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Phylrich Faucets Review – Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking for some modern faucets built in the USA, Phylrich faucets can be in your list. They have some cool and finely hand-crafted bathroom and kitchen faucets. Today we will review Phylrich faucet. I mean how good their faucets are, prices, etc. Let’s get started.

Some of the best Phylrich Faucets:

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Phylrich Faucet Reviews

History of Phylrich

Dating back to 1959, Phylrich started under the name of Phylrich International. The company’s headquarter were located in Burbank, California. In 2005, Elkay Manufacturing took over the company. Elkay’s specialty was manufacturing stainless steel sinks. Despite having its faucet brand, it wasn’t able to promote the Phylrich faucets in its listing of plumbing products.

However, the turn over took place in 2012 when Phylrich was sold to Escalette LLC. Known for its impeccable brass gears and accessories, Escalette promoted the Phylrich faucets with a vision to carry on the Phylrich tradition of providing top-notch plumbing products at home.

How good are Phylrich Kitchen Faucets?

Known for their great artistic designs, these faucets are traditionally little fittings with hand-carved finishes. You will often see them decorated with different gemstones; however, recently this theme has been toned down a bit to look more like the modern-day faucets.

The Phylrich brand has good availability in the retail industry. You can come across these faucets on several renowned online stores and outlets. After going through several reviews on Phylrich faucets we found on various sites we concluded that Phylrich faucets have an average ranking of 7 out of 10.

Many customers opted for them when preparing a luxury suite as these faucets don’t fall under a common usage category; whether it’s the style or the price we are talking about.

Some websites collected some verifiable complaint data regarding Phylrich bathroom faucets. The majority of the customers complained regarding the fittings not going with the standard size measurements.

Additionally, some customers were not satisfied with the customer service provided by the company. The company’s warranty policy does not cover the products supplied by unauthorized dealers.

The technology used in Phylrich Faucets

Phylrich does not let its customers down by compromising on the luxury component of their faucets. Their faucets apart from their intricate designs use the top-notch available cartridges and valves which was evident when we went through some kitchen faucet of Phylrich.

Their faucets are either two handle or single handle with the further distinction of being single-hole or a bar faucet. The valves used in their two-handle faucets come in complete brass covering. These disk cartridges are from Anton Traenkle, one of the best in the business.

For single-handle faucets, the cartridges used are slightly different. These cartridges are synthesized by Studio TecnicoSviluppo e Ricerche, a renowned ceramics company in Italy.

What Types of Kitchen Faucets Are Available from Phylrich

Talking about the product range offered by Phylrich, its faucet category for the kitchen is broadly divided into two major subcategories, bathroom and kitchen faucet. Most of the fittings in the kitchen faucet range are powder-coated and have exquisite designs. However, the kitchen faucet range is limited as compared to the bathroom faucet range by Phylrich.

In total, there are about twenty-five finishes available. The finishes fall under two groups:

  • Group 1 with basic finishes
  • Group 2 with special finishes.

As the name suggests, the special finishes come with extra added cost.

Warranty on a Phylrich Kitchen Faucet

Phylrich offers a limited lifetime warranty. The lifetime warranty only covers the ceramic cartridges and the chrome finishes. Apart from this, the mechanical parts (all the moving parts) of the Phylrich faucets are assured for ten years. This guarantee is also applicable to the powder-coated finishes by the Company.

Additionally, the finishes that are prone to damage over time by their nature owing to stains, mar, scratch, fade and discolor are not covered by any guarantee. This category falls under the living finishes and no company guarantees the living finishes so it’s completely acceptable. Therefore, to prevent your finishes from getting stained or marred, try not to choose faucets with the living finish.

The term lifetime is described by Phylrich as the time the buyer remains the owner of the house in which the fittings are fitted. This means that the faucets fall under the lifetime guarantee category as long as they are installed in the house, retained by the buyer. They will remain under the lifetime guarantee even if the buyer shifts to a new place and installs the same faucets from the previous house.

Check the official page: https://phylrich.com/pages/limited-warranty

Prices of Phylrich Faucets

Phylrich faucets are widely available in the market. You can either get them from their main stores or shop for them from any authorized retailer. You can also order the faucets at the online platforms, which usually tends to benefit the customer, owing to their amazing discounts.

Different platforms will offer different prices for the carrying model of the Phylrich faucets. But as mentioned earlier, it is best to buy them from online platforms to avail maximum discounts on your purchases.

The kitchen faucets by the Company fall under the range of $400 to $600. Whereas, the bathroom faucet sets will cost you more and their price starts at $1000.


If you are looking for some luxury design faucets for your kitchen or bathroom and are willing to pay some extra bucks, then Phylrich faucet is a must-try. Being reliable, lead-free and certified safe and most importantly hand-carved to perfection, they will add to the aesthetics of your kitchen or bathroom.

Primarily known for its unique faucet designs, the company also manufactures showers and other bath accessories to complement its faucets.

Despite their strict sale policy, their lifetime warranty is something to look forward too. But in any case, do remember not to go for living finish if you are not a fan of the faded or marred finish. So, to get the best Phylrich faucet for yourself, we hope our reviews help you a bit.

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