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Best American Made Kitchen Faucets Reviews 2020 & Buying Guides

The sink is undoubtedly the most crucial area of the kitchen, and the tool that makes this area functional is the faucet. Not only it assists you in doing all your kitchen chores, but it also makes an impact on the overall kitchen decor.

So would you choose a cheap Chinese made faucet for your sink? Or would you go for the best American made kitchen faucet that would offer numerous features and would last for years? Well, as a smart buyer, you will obviously go for the finest American brands that would give you high-quality faucets.

Before moving on to the product reviews, let’s see the names of the top 5 American made kitchen faucets:

Why Do You Need An USA Made Kitchen Faucet?

If you are eyeing for a high-quality faucet that would be a perfect blend of performance and durability, then there is nothing better than the USA made faucet. Almost all the reputed faucet manufacturers in the works belong to the USA, and there is hardly anyone who can outclass them. Whether it is Kohler, Moen, Delta, or Waterstone, all the famous brands hail from the US.

Most importantly, people prefer to opt for American made products because they offer innovative products that take the functionality of the sink area to a new height. We have tested many Chinese and European products, but none of them could offer performance like American products.

We are not saying that American made faucets are the pinnacles when it comes to durability, but they are made of high-quality materials that last for decades. Moreover, they get resistive coating and specialized seals that allow them to continue for a long time without getting affected by corrosion or leakage.

They come in a wide variety so that you can choose faucet depending upon your requirement. These faucets are dedicated to making your life more comfortable in the kitchen and swiftly do all the kitchen chores in less time.

What makes the American brands stand out from others in the world? The ability to offer top-notch performance without wasting much water. Most of the American brands incorporate unique design to maximize usage but also save water by 20% to 30%.

Another crucial reason to select the USA made kitchen faucet over others is the availability of a variety of designs, types, and sizes. Whatever is your design requirement, you can stay assured you are going to find the product that will cater to your decor need. Another reason that makes them a great choice is the modern technologies they bring out in their products.

Why are the Kitchen Faucets Made in the USA are Expensive?

Made in the USA
The kitchen faucets made in the USA are always the outcome of exquisite craftsmanship, and they carry modern design with cutting-edge technology. Moreover, they are made up of top-end materials and high-quality finish that ensures enormous longevity. So with such qualities, you can expect them to cost like ordinary faucets that neither adds functionality nor performance.

Modern kitchen faucets made in the United States are engineered to work smartly instead of the usual way. They make use of state of the earth technologies like auto-docking system, adjustable spray-pattern, bending head, retractable hose, 360-degree swivel, touch-less operation, and many more. These technologies are expensive; thus, the price of the faucets also goes high.

Faucet is not only about functionality but also about the design it offers, and the USA made faucets are known for their professional designs. If you are looking at all the popular faucet series, they boast one of the finest designs with intriguing detailing that can transform the look of any kitchen.

The finish of a faucet is essential as it not only holds the looks of the faucet but also enhances the durability. However, when you go for cheap Chinese products, you will find the difference as the finish is flimsy and doesn’t carry much weight.

Another major factor that notches up the pricing of most of the American made faucet is the labor cost. The labor cost is high in the United States if we compare with the labor cost of Africa or Asia.

Unlike other faucets that are mostly made of inferior plastics or metals, most of the American brands use high-quality brass, ceramic, steel, etc. Even the valve cartridges are made up of top-notch materials.

So the pricing automatically goes up, but they last for years. They are assembled in such a way that they can be used on daily purpose and stay intact for years. American faucets are like investments that have the ability to stand the test of time and perform in the same way from the beginning.

Now we present to you the top five American made kitchen faucet that would make a difference in your sink area:

Top 5 Best American Made Kitchen Faucets Review

1. Waterstone 5600-PN – Kitchen Faucet Made by USA

Hailing from the famous brand Waterstone, 5600-PN is a state of the earth single handle faucet that has brought a rage in the market. With a 1.8 GPM maximum flow rate, it will not only assist you in preparing your meal quickly but will make cleaning enjoyable. Whether you want to clean dishes or rinse vegetables, you can change the flow from aerated stream to lever spray to suit your needs.

You will enjoy a vast range of motion with its pull out spray as it will help you to cover all the areas in the sink during cleaning tasks. In addition to cold water, you can also utilize hot water by using hot/cold disc valve cartridge.

The best part of this top kitchen faucet made in the USA is that it gets a specialized pre-positioned easy pull counterbalanced weight that makes pulling out a smooth affair. It is quite convenient to use, especially during busy hours, as it has a PLP positive lock that locks the spray head in the mouth and prevents it from dangling.

The faucet is designed to pamper you with satisfying cleaning experience, and that is why the spout can swivel in 360-degree. The handle can also be modified up to 22.5-degrees so that it can have proper backsplash clearance.

While doing chores, you will have maximum clearance from the sink base, and the credit goes to its tall 18inch overall-height with an 8inch spout height that ensures a big gap. Without a doubt, with its C-spout design, it can bring a sophisticated touch to any decor.

The smooth lines and attention to detail really make it a center of attraction. The solid brass construction complements the timeless beauty of this tap, and it makes sure a decade long longevity. It gets a jaw-dropping polished nickel that not elevates the overall look but makes it resistive to scratch and wear. Connecting it with the existing setup is a total breeze, and you will have reinforced braided connection hoses for assistance.

2. Brizo 63952LF-PC Belo – American Made Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

One look at Brizo 63952LF-PC Belo and we can confidently say that you will be swayed away by its curvy artistic design with smooth body lines. Treated with a chrome finish, it can easily blend with any modern sink design and uplift the overall aesthetics. The joystick handle is another impressive design element of the tap that takes the overall look to a new height.

Constructed from high-quality brass, you can expect it to run for years in the same potential. It gets the famous Touch-clean nozzles that assist you to clean any lime or calcium buildup with just one soft finger touch and enhance its longevity.

Since it utilizes the Diamond Seal technology, the chances of leakage are almost nil, so you won’t ever have to worry about water clogging in the kitchen. This expensive American made kitchen faucet will surely make the kitchen chores easier because the pull-down wand will facilitate you to switch from stream to spray.

Moreover, the pull-down head can extend up to a great length, meaning you can comfortably stretch it for cleaning purposes. Once you are done with cleaning, it will firmly retract to the spout, and it has been made possible by its MagneDock technology that utilizes a powerful magnet.

The 360-degree swivel in the at Brizo 63952LF-PC Belo will allow you to do a variety of tasks on the sink without worrying about limitations. Movement is always a problem with cheap non-American faucets, but this tap with 8-1/4inch will give you complete freedom to glide freely while cleaning. You will enjoy a maximum flow rate of 1.8 GPM at 60psi, which we think is more than sufficient to do daily kitchen chores.

According to many users, you won’t find difficulty during installation, and it comes with all standard fittings. However, you need to have a 3inch deck thickness and one-hole for the installation. Brizo has offered limited lifetime warranty with this product that covers a lot of things, including the finish.

3. Waterstone 5600-2-AP Annapolis – Antique Alike Kitchen Faucet Made in America

Another high end USA made kitchen faucet from Waterstone is 5600-2-AP that has made many Americans fond of its look, durability, and performance. It holds the European inspired c-spout design with beautiful lines, making it a showstopper in the kitchen. It also packs a soap dispenser that wears the same design as the faucet and carries seamless curves.

The attention to all the detailing is really commendable, and this one reason many people prefer American made taps. The antique pewter is like a cherry on the top as it adds a glamorous touch to the design and facilitates to complement other items in the kitchen.

Made from solid brass, both the faucet and dispenser can handle day to day work and still last for years without facing any issue. It also gets a protective layer that saves it from water damage and other issues. With an overall height of 18inch, it gives you an ample amount of gap to work comfortably without getting obstructed.

Once you install this pull-out faucet, you will love working with it because you will have a wide range of motion while doing chores. It gets a PLP positive lock system that not only keeps the spray-head attached to the spout but also prevents it from falling.

Due to its pre-positioned counterbalanced weight, it would be easy for you to move around the pull-out spray for working. Versatility is a significant perk that you will get in this faucet, and it is due to the lever that allows you to toggle between stream and spray. For both stream and spray, you will get a constant flow rate of 1.8 GPM, which has enough power to clean or rinse.

While cleaning, you will have the assistance of 360-degree spout swivel so you can adjust the direction depending upon the cleaning task. The handle also gets a 22.5-degree adjustment option and PTFE friction so that you can enjoy optimum convenience.

4. Waterstone 5500-CHAnnapolis Kitchen Faucet

When it comes to top rated kitchen faucet made in America, one model that has always in the recommended list is Waterstone 5500-CH Annapolis. Unlike other single handle models, it comes with a spout height of 10-1/4inch, meaning you can comfortably move kitchenware while cleaning them. It is designed to offer maximum convenience while cleaning, and the massive 11inch spout reach serves as the proof.

The sprayer will stay locked into the head due to its positive lock pull-down feature until and unless you pull it down for use. What’s more? The 360-degree swivel comes really handy when you need to move the spout head to accommodate the large dishware.

With the option to select aerated stream and spray, it can cater to your various cleaning needs and swift up your meal preparation time. To make cleaning dishes and cookware a fun affair, it comes with an impressive 1.75 GPM maximum flow rate that can quickly drive away any food stains.

While using the pull-out sprayer, the pre-positioned counterbalanced weight keeps a minimal tension in the spray-head so that it won’t dangle. It is all about a lot of adjustment facilities, and that is why you can modify the handle up to 45-degree left or right so that it is totally clear from backsplash.

You can stay assured that the handle won’t be clumsy even after years of usage, and the credit goes to the adjustable Teflon friction lock that facilitates smoothness. In addition to superior performance and convenience, it also flaunts a beautiful c-spout design that notch up the aesthetics of the whole kitchen.

The Chrome finish is really commendable because you will be able to blend it with different modern sink and furniture. All thanks to its eco-friend solid brass built quality; it will serve as a lifetime investment for the kitchen sink. Installing it is really straightforward, and you will need only a hole to fit it.

5. Waterstone 5600-SC – American Made Kitchen Faucet

Deep to its roots, 5600-SC is one of those beautiful kitchen faucet made by USA brand Waterstone. It is a delicately crafted, highly-expensive tap that, with its c-spout design, can glam up the beauty of any kitchen decor, whether classic or modern. The satin chrome finish with beautiful detailing makes a significant impact on its design and forces everyone to appreciate its beauty.

Like its design, it also shines in the longevity department, and all the praise goes to its superior brass built quality. Even though it is expensive, but it is designed to cater the day to day all the kitchen tasks and resist all types of wear and tear.

With the help of a 1.8 GPM flow rate, cleaning a large stack of dishes or big pots would be really easy for you. In addition to the aerated stream, you can use the lever to change to spray to rinse vegetables before you start your cooking. The pull-down is really comfortable to take out because the pre-positioned counterbalanced weight maintains the elasticity.

The best part is that when you leave the sprayer, it will automatically retract to the head. The chance of falling of the sprayer is almost negligible because the PLP positive lock keeps the spray head attached to the spout. Most importantly, the spray head can extend up to 18inch, which is a massive coverage for any pull-down faucet.

Accommodating large pots in the sink is often problematic, but this one of the most suitable USA made kitchen faucets solves it by offering 360-degree swivel. Interestingly, it also gets a 22.5-degree handle adjustable option so that you can have proper clearance for backsplash.

If you have a reverse osmosis filtration system, then you can easily hook it with your new faucet. Many users have mentioned that its adjustable PTFE friction lock is highly effective because it curbs down sag and promotes smooth operation. The manufacturer’s lifetime warranty covers it, so once you buy it, you won’t have to worry about anything.


So this is the end of our review of the best American made kitchen faucets, and we hope you will really appreciate the products we have included. Our primary focus was on performance, durability, and design.

So it guided us to the terrific USA made faucets like Waterstone 5600-PN that has impressed numerous users with its functionalities. Rather than adding cheap American made faucet that offers poor performance, our team only went for a top-rated product without considering the price point.

Our main motto was to treat your kitchen with the best American made faucet possible so that it can transform the sink into a highly-functional unit. All the products we have added are filled with some scintillating features that make them totally worth the money that you will have to invest in them. If you have any more recommendations for our list, then feel free to connect to us through comments or email. We would get back to you as soon as possible.

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