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5+ Unique Kitchen Faucets That You can Buy in 2020

There is a common misconception that to makeover your kitchen; you need to spend a considerable chunk of money on appliances and high-end faucets. But it is not entirely true as there are ways to change the look and feel of the kitchen by adding simple things.

By simply adding a unique kitchen faucet can bring a huge dramatic effect to the overall kitchen decor. Previously, we listed some unique bathroom faucets. Today, the lab experts of MyHomeNeedz, have made a list of some unique kitchen faucets.

A new faucet will not only bring a fresh look but will also amplify the functionality of the kitchen space by a large margin. But how are you going to find quality unique kitchen faucets? Well, you won’t have to as we have got you covered.

So without further ado, let’s check out all the special faucet that would change the way you look at your kitchen.

7 Unique Kitchen Faucets Review

1. Modern Single Handle Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet

Modern retractable wall mount faucet is, without a doubt, an outstanding faucet that blends top-notch functionality with sophisticated design to give your kitchen a complete makeover.

Crafted with an ergonomic retractable design, you can stretch it to any part of the sink to accomplish your cleaning task or fill pots with its splash-free stream. Moreover, this unique kitchen faucet delivers a 1.8GPM flow rate, meaning cleaning and filling will be fun.

Whether you want a shallow stream or maximum flow, you will get all by moving its single handle that offers precise control.

Paired with a highly flexible side sprayer, it not only allows you to cover all the areas in the sink but also transforms the pan into the most functional unit. With impressive cleaning performances, it also treats the kitchen decor with aesthetically pleasing design and sophisticated matte black finish.

Since this faucet fits easily into the wall so you can expect it to create a clean and seamless outlook in your sink area. Like us, you will also appreciate the solid brass and zinc alloy construction that indicates you can freely use it without worrying about damage.

The corrosion-resistant body cover highlights its refined craftsmanship and makes sure it can maintain the outlook even after daily use.

2. Zime Luxurious Gold 2 – A Noticable Kitchen Faucet

We can proudly say Zime luxurious gold is an outcome of pure art and years of craftsmanship that excels in not only luxurious design but also the functionality.

Showcasing a sleek body curve with luxurious gold design, it will surely bring an ultra-sophisticated appeal and notch up your existing decor. This designer kitchen faucet is engineered with a high-arch dual-function spout that lets you get the aerated stream for filling large pans and powerful spray for cleaning veggies.

What’s more? The versatile pull-down hose with 360-degree swivel makes cleaning a fun affair as you will enjoy uninterrupted movement and cover every area of the countertop.

To our surprise, it also boasts an ergonomic handle that not only complements the elegant design but also makes water flow and temperature control a breeze. With a 1.8GPM flow rate, it is designated to boost up your cooking preparation time and comfortably handle cooking tasks in rush hour.

The zinc alloys construction with corrosion-resistant cover makes it a useful and heavy-duty fixture that you can rely on for daily cleaning tasks.

You can comfortably install this faucet by yourself as it requires a single hole for placement and gets all the mounting hardware in the package

3. Contemporary Single Handle Square – Top Quality Unique Kitchen Faucet

Designed with a modern square design, Contemporary square pull-out can blend comfortably with any decor and create a minimalistic outlook. However, the polished chrome finish with intrinsic detailing makes the main impact on its outlook and can attract anyone with its look.

Not only the design, but the pull-out spray head will also impress you as it provides a smooth aerated flow for all your cleaning and washing tasks. Enjoy a wide range of motion in the countertop with its 360-degree swivel spout and pull-out sprayer that can reach up to 30inch.

Once your task is over with the pull-out sprayer, you will just have to leave, and it will precisely dock itself in the head.

Get accurate water temperature and flow with a simple nudge of the single handle that promises to provide smooth action up to 5million cycles.

The build quality is a big highlight of this noticeable kitchen faucet, and the credit goes to the amalgamation of premium brass and zinc alloy.

Plus, the body is garnished with multiple layers of corrosion and rust-resistant finish that also adds to overall durability. However, you will need a countertop with a minimum 15inch open area as it comes with a 10inch tall body.

The manufacturer also provides you with a limited lifetime warranty coverage covering most of the damages and color issues.

4. Contemporary Wall Mounted – Unique Kitchen Faucet with LED Light

Add drama to your existing kitchen decor with the meticulously designed Contemporary LED double-handle faucet. Comfortably fill all the pots without moving them as its retractable swing arm can extend up to 24inch which is adequate even for the most substantial countertop.

It also gets a 360-degree swiveling spout that not only makes the cleaning task much more convenient but also simplifies all the daily tasks. The double handle also comes handy as it gives you unprecedented precision control over the water flow and temperature.

The LED light in the spout brings out fun and sophistication to your kitchen tasks and creates an ultra-modern environment in the kitchen.

Surprisingly, the LED doesn’t require you to use any battery as it is powered by water flow, and it will automatically start glowing when you use the tap. With modern facilities, it also treats you with incredible durability, and the praise goes to the solid bras built with a corrosion-resistant finish.

With a chrome polished color scheme and sleek swinging arm, it will surely leave you in awe with its contemporary look. The best part is you won’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to buy it. Plus, you will get all the water lines and mounting hardware in that same affordable amount.

5. Modern Stainless Steel – Articulating Kitchen Faucet

With articulating retractable faucet design, Modern single handle kitchen will quench your thirst for a multifunctional fixture that can cater to a sizeable dual bowl sink. The retractable body with three bending positions not only allows you to tuck it in the corner and also covers almost every part of the pan.

The best part is that the flexible body and 360-degree rotation give ample uninterrupted space so that you can stack massive amounts of dishes and cleans them. Whether you want to fill pots or clean dishes, the aerated spout will deliver a splash-free performance for all your tasks.

Although this top quality unique kitchen gets a single handle, it assists you to curate the water temperature and flow rate masterfully. The stainless steel construction gives the faucet the durability it needs for lifetime long steady performance.

To complement the beautiful body design, this beautiful kitchen faucet gets a polished chrome finish that allows it to become eye-candy in any kitchen decor.

Maintenance is totally breeze as the rust and spot resistant finish only requires occasional cleaning. Once you buy this unit, you won’t have to invest in any installation hardware because the manufacturer provides all the necessary items.

6. Zita Foldable Kitchen Faucet

If you are thinking of giving your kitchen a vintage touch, then there is no better option than Relia square 1-Hole antique brass kitchen faucet. Imitating the old European style square design blended with Antique brass finish, this one of the best unique faucets can grace up any decor.

The clean lines with sleek edges take the design to a new height and create a seamless outlook on the countertop. Unlike others in this list, this faucet treats you with a waterfall spout that delivers a laminar sheet of water to create a stunning visual effect.

The ribbon of water can flow up to a rate of 1.8GPM, which gives you enough water force to quickly fill pots, wash cookware, and rinse veggies. While doing your chores, you can utilize the ergonomic single handle to change the water temperature and flow to curb down the task time.

Featuring a 360-degree swivel design and 7.8nch spout reach, it allows you to cover a large area in the sink. Based on high-quality brass and zinc-alloy, this unique but affordable kitchen faucet ensures it can stand the taste of time without causing any issue.

The corrosion and rust-resistant finish not only notches up the durability but also allows you to heavily use it without any worry. However, you need to maintain it quite often as it lacks the spotless finish.

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