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Best White Color Kitchen Faucets 2020 – Review and Buying Guide

White has always been a sign of elegance and royalty, and many people prefer to have a white finish when it comes to the faucet. Having a white faucet in your kitchen not only allows you to bring an aesthetically pleasing environment but also facilitates it to make a statement in the decor.

So if you are building a new kitchen or remodeling the old one, installing the best white kitchen faucet will be your best move. It is far better than safe finishes and gives the sink a minimalistic yet stylish. In this review guide, we will introduce you to some of the finest white taps that will complete the look and functionalities of your kitchen.

Top 6 Best White Kitchen Faucets Review

1. Peppermint White Kitchen Sink Faucet

Peppermint PMUT23N might seem like an ordinary and least expensive white kitchen faucet in this list, but there is more to it than meets the eye. It is an outcome of modern engineering that treats you with a decent flow rate so that you can comfortably do all the kitchen tasks.

The dual-function sprayer with shower rain and gentle streams assist you in performing a different type of tasks with optimum proficiency. It maintains a massive gap from the aerator to the base of the sink so that you can freely move while doing chores and also accommodate large cookware.

Even though it is a budget white kitchen faucet, but it doesn’t compensate when it comes to offering premium features. 360-degree swivel serves as one of those prominent features which facilitates you to move the spray-head and cover all the corners of the sink during cleaning.

It is geared with a flexible pull-out spray that can extend up to a considerable distance so that you can do tasks away from your sink. With a smooth handle design, you can comfortably modify the water volume and temperature depending upon your needs. The availability of two water lines, simple installation instruction, and deck plate not only makes it quick to install but serves as an ideal tool for DIY projects.

We can confidently say that it will leave you in awe with its timeless high-arc design and charming white finish. Apart from the white color, the matte white finish also prevents the body from water spots and fingerprints, thus maintaining a fresh outlook in the kitchen for years. Like its outlook, the faucet can even for decades without facing any damage because it is built high-quality stainless steel.
Peppermint White Kitchen Sink Faucet

Based on the expert’s opinion, we can say it is totally free from lead materials, so the water is totally safe for your health. It is blessed with a mammoth 10-years warranty coverage where the manufacturer will give you replacement or refund when you face any damage.

2. Kraus KPF-1673CHWH – White Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

If you seek to introduce a top-rated white kitchen faucet, one model that can glorify your beautiful kitchen decor is Kraus KPF-1673CHWH. Garnished with matte white finish and chrome accent in the spout and handle, it will surely become eye-catching equipment in your kitchen.

It gets the remarkable high-arch gooseneck design with simple lines and curved spray-head that allows the faucet to create a posh outlook to match with your decor. Kraus has also given All-Brite spot-free finish will not only maintain the bright outlook but will also make the body resistant to fading, water-spot, and fingerprints. Durability is a critical factor for any top-notch taps, and that is why it is built using premium metal.

Like its design, it will also impress you with highly-efficient dual-function spray-head where you just have to press one button to switch from aerated stream to powerful spray. The faucet also gets a 360-degree swivel option so that you can proficiently accomplish your kitchen tasks.

However, the pull-down spray-head makes everything convenient because the flexible braided hose with 18-inch reach will facilitate to cover every area and hard-to-get spots. After cleaning, the spray-head with the help of magnetic docking will smoothly move back to its secured place in the head. The 90-degree forward rotation in the handle makes the operation quite simple and negates the need for any backsplash clearance.

Whether you want to fill large pots or move freely while cleaning, you can do it as its 9inch aerator clearance with 9-1/8inch spout reach gives you wide spacing. The head of this faucet is geared with a quality aerator that delivers a splash-free stream with negligible clogging.

It puts out a water flow rate of 1.8 GPM that can help you to complete all the standard kitchen chore without wasting much time. Moreover, with its easy-clean silicone nozzle, you can easily clean any mineral buildup to get a constant powerful flow. With QuickConect and the attached water supply line, you would have to invest a few moments to complete the whole installation.

3. Delta Faucet 440-WH-DST, – Top class White Kitchen Faucet from Delta

Delta Faucet 440-WH-DST is a meticulously crafted single-handle white kitchen faucet that treats you with the best in performance and design. Powered by a 1.8 GPM flow rate at 60 PSI, it can help you to clean any harsh stain in your kitchenware or fill large pots quickly. Despite having a considerable flow rate, it is also water efficient and saves you a decent amount of money in the water bill. You can comfortably perform your kitchen tasks under the spout with minimal interference as it maintains a proper height of 8.75inch and a broad reach of 9.19inch.

Convenience in daily kitchen tasks is a priority of this high-quality white faucet, and that is why it gets 180-degree swivel. The joystick also plays a crucial role in making the operation smoother in your kitchen, and it allows you to switch from cold to hot water with a simple nudge.

To prevent you from confusion, it also gets a hot and cold water indicator. It is engineered to provide a joyful experience while you are doing your kitchen chore; thus, it gets the help of a capable side sprayer. The side spray gets a retractable hose that comes really handy in busy hours when you will have to clean a lot of messes.

However, the main highlight of this tap is its sophisticated white finish on mid-arc body design that can transform a dull decor into an elegant one. The side sprayer also gets the matching finish, and both of them are treated with a shiny coat. Many users praise this tap for its diamond seal technology that curbs down leak points and ensures leak-free operation for years.

The diamond seal technology also makes the faucet easy to install and you can install it without any worry because it is backed by lifetime limited warranty. You will find the InnoFlex PEX supply line, which enhances the durability of this white gem. However, it is only compatible with 4-hole 8inch installation on a 2-1/2inch maximum deck thickness.

4. Delta Faucet 470-WH-DST – Another white kitchen faucets from Delta

Another top-quality product that graces this list of great white kitchen faucet is Delta Faucet 470-WH-DST. It is a beautifully constructed tap with a mid-arc design that can blend well with most of the decors, even the vintage ones. The main attraction lies in its shiny white body finish that spice up your kitchen with a modern and seamless outlook.

The joystick handle also adds to the overall look, and it also gets the same classic body lines. Get best-in-class cleaning convenience with its flexible 59inch long hose that lets to cover the entire workspace without missing a spot.

The pull-out spray is very convenient to use, and it smoothly retracts to its original position when the requirement is over.

Whether you want to do heavy-duty rinsing or perform everyday cleaning tasks, you can do it all by utilizing the dual-function sprayer that offers stream and spray. It also gets the assistance of a high 1.8 GPM flow rate that proficiently accomplishes all the kitchen tasks in a water-efficient way.

You can move the spout to cater to your kitchen task, and the credit goes to its 120-degree smooth swivel design. It maintains a massive spout height of 10inch, meaning the dishes or cookware won’t hit the head while you are cleaning them. The joystick stick works with a simple touch, and it gets hot/cold indicator for smooth operation.

The durability is another significant highlight of this value for money faucet, and it is based on premium quality metal. However, it’s diamond seal technology makes the main impact on its durability because it ensures leak points and enhances longevity by a large margin. The chances of mineral buildup are meager because its Touch-clean spray holes allow you to clean any buildup with one touch.

Enjoy straightforward installation with this faucet, and it can easily couple with any 3-hole 8inch configuration sink. The EZ anchor mounting system also simplifies the installation process as you can tighten the faucet from the top of the deck. It is also compliant with ADA norms, which will be really helpful for physically disabled users.

5. Pfister G13310WW – White Kitchen Faucet

Pfister G13310WW white faucet can be introduced as a simple yet quirky looking tap that treats you with the right performance at an affordable price. The uncanny outlook it wears with mid-arc design can complement almost all the decor types.

However, the white finish with simple curves takes all the limelight and gives it all the attention it deserves. Do not underestimate it by its fancy look because it can also flabbergast you with superior performance. It can deliver a constant flow rate of 1.75 GPM at 60PSI, and it can help you to perform all types of kitchen tasks comfortably.

Offering satisfying cleaning experience has always been an aim for Pfister faucets, and this modern kitchen faucet in white color is no different. The pull-out sprayer can go up to a maximum length of 38, meaning cleaning hard-to-reach parts of kitchenware won’t be a problem for you.

The best part is that the spray-head flaunts a toggle button for choosing stream or spray, and it allows you to multitask during busy hours. It maintains a deck to aerator height of 6-1/4inch so you can expect to have a free movement while cleaning dishes or rinsing a lot of veggies. Despite its terrific cleaning performance, it conserves a decent amount of water, and the CALGreen rating serves as the proof.

It is also compliant to NSF/ANSI 372 and lead content requirements so you can stay assured that you are getting the right tap. When it comes to installation, you won’t require any professional help as it is quite easy to set up, and it requires 1 or 3 holes installation. Pfister has given a decorative deck plate with this device that creates a seamless outlook with the sink.

You will love its superior build quality that can withstand heavy usage for years. It gets the Pforever seal that cradles the faucet with an advanced ceramic disc valve technology and ensures leak-free longevity.

6. Delta Faucet 441-WH-DST White Kitchen Faucet

Delta 441-WH-DST Collins is a widely popular faucet that serves as an excellent blend of modern styling and top-notch performance. It may boast the traditional mid-arc spout shape, but the combination of charming design with sleek outlook makes a stand out in the crowd.

However, the white color coat adds a dramatic flair to its simplistic outlook and makes it a credible choice for a kitchen with a minimalistic approach. It is accompanied by a side spray that also flaunts the same design theme and white color. It is a relatively cheap white kitchen faucet that would elevate your capability to finish kitchen chores quickly, and its 1.8 GPM flow rate serves one of the main factors.

The spray-head can extend up to 9-3/16inch long; thus, this high-end white kitchen faucet is sufficient to provide a convenient cleaning experience. However, its 5-7/32inch height might be a little problematic as it can often disrupt the free movement while you are busy with your kitchen chores.

But stacking dishes or filling large pots won’t be a problem as it gets a 180-degree swivel in both directions. In addition to the main sprayer, the side sprayer also plays a significant role in ensuring terrific performance as it helps you to accomplish small cleaning tasks quickly. The joystick handle is quite convenient to handle, and it starts the water flow with a little touch.

While switching from cold to hot water, you won’t get confused as the handle gets hot and cold indicators. All thanks to its Diamond Seal technology and free InnoFlex supply lines, the two-hole installation process is totally a breeze.

With that being said, the Diamond Seal technology is fully responsible for making the faucet totally leak-free and also prevents it from metal contamination. Due to its brass body construction, it can smoothly last for years, even after heavy everyday usage. Lastly, you won’t ever have to think about repair cost or damage because Delta’s limited lifetime warranty backs it.


Having the right color is really important when you are installing a faucet because it helps you to improve the design dynamics of your kitchen. So when you choose the best white kitchen faucet, it will turn your sink area into the most functional and attractive unit in your kitchen.

Installing faucets like Kraus KPF-1673CHWH can notch up the elegance of your decor and bring a seamless outlook. Rather than focusing on brands, we have evaluated faucet from different brands so that we can provide you an efficient list of best white faucets in the market.

All taps in this list carry many top-end features, so you can expect to have joyful experience while doing kitchen chores. Durability is a significant perk with these white taps, and none of them will bend or break after a few months of usage.

Taps like Delta Faucet 440-WH-DST flaunts many functionalities, and they make your preparation time shortened by a large margin. So we genuinely expect that you will find the most suitable white kitchen faucet from this list and complete the whole look.

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