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Best Bathroom Mirrors for Makeup and Shaving Purpose 2020 (Some are with Lights)

Applying new decor to your old bathroom? Thinking to add a modern bathroom mirror to give an edge to the outlook? But entirely clueless, which bathroom mirror will blend perfectly with the design?

We agree finding the best bathroom mirror especially with LED lights is always problematic as you need a model that will not only make you look beautiful but will serve all the purpose efficiently. On your behalf, we hunted down some potent models, and after a lot of testing, we have created a list of best bathroom mirrors with lights for makeup that will cater to all your needs.

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Best 6 Bathroom Mirrors Reviews 2020

1. ANDY STAR Bathroom Mirror for wall – One of the Best Bathroom Mirror in the List for Makeup

Andy Star 22X30 bathroom mirror is simply a work of art that will become the main focal point of your bathroom. It is a 22 X 30inch broad rectangular sized bathroom mirror for makeup that fits well with bathroom of any size.

The main highlight of this top wall mirror for the bathroom is its top-end 1/6inch thick clear glass that will make you admire its beautiful reflection for a long time. You will love its distortion-free reflection that gives you a pristine view of yourself. Moreover, the glass is fitted in the frame with a gap of 1/12inch that gives it a floating outlook.

Whether your bathroom has modern or vintage decor, the brushed gold metal frame will create a sight to behold. Most importantly, the timeless round corner will give it a charming outlook in the bathroom, especially when you will couple it with a soft light.

This 1inch framed bathroom mirror is not only about mesmerizing reflection but also about corrosion-free durability, and that is why it gets high-quality MDF TSCA title VI compliant backboard.

It is one of the fabulous bathroom mirrors for makeup purposes. As it is based on a stainless steel frame, so it ensures long life durability without ruining the luster. The frame has even passed a 30inch height drop test with the glass so that it will reside in your bathroom for many years.

Fitting Andy Star 22X30 would be a straightforward job for you because it comes preinstalled with 4 D-ring hanging clips. The hanging clip is quite versatile in installation, thus allowing you to opt for both vertical and horizontal installation.

To make sure your bathroom wall is free from any scratch, the maker has fitted backside with rubber bumpers. The main package comes with all screws and hooks, so you have to install it using the marked points on the backside. Another great thing about this mirror is its 100% satisfaction guarantee coverage, where the manufacturer will offer full-refund if the mirror doesn’t look good on your decor.

2. Hamilton Hills – Quality Bathroom Mirrors for Shaving

Hamilton Hills beveled mirror may seem like an ordinary bathroom mirror, but it is suitable for shaving. It is a highly rated fixture that can transform the dull outlook of your bathroom. If you have a big modern bathroom, then this mirror serves as the ideal frameless rectangular glass because it comes with a 30 X 40inch shape. It boasts a premium quality glass that oozes out a bright and clear image of yourself and the surrounding.

The silver backing in the glass also makes a significant impact on the reflection capability, and it allows it to offer a lucid unobstructed view. To make sure it retains its quality for a long time, Hamilton Hill puts it through the 8-point inspection test before delivering it in the market.

We can assure you that it will leave you flabbergasted with its streamlined and floating frameless design that enhances the ornamentation of the bathroom by a large margin. The frameless bathroom mirror also gets polished edges that not only uplifts its sleek appearance but also helps it to bring a silky and elegant feel to it.

The polished edges also ensure that it doesn’t pose any risk to the human and accidentally cause damage to any other item. Even though it rocks on a frameless design, but the rear side carries a solid wood core that increases the reliability of the mirror.

You won’t ever have to worry about the durability because the premium wooden frame not offers robust support but also saves it from water damages. One side frame is attached with D-ring hanging clips, including hardware and screws so that you won’t have any difficulty in hanging it on the desired place.

If you don’t like the traditional vertical look, then you use its horizontal design to make it fine-looking optics in the lavatory. This affordable piece of the device also grabs a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee, and this is the reason it has so much popularity among house owners.

3. Andy Star Round Metal Frame – Circular Bathroom Mirror

Andy Star 30inch Round is a hidden gem that flaunts a timeless round gold metal frame that will become a center of focus in any bathroom decor. This stylish mirror for the bathroom needs some vanity lighting around it, and it will add to the elegance and class of the whole design.

A uniqueness of its artistic design is the floating outlook in the frame with a 1/16inch gap; thus, it can bring out a clean aesthetic in decor. In addition to its sophisticated design, it also excels in durability, and the 9mm TSCA Title VI MDF backboard support serves as the proof.

It is an entirely circled 30inch round mirror that will not only beautify the home but will also make the area a highly valuable space. Whether you want to admire your beauty or shave your beards, you will always be entitled to a mesmerizing reflection with its premium 1/6inch thick mirror glass.

The top layer has been designed in such a way that you will get a beautiful feeling whenever you will look at the mirror. Most importantly, it is quite safe for usage because the metal frame and back panel have been designed in such a way so that it can’t your body.

When we tested this, we were astonished by its durability because it gets a 1/12inch solid metal frame with 1inch depth, so the chance of any breakage is almost nil. Moreover, the MDF board prevents moisture from affecting the rear portion, and this is why it stays corrosion-free throughout its lifetime.

The manufacturer has even put the whole package through a 30inch height drop test, and it has passed with flying colors. It is easy to install a mirror, and with D-ring clips, hooks, and nails, you can efficiently complete the process within a few minutes.

4. Hamilton Hills 30inch – Frameless Circular Bathroom Mirror

Without a shadow of a doubt, we can say that Hamilton Hills 30inch is one of the best frameless circular mirrors you will find in the market. As the title suggests, it boasts a large and proper 30inch circular mirror that can explain itself entirely in any wall of a medium or large-sized bathroom.

However, its top-of-the-line glass serves as the main attraction that produces distortion-free of your reflection whenever you use the mirror. With a premium polished glass surface, it always radiates all incident light towards you without causing foggy or grainy images. Why everyone loves this mirror? Because it goes through an 8points rigorous test, so it ensures you will never gazing its bright reflective sight.

Even though it doesn’t get a gold panel like others, but it has a graceful and clean beveled edge that takes the decoration of the vanity area to the next level. Moreover, the blend of floating and frameless design creates a soothing outlook that will make it the most attractive fixture in the lavatory.

The silver-backed glass with polished edges not only resonates to unparalleled beauty but also proper safety from any kind of cut. Behind its eye-catching design, there is a .5inch rock-solid wood back panel that keeps the whole structure intact and saves it from warping. The entire one-inch glass also gets the support of a protective rubber bumper that maintains a proper barrier when fitted against the wall.

Hamilton Hills also takes pride in the durability of the mirror, and they say that if properly maintained, it can last for decades. They even offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you find any damage in the mirror or unsatisfied with the quality. The back panel carries a sturdy D-ring hanging clip that assists you in mounting the mirror in the bathroom securely. It also comes with the required screws and hardware so that you have all the assistance during installation.

5. Better Home Better Life Vertical LED DK-OD-CK 160 – Best Bathroom Mirror with LED Lights and Touch Button

Thinking to add a versatile make mirror in your bathroom? But unsure whether it will blend with posh decor? Well, DK-OD-CK 160 will perfectly sit by your requirements. It is a queen size 24 X 32inch vertical mirror that is dedicated to catering all your visual needs, including applying makeup and brushing in the morning.

The center of the whole structure is occupied by a premium quality 5mm glass that not produce a lively view but also gives you a soothing feeling when you look at it. What’s more satisfying about it is its ability to direct all the visible light towards you without any deviation, and the credit goes to its silvered reflection layer.

Most importantly, the silver layer also offers a high reflection, thus making it one of the best bath mirror with lights. With that being said, the glass is padded with an engraved 18-watt LED light source so that you can have a brighter environment and enjoy a breathtaking view of your beautiful appearance.

To give the mirror artistic and modern functionality, the manufacturer has loaded it with a super-sensitive touch button located in the lower end of the glass. Its frameless design, on the other hand, makes it look apart in any decor. The whole front area is garnished with simple yet elegant styling with no sign screws, joining or wires, so it caters to all kinds of decor.

It might look slim to you, but it supported by a solid 40 aluminum frame that strengthens its durability without hindering the decorative outlook. The back and top of the LED panel are moisture-proof, thus allowing it to perform better the best moisture proof framed mirror. Although it is quite heavy in weight but it comes screw mount so you won’t have difficulty in mounting it in the bathroom wall. For your convenience, it also comes with a 2-year warranty and installation kit in the package.

6. Hamilton Hills 24 x36 Large Silver Backed Mirror

Hamilton Hills HH1037 is a large horizontal hung mirror that boasts 24 X 36-inch reflective optics that can bring a classy and aesthetic touch to any bathroom. It may look simple, but it designed to make the best out of your bathroom wall, and this why it has made its way into a lot of American homes.

All thanks to premium high-reflective glass, it gives the brightest view of your appearance, thus making it suitable for all sorts of tasks. Moreover, the glass has passed the proprietary grueling 8points inspect test so you can stay assured you won’t ever get poor and blurry outlook.

Hamilton Hills HH1037 may not carry the most beautiful design, but its 3inch angled frame will surely bring a class and sophistication in your bathroom decor. It also gets a silver-backed glass panel over the structure that not only concentrate the light towards you but also gives the mirror an exotic appearance.

However, the factor that impressed us a lot is its angled beveled edges with proper polishing that gives it a sleek out, and we have hardly seen in the cheap bathroom mirror. It may have a class outlook in the front, but the rear area gets a robust wooden core that keeps the mirror stable and reinforced in the wall.

Another good thing about the wooden board is that it also resists moisture from hampering the glass. The rear panel also carries rubber bumpers that protect the mirror as well as the wall from any scratch. You can comfortably install it by yourself by utilizing its dual horizontal and vertical handing D-ring clip.

Moreover, you will get all the screws and hardware in the package, so it makes the installation easier for you. Like ever Hamilton Hill product, you will 100% money-back guarantee coverage; thus, it is often known as one of the best budget bathroom mirrors in the market.

How to Buy A Bathroom Mirror with Light?

Choosing a mirror for the bathroom with light is not only about design; there are a lot of factors that come into play while deciding the most appropriate bathroom mirror. So check out our simple buying guide that aims to make your purchase a smooth affair.

Choosing The Size

The size of the mirror is essential that you should consider above all. You should first measure the vanity, countertop, and installation place before your purchase. While measuring, leave 3 to 4inches on all the sides to make it a centerpiece. If you want a wide coverage, then opt for a size that can cover the countertop or vanity. Or else opt for a slightly smaller size or medium-sized mirror so that you can install various fixtures along with the mirror.

Bathroom Mirror Size

Choosing The Shape

Bathroom Mirror Shapes

After you have selected the size and area of the installation, you will now have to decide the size according to your requirements and decor. Either you can choose a shape that blends with the shape of other fixtures in the bathroom, or you can select a unique one to bring contrast. You can opt for a square or rectangular shapes that is common in the market and serves as a plausible choice.

Oval and round shaped mirrors also serve as a good option as they will bring an elegant and vintage touch to the bathroom. However, if you are trying to make the mirror the centers of attraction, then choose an abstract shape, and they are available in a wide variety.

Choosing The Type

Along with the shape, decide what type of mirror will go well with your bathroom. While choosing the bathroom mirror with light for makeup or shaving purpose, decide whether you want the mirror for a decorative, practical purpose or both.

The most popular option you will get is a wall mirror, and they come in a wide variety of designs and shapes. Wall mirror also serves as the right choice if you want to add drama, but they are large and require stands for placement. If you don’t like these two, then you can get a dressing table that is compact and easily fits with your bathroom vanity. They are adjustable and comes in diverse designs.

Choosing The Frame

Bathroom Mirror Finishes

Now, your job is to select the frame type of mirror, and you should be careful with this because it will decide styling and durability. You should keep the color of the frame as well. Wooden is a worthy choice that not only brings an aesthetic touch to the decor but also makes the mirror the focal point in the bathroom. If you have elegant and luxurious decor, then we will recommend you gilded frame because they carry a lot of detailing and modern designs.

Mirrored frames can also serve as the right choice, but they blend well with contemporary and urban decor. However, if you want an entirely straightforward and straightforward outlook, then the frameless design is ideal. They are not only functional but also maximize the space.

Choosing the Finish

Before making the purchase, the last factor you will have to consider is the finish. Well, you will have endless choices when it comes to finishing, but we have selected specific finishes that are best. Patina, pencil edge, beveled edge, and seamed edge are exclusive finishes that can bring a dramatic effect in your bathroom decor without hampering the functionality. You can also choose colorful and artisan finishes because they bring an artistic and retro look to your bathroom.

Light Quality

You need to also check the quality of the light when you are choosing a good mirror for your bathroom. You should always try to choose bathroom mirrors with LED light. There is some bathroom mirror with LCD lights in the market. But you should always go for the LED light as they have some benefit.

How To Stop Bathroom Mirrors From Steaming Up or Fogging Up?

Fogging or steaming is a common issue, especially after a shower and during winter. It is irritating to use the towel to wipe the mirror. So what should you do? Let’s see how you can prevent any steaming or fogging issue;

  • The most simple thing you can do is cover the mirror with any cloth because it will prevent any moisture buildup.
  • Before using the bathroom, rub the mirror with shaving cream and then wipe with tissue paper. The remaining layer will act as a barrier.
  • Another simple way to defog the bathroom mirror is by using a blow dryer to eliminate any mist.
  • First, run a cold shower for at least 30 seconds and then use the hot shower. The cold shower will keep the area cool, thus curbing down any steaming.
  • You can even rub the mirror with bar soap and then clean it with any cloth. It will definitely prevent any buildup.
  • Installing a heated demister mirror can solve the fogging issue.
  • Before taking a shower, apply car way and defogger to the mirror and then wipe it. It will do the trick.
  • To keep the mirror from defogging for many days, use a mixture of vinegar, water, and liquid detergent in a spray bottle. Then apply it in the mirror and after a few minutes wipe with a cloth.
  • Applying shampoo with a kitchen roll and then cleaning it with clean paper will also prevent fog.

How To Clean Bathroom Mirrors which have Built-in LED Lights?

People often think cleaning mirrors is all about hard work and a lot of time investment, but in reality, it is different. You have to follow some simple steps a get a neat mirror;

  • First, arrange soft cloth, vinegar, water, rubbing alcohol, and cotton pad.
  • Then find out any buildup on the mirror, especially toothpaste splatters. Spray some rubbing alcohol on the pad and rub off any build up in the mirror. Move the pad side by side and rub quickly to avoid dirt accumulation.
  • Now mix up one part of vinegar with four-part of water and fill it in a spray bottle. Then spray the solution all over the mirror, including sides.
  • Then use the soft cloth or towel, start moving it on the mirror from the top left and drag it horizontally. Make sure you cover the edges and sides of the mirror; otherwise, there will be fog buildup.
  • Lastly, dry the mirror with another soft towel, and it will give a streak-free mirror.

How To Install Bathroom Mirrors with Lights On Wall?

Well, you might think of calling a professional for the installation of your new bathroom mirror. But what if we tell you that you can do it by yourself by just following some simple steps;

  • In the beginning, locate an ideal space where you want to install the mirror, and it would be better to install it over vanity or bathroom furniture. Free up the wall space and make sure the wall is free from internal pipes.
  • Now mark the area by temporarily holding the mirror against the wall. It would be better to call a family member or friend to hold the mirror so that you can check whether it is properly leveled. While marking, try to maintain 3-4inches gap from the vanity or any other furniture. However, it should go over or below the average face height, especially if you are using small or face the mirror.
  • Take a powerful drill and drill the marked holes on the wall. For proper precaution, you can use masking tape to ensure that you will up to a certain depth. However, if you are about to drill on a designer wall or tiles, then cover the surrounding hole area with tape to prevent damage.
  • Now it is time to attach the mirror to the wall with the help of screws. Ask your family or friend to hold the mirror while you attach it with a screwdriver. Lastly, before you take a glance at your reflection, uncover the mirror by removing the plastic layer.


We hope that our detailed article related to the best bathroom mirror will be really helpful for you and fulfill your search. Every model has through proper scrutiny before making its way on the list. Our team has properly examined them in real-life scenarios in our specialized lab so that they can put forward their honest review. We don’t promote brand promotion, so you won’t find any product that has been added abruptly without any examination.

We have tried to bring variation in our list, and that is why you will find top-end models as well as bathroom mirror under 100 dollars. We have even added products like Hamilton Hills HH1037, which is known for its value for money factor. We know modern homes require modern fixtures, that is why we have found out Better Home Better Life DK-OD-CK 160 mirror. While choosing your appropriate mirror, we also request you to go through our buying guide and other factors that will help you to make a better decision.

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