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California Faucets Review – History, Awards, Warranty, Technologies and Prices

Are you in for a bit of customization of your kitchen, including your faucets? California faucets give you exactly that and more. Compromise no more on the style and the design, and customize your kitchen faucets the way you like. According to California faucet reviews, you get to choose some exclusive designs here, without compromising on the quality and break free from the cliché faucet designs these days!

Official Website: https://www.calfaucets.com

California Faucets Review

History of California Faucets

California faucets date back to 1988 when the company began its plumbing fixtures range with their sinks, made from imported materials. Soon the company expanded into tubs, bathroom faucets, kitchen fixtures and more. The company primarily has been known for its lavatory fixtures range, but its addition of five styles of kitchen faucets proved to be a boon in the market.

The company is known for its innovative designs in brass where the emphasis is not only on the exterior but involves the use of some high tech features to make your work in the kitchen easy and simple. In addition to the already available design range, the company allows for customized designs too.

How Good Are California Kitchen Faucets?

California kitchen faucets can be found on several online platforms and retailers. The market availability of these faucets is wide making them easily accessible to a wide customer range globally.

Upon our analysis of top kitchen faucets from California, we came across surprisingly huge positive feedback from the customers. Generally, customers were satisfied with the quality and the durability of these faucets. The design range is especially something the customers praised in their reviews regarding top faucets from California. Upon our analysis, we came up with a 9 out 10 score for the brand owing to its reliability and design customization.

There were very few sites that contained some negative feedback regarding the faucets. The major complaint was regarding the warranty issues and how it covered for the damage and the service provided by the company upon a complaint. The customers had reservations on the services provided by the company upon purchase.

However, the popular view was that the kitchen faucets by the company were sturdy pieces coming with the design so unique and spectacular that it was hardly found in other top brands in the market. The faucets came in some finishes, chrome, nickel, brass you name it they have it.

The technology used in California faucets

In addition to the design range offered by California faucets, their faucets are also laden with some nifty tech features. You will find most of them coming with sensors that make it easy for you to operate them. Their durability is another feature worth mentioning. All of their fixtures including the bathroom faucet by California are known for their robustness.

Being made from steel and brass and having vapor deposition, ensures that the faucets live long and are durable even over the span of years. So you just might install the faucet and completely forget about it for some time. Even their designs are so timeless, that they would not grow old over the period of years.

The faucets are efficient too; you will see them available in different finishes to match your kitchen scheme.

What Types of Kitchen Faucets Are Available from California?

The exclusive design range by California gives you a wide range of faucets to choose from. Primarily, you will find the faucets falling under 5 categories which are uniquely named by the company due to the specific design each faucet has. These are namely, Davoli, Poetto, Corsano, Rosolina, and Culinary. While these names might confuse you, you can find them on the company’s site with their description, with each of them falling under the following options:

If you do not find your favorite design in these categories, you can always ask for a customized design to be made for you by the company.

Warranty on a California Kitchen Faucet

The warranty on California faucets is only applicable to you if you happen to be the original purchaser. Having said that, you need to purchase these faucets either from their online stores or from retailers which are authorized to avail the warranty. Plus you will have to show the manufacturer or the dealer with the proof of your purchase to avail any warranty on the faucets you buy.

The mechanical parts in your faucets are covered under a limited lifetime warranty by the Company. Although upon installation, the parts are claimed to be free from defects at the time of purchase, yet if any fault does appear it can be claimed. However, the warranty does not cover the damage done to these parts due to wear and tear over the years.

The cartridges of the faucets are guaranteed under a limited lifetime warranty too. But this is only true for the ceramic cartridges, any other cartridge that is not ceramic is covered for 3 years from the date of purchase.

The finish on these faucets is also covered by the company. A lifetime warranty is given on polished chrome and satin nickel finishes. Whereas, the powder coat finish is warranted for 10 years. And the living finishes which tend to degrade over time, are not warranted at all.

Prices of CaliforniaFaucets

You can find budget faucets from California too, that fall under the range of $100 to $200. However, most of their faucets tend to pricy, starting from $300 and going up to $800.

If you are up for spending in the luxury, you might as well opt for these faucets, however, we do not recommend these faucets if it’s simply for a renovation or a scheme change in your kitchen.

The expensive price tag is primarily due to the unique designs these faucets carry in addition to the vapor deposition technology, so even if you spend a lot in a single go, you are assured to be at peace for years.


If you want to spend on the durability, California kitchen faucet is one of the top choices. However, you can find many other brands in the market that tend to offer better features in the same price range in addition to durability.


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