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Best Kitchen Faucet Under $200 Reviews 2020

Gone are those days when you had to spend a considerable chunk of money to install a high-quality faucet from a reputable brand. The faucet industry has come a long way and made faucets much more affordable without compromising on quality or performance.

Nowadays, you can easily own the best kitchen faucet with a budget under $200 that will not only treat you with impressive durability but also terrific multifunctionality. However, if you are not aware which models fall in the category of the best kitchen faucet under $200, you can go through our reviews.

Top 5 Kitchen Faucets under $200:

Top 10 Best Kitchen Faucets under $200 Reviews 2020

1. Delta Faucet Leland 9178-SP-DST – One of The Best Kitchen Faucets under $200

From the house of legendary faucet manufacturer Delta, we present to you the highly-rated Leland 9178-SP-DST that efficiently blends classic design and top-notch functionality. Although this faucet is based on the traditional gooseneck design, but the articulating body curves assist the tap in creating a dramatic outlook.

Garnished with a modern spotshield stainless, it will comfortably blend with other essentials of the kitchen. Despite the beautiful design, the ShieldSpray technology takes all the attention that assists you with a powerful water stream to clean any kind of stains in your cookware.

Geared with a magnetic docking system, the sprayer automatically retracts to dock itself and prevent dropping like other ordinary faucets.

The sprayer also serves as a dual functional wand that treats you with stream and sprays water function to swift up your cleaning and filling tasks. You won’t have any problem while cleaning a lot of dishes or filling large pots, and the credit partly goes to the 360-degree swivel with the high-arc spout.

Experience complete freedom in your movement with the 20inch hose that allows you to cover almost every area of the countertop and accomplish tasks conveniently.
Stay assured, the mineral buildup will never ruin your cleaning task as the soft rubber spray holes allow you to clean them with one wipe.

Based on the patented Diamond Seal technology and brass construction, Leland 9178-SP-DST has the capability to last for decades without causing any leakage. You won’t have to spend much time cleaning your faucet as the SpotShield technology assists the body in resisting oil, fingerprint, and water spot to maintain an immaculate look.

With the Duramount mounting system’s help, this kitchen faucet under 200 dollars will take a few minutes to install the faucet in the sink. The faucet comes packed with InnoFlex PEX supply lines and also carries the necessary hardware in the package, thus providing hassle-free installation.

2. Dalmo DAKF5F – Touchless Kitchen Faucet under $200

When you think of getting the top kitchen faucet under 200 dollars, one product that you should never miss out on is Dalmo DAKF5F. Loaded with a multifunctional sprayer, you will get three water flow choices that will help you to quicken up your cooking preparation time, especially when everyone is waiting for dinner.

The sprayer is matted to a 24inch retractable hose that will provide you complete flexibility and maneuverability to make your chores more convenient. With the ingenious 360-degree rotation design, you will not only enjoy an uninterrupted cleaning session but also move it in different directions to cater to dual bowl sinks.

Like every kitchen faucet, DAKF5F gets a single ergonomic handle that allows you to change the water temperature and flow speed with complete precision. All thanks to the dual sensor, you can smartly start and stop the water flow without touching the handle or sprayer with your messy hand.

What makes it more special? The sensor also gets a battery indicator that will flash a red light when the battery’s power level is below 10%. Along with an incredible performance, that faucet also flaunts a flamboyant design that will make it a worthy addition in any modern kitchen decor.

Incorporating a brushed nickel finish, this faucet not only looks charming but also resists any water spot and fingerprint and saves your cleaning time. Built with lead-free stainless steel, this faucet meets all the CUPC and NSF standards to treat with water that is healthy for your family.

The tap also gets a premium ceramic valve that adds to the overall durability and ensures leakage-free performance. We can confidently say that you won’t have a hard time during the installation, and importantly you will get all the required hardware in the package.

3. Moen 87233SRS Adler – Quality Kitchen Faucet under $200

Belonging the famous Adler series, Moen 87233SRS is designed to transform any sink area into a highly functional unit and also elevate kitchen decor by a large margin. Featuring a two-function spray wand, this faucet allows you to multitask by switching between aerated streams to rinsing purpose and power clean to cut through any stain on cookware.

Unlike others, the Power Clean mode delivers better spray power so you can expect it to clean dishes within a few minutes.

The faucet is not only limited to the sink area, and you can utilize the 68inch braided pull-down hose to cover almost every other part in the countertop efficiently. Designed with a self reflex system, the hose automatically retracts and securely dock itself to the spout from any distance.

Despite having a tall height of 14.6inch, this faucet comfortably sits underneath any cabinet and provides a complete range of motion for faster cleaning. Offering a single handle operation, you can conveniently change the water pressure and temperature without any hassle.

While using the faucet, you won’t have to worry about ruining the shiny outlook as it comes with spot resistant finish that doesn’t allow fingerprints and water spots to settle.

Plus, the spot resistance stainless finish gives the faucet an elegant charm and will enable it to complement other appliances in the countertop. We can say that you will love the high arc curvy design and smooth body lines because it can comfortably blend in any kitchen decor.

Faucets from Moen are built to last for decades, and this Adler faucet is no different that incorporates a premium zinc construction with a limited lifetime warranty. Say goodbye to plumbers as you can conveniently install the tap on the sink or countertop with the Duralock quick connect system. For three-hole installation, Moen has given a deck plate so you can easily set up the faucet without any fuss.

4. Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden – Commercial Kitchen Faucet under $200

Undoubtedly Kraus KPF-1610SS is one of the best value kitchen faucets under $200 you will ever come across that treats you with commercial grade performance at an unbelievable price. This commercial kitchen flaunts a professional-grade open coil design that makes it a perfect fit for home decor and allows it to notch up aesthetics.

Featuring a high arc gooseneck design and stainless steel finish, this faucet brings out a professional look to your kitchen decor. The compact 18inch may seem tall, but it can easily fit on any countertop and provide you enough room for uninterrupted movement during cleaning.

However, the feature that will attract you the most is the ergonomic pull-down design as it allows you to accomplish chores with maximum efficiency and also enjoy a 20inch broad reach.

What’s more? The hose will smoothly retract back when you leave it and will ultimately secure the tube in the spout so that it doesn’t tangle. Engineered with dual functional sprayer, this faucet gives you complete versatility to cater to different kitchen chores with the two water flow modes.

However, the spout can swivel only up to 180-degree, which we think is entirely sufficient for easy cleaning and filling.

The 90-degree forward rotation smart handle is exceptionally convenient to use as you won’t have to push them much to change the water flow precisely. Despite such terrific performance, you will be surprised to know that this tap is highly water-efficient and saves you from a considerable amount on the water bill.

Built with the blend of lead-free brass and a heavy-duty ceramic cartridge, you can expect the longevity of an industrial faucet design for home-usage. Importantly, it comes totally installation ready with the pre-attached 22inch waterline and all the required mounting hardware, meaning you can quickly install it as soon as it reaches your home.

5. Kraus KPF-2620SFS Oletto – Kitchen Faucet under $200

Another excellent value multifunctional faucet under 200 dollars hailing from Kraus is KPF-2620SFS Oletto that may look simple but has the capacity to outperform many top-notch models. The main motto of this faucet is to provide a complete range of motion with optimum convenience, and that is why it gets a pull-down sprayer whose hose can reach up to 14inch.

Plus, the sprayer also packs a smooth-retract technology where it conveniently pulls back the sprayer into the original place when not in use. To extend your range of motion and accommodate large cookware, you can utilize the 360-swivel facility in the spout with flex and pivot.

Whether you want to fill pots or rinse vegetables, the dual function sprayer with an aerated stream and powerful spray will help you achieve all kinds of tasks with ease. Although it delivers a terrific 1.8gm flow-rate, surprisingly it saves the right amount of water daily.

The spout is fitted with an easy-clean rubber nozzle that allows you to clean any mineral deposit with one swipe of your finger. With a streamlined design and simplistic outlook, this faucet will make a significant impact on your decor and create an elegant perspective in the sink area.

The brushed nickel finish treatment, on the other hand, will allow the faucet to coordinate with other fixtures in your kitchen to create a complete look.

Besides, the brushed nickel finish also makes the body resistant to fingerprints and water spots, thus ensures easy cleaning and lifelong shine. Based on heavy-duty brass and ceramic valve construction, you can expect lifetime longevity from this faucet with drip-free usage.

If you are thinking of top mount installation, then you can fit the tap within a few minutes, and the credit goes to the QuickDock mounting assembly.

6. APPASO 133BRG – Pull Down Kitchen Faucet under $200

Meticulously crafted with the combination of shiny gold and matte black finish, Appaso 133BRG will instantly become a center of focus in your kitchen decor. Although the faucet comes with the classic gooseneck design, the attention to detail and subtle body line makes it stand out in this list of faucets available for below $200.

The same design treatment has also been given to its tiny soap dispenser so that the plumbing can create a seamless visual impact. Geared with a stylish yet convenient single-handle, it facilitates you to precisely control hot and cold water without needing a huge push.

Say goodbye to your handwash bottle because this faucet also treats you with a separate soap dispenser for added convenience.

The spray wand of Appaso 133BRG not only looks beautiful but also eases up your cleaning regime with its multifunctional three spray modes. You can utilize the spray mode for easy filling and stream for forceful rinsing while the sweep spray can be used to wash veggies.

Fillings jugs on the countertop or covering every corner in the sink would become a straightforward task for you as you will get the assistance of an extendable pull-down spray-head. Engineered with a powerful magnetic docking system, you won’t have to worry about tangling issues as it pulls back the spray-head to the spout after the task is over.

With the 360-degree swivel spout, you won’t have to face clumsiness while placing a large stack of cookware or a large pot because you can conveniently move the spout. Most importantly, it comes with a 15.7inch height that not only makes it easy to fit but also offers ample movement space above the pan.

You can experience impressive longevity with the SUS 304 stainless steel construction that promises to rock in your kitchen for a minimum of ten years. Most importantly, the manufacturer has treated the body with multi-layer brushed nickel and NSF standard zinc alloy coating that also adds to the overall durability.

7. Delta Faucet Windemere 21996LF – One of the Cheapest in the List

Hailing from the performance lineup of Delta, 21996LF Windmere-2 is a one of a kind budget kitchen faucet that will impress both with the performance and design. Crafted with an 11inch high-arch spout, this faucet serves as a practical and high-performance solution for all your kitchen tasks.

This faucet is designed to provide you complete flexibility with the 360-degree swivel spout so you can easily move the spout to accomplish your chores. However, the efficient side sprayer makes the main impact as it allows you to cut through any mess or properly rinse vegetables.

Since the side sprayer comes with a retractable hose, it becomes simple to cover a large area while you are in the middle of your kitchen chore.

The two-handle design makes the operation extremely simple because you can easily change the water temperature and flow-rate without getting confused. Importantly, the faucet has a spout reach of 8inches, so it serves as a great help when you are preparing to make dinner.

Incorporating a configuration of 4-hole, 8inch, you may find it difficult to accommodate if you have a small sink or standard three-hole configuration. However, the installation process is quite simple, and the deck plate mounted faucet with handle makes things uncomplicated.

Having a premium metal build, this faucet has the ability to last for a long time, even after heavy usage. It is also treated with a resistive coating that saves the tap from rust and corrosion. Most importantly, it is backed by a lifetime limited warranty covering most of the damages and faults.

The long arc body stance with European design inspired detailing makes this good quality faucet under 200 dollars a showpiece in your kitchen. On the other hand, the polished chrome gives the faucet the visual impression so that it can complement the decor as well as other fixtures in the kitchen.

8. Forious FF0200G – Gold Colored Pull Out Kitchen Faucet under $200

If getting one of the most fantastic faucets in the market under 200 dollars is your target, then Forious FF0200G is worth your attention that excels in all the departments. Geared with a 2-function spray wand, this high-performance device lets you multitask and swift up your food preparation time.

The scald prevention design with Neoperl aerator allows you to comfortably fill pots with hot water and that too without getting the burning sensation. Enjoy a full range of motion with the pull-down hose that can reach up to a great distance so that you don’t have to compromise on your kitchen chore.

Plus, it serves as an ergonomic 360-degree swivel, so you can expect to have a continuous movement while you are in a rush to finish your cleaning tasks.

The cold and hot water regulation is quite simple with the single handle, and it just needs a simple nudge to facilitate accurate control.

Not only the performance, but this faucet will also leave you in awe with its simplistic design and a streamlined body and that too at an inexpensive price point. The valve also gets a sophisticated gold finish and smooth body lines that helps it to make a dramatic visual effect in your kitchen.

Despite being a cheap kitchen faucet, Forious FF0200G flaunts a CUPC-certified lead-free brass build quality that ensures not only immense durability but also healthy water for your family. The rust-resistant finish is exceptionally useful because it prevents dirt from sticking to the body, which further resists the growth of bacteria.

You will be surprised to know that it also packs a ceramic disc valve that has the capacity to last up to 500,000 uses. Designed with Quick Connect hose and one or 3-hole fitting, it won’t take you more than 30min to complete the whole setup process. It also gets the backup of limited lifetime warranty coverage, which would be a boon to all the users.

9. Peerless Tunbridge – 2-Handle Kitchen Faucet under $200

Undoubtedly Peerless Tunbridge is a remarkable faucet that not only makes a fashion statement in your kitchen but also enhances the functionality. The timeless high arc design with modern body curves on a widespread setup allows the tap to create a seamless outlook on the countertop.

What makes it more attractive is the stainless steel body finish with a blade handle design that assists the tap to coordinate well with other fixtures in the countertop. The matching side sprayer blends pretty well with the setup and also comes handy to enhance your efficiency while doing kitchen chores.

The side-sprayer gets a retractable pull-out hose that easily cleans up messes on the cookware and helps you fill pots in the countertop with its considerable reach.

However, the high arch spout with a reach of 9inches plays the most influential role by delivering a powerful splash-free stream that assists you in accomplishing all types of chores. Enjoy optimum versatility with the 360-degree swivel facility and move the faucet in any direction to cater to different cleaning needs.

With the two-handle operation setup, you can comfortably get the desired water temperature and flow without getting confused with the direction.

Although it may require a four-hole, 8inch configuration in the sink for installation but the entire setup process is totally straightforward. Unfortunately, you won’t get any standard supply lines in the package and would have to buy them separately.

When it comes to durability, this faucet will leave you flabbergasted with its strength as it is based on a premium metal build with washerless stem cartridge.

This better quality faucet under 200 dollars may not get a specialized resistance finish, but the body won’t get affected by corrosion or rust. You can use the tap with complete ease, knowing it gets a lifetime limited warranty covering all the issues.

10. Delta Faucet 9913-AR-DST Essa – Delta Kitchen Faucet under $200

Delta Faucet 9913-AR-DST is an outcome of an expert craftsmanship that may look simple but performs like a top-of-the-line fixture when it comes to performance. It is meticulously built with a 14inch high-arc body so that you have a vast uninterrupted space while cleaning dishes or washing vegetables.

The faucet spout serves as a multipurpose spray-head that allows you to use both spray and stream water flow with one tap on the switch. While cleaning, the water flow won’t be restricted to one place as you can use the sprayer to cover the entire sink area and prevent missing any item.

Drooping is a common issue with ordinary pull-down sprayer but not with this faucet as the MagnaTite docking system smoothly snaps the wand back to the spout-head. Like every high-performance kitchen faucet under 200 dollars, it also pampers you with 360-degree swivel movement so that you won’t have difficulty while catering large cookware.

Don’t worry about mineral build up ruining the performance as the Touch-clean spray holes allow you to clean any deposit with one wipe.

Apart from performance, the Euro design with arctic stainless finish also serves as a big highlight because it gets the faucet a minimalistic yet posh outlook. The subtle detailing with a tall arc stance also assists the tap to make a dramatic statement in your kitchen decor.

All thanks to the well-known Duramount technology, you won’t face any difficulty while installing the faucet in your kitchen sink. Delta has always been for their durable product, and this faucet also carries the same trait by incorporating brass construction.

Plus, it comes with Diamond seal technology that reduces leak points in the plumbing to ensure a decade long longevity. The manufacturer encourages its user to use the faucet without any worry because they have offered a lifetime limited warranty coverage with the tap.


We can proudly say that all the faucets in this list may be priced below $200, but they are totally valued for money.

Whether you want to upgrade the functionality of your kitchen or bring drama to the existing decor, these amazing faucets will be a perfect choice for you. Transforming your kitchen with a selection like Kraus KPF-1610SS would be a smart choice because it allows you to have better versatility and convenience in daily chores.

Although all the models come with different designs and facilities but none of them compromise when it comes to performance. Plus, all the taps under $200 flaunts exceptional durability with their premium construction and ensures a decade long longevity.

Although all the taps in this list don’t belong to famous brands, you won’t be able to frown on the functionality of any of the models. However, if you still are not sure which tap to choose, then you can contact us and we will try to help you to make you the right choice.

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