Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucet 2018 – Guidelines and Reviews

I know you’re facing hard times with washing dishes, pots and other utensils with a faucet that’s fixed in its place. Well, you can’t actually have a portable faucet of course, but what if it’s replaced by something where the spray head can be moved as per your wish?

These magnificent faucets are called pull down kitchen faucets. And in today’s article, we’re on a mission to find you the best pull down kitchen faucet within your budget.

Let’s do some basic homework before we continue to the pull down kitchen faucets review-

What Is a Pull Down Kitchen Faucet?

To be straightforward, a pull down faucet is one that has a long and high spout, equipped with a spray head that moves in one or many directions.

On an additional note, one close variation of pull down faucets are the pull-out faucets. Let me make the differences clear before you get confused.

As mentioned moments ago, a pull down kitchen faucet is something that has a tall spout and a short spray hose. This is something you’ll need if you’re quite limited with the space overhead in the kitchen.

On the other hand, pull out faucets have shorter spouts and quite longer hose. The benefit is, you can move the hose in many directions if you want.

As long as you’re looking for a faucet to fit in the typical urban kitchen, we prefer to go for a pull-down one. And I guess, you already know that, right?

Best 5 Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Reviews

1. American Standard 4175.300.002 Colony Soft Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Review

American Standard 4175.300.002 Colony Soft Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

What We Liked Most About This Product

Since the very beginning of this research, we were pretty excited about how a low-price product like American Standard 4175.300.002 can be such a blend of awesome features. Apparently, many of the user’s reaction matched with us.

However, the thing that we liked most about this kitchen faucets is its combination of highly promising performance and an adjustability to literally any sort of kitchen type.

Let’s explore more of its amazing features-

Features and Benefits

What made many of its competitors jealous is it’s strong, sturdy and yet, appealing design. Being made of brass that’s naturally resistant to corrosion, it has got a shiny finish as well. Because of such combination, you’ll get a bi-layer protection from any kind of threats that reach to it.

Next, after the design, we’d like to bring the limelight on its price. Under such a price range, the level of structure, design, protection, and performance that it gives in, is unbelievable. That’s maybe the sole reason for this faucet showing up in more and more kitchens in the world.

As we’re talking about the pull down faucets here, let’s talk about how pull-able it actually is. To control the waterflow, there is a metal lever handle on the spout. The spray that comes down, can be adjusted based on spraying patterns. Also, the waterflow can be paused anytime you want.

For us, it’s one of the lucrative offers within budget, what do you think?

Things We Like
  • A swiveling spout made of protective brass
  • 372 mm spout height with a clearance provided.
  • Adjustable spraying pattern with pause feature
  • Escutcheon is with the package for easy installation.
  • Soft and swift metal lever as a handle
  • Memory positioned valving can get any temperature you want
Things We Didn't Like
  • Misses a magnetic dock to keep the spray head in place.

2. Kohler K-560-2BZ Bellera Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Review

Kohler K-560-2BZ Bellera Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

What We Liked Most About This Product

The second pick of our list ticks pretty much all of the boxes of performance, structure, and durability. So, it was hard to pick what’s the best thing happening to Kohler K-560-2BZ Bellera Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet.

But, after hearing from a number of verified users, we came to decision that- this product from Kohler, has its versatility in water flow. With a variation in the pattern of water flow, it also offers a pause function. As the arc of the spout is big enough, you can meet almost every necessity regarding a kitchen faucet.

However, let’s unbox more of its features below-

Features and Benefits

The faucet is made of high-quality bronze and that’s fine because most of our picks are same in that sense. But I would like to show you the ball joint configuration of Kohler K-560-2BZ Bellera Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet. Because of such joint type, rinsing your sink would be way easier than how you do it now.

On an additional note, the 26 inches reach that it has got from the base to spout, is large enough to wash even the biggest of pots. Also, being a pull-down faucet, it allows you change the direction of the spray head and wash them even from your countertop.

To keep the spout head fixed on its position, Kohler K-560-2BZ has got a magnetic docking system. No matter how long you use it, it will draw back the spout to its place, instantly.

Many of us homemakers are worried about the mineral build ups inside such metal faucets. You’d be happy to know that the manufacturer Kohler has included a MasterClean spray face in it. Resultantly, it will prevent such buildups in it, for years and years.

As a bottom line, I would like to recommend this product to you. And once you get it in work, I think you’ll be glad that I did.

Things We Like
  • The spout can rotate 360 degrees.
  • Magnetic docking system located.
  • Light and quiet Nylon hose for natural water flow.
  • Works in single, two, three and even four-hole setups
  • Touch control embedded as a control function.
  • One touch pause function.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Need to replace the hose quite frequently

3. Delta Faucet 9178T-AR-DST Leland Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Review

Delta Faucet 9178T-AR-DST Leland Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

What We Liked Most About This Product

We all know the brand Delta Faucet. To me, what I love them is the way how they keep innovating technologies in home essentials.

Take this Delta Faucet 9178T-AR-DST as an example.

They’ve implemented the Touch20 technology in it, which will let you start or stop just with a touch in ANYWHERE of the body.

It’s magnificent if you get it in your own kitchen.

That’s what we loved most about Delta Faucet 9178T-AR-DST. But as always, there are some other features that need to be discussed.

Features and Benefits

Delta Faucet 9178T-AR-DST is a 6 AA battery driven and this power is up to enable it to touch on-off and an indicator light to show the charge level of the battery. Also, like other modern pull down faucets, it has got a magnetic docking system, powered by the battery. (Though it has the Touch20 technology, but it is not completely a touchless kitchen faucet). All in all, these few features have stood it out from other similar models of the market.

Let’s spend some moments on the design and structure. It’s a stainless steel-made 9 13/64″ long and 14 7/8″ high faucet. The aerator is kept at an optimal distance of 7 7/8 inches. The arc is wide enough to deal with watering every kind of pots and dishes.

The battery-powered temperature indicator LED shows you how much temperature you are dealing with. In case, if the temperature is too high, this indicator can surely save your day.

Moving forward, the mounting and installing of this faucet is made simple and easy for even first-timers. A diamond sealed valve, and a diamond-embedded ceramic disc are there to assist you throughout the setup process.

Things We Like
  • One touch off and on system
  • Temperature and battery level indicator LED
  • 1 or 3-hole faucet system installable
  • Complete sink access with 360 swiveling spouts.
  • MagnaTite docking system.
  • Powered by diamond seal technique.
Things We Didn't Like
  • The battery charger is needed to purchase separately.

4. VCCUCINE Best Modern Commercial Kitchen Sink Faucet Review

VCCUCINE Best Modern Commercial Kitchen Sink Faucet

What We Liked Most About This Product

So far, we had a good journey with three of our top pull down kitchen faucets. But I think, none of them were specified for certain case of uses.

But the product we’ll be talking about now is the VCCUCINE Single Handle Faucet- a dedicated kitchen faucet for commercial use. What we liked about this is, it’s dual functioning pulling out- one is for the regular aerated stream, and another is for the high-performance rinsing and cleaning.

Again, both of the functions are frequently required in commercial spaces. So how come we resist it to declare the best pull down faucet for commercial spaces?

Let’s head into the detailed review-

Features and Benefits

Not all of the sink types are equally provided with ample space. In case you have a smaller sink, VCCUCINE Single Handle Faucet can be the very solution to that. One example is what the commercial sinks are. So, to me, it’s an ideal one for commercial kitchens.

A kitchen that is in commercial purpose, have to deal with continuous cleaning tasks. So, something like VCCUCINE Single Handle Faucet should be an automatic choice. Because the solid brass construction combined with a ceramic disc valve and a brass nickel finish is a giant combo against corrosion and scratching.

The dimension of this product seems to be slightly smaller than other popular faucets. But if your kitchen and sink size isn’t large enough, this very product can be the best choice.

On the spray head, there is a switch button embedded, to make your life way easier in the kitchen.

Things We Like
  • High-quality brass construction.
  • Can switch between powerful spray and aerated one.
  • Brushed Nickel finished the design.
  • Perfect for the small sized kitchen
  • Rotating spout can cover 360 degrees of the sink.
  • A good buy for commercial use.
Things We Didn't Like
  • The deck plate isn’t provided in the package.

5. Purelux Tulip Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet Review

Purelux Tulip Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet

What We Liked Most About This Product

Apparently, we are at our last pick of the pull down kitchen faucets list. As the last pick of the list, we’ve something that we wanted to rank higher on the list. Because it has got a rich array of useful feature. We will be going to talk about that.

For now, let me inform you the standout impressions of Purelux Tulip Single Handle Pull Down Faucet. Firstly, it has three kinds of water spray (pattern and speed). Pause, Stream and the Power spray- each one of settled for variation in purpose.

Features and Benefits

Often, I’ve found users who’re buying a pull down faucet for the first time and are quite confused about durability. For those friends, I would recommend Purelux Tulip Single Handle Pull Down Faucet with confidence. Because before it’s in the market, it has passed a 500,000-times endurance test.

Apart from this, this Purelux Tulip Single Handle Pull Down Faucet has almost every virtue that a good quality faucet should have. The 360-degree rotating spout, the 1 or 3-hole installation, the deck plate that helps in setup and assembly, and a few other features are in it.

The construction box is also ticked by Purelux Tulip Single Handle Pull Down Faucet. It’s made of high-quality metal with a nickel brushed finish.

I forgot to mention another unique feature that I’ve found in very few faucets in the market. The head and the spout can rotate to cover two consecutive sinks at a time. Especially in larger kitchens, this can be a very purposeful feature of this product, what do you think?

Things We Like
  • Adjustable direction to cover more than one sink
  • Lead-free, safe structure
  • Deck plate included for easy setup
  • The high arc with ample clearance
  • 360-degree rotating spout
Things We Didn't Like
  • Quite pricey than the quality it provides.

Final Thoughts

As you can’t check the performances of these pull down kitchen faucets in first hand, you should visualize the features themselves. We blended up the user’s experience and the brand value. So, let all the worries fly away and start preparing for your own kitchen faucet.

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