accessories in such a way that it should complement the color and theme of the floor and wall.
  • Durability – Would you love to have a bathroom accessory that would die down within a few months? Not, so always look for a durable model that is made up of right quality materials like stainless steel, brass or stainless steel 18/10. However, you shouldn’t compromise on the design instead look for a model that is durable and also have the required design.
  • Additional Functionalities – This is another crucial factor that you should keep in mind while choosing a bathroom accessory. You should determine whether you want an ordinary accessory or something modern with a lot of functionalities.
  • Budget – It is probably the crucial factor that will determine the whole buying process. If budget is not an issue, then you should opt for the premium accessories as they are highly durable and functional. But if you have a budget constraint, then look for a budget model that offers decent durability and a moderate amount of functionality.

Best Places to Buy Bathroom Accessories

  1. Target
  2. Amazon
  3. Wallmart
  4. Snowe
  5. Macy’s
  6. Parachute Home
  7. Pottery Barn
  8. IKEA
  9. Hudson & Vine
  10. Wayfair

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