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Centerset Vs Widespread Faucets – Everything You Need to Know

Faucets are a crucial and essential part of your kitchen and bathroom. They are used on a routine basis, so when selecting them one needs to make sure that the chosen pieces are reliable and durable. In addition to the application, you will also need to look for the type of faucet to suit your interior in the kitchen and the bathroom. It usually boils down to a Centerset or a widespread faucet as popular choices especially in the bathroom.

Now which one to choose?

It is completely on you, but we will help you by making this decision easier. Tag along to know the pros and cons of each type of faucets mentioned earlier and then make the right decision for your living space.

What is Centerset Faucet?

Delta Faucet Lahara 2-Handle Centerset Bathroom Faucet

The most common and cheap faucets that you will come across in the market are the centerset faucets. These are widely available in the market and are mostly found in the bathroom faucet range. Given how old this style is you will come across different designs in this range in addition to the finish options available.

Furthermore, you will see this broad category further divided into two subcategories:

  1. The mini spread
  2. The 4-inch spread faucets.

Mini spread faucets

As the name suggests, this faucet when viewed from the top appears to not be connected with anything due to its small size. You will mainly find this type of faucet installed in the bathrooms. You can find them in several styles and finishes. The good thing about these faucets is that the installation is pretty easy and you can have them installed in a 3-hole space.

4-inch spread faucets

Similar to the minis spread, the 4-inch spread faucet takes its names due to the 4-inch difference between the faucet and the handles. Similar to the mini-spread, this faucet comes with the assembly and as a single unit. But it requires three holes for installation. One for each handle and one for the center faucet.

If you are looking for the faucet to complement a small space and serve the purpose well, then you should definitely opt for a centerset faucet. As most of the fixtures under this category come in a sleek and compact design, hence they will prove to be fit for installation in small spaces. Plus you can get the functionality of dual handles too, if you do not like working with a single handle faucet, this will prove to be a good option in your bathroom.

So to find out which design in this range suits best to your bathroom or kitchen, begin by measuring the sink space and then select the relevant design accordingly. However, remember this, the centerset goes well with drop-in sinks and not with the under-mount sinks. So be sure not to mess this up when you are selecting the piece.

Centerset is CHEAPER and looks good but NOT so easy to clean.

What is Widespread Faucet?

Delta Faucet Windemere 2-Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet

If you happen to have plenty of space and do not have much of a liking for a single unit then the widespread faucet is your best option. These faucets as the name suggest take up more space the compact centersets, the reason being they do not come in a single unit but have parts for each function. There are two pieces of handles and a faucet in the assembly when you purchase a widespread faucet. This means you will have to install each part individually and you will not require a deck plate to do so.

While this may seem a bit trivial when it comes to installation, this configuration has a bonus. If anyone of the parts malfunctions, you will not have to replace the entire unit; just replace the malfunctioning part with a new one. This will save you from the cost spent otherwise in case of a centerspread faucet.

Additionally, it allows you to customize the placing to your desire. You are not restricted to install the handles 4 inches apart, rather have the flexibility to install it to your desired position. However, wherever you plan to install them, you will have to drill a separate hole for each piece.

This design is usually encountered in the kitchens. Due to its elegant design, you will find all the connections below the sink. This gives a neat outlook, perfect for an elegant and modern kitchen style. So if you happen to choose a widespread faucet for your kitchen sink make sure the sink is deep and the space is large, so that the faucet stands out adding to the aesthetics of the space. Plus you will likely find more design options to choose from when it comes to widespread faucets. This allows you to mix and match and enhance the beauty of the space according to other contrast and accessories already in place.

widespread faucet is EASY to clean and looks good but NOT CHEAP.


Now that you have a decent idea of both the hip faucet configurations in the market you are ready to buy one for your kitchen or bathroom. However, before you go, remember to follow these few steps:

  • Measure the sink area and the island where the faucet is to be mounted
  • Check for the space of the room
  • Consider the size and mounting of the sink

Once you have an idea of the above-mentioned points you are in a better position to make the right choice for your kitchen or bathroom. A spacious room will be complemented by a widespread faucet set, whereas a compact room will be adorned better by a centerset.

For the sinks, deep and wide sinks allow widespread faucets to take their desired place whereas the drop-in sinks will complement the centerset faucets. And lastly, as far as the style is concerned you will get more options and experimentation with the widespread faucets.

So keep these points in mind when making the choice, surely you will end up buying what is best suited to you and your living space’s aesthetic needs. Do try out these tips and let us know about your experience while shopping for your faucets.

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