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Best Luxury Kitchen Faucet Reviews 2020 with Buying Guides

Remodeling your old kitchen to give it a modern and posh outlook can be a hard task as you need to get the appropriate faucet to complement the decor. A faucet can make or break the decor of your kitchen, so it is always crucial to get the best Luxury kitchen faucet. But given the plethora of choices, it would time consuming for you to find the ideal. That’s why our team has created a list of best luxurious (modern) kitchen faucets that we hope will guide you to your favorite one.

Top 5 Best Luxury Kitchen Faucets:

Well, diving into the review part of all the top-quality Luxury faucets for the kitchen, let’s go through some crucial facts that will be helpful during selection.

Well, now we want you to go through reviews of the best luxury kitchen faucets for your modern kitchen that we have selected for you.

Top 6 Best Luxury Kitchen Faucets Review

1. Moen S72101NL Weymouth – Impressive Design

Moen Weymouth S72101NL can be introduced as a state of modern earth faucet that can comfortably blend with any posh kitchen decor. The traditional outlook with European structure and eccentric detailing make it a unique and luxury kitchen faucet. It carries many signature styling elements that can make everyone to get flabbergasted by its look.
Another factor that helps it to compliment an exotic kitchen decor ideally is its nickel body finish.

Moreover, it comes matted with LifeShine body finish which ensures you that the body won’t get tarnished or face rust issue. Moen takes pride in the build quality of this product as it has utilized premium materials in construction.

Weymouth S72101NL comes with a 10inch high-arch spout that allows you not only obstruction-free movement but also an ample amount of space for cleaning large items. Cleaning dishes or vegetables is totally breeze, and the credit goes to its smooth aerated stream.

Moreover, you will also get assistance from its 360-degree rotating spout, which makes the cleaning process totally fun. You will even get side spray with this faucet that comes very useful when you have a massive load during cleaning. Despite so many functionalities, it saves a lot of water by limiting the water to 1.5 gallons per minute at 60PSI.

When it comes to installation, Weymouth S72101NL treats you with the Duralock Quick Connect system that makes the installation entirely straightforward. It gets standard design mount so installing on sink or countertop won’t be a problem. Another example of its installation flexibility is the availability of one hole and two-hole installation.

Its single handle manually controls this modern faucet, and you can even utilize this 100-degree handle to control the temperature. Once you buy this faucet, you want to think about repairing charges because Moen offers a lifetime limited warranty for this product. This one is one of the best modern faucets for your kitchen for sure!


  • Sophisticated outlook with exceptional detailing.
  • LifeShines works effectively.
  • Complies with ADA.
  • Easy installation.
  • It incurs a low water bill.


  • The lever is not user-friendly.

2. Rohl A1458LMWSAPC-2 – Another Good Design Luxary Kitchen Faucet

If you are looking for something exotic that would transform the whole aesthetic of the kitchen, then Rohl A1458LMWSAPC-2 should be your choice. Even though it is not an affordable luxury kitchen faucet, but once you look at its design, you will forget about the price tag.

The curvy design of the faucet that is inspired by Italy’s lake district can make this faucet a showstopper in any sophisticated kitchen. The exquisite detailing on the body and polished chrome finish has the ability to notch up the elegance of the kitchen by a large margin.

Rohl A1458LMWSAPC-2 sports a 9-27/32inch high-column spout that indicates not only ample cleaning place but also an option for large cookware. The compact height makes it extremely suitable for installation on a double sink and even in sinks that have a cupboard above it.

It will assist you in accomplishing the cleaning process quite effectively as it gets a constant flow of 1.5gallons of aerated stream per minute. Not only that, but it also gets a separate sprayer with a long hose that makes the cleaning much more comfortable in the kitchen. It even comes with a swivel option that makes things easier for you when you lot of items on the sink.

Rohl A1458LMWSAPC-2 is a fabulous luxury kitchen faucet. Once you buy Rohl A1458LMWSAPC-2, you won’t ever have to think about a replacement as it built with high-quality brass material. With ceramic disc cartridge built, it indicates dripping won’t be a problem even after years of usage. It comes with two metal handles that allow you to comfortably operate the water temperature and water flow.

It can’t be installed in ordinary sinks as it requires four holes with a spacing of eight inches for installation. A good thing about this modern faucet is that you won’t have to buy mounting hardware separately because you will get them in the package.


  • Beautiful body design and lustrous finish.
  • Robust brass construction.
  • It offers ample space for cleaning.
  • Mounting hardware is available in the package.


  • It requires daily maintenance.
  • The sprayer button is hard.

3. KOHLER K-99259-2BZ – Top Luxury Kitchen Faucet under $500

Adorned with a European flair, Kohler K-99259-2BZ serves as one of the finest beautiful modern faucets for your home. It comes from Kohler’s prestigious Artifacts collection that is known for its detailing and curvy designs.

However, the attractive part of this faucet is the blend of vintage design with an oil-rubbed bronze finish that makes it an ideal addition to any modern kitchen. Despite being a 17-5/8inch high-arch faucet, it comfortably fits under any cupboard and offers you vast movement space during cleaning.

Kohler K-99259-2BZ is designed to make your life more comfortable in the kitchen and credit goes to a three-function pull-down spray head that offers sweep, BerrySoft, and aerated spray. The sweep spray delivers high-pressure water flow which is useful during rush-hour while the BerrySoft creates a soft spray that comes handy in cleaning vegetables.

Aerated spray, on the other hand, serves well for filling pots and other regular purposes. Enjoy maximum maneuverability while cleaning a lot of items, and it is due to its braided hose that sports ProMotion technology and swivel ball joint. With DockNetik magnetic docking system, you won’t have every worry about dropping the spray head because the magnet will securely dock the head into its original place.

Kohler K-99259-2BZ is one of the greatest luxury kitchen faucets that offer a 1.5 gallon per minute maximum flow rate so you can save the right amount of water. Geared with MasterClean spray face feature, you won’t ever face mineral buildup, and you can clean them if you find any.

It comes with a single handle that controls not only the flow of water but also the temperature. It is a time tasted faucet that can last for a long time due to durable construction and premium ceramic disc valve. It requires a single hole installation so you can expect it complete within a few minutes or an hour.


  • Highly functional spray-head.
  • The DockNetik keeps the head intact.
  • It blends with any luxury kitchen decor.
  • You can easily cover almost all the part of the sink.
  • Least amount of mineral buildup.


  • The handle comes with plastic construction.

4. ROHL A1461XMWSPN-2 – Another Luxary itchen Faucet

Planning to garnish your kitchen decor with Italian touch? Then there is nothing better than Rohl A1461XMWSPN-2, which is truly an Italian masterpiece. With a classic design and polished nickel body finish, it serves as one of the most demanded products in the Country Kitchen Collection of Rohl.

It sports a streamlined design with clean lines and minute detailing that has allowed it to gain a position in many top luxurious kitchen faucets of the year lists. Not only the faucet, the side sprayer also sports the same design qualities

Like other top Rohl luxury kitchen faucets, A1461XMWSPN-2 also comes with a 9-3/8 inch high arch spout and 8inch reach that giving you plenty of room to accomplish your washing tasks. To ease up the washing task, it also treats you with swivel spout so that you can get maximum reach.

Geared with 1.5 gallons per minute flow rate and aerated stream, it also allows you to wash dishes, clean vegetables, and fill pots comfortably. While cleaning different items in the sink, you can also take assistance from side spray, which saves a lot of time.

You will neither have to worry about Rohl A1461XMWSPN-2’s build quality nor the body finish. It is built with premium brass material and painted with a premier finishing that prevents any staining and corrosion issue. It also gets a ceramic disc cartridge that assures you that you won’t get dripping problem even after years of usage.

The operation is quite simple with its cross-style dual handle, which is easy to control and use. The installation is pretty straightforward and quick, but it needs four holes with 8inch spacing in the sink. This product is also lead-free and certified ADA, thus ensuring it is totally free from harmful chemicals.


  • Simple body line with a classic design.
  • It doesn’t face any rust or corrosion.
  • It is totally free from lead.
  • It offers a lot of room for cleaning.


  • It lacks high deck thickness.

5. Waterstone 5600-2-SN Annapolis – An Expensive Edition to Your Kitchen

When you talk about the most exquisite luxurious kitchen faucets, one model that you will find in every expert’s recommendation list is Waterstone 5600-2-SN Annapolis. It is one of the most expensive luxury kitchen faucets in the market that can comfortably blow any other faucets out of the water with its design, build quality and features.

It has a sight to behold because it comes with a mindboggling design and details that are all crafted by hand in America. With its traditional high-arch c-spout structure and satin nickel finish, it oozes an old world spark that helps it to blend with any luxurious kitchen decor comfortably.

In addition to Waterstone 5600-2-SN’s best-in-class design, it also treats you with some of the tops of the line features and functionalities. It gets a meticulously designed pull-out spray with lever select that allows you to switch between powerful stream and aerated stream while you are doing your cleaning chores.

Moreover, it is geared with pre-positioned easy-pull counterbalanced weight so you can easily clean and wash items in any part of the sink without facing any discomfort. Once you put the pull-out spray back to its original position, you have to use its PLP positive lock that holds the spray head in the proper place.

Waterstone 5600-2-SN also offers a soap/lotion dispenser which comes really handy during a busy hour of the kitchen. It only gets one handle which is adjusted to 22.5-degree so that you won’t face backsplash while you turn the handle for water flow. This faucet is designed to make your life easier in the kitchen, and its 360-degree swivel spout with 1.75GPM water-flow serves as the proof.

To keep the constant water-flow, Waterstone has also loaded its air gap and air switch. One thing for sure, you won’t ever question its sturdiness because it boasts high-end materials, top-notch ceramic valve, and braided hose.


  • Beautiful and classy design.
  • It is totally handmade.
  • Highly functional sprayer with PLP lock.
  • Exceptional build quality with resistance coating.
  • Pull-out spray with two water stream option.


  • It is quite heavy and requires a minimum of two people for installation.

6. Brizo 62536LF-RB Tresa – Impressive Luxury Kitchen Faucet

Brizo 62536LF-RB Tresa is a widely popular faucet that has made way into numerous modern kitchens in the United States. The demand for this product has gone never down, and it is mainly due to its shimmering body design that resembles the famous fountains of Europe.

Moreover, it is adorned with Venetian bronze finish, and fine detailing that makes an ideal choice for people looking for budget-friendly luxurious kitchen faucets. The whole body is crafted with straight edges and curvy lines which perfectly blend with any exotic and modern decor.

You will enjoy uninterrupted movement while cleaning and it is facilitated by the 10-21/32 inch height along with 9-27/32inch spout reach. Brizo 62536LF-RB Tresa comes with a simple aerated stream that is suitable for all cleaning purposes.

It also delivers a 1.8 gallons per minute flow rate which is quite sufficient for any kitchen. Switching between hot and cold water will be an easy task for you because it is fitted with a dual handle system with 1/4 turn radius. During cleaning, you will also get assistance from its side sprayer that needs a single tap to deliver a gush of water.

Brizo 62536LF-RB Tresa is based on solid brass construction with one-piece cast brass waterway that assures you lifelong durability. We can say it is free from the dripping problem because it gets a ceramic disc valve. When it comes to installation, it requires three holes on the sink with a decent spacing so you should measure the placement before buying.

It can accommodate up to 3inches of deck thickness so you won't find any problem during installation. Lastly, it is free from lead and other harmful materials; thus, it comes with ADA certification.

How The Appearance, Handles, And Color Affects The Style of Luxury Kitchen Faucets?

Best Luxury Kitchen Faucets Reviews

Well, we all know that the appearance, handles, and color of the kitchen faucets largely affect the kitchen decor. More than functionality, a homeowner always checks whether the design of kitchen faucet is complementing the outlook of the kitchen or not. The appearance is really important, and you won't love to install a kitchen faucet that would look out of place in the kitchen. The appearance generally indicates the design of the fixture, and if you install a wrong one, it can hinder the whole outlook. For example, a basic looking faucet won't ever fit in a luxuriously designed kitchen.

Likewise, the handle of the faucet also plays a crucial role in maintaining the outlook of the kitchen. Suppose if you are planning to create a minimalist perspective, then you surely can't expect to install a two-lever faucet or something more significant.

A single lever system with a streamed line design will be ideal for the appearance. However, if you are creating a sophisticated kitchen, then a hands-free or handle free faucet will blend better than a single or double handle. Homeowners often ignore this fact, but if you don't consider the handle of the faucet, then it can be a real problem.

Along with appearance and handle, the color of the kitchen faucet is an essential aspect that dictates the surrounding of the kitchen. Maintaining a color match with the sink or the kitchen theme is really important; otherwise, it will defeat the whole purpose.

You can't definitely add a black or bronze oil rubbed color luxury faucet in white themed kitchen decor. A stainless steel color finish serves as an independent color that goes well with most of the style of the kitchen. However, if you are maintaining a specific color theme in the kitchen, then always look for a faucet that has the same or almost similar color finish.

Should You Invest in Luxurious Kitchen Faucets?

If you are building a modern or luxurious kitchen, then you should definitely invest in luxurious kitchen faucets. Even if you are remodeling your kitchen, then we would suggest you save money for luxurious kitchen faucets because they will go a long way.

These types of faucets are like lifetime investments, and they will stay by your sides for decades without losing its outlook and performance. A luxurious faucet not only offers you eye-popping design and tons of features, but it also treats you with numerous functionalities that make the kitchen a highly functional space. Most importantly, it greets you with robust durability and lasting body finish which you won't find in ordinary faucets.


A luxury kitchen is totally incomplete without a luxury faucet, and you can't add an ordinary model to do the task. You need the best luxury kitchen faucet like Moen Weymouth S72101NL that will not only notch up the aesthetic of the kitchen but also make it a highly-functional space.

Our team has created a list of top luxury kitchen faucet that we think will cater to the requirement of most of our viewers. All the products have been added after thorough research and examination, so you can stay assured that you won't get any inferior products for your modern kitchen.

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