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Best Bathroom Sinks Review 2020 – Top Undermount & Pedestal Sinks for Bathrooms

You already know the journey towards getting the best bathroom sink is a tricky part and chances are high you will get the wrong one if you don’t get proper guidance. So, we had researched on your behalf and invested a vast amount of time to dig out the names of some top-end bathroom sinks models available in the market. All the models have gone through several examinations, and it was done to make sure that we are offering the finest models to our viewers. The exciting part is, most of the models in this list are critically acclaimed by experts so you can trust on them.

Top 10 Best Bathroom Sinks Review

Let’s move on to the detailed reviews of all the top-rated bathroom sink that we think would be ideal for your purchase.

1. Renovator’s Supply sink – Bathroom Sink with Space Saving Design

Renovator’s Supply sink Bathroom Sink

What We Liked Most About This Product

Renovator’s Supply is one of the best pedestal bathroom sinks that you might look due to its simplicity, but there is more to it than meets the eye. It bears a subtle with less amount of designer input, and it holds the prowess to leave you flabbergasted with its functionality as well as durability. It is a top and highest-selling bathroom sink in the market, and hardly any other product has been able to surpass it.

Features and Benefits

Renovator’s Supply sink is a 33inch tall and 16inch wide sink that can rightly fit into any bathroom decor without jeopardizing its aesthetic. It carries a simple design adorned with glossy white skin and a sleek line that is ideal for the washroom.

Not only that, but the manufacturer has also introduced Reno gloss coating that ensures it is entirely scratch less and stainless. The whole structure comes as a small complete package bearing classic outlook and this helps the model to rightly blend with the wall they are attached. The installation process is quite easy as it follows a simple wall installation with the bolt.

Renovator’s Supply pedestal bathroom is built using top-end Grade A vitreous China porcelain that offers not only immense durability but also an easy cleaning process. Although it holds a round structure, its open back section allows you to save a lot of space.

Even though the basin is 5inch deep, but the panel is designed in such a way that water gets splashed outside the sink. It is designed with a 1-3/4inch drain hole and center-set hole, but it only accepts up to 4inch faucet. However, it doesn’t come with any extra amenities like faucets, lag bolts, drain hole, etc.

So if you are planning to enhance the aesthetic of your bathroom with the new bathroom sink, then you should check out Renovator’s Supply sink. You can entirely rely on this model because it has many customers who are still happily using them.

Things We Like
  • Perfect height
  • Water doesn’t get easily splashed outside the sink
  • The overall size is ideal for any size of bathrooms
  • Top notch outer finishing with scratch resistance
  • You can swiftly clean the body with wet cloth
Things We Didn't Like
  • It doesn’t come with bolting bracket

2. KES rectangular porcelain vessel sink – A Countertop Bowl Sink

KES rectangular porcelain vessel sink – A Countertop Bowl Sink

What We Liked Most About This Product

The brand KES rectangular vessel sink might seem unpopular to you, but once you do thorough research, you will come to know it has a huge fan base throughout the world. It is a vessel style sink that sits on the countertop and requires only a certain amount of space.

It is not embedded with a large number of features but gets it job done prominently. Most importantly it is designed in such a way that it can even please a user who is very particular about bathroom equipment. But during comparison with Renovator’s Supply pedestal sink, it lacks behind due to the absence of Reno-glass finish.

Features and Benefits

KES rectangular porcelain sink is a European decor inspired model that boasts a vessel style design, and it rightly fits into any bathroom surrounding. Whether retro or modern bathroom decor, this white color countertop vessel effortlessly blends with the surrounding.

It is a 19inch long and 14.8inch wide quality sink that easily fits with any faucet carrying decent height. However, it doesn’t come packed with any kind of tap or carries holes for installation in the vessel. The shape of the drain hole is designed in such a way that you can install any equipment without any fuss.

Once you move your hand over the KES rectangular porcelain sink, you will feel that it is an elegant art that is constructed precisely without any mark. This vessel is a complete structure that carries delicate curves in most sections, and it is utterly devoid of any ridges.

It brings a five-inch height which ensures you can conveniently use the sink without displacing water on the countertop. Its durability factor deserves applause, and it is due to the usage best in quality ceramics in the construction. It is quite easy to clean the sink as it is adorned with a glossy finish that doesn’t hold any stains.

The installation process for KES rectangular porcelain sink is straightforward as it requires either counter mount off the wall mount. So this model could be the best option for you if you are looking for the sink which is more than eye-pleasing.

Things We Like
  • Massive longevity due to most excellent quality ceramic
  • Continuous smooth curves without any joint
  • Glossy polish with scratch resistance capability
  • Installation process is easy
  • It is suitable with all standard faucet height
Things We Didn't Like
  • It doesn’t carry any drain pipe

3. Nantucket Rectangle Ceramic – A Good Undermount Sink for Bathroom

Nantucket Rectangle Ceramic Bathroom Sink

What We Liked Most About This Product

Nantucket rectangle ceramic bathroom sink is a unique looking vanity piece that can impress everyone with it eccentric beauty. Even though it comes with an economical price tag but it features some fascinating attributes.

The craftsmanship of this model is so fluidic that it can comfortably fit into any countertop or slab in the bathroom and you won’t notice its presence. Most of the customers are entirely satisfied with this product so there is a minimal chance that you will feel disappointed. This is the ideal under-mount bathroom sink we have reviewed so far.


When we talk about a highly reviewed under-mount bathroom sink, the first names that come to the mind is Nantucket rectangle ceramic sink. It is basically a simple-looking rectangular-shaped under-mount sink that is more to performance than shiny flares. It is 18inch long and 12.8inch wide allowing to fit any furniture in the bathroom.

The bowl depth is around 7inch which provides the right amount of room for usage, and most importantly you can install the faucet of any height. According to experts, it is most suitable for mid-size or small bathroom, and it might look petite when installing in a large bathroom.

The design of the Nantucket rectangle ceramic sink is spectacular, and its continuous curve lining will make you believe this fact. You won’t worry about its longevity because it manufactured using most exceptional quality vitreous china and adorned with a porcelain enamel glaze.

Not only that, but it is also devoid of any joints that ensure that it won’t meet any crack until and unless it faces any massive damage. You won’t have a hard time installing them, and it comes with a 1.75inch drain so you can fit any pipe for drainage. It is also equipped with an overflow drain, so it bars the furniture from getting drenched in overflowed water.

So if you have a fascination towards under-mount vanity type bathroom sink, then you can use Nantucket rectangle ceramic sink. Lastly, it’s packaging doesn’t contain any extra amenities, so you have to stay prepared for installation.

Things We Like
  • Continuous body curves without any junction
  • Built using the premium quality material
  • It comes with an overflow hole
  • It follows simple installation mechanism
Things We Didn't Like
  • The overall size could have been bigger

4. VCCUCINE Rectangle Vessel Vanity Bathroom Sink

VCCUCINE Rectangle Vessel Vanity Bathroom Sink

What We Liked Most About This Product

We mostly judge a bathroom sink depending on its look and overlook models that don’t carry any eye-popping design. If you do the same with VCCUCINE rectangle vessel vanity, then you will miss one great product.

It is one of those products which is recommended by a lot of experts, and it is mainly due to its functionality. It is a simple-looking white sink that carries simple arches, but its durability and functionality overshadow all its simplicity. Despite all these facts, Renovator’s Supply pedestal sink wins over this model due to better size and usability.

Features and Benefits

VCCUCINE rectangle vanity is a white countertop basin that holds an aura to beautify any bathroom decor. It contains an uncomplicated rectangular structure, and it’s beautiful interior carries an immaculate charm.

The whole interior is adorned with immaculate bends and that too without any disruption which is a specialty of this model. This sink is 18.9inch long and 14.57inch wide making it suitable for any bathroom size. It even offers 5inch height which will be sufficient for you to install any kind of faucet. Not only that, but its 5inch height will also check water splash to fall on the countertop.

VCCUCINE rectangle vanity bears a one 3/4inch center drain hole which is adequate for quick water dispersion. However, you won’t get any pop-up drain or drain seal with the packaging. The highlighted part of this model is its ceramic construction material that ensures that it would serve you for a very long time.

Not only that, but the manufacturer has also included crystalline glaze in the construction, and it serves as the primary reason behind its glossy finish. This model is quite easy to clean and maintain, so a simple rub with wet clothing will do the job.

Planning to add an eccentric-looking countertop vanity sink in your contemporary style bathroom? Then take a peek at VCCUCINE rectangle vanity. Even though it doesn’t have a full-proof warranty, but you can stay assured it won’t incur any extra cost.

Things We Like
  • Elegant yet simple design with smooth arcs
  • High-quality ceramic material
  • The crystalline glaze doesn’t fade quickly
  • Stain and scratch resistant
Things We Didn't Like
  • It often splashes water

5. ELIMAX’S CV7050E3 Ceramic Vessel Bathroom Sink Review

ELIMAX’S CV7050E3 Ceramic Vessel Bathroom Sink

What We Liked Most About This Product

ELIMAX’S is a well-known company in the United States, and they have a vast range of bathroom sinks under their belt. CV7050E3 ceramic falls into that range, and it comes as a package carrying all the necessary amenities including a faucet.

It is a rectangular vessel that features some exciting list of attributes but also boasts a sturdy build quality that you might not expect at this price range. It always stays in demand and often goes out of stock from the market. However, it still lacks behind Renovator’s Supply pedestal sink when it comes to functionality.

Features and Benefits

ELIMAX’S CV7050E3 ceramic is not an average sink that you might from the first glance, and it serves as one of the highest selling items in mid-range. It is a rectangular-shaped white sink whose outer is flat while the interior is adorned with smooth and continuous subtle curves on the edges.

The whole body is mated with a glossy finish that ensures it is entirely resistant to any scratches and stains. It is approximately 18inch long, 14inch wide and 5inch high which allows you to freely use this sink without worrying about water falling on the countertop.

You will get a 12inch tall single handle oil rubbed bronze faucet with ELIMAX’S CV7050E3 ceramic vessel sink. Not only that, but it also comes with a pop-up drain that bears an oil rubbed bronze finish and trusts us both these amenities perfectly blends with the sink.

You won’t have to worry about its longevity because it is built using premium quality ceramics that last longer than regular sink materials. When it comes to installation, the process is quite easy, and moreover, you will have all the necessary items at your disposal like a mounting ring, base ring, water pipe, etc.

ELIMAX’S CV7050E3 ceramic vessel sink comes with a year warranty, and they will handle all kinds of issue during this time. So if you think, that this model will be ideal for your new bathroom then quickly buy it or else it might go out of stock.

Things We Like
  • Smooth design with curvy edges
  • It has a stainless and scratch resistant glossy coating
  • It comes with faucet and pop-up drain
  • Impressive build quality
Things We Didn't Like
  • The chance of water spill is high

6. Renovator’s Supply White – A Wall Mount Sink for Bathroom

Renovator’s Supply White – A Wall Mount Sink for Bathroom

What We Liked Most About This Product

Renovator’s Supply is one of those companies which is always trying to make a difference in the market by bringing unique bathroom equipment in the market. White oval wall mount sink is one of those models that have turned a lot of heads.

It is a specially designed small model intended for cozy apartments, but this little structure carries a lot of unique attributes that you won’t easily find in large-sized models.

We can assure you that it would stay functional for many years until and unless you decide to change or it face any damage. Even though it shares the same make with pedestal sink but the later model offers the little amount of better functionality than White oval wall mount sink.

Features and Benefits

Renovator’s Supply oval wall mount sink might seem peculiar due to its small size and semi-circle structure, but when it comes to performance, it doesn’t fall short. The whole structure adorns a white color making it suitable for any bathroom color.

Its interior is mated with continuous arches, and when you hover your hand, you will feel the smoothness. It is entirely resistant to scratch as well as and all the credit goes to its white Reno gloss coating on top. You can comfortably fit this model anywhere in the bathroom because it is only 17-1/8inch wide, 5-3/4inch high and 10-1/2inch Proj.

The installation process for Renovator’s Supply white oval wall mount sink takes a little amount of time as it just needs two lag bolts for the mount. Not only that it also comes packed with a top-class bathroom faucet as well as pop up drain and installing them on the sink is quite easy.

An exciting part of this sink is that it offers an overflow hole, but unfortunately the manufacturer hasn’t included any cover. Once you get this model, you won’t have to worry about its durability, and it is due to its vitreous China material.

So if you are seeking for the best wall mounted sink for the bathroom that doesn’t occupy much amount of space, then Renovator’s Supply white oval wall mount sink is your model. It only weighs around 10pounds so you don’t have to worry about accidental fall or damage to the wall where it will be mounted. This is one of the best sinks for the bathroom.

Things We Like
  • Innovative semi-circular design
  • Reno glass coating is offering maximum resistance
  • Presence of overflow hole
  • The sink depth is adequate to prevent water splash
Things We Didn't Like
  • It doesn’t come with overflow cover

7. Sinkology SB305-19N Hobbes – Handcrafted Bathroom Sink

Sinkology SB305-19N Hobbes Bathroom Sink

What We Liked Most About This Product

Sinkology SB305-19N Hobbes handcrafted sink is one of the highest liked models in the sink segment, and it serves as an ideal blend of design and functionality. The critical point of this model is its design which is handcrafted with hammered nickel providing it a contemporary styling with classic outlook.

Not only that it is also coated with nickel which ensures you don’t need to pay heed to maintenance. It is a vessel shaped sink that will look like a boat when you see it from the top. It boasts a decent size of 18.75 x 13.75 X 6.5 inches; thus you can install it in a bathroom of any size.

As a bathroom sink owner, we always long for a model that will last for a long time and Sinkology SB305-19N Hobbes handcrafted sink is one of those models. The premium quality brass material serves as the primary reason behind it impressive durability.

The installation process for above the counter mounting is quite simple, and you can quickly do it by just tightening some bolts. However, the sad part is that it doesn’t offer faucet, drain cover or water pipeline in the package. Lastly, it comes with a lifetime warranty which relieves you from the headache of spending extra money on repairing.

Sinkology SB305-19N Hobbes handcrafted sink will be your ideal buy if you are looking for a washbasin with jaw-dropping beauty. Whether you have a sophisticated decor or ordinary decor in your washroom, this model will easily blend in any design.

Things We Like
  • Smooth body curves
  • Heavy duty nickel finishing
  • Brass body material
  • Impressive price structure.
Things We Didn't Like
  • It doesn’t offer required equipment

8. ELIMAX’S SR-7444 – One of the Cheapest Porcelain Vessel Sink

Elimax's Bathroom SR-7444 Ceramic Porcelain Vessel Sink

What We Liked Most About This Product

ELIMAX’S SR-7444 semi-recessed ceramic sink might seem like a rectangle basin, but it is entirely different than most commonly used tub in the household. We can say it is the easiest type of sink you will find in the market and you will hardly come across this kind.

It has a limited number of features, but its functionality along with durability overshadows this fact. Most importantly the pricing structure is excellent as it also provides a pop-up drain. But sadly, it fails to gain the top spot as it fails to cross Renovator’s Supply pedestal sink in value for money and feature statistic.

Features and Benefits

A well designed and great looking washroom sink is the phrase that can aptly define ELIMAX’S SR-7444 semi-recessed ceramic sink. It adorns a simple rectangular design with simple wavy edges and glossy white color finish.

Even though it is a vessel type sink, but it follows a semi-recessed drop-in installation which allows you to hide the lower section under the countertop. The whole structure is 20.5inch wide, 14.5inch deep and 5.75inch high from the countertop which is convenient for regular usage. Not only that, but its small height will also help you to install a bathroom faucet of any height or any type.

The build quality of ELIMAX’S SR-7444 semi-recessed ceramic sink is so impressive that it won’t provide you any room for complaint. It is built using good quality ceramic material that allows the pan to last for long years.

The installation process of this drop-in sink is simple, and you just need simple bolts to attach it to the countertop. However, ELIMAX’S doesn’t offer any installation accessory with this model, but you are going to get a chrome pop up drain. Like every other ELIMAX’S model, it also bags a one year warranty for any kind of manufacturing defects.

ELIMAX’S SR-7444 semi-recessed ceramic is an excellent sink for the washroom which will ideally fit with your new bathroom. You can even install an extra slab on the countertop and fix it with the tub which will create a new look.

Things We Like
  • Smooth bodyline without any ridges
  • It is doesn’t hold any scratch or stain
  • It comes packed with a chrome pop up drain
Things We Didn't Like
  • It comes packed with a chrome pop up drain

9. Eclife Turquoise Square – Great Design

Eclife Turquoise Square Artistic Bathroom Sink

What We Liked Most About This Product

The Eclife Turquoise square artistic sink is compact bathroom equipment that comes packed with faucet and umbrella-style pop up drain. This vessel style sink carries many states of the earth features which will surely impress you.

But when you look at styling blended with top-notch color texture, you will get impressed. This is a unique top mount sink that only looks good but performs flawlessly without giving you any nightmares. Even though it excels in design but still fails to surpass Renovator’s Supply pedestal sink in overall performance and features.

Features and Benefits

We can say Eclife Turquoise square artistic sink is one of the stylish sinks available in the market that doesn’t compromise on functionality and durability. It is a well-engineered bowl-shaped sink which is square on the outside, and it requires above the counter installation.

The exciting things that it comes packed with hot/cold 1/2inch connector water lines and other mounting accessories like a 23inch supply line, bolts, zinc alloy mounting ring, etc. You will be flabbergasted with its interior as it boasts a hand-painted abstract artistic texture with subtle color finishing. Not only that it also bears a glossy scratch-resistant glass as a top coating which is quite easy to clean.

Eclife Turquoise square artistic sink might look fragile due to its glassy outlook but remember it is made from solid 1/2inch scratch-resistant solid tempered glass. To make things more interesting, Eclife has also supplied a solid brass structure ORB faucet and an umbrella-shaped brawny pop-up drain.

This faucet has a 1.5gpm flow rate and bears an oil rubbed bronze body finish which effortlessly blends with the color finish of the sink. Even though the overall depth is around 5.5inch but this ocean blue sink has been constructed in such a way that there won’t be any overflow of water.

If you are remodeling your bathroom with a modern artistic design and want a sink that would perfectly blend with that decor, then Eclife Turquoise sink is your item. It is a complete package that comes with everything you need in a tub.

Things We Like
  • The glass coating is resistant to scratch and stain
  • Presence of premium quality faucet and pop-up drain
  • Artistic textures throughout the interior
Things We Didn't Like
  • The water often overflows from the top
  • It is prone to stability issue

10. Kingo Home Above Counter Ceramic Sink – Great Quality Bathroom Sink

Kingo Home Above Counter Ceramic Sink

What We Liked Most About This Product

Kingo Home above the counter ceramic sink is an inexpensive model that has a lot of accolades from experts mainly due to its usability and price mark. It bears an effortless, elegant outlook with smooth finishing and due to this, it holds prowess to blend with any bathroom decor.

The functionality of this model is top-notch, and you won’t know this until and unless you will use it. However, when you compare it with Renovator’s Supply pedestal sink, it shies away by some margin in overall functionality and body finish.

Features and Benefits

Kingo Home above the counter ceramic sink is an oval basin style sink that carries a modern posture, and its top edge adorns simple curves without any kind of ridge. It is a white color sink that is ornamented with a non-porous glossy touch giving it a pleasant eye outlook.

Although the finishing might look fragile from outside but remember the glossy coating doesn’t allow any kind of scratch or stains. This model boasts a decent structure that depicts 16inch length, 5.5inch height, and 13inch width. Despite this size, you won’t get any hole for overflow or faucet installation which might suit certain buyers.

Kingo Home above counter ceramic sink excels well in the durability section, and it is due to the top of the line porcelain built material. The drain size of this model is 1-3/4inch which is broad enough to flush out a considerable amount of water immediately so receding the chance of any water splash.

The installation process is quite simple as it gets easily attached to the countertop with the help of some screws. However you to have buy faucet, mounting ring, lag bolts and pop up drain separately as they don’t come in the package.

It is advisable to install a long nickel-plated faucet and pop up drain with the sink as it will match with its outlook.

Things We Like
  • High-end quality washbasin
  • It is easy quite simple to install
  • It doesn’t easily allow water to splash out of the top
Things We Didn't Like
  • It won’t suit well in big bathrooms.

We have discussed the top sinks that would be ideal for your bathroom, and now it is time to focus on how you can choose them.

Types of Bathroom Sinks

The bathroom sink doesn’t come as a single type, and there is a different type of basin available in the market. We have laid down the information of various kinds, and it will help you to choose the right sink for your bathroom.

  • Top-mount sink- It is a natural type basin that is readily available in the market, and it is designed to be mounted on the top of the counter. This type fits comfortably on any shelf whether it laminate, wood and marble slab. But it becomes hard to clean water from the countertop that often gets spilled.
  • Wall-mounted sink- As the name suggests, this type of pans fitted directly on the wall, and it offers a compact look to the washroom. It not only saves a lot of space but also allows you to easily hide the plumbing inside the wall. However, you don’t get any landing area or storage space with this type.
  • Under-mount sink – This is an unconventional type of pan whose whole part lies below the counter, and only the rim part stays at the top. It allows you to create a clean look and easily cleans both the equipment. The inferior portion of this type is that they are costly and they can be only installed in the marble countertop.
  • Pedestal sink – Pedestal sink is another regular type of pan that is directly mounted to the wall and has a proper cover for waste pipe. It is ideal for bringing a classic outlook, and it also offers a clean aesthetic in the bathroom. Although it is tough to clean them and there is no provision for installing storage.
  • Vessel Sink – Vessel sink is quite similar to top mount basin although it has many variations where some pans are partially submerged below the counter. This type assists you to bring a dramatic look to the bathroom, but they are often uncomfortable to use due to height.
  • Semi-recessed sink – This type of pan is installed inside a cabinet making the whole furniture a piece of multipurpose equipment. It saves a lot of space in the washroom, and one can quickly reach the sink without height issue. Although water splashes on the ground is a common problem with this type and moreover you get limited storage option.
  • Wash-plane Sink – Wash-plane sink are sophisticated basins that are sleek and stylish in structure. These streamlined basins are mounted on the wall, and they take a little amount of space. They can’t hold the right amount of water, so you have to be careful while using it.

Consideration To Remember Before You Purchase the Right Bathroom Sink

  • Choosing the type- It is crucial that depending upon your requirement and bathroom decor, you should adequately select the bathroom type. The different sink has a different look and various installation process, so it is essential to choose the type carefully.
  • Build Material – Build material decides the durability of the sink so you should be careful because there are certain that offers poor longevity. Ceramic, hammered copper, stainless steel, high-quality glass, etc. are some sturdy build material.
  • Body Finishing – The overall body finishes as well as color should be a concern they will determine the outlook of your bathroom decor. The sink finish and color should match the decor of the bathroom. Moreover, the finish will also determine the number of times cleaning it will need.
  • Uses – The uses of a bathroom sink are also crucial because of a different type at different usage level and most of the drains are used for regular bathroom purposes. But if you want to use the sink only for shaving or doing makeup, then you will pan intended for those purposes only.
  • Dimension – Before going out to purchase your tub, you should take a measurement where you will fit the sink. Not only that, but you should also check out the dimension of the pan because it will help you to judge whether it will fit in the given area or not. A wrong size sink will ruin the whole set up process so you should be careful.
  • Weight – Weight is a crucial consideration you should look into because a wrong move will cause damage to both countertop or wall and sink. When you go for the heavy sink, you should install them on the stone countertop rather than ordinary laminate. It is always smart to avoid mounting heavy pan on thin walls or wooden walls.
  • Accessories availability – When you are about to buy a new, you should be aware of what type and how many accessories are available for the sink. Some sinks come with faucet and other accessories but not all of them. So you should check the availability of all fitting and fixtures before purchasing.


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