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Top 7 Best Kitchen & Bathroom Sink Brands in 2020

With the increase in demand for kitchen sinks in the modern era, the number of manufacturing brands also augmenting by leaps and bounds. Not only it made the sink a readily available product, but it also increased the competition in the market. So it is confusing for new buyers as they get puzzled about which brand to chose. To clear this air of confusion, we have come forward with a list of best kitchen sink brand that will guide to the finest sink models.

Top 7 kitchen & bathroom sink brands:

Brand Name Founder (s) Recommended Sinks
Kraus NA Kraus Standart PRO
Kohler John Michael Kohler KOHLER K-2355-0 Archer
Ruvati NA Ruvati Workstation
Swanstone Jack Moore Swanstone KS03322SB.037
Blanco NA BLANCO 440150 Precis
Houzer Tyler Byun Houzer STS-1300-1
Franke Hermann Franke Franke DIG61091-MOC

 Through this list, we will give you an insight into the top brands so that you can know them and understand why you should choose them.

Top 7 Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Brands

1. Kraus

Well, Kraus is a legendary brand that doesn’t require any formal introduction, and even if you are new to sinks, you must have heard about them. They are one of the leading sink manufacturers in the world with numerous range of sinks pertaining to different materials. They are also one of the most trusted brands in the US who have a great designing team that is helping the organization to bring innovative products with modern technologies.kraus logo


Kraus is an American brand that first made its entry into the market in the year 2007 with the vision of offering affordable kitchen and bath fixtures. Although they have their headquarter located in Port Washington in New York, but they have already spread their wings in different parts of the world. Currently, they have multiple facilities in different parts of the US, and they are planning to open more in Europe and Asia.

Awards Received

The number of awards won by Kraus since its arrival is numerous, and they have mostly won due to their innovative designs. They are well known for bringing modern technologies in their products like NoiseDefend, and for this, they have earned awards from many reputed organizations.

How Good Are Their Sinks

The products offered by Kraus serve as a perfect blend of modern design and high durability. They are engineered to cater to the homeowners for decades, and that is why they utilize premium quality materials like T304 and high-quality granites for construction. They are meticulously designed so that they can bring styling into your kitchen and also enhance the functionality. Many customers have said that Kraus sinks have made their life more comfortable in the kitchen because they offer an ample cleaning space without biting much space. Multitasking is another critical point of their pans. Another good thing about their sink is that they hardly make any sound while you are doing chores.

2. Kohler

kohler logo

Kohler is a top-of-the-line sink manufacturer fixture manufacturer in the world who are mostly famous for their sink lineup. Whether design, durability, or functionality, their sinks excels in every division. They have a wide range of products spread across the different price ranges, starting from standard sink models to highly articulated elegant models. They have years of experience in sink manufacturing, and all their highly-rated models serve as proof.


Kohler is an age-old American company that was founded by John Michael Kohler in the year 1873. It has the headquarter situated in Wisconsin, but their operation office is based in different countries. Although they are mostly famous for their kitchen and bathroom products, but they also serve as a famous manufacturer of engines, furniture, generators, cabinetry, and tile. In 2017, Kohler opened some experience centers in various places in the US so that buyers can experience the products before buying.

Awards Received

Well, it is a well-known fact that Kohler is probably one of the most reward sink manufacturer in history. In recent years, they have earned numerous rewards, and some of them are IDEA Silver award, a silver award from Design for Asia Awards,  red dot winner, iF product design award, etc. A few years ago, Builder Magazine gave them the title of “most used” and “best quality” in the bath category.

How Good Are Their Sinks

Kohler sinks are always synonymous with high quality, and with all their pan, they try to provide an innovative and functional upgrade to the kitchen. With decades of experience, they have been treating the market with high-quality sinks ever year. Many people prefer their pan because not only they make your kitchen chores a fun affair but also make the kitchen smart by providing modern technologies. All their sinks get a limited lifetime warranty, and they also employ effective customer support who are always there for you.

3. Ruvati

ruvati logo

Ruvati is another brand that is gradually spreading its dominance in the market, and it’s Italian designs are currently a rage among homeowners. Their main motto is to bring beautifully designed pans that will last for a lifetime. A lot of their sinks come with a high rating that shows the impact they have made on the market. Although they are mostly famous for their high-end sink, they also have some affordable models that work like magic in the kitchen.


Ruvati is an Austin, Texas-based sink manufacturer, which was founded in 2009 when it makes saw the growing demand for sinks. They came with the motto of revolutionizing the market with unique, affordable, and high-end sinks without sacrificing quality and durability. They started with a vast manufacturing division that employs numerous employees and advanced machinery so that they can live up to their promise. Even though it mainly operates from Austin, but they are planning to build more facilities in various part of the US.

Awards Received

Despite being a well-demanded sink brand, Ruvati hasn’t won any notable awards from any organization. However, they got nominated for many of their sinks, but unfortunately, none of them won. Recently their 38 X 38 and 38 X 51cm workstation got nominated in the Interior Design Award 2020 that will be held in Toronto. Their Terreza collection also got nominated for the 2020 MHN excellence award.

How Good Are Their Sinks

Most of the experts loved the way Ruvati sinks are made as they pay a lot of focus into design, functionality, and durability rather than other aspects. All their designs are based on Italian craftsmanship, and this is the reason all their sink holds prowess to change a mundane looking kitchen to aesthetically pleasing one. They utilize T304 steel and various other recycled product to manufacture their product that ensures enormous durability with a low impact on the environment. Their brilliant design allows you to do all your kitchen chores in one place like cleaning, filling pots, drying dishes, cutting vegetables, etc. In short, they deliver the right kind of basin to meet your demand.

4. Swanstone

swanstone logo

Swanstone may not be a well-known name as Kohler or Kraus, but they have been producing quality sinks for the last few years. With their pans, they try to make the best out of the kitchen, and that is why they use top quality material and modern designs. However, the factor that has made them highly popular is their affordable price structure and that too without compromising on the quality and attention to details.


Swanstone is a subsidiary company of American Bath Group that first made its appearance in the market in the year 2015. Apart from manufacturing kitchenware, they also have a prolific line up residential and commercial bathware. This American made organization have their headquarter located in Savannah, TN, and currently, 5000 employees work in their organization.

Awards Received

As it is a relatively new organization, it hasn’t won any recognizable awards from reputed organizations. However, the numerous number of positive reviews they have collected from the homeowners and professionals serve as the award for them. The parent organization of this manufacturer has recently received an “AA” rating for their unparalleled service for the year 2018.

How Good Are Their Sinks

Swanstone offers a good range of kitchen sinks with an exquisite combination of functional styling and sophistication. They come with all the standard configuration and styling so that you can buy them depending upon your requirement. Most importantly, you will find plenty of designs and color options for each configuration that serves as a boon to the user. The durability of all the materials is really exceptional, and they suit ideal for new or remodeling projects. Although they are slightly expensive but they worth the price as they get modern features to make cleaning a fun affair. However, apart from costly models, you will also find many affordable basins that also offers impressive performance.

5. Blanco

blanco logo

With exclusive craftsmanship, an extensive range of sink variety and competitive pricing has made Blanco a top tier organization name that is loved by homeowners. It is one of those home improvement brands that has always managed to maintain its top tier position by delivering modern products that are way ahead of their time. The designs are simply fantastic, and this is one primary reason that many prefer to install them in their decorated kitchens.


Blanco is a family-owned company that started its journey in 1925, and they first made cookers and bottles from galvanized copper parts. First, it made huge in Germany, and for the last 25years, it has become a leading name in the US market. In 2017, they hit a massive number in the market as they earned 379 million Euros in sales. Although they have many employees, but it’s their 1500 core employees who are working hard to take the company to a new height.

Awards Received

Since its entry in the US market, Blanco has been coming with ground-breaking sink models, and for that, they have earned many awards. In the year 2013, the won Red dot design award, interior innovation award, and product design award for their ATTIKA sink. Recently they have received the good design award for their CERANA model. They have also won the prestigious KBCulture and Kitchen and Bath Business award for their unique basin models.

How Good Are Their Sinks

We can assure you once you start using Blanco sinks, you won’t go back to any other sinks. They are the outcome of modern engineering coupled with jaw-dropping design and immense durability. All their design gets an exclusive treatment that not only helps them to stand apart but also makes resistant to fade, scratch, or corrosion. They come in multiple configuration, size, shape, and color, so it is safe to safe you would get model according to your taste. Every sink goes through a series of tests so you won’t ever get disheartened by its quality.

6. Houzer

houzer logo

Houzer is one of the rising stars in the sink market, which is making a good name with its prolific series of basins. They are well known for their variety of designs that ranges from country style to modern ones. Importantly they always bring state of the earth technologies and elegant design in their models, and that is why their basins are always in demand in showrooms in the US.


Houzer is a three-decades-old organization that has always been a highly demanding sink manufacturer in the US. This kitchen and bathroom fixture organization serve as a subsidiary organization of HAMAT group that has its headquarter located in Ashdod, Israel. Although they only have few facilities in the US, but that doesn’t have stopped them in bringing 218 varieties of models to their consumers. They started from stainless steel and granite, but now they offer sophisticated materials like Fireclay, pewter, porcelain over steel, etc.

Awards Received

Unfortunately, Houzer has failed to achieve any notable awards in recent times, but a lot of their new products received many positive appreciations from users and experts all over the US. However, it would be unwise not to mention that in 2009, they won the Builders Choice award. To date, they got nominated for a lot of products, but none of them could make it to the top.

How Good Are Their Sinks

Well, the main reason that people love Houzer basins is that they transform the kitchen into a multitasking unit with a seamless visual upgrade. All their products combine robust quality materials and exclusive detailing that helps them to complement the kitchen with professional-grade appliances. It treats you with all modern facilities and technologies so you can achieve maximum efficiency with minimum effort. The array of shapes, color, and detailing come with every design makes compatible with most modern countertops. All the detailing in their sink is done in such a way that they can last for decades, even after heavy usage.

6. Franke

Franke is another very good kitchen sink manufacturer. It was founded by Hermann Franke in 1911 in Rorschach, Switzerland. His son Walter took over the ownership after his death and started expanding the business. Willi Pieper became the owner of Franke in 1975. He started expanding the company’s products in European countries.

After his death, his son Michael Pieper took over the charge of the company in 1989. He is the current owner of the business now.

Final Thought

Our list of best kitchen brands has been selected by our team of professionals who have been working on plumbing industries for decades. After a lot of comparisons, they decided the above brands as the finest ones in the market. However, some readers might argue there are many other kitchen sink brands that are also considered as best. But based on our comparison regarding reviews, variety, durability, designs, functionalities, sales, and value for money, the above brand came victorious.

Since sink brands don’t support us so you can completely trust the list, we have made because our specialist has only given their honest thoughts. Although the different brand has a different design, two things that are common in all of them are high durability and top-notch functionality. So we wish that this guide will assist in making your decision easier while choosing basins for your kitchen.


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