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Best Granite Sink Reviews 2020 & Buying Guide

The sink serves as the most functional unit in the kitchen, and everybody wants it to be beautiful and durable. However, to get a robust and stunning sink, you need to find appropriate material as they serve as the determining factor.

So which one should you choose?

Well, you will have the option of stainless steel, fireclay, cast iron, granite, copper, and many more. But if you seek highly durable material that has its own charm, then we would suggest you get a granite sink.

They are well known for their durability, and they hold prowess to transform dull decor into an elegant one.

Top 5 Best Granite Sinks:

So we have a chart of some best granite sink that we think worth every penny you spend on them. But let’s check out some vital facts first. You may skip this section and directly go to the Top List.

How are Granite Sinks Made?

Granite sink may seem like just another beautiful sink in the market, but the process of making of this type is really tricky. Most of the high-quality granite sink manufactured by different companies contain 80% of granite and 20% of other materials for composing the granite materials.

Generally, this type of sink is made in two ways; one of them is a simple curving process where the sink is sculpted directly from a big granite block. While in the other type, different granite slabs are assembled to make a sink.

In the first process, a massive automated machine is utilized to cut a granite sink from a big granite block, and they are generally known as a one-piece granite sink. Some manufacturers even carve the pan using a hammer and chisel to deliver a handcrafted quality.

However, the designs and finish are mostly carried out using machines; otherwise, it is challenging to bring a top-notch finish. Nowadays, only a few manufacturers opt for this process as a lot of granite is wasted, and they are costly.

The second process, on the other hand, is widely popular, and most of the manufacturer utilizes it. Here a lot of slabs or pieces of granites are first assembled together, and then using automated machines, the sink is carved out. Many experts suggest that the sink made in this way has better bonding between the granite stone, thus offer high durability. Then different chemicals and machines are used to give its top layer the smooth finish and color.

Good and Bad Side of a Granite Sink

Well, granite sink is one of the most popular choices among homeowners, and all the credit goes to the crucial benefits it offers. However, no material is perfect, and it too has some downsides. So here are the pros and cons;


Unarguably one of the main reasons that people opt for granite is due to the immense durability it offers. The entire granite sink contains 80% granite that makes it stronger than others. The structure of the material makes the sink non-porous and resistant chips, stains, scratch, odor, and heat.

The beautiful outlook they bring out in the kitchen is another reason why they are still widely popular in vintage and modern homes. They are elegant and carry that timeless design that can blend with home decor.

A variety of finish and color is another factor that makes it more appealing among buyers because it assists them to complement their seamless decor. They are also available in a variety of sizes, so it becomes easy for owners to choose them depending upon the requirement.

Being beautiful and fluidic in design often incurs a lot of maintenance, but granite is really easy to maintain. Not only it is resistant to scratch, but it isn’t sensitive. You can put hot water, food, or colored solution in it, and it won’t get affected.

They can be easily cleaned with a standard detergent solution and a soft cloth. Moreover, they don’t need any high-end chemicals to clean them.

Granite might seem like a highly expensive material, but they are available in a wide variety. Although they are costly than stainless steel and copper sinks but nowadays, they are available in a wide price range.

Most of the models are value for money, so they are worth the hard-earned money you spend on them.


Granite sinks are quite robust, and it makes a significant impact on the glassware. Many fragile tend to break while you wash or clean them on the pan. Moreover, they are substantial in weight, so they put a lot of pressure on the cabinet or countertop they are installed.

Although granite sink comes with a wide variety of price range but genuine granite sinks are highly expensive. High-quality granite sinks have a higher price tag than most of the pans, so it is not easy for everyone to purchase them. But these sinks come with a lot of features, so they are totally worth it.

Undermount Granite Sinks V/S Top mount Granite Sinks: Which One Is the Best?

Nowadays, most of the granite sinks are sold either in under-mount configuration or top-mount configuration. So people often get confused as they don’t have an in-depth idea of which one will be suitable for them. So let’s look which is one is the best granite sink according to your requirement;

Under-mount granite sink

As the name suggests, under-mount sink configuration requires support from underneath where they are installed. However, they differ from other under-mount sinks as they only require a simple frame to place the pan within the cabinetry.

The granite sink is quite heavy, and they need a sturdy base cabinet or hardy structure for support from underneath.

Unfortunately, you can’t install them on all types of cabinets, so you might have to buy a new cabinet for installing them. Moreover, under-mount granite sink is challenging to install, and you need professional hands to put them.

You will have to make many adjustments in the cabinet to fit them properly. Many users have reported that under-mount configuration has often hindered the durability of the base cabinet due to its heavy stone weight. But they create a seamless and streamlined look that you won’t get with other configuration.

Top-mount granite sink

Top mount granite sink is of standard configuration sinks that can be easily installed in the cutout area of the countertop or basement area. In this configuration, the lip or the top portion of the pan overlaps with the top-layer or countertop of the cabinet.

Basically, the lip and clamps hold the sink in place, but if they aren’t correctly fitted, then chances that it might get damaged.

Top-mount sinks are really easy to install, and with the help of a family member, you can fit a sink in your kitchen. However, they often tend to scratch the countertop surface and make it greasy during installation.  The maintenance of top mount models area straightforward as most of the part is visible, and you can easily reach all the space. Most importantly, the top-mount model is slightly cheaper than under-mount, and they don’t incur the cost for labor or material.

Without further ado, it is time to move to our review part;

Top 5 Best Granite Sinks Review

1. Kraus Forteza – One of the Best Granite Kitchen Sinks

Kraus has always treated its customers with innovative kitchen equipment, and with Forteza KGD-52, they have done the same. It is a carefully crafted dual bowl sink with curvy lines on one side that can make anyone fall to its subtle beauty. With its vibrant and fade-proof color, it adds more drama to kitchen decor, whether it is modern or classic.

A great thing about this color is that it gets into the whole sink, and it is UV protected that prevents any discoloration over time. As it has a dual bowl setup, so it gets you a 33inch length and 9th depth so that you can carry out all your tasks without facing space shortage.

What sets this top-end kitchen granite sink from others? Even though it comes with a deep bowl but it gets a low center divider that facilitates you to clean even the most extensive cookware without splashing water in the countertop. The slopes of the surface are meticulously angled so that you won’t be bugged by standing water while cleaning dishes.

Glassware often falls due to slippery surface in the basin, but this top granite sink’s surface keeps them intact even during cleaning. It also gets two rear set drains for easy water drainage. The best part is that you can do all sorts of kitchen tasks without making a loud noise as its thick stone-like undercoat absorbs most of the sound.

Kraus has offered a convenient installation facility with this model, and its under-mount and drop-in mount facility serve as the proof. Moreover, it four knock-out holes for easy drilling and one pre-drilled hole so that you can install the faucet of your choice.

However, what will impress you most is its 80% natural granite build that offers exceptional durability and resistance to scratch and impact. It gets a potent thermal finishing through its body that takes the strength to a whole new level. It is also resilient to dirt and bacteria, thus making it a healthy addition in the kitchen.

2. Kraus KGU-55BLACK Forteza – Quality kitchen Granite Sink with Drain Assembly, Silicone Mitt and Trivet

If high quality yet affordable granite sink is your current priority for your new kitchen, then you should look nowhere else and opt for Kraus KGU-413B. It is a carefully designed single bowl sink that holds a structure of 30.5L X 17W X 9D inch so that you never feel space shortage during cleaning.

Moreover, the 9inch depth and 30inch length are deep and wide enough to facilitate uninterrupted workspace for cleaning large cookware or a large number of vegetables for cleansing. The feature that will surprise you the most is its gently slopped surface that does not deliver fast drainage but also prevents glassware from tipping.

Kraus KGU-413B holds the prowess to beautify any kitchen decor wherever they are installed, and the credit goes to its seamless design with prominent black color. The gently rounded corner will remind you about the fusion of contemporary and elegant styling it brings out in the kitchen environment. Moreover, its unique under-mount design allows it to blend with the cabinet countertop, thus giving you a clean look.

The installation process is quite straightforward, and its 30lbs lightweight body makes things easier. However, it requires a minimum 33inch cabinet for installation. Kraus has always been known to take care of their customer’s interests, and that is why they have supplied basket strainer, cutout template, kitchen towel, and mounting hardware.

Since it is geared with sound-absorbing material, you would hardly hear any noise while washing dishes or placing dirty cookware. This top-end granite sink is widely popular for its durability, and all the praise goes to its 80% natural granite built that makes it resistant to chips, scratch, and impact.

The whole body is matted to a thermal finish that also gives it the capability to resist oppressive heat, discoloration, and chemicals. Lastly, it gets a limited lifetime warranty that makes it one of the best value for money products.

3. Houzer E-100 MIDNITE Quartztone Series – Budget-Friendly Dual Mount Granite Bar/Prep Sink

Houzer E-100 is a compact size granite sink that is engineered to serve house owners who require a functional basin in their small kitchen. It is a simple-looking basin with a classic square shape and curved edges that add to the artistic touch of your kitchen design.

However, its crisp midnite color with silky body finish makes the main impact that makes it the center of attraction in the kitchen. It may have a square area of 15.75inch, but its 8inch depth gives it enough space to carry out all significant kitchen chores. You might find it difficult to accommodate large pans, but you can stack at least 15 dishes for cleaning.

The installation process is straightforward, and it gets dual mount bar support for easy installation. It also gets under-mount and top-mount installation facility so you can mount it depending upon your design requirement.

Remember, this top-notch granite basin requires a minimum 24inch cabinet cut out for placement; otherwise, it might clog the supply line or lower assembly. It even comes with a cutout template, instruction, and fastener that smoothens up the process of installation without needing the assistance of professionals. However, you will only get a 1year limited warranty service with this model, although it won’t be a deal-breaker.

The main reason behind this reasonable granite sink’s immense popularity is unparalleled hardiness that it gets from extremely tough 80% quartz tone granite. Quartz tone not only offers three times hardness than natural granite but also makes it resistant to thermal shock and extreme heat.

Not only that, but the pore-free sealed surface also delivers antibacterial protection and resistance to fading, scratches, and chips. Moreover, it is hygienic because the surface resists the deposit of any food stains or other contaminants during daily chores. The maintenance part is really easy, and you can use a regular cloth to clean it.

4. Kraus KGD-442BLACK Quarza – Gorgeous Black Granite Sink

An uncanny looking budget granite sink can be a reasonable tag to introduce Kraus KGD-442 as it rightly fits with features. It is a sizeable 33inch sink that offers a depth of 10inch, thus facilitating you an uninterrupted workspace for doing all your kitchen chores. To make things more interesting, it gives you a dual deep bowl set up with a 60/40 split configuration so that you can clean food in one place and wash dishes on the other.

All thanks to its low center divider, you can even use the sink space as a single bowl for accommodating large kitchenware. The surface is also meticulously angled so that it offers fast drainage and prevents glasses from falling.

We can assure once you install this one of the best granite sinks, it will become eye candy in your modern kitchen decor. The intriguing body design with sleek corners and curvy body lines gives it that outlook that can complement any decor.

The whole body is garnished with a non-fading gray color that gives it a luxurious look that won’t get faded over time. While installing, you can create a seamless countertop outlook because it treats you with both under-mount and drop-in mounting facility. It gets a rear set 3.5inch

While cleaning cookware, you would hardly hear any annoying sound, and it is due to thick stone-like materials underneath that absorb most of the noises. Made from 80% natural quartz and acrylic resin, it serves as a lifetime investment because it won’t get scratch, discoloration or chipping even after years of usage.

Most importantly, it has a non-porous surface that makes it hygienic because it doesn’t allow a deposit of dirt or contaminants. You can put in hot foods or cookware for cleaning since the surface holds the prowess to withstand high hot or cold temperatures. Kraus has greeted its lifetime limited warranty, where they cover most of the damages or discoloration issues.

5. Kraus KGD-54BLACK – Ganite Kitchen Sink

Another great granite sink from Kraus. Kraus is a popular brand to trust. Kraus KGD-54 will not only enhance the functionality of your kitchen but will also add a timeless outlook. When you go for the under-mount installation, it creates a smooth perspective by blending the sink with the countertop.

Notably, this top granite sink gets a rear side with a wavy design that uplifts the design of the cabinetry as well as the kitchen by a large margin. If you have a dark or light color countertop, then it will be a perfect addition as its beautiful dusk fusion grey color will make a contrasting impact.

Although it gets a single bowl workspace configuration, its 9inch depth with an ample space allows you to make the most of out it. Besides a vast cleaning place, you can stack large pots for filling and spread loads of vegetables for rinsing. Even though it doesn’t come with grooves in the surface, but its rear set 3.5 drain facility delivers easy disposal of water during the cleaning process. Enjoy a quiet kitchen whenever you are working on the sink, and the credit goes to its thick material in the lower part that absorbs most of the vibrations.

This high-quality granite sink is a remarkable blend of functionality and durability, and its quartz granite robust build quality promises to stay by your side for decades. The thick quartz is not only sturdy but also has the capability to resist impact from chipping and banging. You can keep hot cookware or food on the surface due to its heat-safe feature that can resist up to 535-degree Fahrenheit. Due to its non-porous and silky surface, it also makes it easy to clean equipment. The quartz surface also prevents sticking so you can say goodbye to any stain or smudge.

6. Franke EODB33229-1 – Mocha Color Granite Sink

Another great 33inch basin addition in the list of most exquisite granite sink is Franke Ellipse offset granite sink that has numerous positive reviews under its belt. The main reason behinds its vast popularity is its grand workstation and 9inch depth that lets you clean all the dishes even if the number is twenty-five.

The sink is divided into two bowls so that you can adequately perform your cleaning task without making a mess on the countertop. For easy water drainage options, it comes with the standard 3.5inch rear set drainage system that fits comfortably with most of the disposal system.

With exceptional performance comes greats sturdiness, and it lives up to the quote by treating you with 80% quartz and acrylic-resin construction, which is the hardest component of granite.

As granite has high density, so the chances of scratch, stain, or chips are almost minimal. Moreover, it has an immense heat resistant capability, so it won’t face any damage while keeping hot cookware or food on the surface.

The surface of this gorgeous granite sink is non-porous, and it has a Sanitized feature that allows the pan to knock out the build of germs. The surface is so smooth that it would take few minutes and a small effort to clean it.

When it comes to the design, its sleek edges and curvy side panel can perfectly bring a sophisticated yet simplistic outlook in your kitchen. However, Onyx color serves as the primary catalyst because it allows the basin to complement any decor without hindering the aesthetics.

Its shiny body glow also adds to the overall design making it look apart in the kitchen. This elegant granite sink can be installed in both top-mount and under-mount configuration. However, its under-mount design offers the best flawless look as it perfectly blends with the countertop. It gets two pre driller holes where one is for installing the main faucet, and the other one is for side-sprayer or soap dispenser.

7. Enbol Black Granite Composite Kitchen Sink

Enbol EGD-3219-B is a uniquely designed premium grade granite sink that is yet to get its share of popularity in the market. Unlike other dual bowl sinks, it is an elegantly configured sink that holds a 50/50 bowl design, thus giving a lot for multitasking and avoiding any cross-contamination.

The overall size of this top granite sink is 31 5/8L X 19 1/2W X 9 7/8H, so you can expect to get a large workspace for your kitchen chore. With this one of the most excellent granite sinks, you won’t have to waste time cleaning off standing water as its surface facilitates fast water drainage.

You need to have a large kitchen and a base cabinet size of a minimum 36inch for blending it. It may come with only under-mount installation, but it gives it an ideal position and also helps in creating a clean look.

The installation process is quite simple, and all the installation hardware, including drainer, wash towel, and cutout template, are available in the package. The basin may come with the traditional dual bowl outlook, but its deep black paint creates a lasting impression on the kitchen environment. It gets a 15mm micro radius corner that does not complement the whole look but also you to clean every edge of the basin.

Due to the presence of sound-absorbing materials underneath the sink, whether you are filling pans or cleaning cookware, you won’t hear them thumping the floor. Constructed from 80% natural granite, it gives the sink unparalleled strength and durability.

The non-porous surface of this top quality granite sink is so resilient that it doesn’t get affected by oil, scratch, chips, chemical, and fingerprint. The color has been graded in such a way that it won’t discolor or get affected by heat even after years of heavy usage.

8. Houzer M-200U MIDNITE – Ganite Kitchen Sink

We are delighted to present it to you another 50/50 dual bowl configuration sink, Houzer M-200U, that has gained a lot of popularity since its arrival. Many buyers have commended it for its robust build quality because it is based on an 80% fine quartz tone granite that offers immense strength.

Moreover, its non-permeable surface is antibacterial, and it doesn’t entertain the deposit of food stains, so it also copes with the hygiene of your kitchen. This high-quality granite sink has been engineered in such a way that it not resist scratch and chips but also gives it shock and thermal resistance capability.

Not the only durability, it also excels well in terms of looks, and it’s simplistic 50/50 dual bowl design brings a new aura in your kitchen decor. It gets a midnite black color throughout its body that allows it to create magic on the kitchen decor. The whole surface gets seamless lines and gently rounded edges that add to the overall simple look of the sink.

However, it is only compatible with an under-mount sink, but it gives the countertop that unspoiled look you won’t get with other mounts. As it is a sizeable 33inch sink, so it requires a 36inch or more base cabinet space for proper fitting. Houzer has supplied fastener, instruction, and cutout template to make the installation more accessible for you.

It is often regarded as one of the best granite sinks as it’s vast bowl space allows user to swiftly finish their kitchen chores without cross-contamination. Although it gets 50/50 bowl configuration for organized workspace its low recessed divided offer enough to room to accommodate the large cookware for cleaning.

Each bowl has a depth around 9.5inch, thus giving you enough room to fit large pans or stack of dishes. UPC/IAPMP certifies it so you can completely lay your trust in this basin.

9. Blanco 440215-3 Diamond 3-HoleUndermount Granite Sink

Redecorating your kitchen with a lavish decor? Want to add a high-end granite sink that will go with the look? Well, Blanco 440215-3 could be a plausible option for your design. It is a top-tier granite basin that doesn’t allow you to compromise on the kitchen workspace by treating you with has two large bowls for cleaning.

It gets the standard 60/40 split configuration so that you can multitask during busy hours in the kitchen.

Built with a 9 1/2 and 8inch depth, it provides you enough room for fitting any large cookware in them without making adjustments. Due to its dual rear set drainage, it easily steers away from all the dirty water during cleaning.

The picture-perfect design with a shiny body surface will make you fall in love with it. The deep black color ideal complements its beautiful outlook and helps it blend with any kitchen decor even if it has a vintage outlook. However, the arched rear side design takes all the limelight because it allows the basin to have a different viewpoint.

This is a top-notch granite sink gives you the option two mounting facilities; the traditional under-mount and drop-in mount. Moreover, it gets an easy installation process and flat deck; thus, many people prefer it over others. You won’t make holes in the countertop for faucet, and all the credit goes to its three pre-drilled holes that allow you to install any faucet you like.

It gets the combination of 80% solid granite and 20% high-end acrylic, and together, they offer one of the best durability you will ever get in a sink. As granite has a high density, so it makes the surface resistant to shock and high temperatures like heat from the hot pan.

Importantly, the surface is totally defiant to scratch and stains; thus, you can easily maintain the basin with a simple cleaning. No one loves to heat the annoying sound of cookware during cleaning. So when you use this composite sink, you won’t hear those sound as its thick material absorbs most of the vibration.


So before bidding goodbye,

We would like to say that we really hope that our top nine granite sink will help you pick the perfect basin for your kitchen. All these sinks are of immense durability, optimum functionality, and mindboggling design, so once you invest in them, you won’t regret your purchase.

If you want a top-end granite sink, then you can choose models like Kraus Forteza KGD-52 as it caters to all your visual and functional requirements. You can also select E-100 Houzer if you don’t have a huge budget to spend on the kitchen basin. We have covered different types of granite sinks so that readers with different needs can benefit from this guide.

All the products have been thoroughly tested in our lab by a group of expert; thus, we can assure you that all of them holds the best quality. To give you proper knowledge about the granite sink, we have even added some useful information.

Cleaning these sinks is really easy, but you shouldn’t use abrasive materials to clean as it would damage the surface and color. While choosing, you should focus on the size of the sink because the wrong size can hinder the whole purchase. So if you have any further queries and recommendations, feel free to contact us, and we will get to you as soon as possible.

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