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Hansgrohe Vs Grohe: Faucets of Which Brand is Better?

Hansgrohe vs Grohe; many of you might consider this same brand but different names. But let me make it clear to you, it’s not! Although originating from the same family node, these are two different entities offering some renowned plumbing fixtures to the users worldwide. To give you an idea of who is who and what is what, we bring to you a comparison war between these two brands.

hansgrohe vs grohe

Brand Name: Hansgrohe & Grohe

Official websites: Hansgrohe, Grohe

Our individual reviews: Hansgrohe Faucet Reviews, Grohe Faucets Reviews


It started under the name of Hansgrohe, which got further split into two Grohe and Hansgrohe after a family dispute. Founded in 1901 in Germany by Hans Grohe, the company flourished in the metal products range of bathroom plumbing fixtures. Its global expansion began around 1963 and this very year a family dispute took place. This resulted in the split between the first and the second eldest son in the Grohe family.

Friedrich Grohe, the second eldest son started his own sanitary fittings factory in Germany under the name of Grohe that year. Whereas Hansgrohe was overtaken by the youngest son Klaus Grohe in 1975. At this time the two companies had a completely different production line and there was of the concept of rivalry amongst them. However, this soon vanishes when in 1981, both worked on sanitary fittings and the war started!

Today Hansgrohe has almost 2500 registered patents and 37 branches scattered over the globe. However, Grohe is even bigger a giant than this with a footmark in over 150 countries, the company stands as a stock corporate today.


Now that you know the historical difference between the two brands, let’s jump to the real question of the day: which one is better. Coming from the same family of production, you might think that both brands offer more or less the same products with similar features and quality, however that is not quite right. You will see shortly what has made Grohe stand tall and Hansgrohe to diminish comparatively in the background.

Product Range

Again, this is something both the brands have in abundance. You will find yourself surrounded by an amazing range that offers you anything and everything in when it comes to plumbing fixtures. Both Grohe and Hansgrohe will load you with tons of options for our kitchen and bathroom.

Grohe has the following broad categories for you to choose from:

Although not mentioned in their broad categories, you will find pull-out feature too in some of the faucets offered by Grohe.

Talking about Hansgrohe, you will find their web page easy to navigate and their categories are defined based on certain specifications. Faucets that are both ergonomic and pleasing the esthetic sense is offered by the brand. Additionally, if you are willing to spend a little more on your house, you can try their Axor range.

You can find the following categories by the company:

  • Single-handle Pull Down Faucets
  • Single-handle Pull Out
  • Traditional 2-Spray
  • Commercial-Style
  • High Arc
  • Pot Filler
  • Wall-Mounted

Quality Matters!

Both the brands are known for the production of top-quality bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Speaking of Grohe, you will find their products coming in different finishes and supported by their top-class design and feature range. In addition to its products range, Grohe also specializes in the provision of clean drinking water. Pure water and Sparkling water are the two outcome ranges of their state of the art water systems.

Furthermore, you will find most of their faucets laden with feature like a 360-degree swivel, backflow protection and of course the signature stainless steel. These faucets can work with pressures as low as 15PSI and due to their easy installation, you don’t have to fiddle through the manuals.

Similarly, Hansgrohe is a strong advocate of quality assurance. Their products are made sustainable and robust with easy installation and durability. The designs too are class apart and incorporate features that assist you to improved living. Most of their faucets come with a chrome finish, but oil-rubbed bronze is their most sought after look.

Price and Warranty

You will get economical and pricy, both ends of the spectrum in both brands. Grohe has its unique range, offering the customers with a range of designs lying in a broad price range. Similarly, you will find Hansgrohe doing the same. The difference arises when you match their top featured faucets and their prices. Here you will see, Hansgrohe offers similar features but on better rates than Grohe.

But the Axor brand by Hansgrohe just smashes it all, with its noble design and a very NOBLE price tag. This high-end price range is not available at Grohe. Additionally, comparing the prices becomes difficult owing to the colossal product range offered by both giants.

You will find a limited lifetime warranty on the Grohe kitchen faucets. This warranty is extended to mechanical parts of the faucet. But the finish is guaranteed as long as it remains under the possession of the original owner and is free from defects under normal use.

As opposed to Grohe, Hansgrohe offers manufacturer’s guarantee on their products. This guarantee is an addition to another warranty offered by the seller himself due to the relationship between him and the consumer. The kitchen faucets are guaranteed to be free from design faults, manufacturing faults, and material faults.

So which one is better?

Now the real question that you all have been waiting for! We will try to answer this based on two approaches:

  1. One based on our comparison thus far
  2. Second, based on the customer reviews we came across while testing these brands.

Since you have seen our comparison already, let us take you to what the customers have to say.

Regarding Grohe, you will see a tug of war between the good and the bad. On average the rating comes out 4.2/5. However, when comparing their faucets below the $300 mark, you will see extremely satisfied customers, praising the quality of the products offered that it lands a 4.7 rating out of 5 in this scenario. However, this rating falls when we move to $450 and above price tags.

For Hansgrohe, the battle is one-sided, making it enter the highest average rating category. Hansgrohe smashes 4.5 out of 5 as the average rating. The customers are satisfied with the company’s services, product quality, durability, and sustainability. And this rating remains consistent throughout their product range.

There you have it, a clear winner! If you are looking for durability Hansgrohe is your buddy when comparing it with Grohe!

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