How to remove lime from water from the tap

Discover all the necessary information on the new trend of products for bathroom and kitchen. The softening of water are of utmost importance for the health of the skin and the economy of all households.

The concept of water hardness is related to the presence of minerals that reach our homes through the pipe, it is vitally important to pay attention to calcium and magnesium present in the precious liquid already the concentration of these elements can cause damage to the skin, clothes, taps, and appliances.

The solution to the problem of concentration of minerals in the water is the use of devices with filters that retain these elements that van installed in the household plumbing system.

How decalcify the water?

The water with lime does not represent a latent health risk of human beings except in some cases of dry skin, but it represents a pain in the economy of homes damaging their heaters, water heaters, appliances, and high-end bathroom faucets. One of the ways most effective and easy-to-descale the water is with the help of a softener.

The best option to eliminate the hardness of the water is to use a water softener which uses a system of ion exchange. This system removes ions of calcium and magnesium in water, this process takes place within a resin Exchange module. It is a purely chemical treatment which guarantees the reduction completely of these two minerals by lowering the hardness to levels appropriate for the home.

The presence of hardness in the water or lime can be detected in pipes, appliances, dishes, glasses, in the shower and all the elements that are in contact with the water that enters into our homes through the pipes.

As an answer to the initial question, the most effective way to descale the water is installing a water softener, which will allow you to enjoy all the advantages of the water without any trace of minerals.

It is true that in the modern world there are effective home remedies for water softening, but with a water softener, everything is fast and efficient and results endure over time.

Advantages of removing lime from the water.

  • Anti cal 100% save products.
  • Due to the lack of lime in the water saving 50% on the product for beauty and cleaning, since the water is mineral-free.
  • Maintenance of the heating is cheaper

How to remove lime from water to drink?

Reverse osmosis purifiers systems are the most effective to remove lime in the water for drinking, this is very important but these systems are installed on a single point where the water is consumed and it cannot protect pipes, sinks, taps, and appliances.

Reverse osmosis does not only eliminate lime present in the water but any excess mineral salts, which makes to obtain pure water for consumption and to prepare food.

Others of effective systems for the removal of lime is the use of cationic resins, they are the most commonly used systems, van installed in the key of water cut from the House by us ensuring that from that point all pipelines, faucets, appliances and skin health is guaranteed.

If you live in an area where the water hardness is high, the presence of lime can be a nightmare since it becomes a sediment that leaves white residue everywhere. These sediments make resistance and cause extra consumption of energy and water resources.

Steps to remove lime from water to drink are as follows:

As initial step must be installed a water softener in the stopcock main home, the softener is the only system that eliminates the hardness of the water in all cases, is installed on the main water supplier and has low hardness all water systems of pipes, faucets, and appliances.

One of the ways to reduce the consumption of bottles or mineral water is to use a filtering pitcher, allowing to solve the bad taste of the water particles of lime.

Install a water fountain with filter is one of the most viable solutions since it guarantees a perfect water to taste.

Filter water lime

As we have referred the lime is a mineral present in the water and his main power is encrusting, there are several methods to treat the lime. Usually used simple devices that act against the ore present in water decreasing his power and obtaining, as a result, an excellent water for all types of use.

The lime filter water has an anticorrosive power are products of low cost and easy installation offering an added value such as the protection of electrical appliances as well as a free water. Among the lime filter water are:

For washing machines.

They are filters which prevent limescale in washing machines of households through filters of polifosfatos installed at the entrance of the team because this water saving in fabric softeners for clothes.

For taps

These filters are installed on taps and its main function is to provide a soft water, being more diuretic and digestive and with optimal odor and flavor. Similar to the previous filter the use of detergents decreases and contributes to the economy of the home.

For the shower

This filter is installed on the showers and its range of action is exclusively in that area, the benefit of this filter is on our skin, avoiding dryness of the same and the overuse of fabric softeners and shampoo special.

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