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Grohe Faucet Review – A Complete Review by the Expert

Grohe is a world-renowned brand that offers a large fleet of top of the class faucet range in the industry. Whether it is a kitchen or bathroom. They have well-engineered faucets for all effectively meeting all your needs.

Crafted with modern technologies, best-in-class materials, and exquisite craftsmanship, it serves as the primary choice for many homeowners. In addition to the beautiful design, they are also known for their durability, and that is why all the experts offer excellent views in their Grohe Faucet reviews.

Best 3 Grohe Bathroom & Kitchen Faucets

Name Type Author's Rating
GROHE 31479DC1 Concetto Kitchen Faucet
GROHE 23084000 Bathroom Faucet
Grohe 33759SD0 Zedra Widespread

History of Grohe

Grohe has a rich history in the industry as it was found back in 1936 by the famous Friedrich Grohe. It is a German sanitary fitting giant that employs around 6000 employees worldwide, and all of them are highly skilled in their field. This leading faucet brand first made its entry back in 1975, and since then the demand for their innovative products has never gone down.

To meet the increasing demand for their products, they built a 90000sq ft custom facility so that they can manufacture a large number of products without any compromise.

Grohe has always made a massive profit from all the markets, and in 2017, they accounted for revenue of 965million Euros in the first nine months. Throughout the company’s timeline, they have acquired numerous pioneer companies like DAL, Eichelberg, CARL NESTLER, etc. to strengthen their market dominance.

Even though it is an independent company but it falls under the wings of LIXIL Group Corporation. According to reports, they have won 240 different awards since 2010, and the counting is still going on. They are even listed in “Change the World” ranking as one of 50 international organizations that have left a positive effect on society.

How Good Are Grohe Kitchen Faucets?

The brand Grohe is the top manufacturer of sanitary fittings in the world, and they are always known for delivering innovative products with top-notch styling. When the question arises about their product quality, the numerous positive review of Grohe faucets from both consumers and expert depicts that they have hardly disappointed anyone.

This organization follows a strict policy for quality, and all the manufactured products must meet specific standards before heading out in the market. They are widely known for their wide range of products that start with performance collection and goes all the way up to premium lifestyle collection.

Not every manufacturer can be perfect, and Grohe is no exception, and you will find some negative Grohe bathroom faucets review in various sites. However, the number of top faucets from Grohe is quiet compared to its competitors. Another good thing is that there are products at every price range and you will find budget faucets from Grohe under $300.

Grohe Faucets Reviews

According to statistics from various e-commerce sites, most of the budget products come with an average rating above 4.5 out of 5. However, their premium range products carry a slightly moderate rating of 3.7 out of 5. Although there are many negative reviews that have originated due to false expectations or wrong choices.

Grohe takes a lot of pride in the durability of their products and finishes work on them. If you go through most of the reviews on the Grohe products, you will know that most of their faucets last for a long time without losing their body finish.

Although their models don’t come with a vast number of functions whatever they offer makes the fitting most functional item in the space. However, it would be a smart move to check user reviews in e-commerce sites before purchasing a particular Grohe product.

Technology Used in Grohe Faucets

When it comes to technology Grohe outclasses almost all its competitors as it incorporates cutting edge technologies with best-in-class craftsmanship in all their products. You will find the title “Master of Technology” associated with Grohe, and it is given by its competitors in the market. They have utilizing top-notch technologies for quite a sometime, and most of them were ahead of their time. Check out some of its prolific technologies that they have used in their faucet range;

  • Grohe Digital – It is an intuitive technology that is designed to make everything straightforward in the bathroom. It allows you to control the temperature, flow rate, and duration of the shower.
  • Grohe EcoJoy – EcoJoy is an eco-friendly fitting whose main task is to provide you ideal water experience and also save water as well as energy at the same time.
  • Grohe SilkMove – It is a highly functional technology which is dedicated to providing you the best bath experience by giving you price control of temperature and water. It is a premium technology that is only available in top faucets from Grohe mixers.
  • Grohe Starlight – After years of research, Grohe has a brought a unique technology called Starlight that gives all the faucets a long-lasting surface. It has a robust scratch-resistant coating that will hold its new look for many years without maintenance.
  • Grohe TurboStat – It is a revolutionary technology that is geared with thermostat, and it offers water at your desired temperature within a few seconds during your shower.
  • Grohe Whisper – Grohe is known for its unique technologies, and Whisper is one of them that delivers a water flow almost without any noise. When the water flows from cistern to bowl or sink, you won’t hear any sound of the water flow.

What Types of Kitchen Faucets Are Available from Grohe?

The number of types of kitchen faucets available from Grohe is quite high, and you will find every type pertaining to individual kitchen requirements. In addition to faucets, the German giant also offers different accessories with their fittings so that you can have fun in the kitchen. When you go out to buy Grohe kitchen faucets, you will find three categories of their type;

  • Single handle gooseneck kitchen faucet.
  • Single handle traditional kitchen faucet.
  • Commercial kitchen faucet (check our review here).

Under these categories, you will find numerous types with different functionality and price range. The types they offer include;

  • Pullout spray faucet.
  • Pre-rinse faucet.
  • Pull-down high-arch faucet (Read our review and recommended list here).
  • Side-spray faucet.
  • Polt filters.
  • Bar faucet.
  • Touch activation faucet.
  • Wall-mounted faucet.

All these types come with a varied variety of designs, functionalities, flow rate, and modern technologies. The traditional models mostly come with pull-out designs while the professional series come with high arcs and flexible hosing design. Most of these types also offer various kind of features like 360-degree, flow control, backflow protector, quick installation, etc.

Warranty on A Grohe Kitchen Faucet

Almost all the Grohe and bathroom faucets come with limited lifetime warranty coverage, but this is applicable for models that are manufactured after 1997. They also guarantee that all the parts and body finish will stay almost immaculate for a long time. However, you will be entitled to get free repair or replacement of any part that may appear defective.

Check official statements here: https://www.grohe.us/en_us/our-service/warranty/

Grohe Warranty

Not only parts but the warranty coverage also include finishing, which you would hardly find in other organizations. But this coverage is only applicable when you purchase from an authorized seller. According to the German maker if you are buying from the non-authorized seller, then Grohe won’t be responsible for the quality, finish, functionality and also the warranty.

You won’t get a lifetime warranty with the electronic parts in Grohe faucets; instead, you will be entitled to five years defect-free guarantee with the models. The professional kitchen faucets get a ten-year warranty with free service and installation.

They are well-known to take care of their customer’s interests, and that is why they offer expedited warranty claim service on their website. As a customer, you will just have to provide the contact details, date of purchase & installation, model number, purchase invoice, and details of the problem. Within two to three weeks, the manufacturer will take care of the issue without charging you anything.

Prices of Grohe Faucets

The price range of Grohe faucets comes in a wide range, and it mostly starts around somewhere near $50. You will find even find faucets costing around $500 that is utilized chiefly for new installation purposes. Although there are models that cost around $10000 and these models mostly fall in premium designer series with a lot of modern facilities.

Although the prices vary during the sale and offer time, but you won’t find any drastic change. Some e-commerce sites often provide good deals on Grohe faucet, but you should check whether the seller is authorized or not.

Apart from e-commerce sites, Grohe faucets are widely sold in retail stores, and you will find good deals while purchasing. As authorized retail sellers get a good discount after purchasing a bulk amount of faucets, so they are able to sell models at a decent discount.

If you look for the best Grohe faucets, you will find them in every price range so we can say that they manufacture valves for everyone. However, you should fall in the trap of non-authorized sellers who mostly sells fake Grohe products at an unbelievable price to lure customers.

So we can conclude that Grohe is one of the most fabulous faucet brands that every user consider while purchasing faucet for their kitchen, bathroom, or commercial space. They are one of those few manufacturers who emphasis more on functionality, build quality, convenience, and technologies rather than putting a lot of effort on jewelry design. They even try to maintain an affordable price tag so that everyone can own them.

Grohe maintains a strict quality assurance so you can stay assured that they won’t wear down easily even after daily usage. Many customers consider Grohe faucets as a lifetime investment because many customers have stated that they have been using them for many years. Although the faucets aren’t that cheap as other products they are entirely valued for money.

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