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Best Outdoor Faucet 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Getting hold of the best outdoor faucet is always a tough job for homeowners as not all faucets offer top-notch performance as well as robust build quality. You would obviously want to own a faucet that can treat you with a good water flow without getting affected by the number of usages and outdoor weather conditions. Well, you won’t have to invest your valuable time to search for those faucets because our team has found them for you. We have created a list of top-class outdoor faucet that will suffice all your outdoor requirements.

But, first, we want you to go through some factors that will significantly benefit you while selecting your ideal outdoor faucet. If you are in a hurry, you may go to the review section.

Here are the top 5 outdoor faucets:

Type of Outdoor Faucet

Outdoor faucet due to its name may seem to fall into a single dimension, but they come with a wide variety, thus allowing it caters to different outdoor needs. Let’s check them out;

  • Frost-Free – It is a common type of outdoor faucet/hose bibb that is widely used in colder areas and serves as the best alternative to spigots. They are equipped with a long metal tube that protects the valves and prevents freezing of water.
  • Spigot – Spigots is the widely used outdoor faucet types, and they are utilized for multiple purposes. They are mostly made out of steel and brass which assist them to last for years. Unlike others, they simple compression valves and they can be easily repaired if you find leakage.
  • Yard Hydrants – It is a unique outdoor faucet that is mostly used in large outdoor areas where water is used from outside sources. They are tall pipes that are fitted in the ground, and the water starts flowing when you pull the handle.
  • Ball Valve – Ball valve is a simple yet effective outdoor faucet that offers excellent water flow at an affordable price point. They come with tight-fitting valves, and the hole in these valves allow the flow of water.
  • Anti-Siphon – It is a non-popular outdoor tap that offers service in specific outdoor locations where the spout is connected to drinking water supply line. The valve of this type bars the water from getting contaminated and keeps the water clean.

How to Stop an Outdoor Faucet or Hose Bibb from Dripping?

Well, a dripping outdoor faucet or Hose Bibb is a big issue that needs to resolve quickly; otherwise, it will waste a large amount of water. However, the way to stop the dripping is simple, and you need some tools to accomplish it.

Things Required:

  • Multi-head screwdriver.
  • Adjustable wrench.
  • Adjustable pliers.
  • Lubricant
  • Washer assembly.
  • Flathead screwdriver.

Step 1- In the begging, you need to turn off the main water supply or in-line valve that supplies the water to the outdoor faucet or Hose Bibb.

Step 2- The retaining nut often get loose, and this gives rise to the dripping issue. So a simple tightening of the nut can solve the leakage. However, avoid tightening it too hard; otherwise, it will break.

Step 3- If tightening the nut doesn’t solve the problem, then you will have to dig deeper by removing the nut mostly located under the handle of the faucet. Remember if the nut gets frozen by corrosion, then use lubricant spray and pliers to unscrew it.

Step 4- Now, it is time to take out the valve or the stem of the outdoor faucet or Hose Bibb. You can use your finger or wrench to take out the valve from the tap. After you remove the valve from the house, you will also have to take out the washer which is mostly located at the inner end. It would be better to use a multi-head screwdriver to take it out.

Step 5- Separate the valve from the handle with the help of a screwdriver and then take out the nuts located inside. If possible, replace the old nut and washer with a new one because old assembly might again start leaking. However, if your faucet has a packing string, then we would suggest you to replace it with a new graphite string that is highly durable.

Step 6- Now reassemble everything and put it back into the faucet. Use a wrench to tighten them but don’t crank it hard. After assembling all the thing, turn on the water, and you won’t find any dripping.

Now, let’s dive into the part where we have thoroughly reviewed all the excellent faucet option for outdoor.

Top 7 Best Outdoor Faucets / Hose Bibbs Review 2020

1. Mueller B and K 103-054HN – A Perfect Hose Bibb

Mueller B and K 103-054HN are often stated as one of the best budget Hose Bibb that have been designed to serve the mass in the United States. It is a blend of modern outlook, and classic design and its vintage brass finish with plastic handle serves as the proof. The body finish is exceptionally resistant to harsh outdoor conditions; thus, it can retain its shine even after years.

The plastic handle has been designed in such a way that it offers a smooth quarter turn operation. With 125 psi maximum water pressure, it ensures that you can use it for any outdoor cleaning work.

3.1inch might be the overall size of Mueller B and K 103-054HN but it 3/4inch hose BIBB makes it suitable for all type of outdoor hoses. It serves as an investment because copper alloy brass construction ensures almost lifetime longevity. Mueller has also included chrome-plated brass ball that enhances the working as well as endurance of the faucet.

Unlike others, it comes IAPMO ANSI/NSF-61 approval which gives it an edge over other models. You will even find Teflon seats on the body of this faucet. The installation process is extremely straightforward, and you need a wash along with a wrench for mounting it.

2. Mueller Industries 103-003 1/2″ ST

Mueller Industries 103-003 is antique looking outdoor tap that can be defined as one of the cheapest outdoor faucets currently available in the market. It may come with a conventional tap outlook, but what makes it unique?

It’s antique brass body finish that gives it a vintage and outlook along with the capability to prevent rusting. It offers a single-handle water flow rate control which is extremely easy to operate. Even though it is only 2.4inch in size, but you shouldn’t underestimate due to its small size because it performs like a pro by offering good water pressure.

When it comes to durability, Mueller Industries 103-003 won’t dissatisfy you, and solid brass build quality serves as the proof. Moreover, it also gets NSF approval that indicates it has negligible to low lead in the build material. As it is designed to cater onerous water requirement, so it gets neoprene seal which steady pressure without any leakage.

You can comfortably plug it with varied type of hose pipes, and it is due to 3/4inch hose thread outlet along with 1/2inch hose BIBB. The best part of this faucet is that pipe thread is compliant with ANSI B1.20.1 which you would hardly find other models.

3. Woodford 101CP Wall Faucet – Best Outdoor Wall Faucet

Woodford 101CP is a one of a kind affordable outdoor faucet that has never failed to impress the buyers with its impeccable flow performance and rigid build quality. The whole body design is garnished with a bronze finish that gives it not only a robust outlook but also resistance to rough outdoor climate. This is one of the best outdoor faucets, we can say.

While doing outdoor chores, you will never feel a shortage of water pressure, and the credit goes to its 125 psi pressure along with a reasonable water flow rate. A good part of this faucet is that it can withstand up to 120-degree Fahrenheit.

Woodford 101CP is geared with anti-siphon protection and atmospheric vent that acts as a vacuum breaker to facilitate smooth water flow. With solid brass valve stem, red brass head casting, and die-cast aluminum wheel handle, it indicates that it is more concerned about the durability in harsh weather condition.

It gets the standard “O” size seat washer and an adjustable wall flange that makes it easy to use the faucet for outdoor purpose. Moreover, it gets a 3/4inch male hose thread nozzle and EPDM packing with adjustable nut, thus ensuring minimum leakage. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for continuous usage but can manage heavy loads.

4. RAINPAL RBS005 Brass Water Container – Another Very Good Hose Bibb

Rainpal RBS005 is a strategically designed fixture that has impressed many people with its design and performance. Even though it is an economic model, but you can find its name in the list of many best outdoor spigots in the market. All thanks to its universal design, it is compatible with most of the outdoor equipment, whether it is hose, barrel, or container.

The outer surface of this faucet carries a brass finish which gives it an archetypal outlook and also stains resistant capability. The proper amalgamation of the quarter-turn ball valve and aluminum alloy handle offers you a smooth operation despite the outdoor weather condition.

Rainpal RBS005 holds the capability to offer you a smooth water flow rate even in cold condition, and the credit goes to its freeze-resistant construction. With that being said, the solid metal construction and stainless steel handle screw also play a significant role in offering durability and anti-freezing capability. This is undoubtfully a very good outdoor faucet.

The manufacturer assures that it contains less than 0.25% lead so we can conclude that it is almost free from any harmful material. The installation process won’t be a headache, and it only needs 7/8inch diameter hole on the wall. However, you will have to install the nut from inside the barrel.

5. American Valve M71QT – Very Good Hose Bibb for garden tasks

American Valve M71QT is not your average outdoor wall faucets, rather a highly-rated product that has been designed to suffice all outdoor water requirement. Mated with a typical brass finish, the outer surface gives it a decent outlook and effective rust resistance. Moreover, it gets a full port design with a 3/4inch MIP inlet, thus ensuring uninterrupted water flow rate with high pressure.

The manufacturer has geared it with a quarter-turn ball valve handle so that you can smoothly operate it while you are working outside of your house. The handle is based on solid stainless steel so it won’t warp even after heavy daily usage.

You can consider American Valve M71QT as the best hose Bibb for garden tasks, and its extended garden hose threads are partly responsible for it. This fixture can live up to years without any issue because it based on solid brass and other high-quality materials. Even though it contains a negligible amount of lead material, but it is suitable for human water consumption.

It also bags a PTFE and o-ring seal so you can stay assured it won’t cause a dripping issue. The installation won’t be a problem because it gets a large pattern that can fit with any water supply line.

6. Woodford 19CP-12

If you are searching for a high-end outdoor faucet/hose bibb that will excel in performance, durability as well as facilities, then only Woodford 19CP-12 is eligible for that requirement. It is an industrial level faucet that is designed to serve heavy-duty outdoor water requirement. It comes with the typically powered brass finish and stainless steel seat that bars the need for wire draw.

Whether you need it for a massive or casual task, it won’t matter to it because it withstands up to 125 psi water pressure without hindering the high-water flow. It is engineered with full circle operating threads on retainer and valve body and 34/inch male hose nozzle so you can connect almost anything.

Operating Woodford 19CP-12 would be a piece of cake to you, and it is due to the die-cast powdered coated aluminum handle. Built with anti-siphon and non-rupture protection, it is intended full-year residential usage despite the outdoor temperature.

Moreover, it is based on premium brass with a pressure relief valve that not only offers colossal durability but also saves from bursting in freezing cold. The EPDM packaging and zero lead solder along with O size washer ensure zero leakage through its lifetime. Most importantly this least expensive outdoor faucet also sports an adjustable polycarbonate wall flange which is unusual in outdoor models.

7. Eastman 48627 Heavy Pattern Male No-Kink – Cheapest Hose Bibb

Eastman 48627 is a best-in-class outdoor faucet that will not only satisfy you in the pricing but also with its performance. It is one of the best budget outdoor faucets that carries a rugged outlook and resistive coating for preventing rusting.

A highlighting feature of this faucet is the sizeable green color handle that works perfectly in any outdoor temperature without facing blockage. The water flow rate it offers is awe-inspiring, and it can withstand up to high water pressure and high temperature. It even gets modern sealing so that there is no leakage during usage.

Eastman 48627 features a 3/4inch MIP connection that makes it compatible with any outdoor water supply line. Like every other top-end faucets, it also treats you with a robust forged brass build quality that makes sure it last for years.

This product is also CSA, and UPC certified that indicates it is free from lead. The front section is geared with multiple threads so coupling it with a different type of hoses won’t be a problem to you. However, apart from outdoor water supply usage, you shouldn’t use it as a drinking water source.


So if you are in a dire need for the finest outdoor faucet that will assist you in your outdoor work, then our list will surely help you out. We have covered outdoor faucets ranging from casual, heavy to irrigation level task so that our viewers won’t be restricted to specific types. We can assure you that none of them will disappoint you because our team thoroughly field-tests them. In addition to performance, none of them will ever let you down in durability too.

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