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Pfister VS Moen Faucets: The Ultimate Comparison

Pfister…Moen…Pfister…Moen… Confused regarding which brand to buy faucets from? This tussle in your head can surely give you a headache and give you no result in the end. But we promise you the results! Read along to compare the two brands in-depth and decide what is hot and what is not. However, we do have complete reviews of these brands here: Moen Faucet Reviews & Pfister Faucet Reviews.

Pfister VS Moen Faucets

History of Moen & Pfister

Beginning with the idea of a single-handle faucet, Moen started in 1937. Back then its founder Al Moen came up with the idea of the faucet which took him almost 10 years to finalize. Thereafter, the company started its journey towards world-class manufacture of innovative faucets. They soon became known in the market for their kitchen and bathroom faucets and later on expanded the business to other fixtures. To this day Moen has been up and about, serving customers globally and their water solutions are another boon.

Pfister dates back a little old than Moen. Starting its journey with a garden faucet, the company was founded by Emil Price and William Pfister in 1910. The company soon expanded into valves and hose nozzles for baths and sinks. Its product line revamped with every decade owing to the introduction of new plumbing fixtures. Even today the company continues to come up with innovative ideas in plumbing fixtures.

Comparison between Moen & Pfister

To give you a better idea of each brand, we will compare them based on many factors discussed below. This will not only help you to analytically examine them but also help you narrow down your product according to your needs.

Product Range

The product range offered by both these companies is top-notch. You will find yourself immersed in a world of options where you can choose anything and everything when it comes to Pfister kitchen faucets. They have for you their exclusive range of pull-down, pull-out, single-handle, double-handle and a lot more to choose from:

  • Pull-Out
  • Pull-Down
  • Single Handle Standard
  • Two Handle Standard
  • Hands-Free Activation
  • Built-in Filtration
  • Pot-Filler
  • Bar/Prep
  • Utility/Laundry
  • Bridge

However, Moen lacks a bit in this department. The company does offer first-class design and finished faucet yet their spectrum of choices is a bit limited to:

  • Kitchen
  • Bar & Prep
  • Beverage
  • Laundry & Utility

So, Pfister wins it fair and square when it comes to offering variety in product options.

Quality Matters!

Quality cannot be bargained and this is what both Moen and Pfister have been preaching since their exception. You will find both Moen and Pfister coming in several different finishes that will run for a lifetime.

Pfister offers faucet range that has Xtract feature that ensures the provision of safe filtered drinking water. These faucets come with the filters attached that successfully remove the dirt and harmful particles from the tap water and provide the users with safe drinking water.

Whereas in opposition to this Moen offers its Spot Resist faucets. These ensure that the faucets retain their initial glow and are free from germs and stains. While these two features are not comparable, they nevertheless are worth mentioning.

Technology: MotionSense vs React Touch-Free

The MotionSense by Moen makes use of one or two sensors in the faucets. One sensor is placed on the top of the faucet at the spout and the other one is placed at the bottom of the base. Simply place your hand, dish or some other object to turn on the faucet. To turn it off, wave again. A germfree and clean way of living.

What Moen does use 2 sensors, Pfister uses only one. Keep your hands to yourself, that’s what Pfister has to say with its React Touch-Free technology. These faucets come with a sensor installed at the base of the faucet. It requires the user to wave the hand within 3 inches of the sensor. Wave it to turn it ON, wave again to turn it OFF. Keep your faucets clean and free from the grime and enhance their lifetime using this feature.

Price and Warranty

You will find faucets under varying price ranges both in case of Moen and Pfister. However, after going through several customer reviews, we concluded that Moen offers greater quality for the given price when compared to Pfister. Moen faucets are decently priced and can go about for years if used in the right manner.

Customer service for both Moen and Pfister is top-notch. However, you may find some differences when it comes to the warranty area. Pfister offers Pforever warranty that covers your finishes and function as long as the owner owns the home. Additionally, you get a limited lifetime warranty on the faucet range by the company.

Moen offers a limited lifetime warranty on its faucets and fixtures. Whereas the parts are covered for one year of purchase.

So which one is better?

Now answering the real question, which one is better. The choice depends on which specific area of comparison you are targeting.

If you consider the product range and you wish to have plenty of options to choose from, then Pfister is your best pick. Not only will it give you a wide range to select from but give you further options on the finishes that it offers.

However, when it comes to offering sturdy products that can last a lifetime, Moen takes the show with its state of the art faucets that are foolproof in every sense. The customer reviews on their faucets and fixtures emphasized on the fact the faucets are durable and reliable, once you fix them in, you can forget about them altogether.

Talking about the touchless faucets, we see a draw between the two brands as both offers the same feature in its epitome. However, again we see a distinct boundary when we talk about the prices on the fixtures. Moen wins this round fair and square.

Therefore, following this discussion, our verdict rules Moen as the winner of the overall comparison. However, we will recommend you to consider both the brands when deciding, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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