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Difference Between Kitchen Faucets and Bathroom Faucets

As we all know, kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets are the most used fixture in any home as they help to accomplish so many tasks. They are used almost every hour in the house as they serve as the primary source of water flow in the bathroom and kitchen. Even though the basic functionality is the same for them but both bathroom and kitchen faucet is different in some respect. Not only they look different, but they are also different when it comes to usability.
Difference Between Kitchen Faucets And Bathroom Faucets

Size and Height

The main dissimilarity between a bathroom and kitchen faucet is that bathroom faucet is slightly smaller when compared to kitchen faucet. Kitchen faucets tend to come with large center sets which are 8inch long while bathroom faucets get smaller center set that stays close to 4inch measurement. Moreover, kitchen faucet bears a lot of extra accessories like the soap dispenser and hand sprayer which won’t usually find in bathroom faucets.

Both bathroom and kitchen faucets come with a lot of variety, but the number is quite limited for bathroom faucets. Kitchen faucets come with various style and decor rather than utility. They come with a lot of color option, style, texture, and curve as they are also utilized for enhancing the overall look of the kitchen. Bathroom models, on the other hand, are more towards stability and utility, and they are designed with sturdy metal that allows them to last for a long time.


In terms of functionality, kitchen faucet also gets the edge as they offer a lot of option which you won’t generally find in bathroom faucet. You won’t find bathroom faucet with a lot of flexible positioning, but there are some kitchen models like the commercial type that has 360-degree rotation, elbow outlet, pull-down, etc. Some new model even offers a change of flow of water, which comes really handy when you are washing dishes or performing other chores. Another critical factor is that kitchen model allows you to cover a wide surface as they come with direction change option. But unfortunately, the lavatory model doesn’t offer such reach as they are mostly fixed single purpose. However, both bathroom and kitchen faucets come with touchless technology nowadays. We have a guide here on touchless kitchen faucets.

They also differ when you raise the subject of aerator and bathroom faucet generally carries threading on them so that it can be used for installing other accessories. Many models come with 3/4-inch threading so that one can attach to any hose to it. However, you can talk same about the kitchen faucet as they don’t carry any such aerator and most of them carry decorative aerators which don’t fulfill any purpose.

Supply line

It might surprise you, but you will also find a small difference between the supply line of kitchen and bathroom although it isn’t a significant dissimilarity. In bathroom faucet, the supply lines are made up of copper, and they are attached on top of them. Sometimes the supply lines are well hidden under the wall, and you can’t see them.

Whereas in the kitchen faucet, the supply lines are located on the bottom and the lines are passed through holes in the sink. The supply lines are left open under the sink, and you can easily switch-on and switch-off the water flow.


The installation of both bathroom and kitchen faucet may be complicated, but the installation of bathroom models are quite lengthier. They incur a lot of sizing as well as construction work, and the whole structure is quite complicated. But the installation work is pretty simple for kitchen faucet, and you can even install a new faucet in the kitchen sink without having prior experience.

So we hope we have been able to provide all the differences between kitchen and bathroom faucet which will assist you in the future. Thanks for being with MyHomeNeedz team

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