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Best Cheap Kitchen Faucets under $100 – in Depth Reviews 2020

Has your existing kitchen faucet gone kaput? Looking for a budget fixture that will maintain a balance between functionality and look? Well, the thought of garnishing your kitchen with the best kitchen faucet under $100 would be a great thing. But the real trick lies in finding the best one as most of the brands boast of offering the best performance.

So what could be done? Should you stick to the popular models? We will recommend you to throw away all our worries and check out our reviews of the top cheap kitchen faucet that will meet your requirements.

Top 5 Best Cheap Kitchen Faucets under $100:

So without further ado, let’s jump into the reviews of all the great value multifunctional faucets under 100 dollars.

Top 5 Best Cheap Kitchen Faucets under $100 Reviews

1. WEWE A1001-02-01-BN – One of the Best Pull-out Kitchen Faucets under 100 dollars

Kraus KHU100-30 can be introduced as a highly rated stainless steel sink that has become a favorite kitchen item in Without a doubt, WEWE pull out kitchen faucet is a highly rated affordable kitchen faucet that has made its way into numerous kitchens in the US. Crafted with a sleek design and simple body line, it brings out a fresh and aesthetically pleasing outlook that you generally find in high-end models.

Whatever be the style of your sink and countertop, the high arc body with brushed nickel finish will make its presence felt in the kitchen. The brushed nickel not only oozes beauty but also offers resistance to corrosion, rust, and dirt, affecting the beauty of the design.

However, the fact that makes this faucet standout is the multifunctional outlet water effect that treats you with three spray settings to cater to different kitchen tasks. By pressing the button on the spout, you can use the stream mode for filling kitchenware, pause mode to prevent splashing and spray mode for perfect rinsing and cleaning.

Enjoy a complete range of motion with its pull out sprayer head because the sprayer can reach up to 9inches, which is enough to cover every corner of the sink. With 360-degree swivel spout and significant spout height, gives you broad washing access, especially when you are cleaning a large stack of dishes.

The single handle also makes the operator much more straightforward because you can modify water temperature and flow with a simple nudge. For your convenience, it delivers a water flow at 1.8 GPM, which is sufficient for meeting all kinds of cleaning tasks.

The built quality it offers is simply fantastic because it combines solid brass, zinc alloy, stainless steel, and ABS plastic to ensure lifelong operation. Pre-installed with a water line and hose along with all the hardware, you can comfortably complete the whole installation within 30mins.

2. OWOFAN 9009R-A – Commercial Faucets under $100

Owofan commercial pull-down faucet may fall in the cheap commercial kitchen faucet category, but it has the prowess to leave you flabbergasted with its performance. Engineered with a dual function pull-out sprayer and easy-to-use switch, you can utilize the spray and stream mode for complete multifunctional.

The pull-out wand with coil design makes things easier for you as you can stretch it up to 9inches to fill pots without requiring to place it on the pan.

The 360-degree rotation facility in nozzle and spout adds to the multitasking capability of this faucet and makes it suitable for a double-bowl setup. Once your job is over with the spray head, you can dock it in the specialized spout holder.

This well-priced faucet may get gigantic 16ich height, but most customers have stated that it fits easily underneath most of the kitchen cabinets. You can experience straightforward operation with its single handle that allows you to control both water flow and temperature.

With great functionality, this faucet also flaunts a sophisticated coil design with a high arc body that can make it a showstopper in any kitchen decor. The simple lines, narrow-body, and matte black finish gives it a charming and minimalistic outlook that everyone will adore whenever they come across this faucet.

Like every high-quality faucet in this list, it also comes packed with all the required hose, water lines, and hardware so that you can easily install them on the sink. You won’t have to worry about mineral deposits because the spray holes help you clean the deposit with one wipe.

Durability won’t be a concern to you as the solid brass construction with ABS plastic spray head ensures a drip-free performance even after years. Since it is made from low-lead materials, it won’t affect the health of anyone in your family.

3. OWOFAN 9009SN-A – Kitchen Sink Faucet under 100 bucks

Often regarded as one best budget kitchen faucet, Owofan pull down sprayer treats you with unparalleled performance and simplistic design to make your sink a highly-functional unit. It is one of those faucets that offers an ergonomic coil that not only provides a posh outlook but also makes it easy to stretch for covering the whole sink.

Plus, the wand, along with the nozzle, can be rotated at 360-degree so that you won’t face a shortage while doing heavy kitchen cleaning tasks. The spray wand rests on an extended handle so that it won’t tangle while you are not using the faucet.

This is one of the most affordable kitchen faucets in the USA market. In addition to the long reach, the spray head also serves a two-function sprayer where one mode provides a powerful stream while the other offers an efficient rinse. The best part is that you can easily switch from aerated stream to rinse with a flip of a switch and facilitate you to multitask during rush hour.

Based on lead-free brass construction and corrosion-resistant finish, it ensures not only heavy-duty usage but also makes sure the water is healthy. The ceramic valve and faucet handles 500,000 open and close cycle; meaning it won’t give you issues even after years of usage.

The high arc body with brushed nickel finish makes a simplistic statement in the kitchen and creates a visual outlook with its splash-free stream that you can’t overlook. However, the coil design with an extended docking system serves as the main highlight as you would typically see this kind of design on expensive models.

This faucet doesn’t require much maintenance, and with occasional cleaning of mineral deposit on the aerator and the body will keep its pristine look. The manufacturer promises a lifetime free replacement and 90 days money return guarantee, which indicates the reliability of the tap

4. Ufaucet Modern – Kitchen Faucet

Another budget-friendly kitchen faucet in this list that has satisfied numerous customers is the Ufaucet modern single handle tap. With straightforward body design, it looks like just another faucet, but its pull-out spray head brings out the twist and allows you to cover almost 20inch of the countertop.

Plus, the head boasts a dual-function facility where you can switch from aerated stream to powerful rinse so that you can multitask to accelerate your food preparation time. Although it gets a short spout height of 5.5inch and spout reach of 7.1inch the 360-degree rotation solves everything and gives enough room to do chores.

With the single handle operation, you can comfortably cater to all your water control requirements and make all the chores an enjoyable task. Besides the fluidic performance, many experts and customers also hail this tap for its ultra-modern 3-section design that not only gives the kitchen a new look but ensures reliability.

Blending it with your modern kitchen decor won’t be a problem, and the credit goes to the brushed nickel finish. Another good side of the design is that you can fit almost in any sink without clashing it with the cupboard above the sink.

The build quality is a big highlight of this faucet as the solid brass body facilitates the tap to last for a long time without showing any sign of breakage. Moreover, the body contains a drip-free ceramic cartridge that also adds to the durability and reliability of the tap.

The manufacturer has also given stainless steel supply lines with the package that can run for years without causing any leakage. Unlike other cheap taps, the waterway is totally free from lead, thus ensuring a healthy water output. The installation process is totally breeze, and you will need either one or three holes for placing it.

5. Keonjinn – Budget Kitchen Faucet under $100

Flaunting an articulating gooseneck design and sleek body, Keonjinn pull-down faucet will grab all the limelight in your kitchen while blending seamless wither fixtures. The brushed nickel finish and clear body lines play a significant role in enhancing the tap’s attractiveness and allow it to fit in any decor.

With a simple design, it also boasts a straightforward operation with its single handle, and you can utilize it to modify the water flow and temperature. This is a good quality faucet under 100 dollars that requires little maintenance, and you can remove any mineral deposit with one wipe of the finger.

Despite being a cheap kitchen faucet, it packs a high-quality ABS nozzle that is easy to clean and make sure you don’t get affected by hard water or scaling. Plus, it is built with top-of-the-line 304 stainless steel and ceramic valves that are known to last for decades without losing the luster.

You won’t have to worry about rust or corrosion because it incorporates a body finish that maintains its pristine look. Say goodbye to the plumber and install the faucet all by yourself by utilizing the hardware given in the package.

We can say this is a remarkable kitchen faucet for the price because you get a multifunctional sprayhead whose main aim is to facilitate multitasking to reduce cooking preparation time. Moreover, the cleaning or washing would be less hectic because you can shift from stream to spray and pause the flow with a simple press of a button.

Engineered with a mechanical retraction system and 20inch reach, you can stretch the pull-out sprayer to cover all the areas, and it will retract to the original place when you leave the sprayer. Enjoy full sink access and uninterrupted clearance while cleaning dishes or filling pots, and the credit goes to the 360-degree swivel spout.

6. Comllen Commercial Kitchen Faucet under $100

Comllen commercial high arc faucet is not your average kitchen faucet in the market; instead, it is a meticulously crafted tap that delivers impressive functionality with elegant styling. With the aim of converting the sink into a highly functional unit, this best value kitchen faucet under $100 offers a dual-function wand that gives you stream and spray water-flow.

Catering to a dual-bowl sink or covering every area in the pan while doing chores won’t be a problem because you will have a 24inch pull-out hose at your disposal. The 7.5inch spout height with 360-degree swivel makes things more convenient and facilitates you to do chores without facing interruption.

While doing chores, you can easily change the water speed and temperature with the help of the single handle that efficiently does its job. The exciting part is you get all these facilities at an affordable price range. Requiring only one hole for installation allows you to easily fit it in the sink with all the hardware given in the package.

Whether you have a 1/2inch or 3/8inch supply hose, it won’t matter as it can fit in both. We were totally mesmerized by the elegant high-arc design of the faucet, which alone can spark up the decor of any modern kitchen. Moreover, the brushed nickel finish pops out the fine details and provides a stunning visual effect.

Durability is a vital feature of any faucet, and this is why it is built with the combination of brass and zinc alloy. Plus, it is designed with a premium ceramic valve and quick connector that make sure you won’t face dripping even after years of usage.

Apart from beautifying the kitchen, the brushed nickel finish makes it resilient to corrosion and rust. The fact that impressed us the most is the lifetime replacement warranty accompanied by a 100% money-back guarantee.

7. WEWE A100806BN – Single-handle Kitchen Faucet bellow $100

Incorporating the refined European design and artistic detailing, WEWE stainless steel kitchen faucet will leave you in awe with its timeless beauty. The aesthetic body lines and curvy body design make it much more charming and assist it to stand out in the kitchen.

To complement your beautiful decor, the manufacturer has garnished it with brushed nickel, and this is why it serves as a great choice of faucets for kitchen upgrades.

However, you shouldn’t underestimate it based on its design because its pull-out sprayer wand can reach up to 20inches to give you complete coverage. Featuring smooth docking technology, the wand will automatically dock itself when you leave it.

Experience fun and easiness while washing veggies or cleaning cookware, and the credit goes to the three settings available with the highly-functional spout. You can utilize the spray mode for rinsing vegetables or cookware while stream mode will come handy for filling pots.

However, the sweep takes all the attention because it delivers a forceful blade of water to assist you to clean any hard stain in dishes. A 360-degree swivel facility not only maximizes your coverage in the countertop but also allows you to fit large pots or vast stacks of dishes in the sink.

You will get a constant water flow rate of 1.8GPM, which makes it sufficient for accomplishing all kinds of kitchen chores without tiring your hand.

Maintaining consistent performance throughout by rubbing the nozzle head to clean a mineral and scale deposit. Plus, the body gets spot resistance treatment, meaning it will resist fingerprints and water spots to maintain a fresh look.

The pre-installed supply line and hardware availability make it extremely easy to install, and you complete the process within 30minutes. The faucet is built with premium stainless steel, 5-layer PVD, and a ceramic cartridge that ensure not only tremendous durability but also a corrosion-resistant body.

8. Peerless P115LF – Cheapest Kitchen Faucets under $50

Undoubtedly, Peerless P115LF single handle faucet is an outcome of experience craftsmanship that amalgamates ultra-modern design with superior performance. Performing kitchen is totally breeze with this high-performance kitchen faucet under 100 dollars, as its 360-degree swivel spout offers a complete versatility for all your daily kitchen tasks.

Although it only provides a splash-free water stream with 1.8GPM flow-rate, it can assist you in accomplishing most of the kitchen tasks with ease. Enjoy optimum versatility and spray away all the messes with the dominant side sprayer that comes really handy while you are dealing with a large stack of cookware.

The exciting thing is that the side sprayer comes with a retractable hose so you can easily clean dishes or fill pots without requiring to bring it near the spout.

While cleaning, you can quickly move dishes and pans without any interruption, and it has been made possible by the 6.63inch height and 8inch reach of the spout. Despite having a single, you can precisely change the water temperature and flow-rate, thus making it better quality for money.

Decorated with a chrome finish and modern body design, you can expect it to beautify your kitchen decor and maintain the aesthetics like other fixtures. To create a contrasting visual outlook, the side sprayer is treated with a glossy black finish and chrome detailing. What amazed us is the attention to details which you won’t expect from a budget kitchen faucet.

When it comes to installation, this tap can efficiently fit in any four-hole 8ft sink configuration without requiring any special modification. Plus, you won’t need any professional assistance to install the faucet.

However, you need to buy the supply lines separately, and we think it is justified given its inexpensive price point. You can freely use the faucet, knowing that a limited lifetime warranty coverage backs it.

9. OWOFAN SUS304 – Touch Activated Kitchen Faucets under $100

Owofan touch-on may serve as a faucet available for below $100, but when it comes to performance and functionality, it performs like a pro. Incorporating a top-of-the-line assistive touch control, this faucet provides a complete new experience by allowing you to start and stop the water flow with a simple touch.

In addition, you will also have an ergonomic pull-out sprayer that offers two functions, which are aerated stream and pre-rinse, so that you can easel complete all your chores. Moreover, the pull-out sprayer can reach up to 24inch with ease, meaning you can easily cover your sink and countertop for fulfilling cleaning and filling tasks.

This tap also provides a 360-degree swivel facility in the spout and sprayer to offer your optimum convenience while performing your kitchen chores. Once the work is done, you won’t have to think about tangling as the sprayer will automatically dock itself in the spout.

You can freely use it without thinking about damage, and the credit goes to the smudge and fingerprint-free finish that prevents you from making a mess of the faucet. It is made out of high-quality solid, lead-free brass that ensures not only lifelong longevity but also a chemical-free water flow.

Owofan touch-on may not have an outrageous body design but has an elegant gooseneck design with a smooth body line and touch-less construction that will surely dazzle you. The brushed nickel finish really looks on the body and allows it to blend with other appliances in the kitchen.

However, if you aren’t confident about the installation, we would recommend hiring a professional as the process is slightly complicated. With a 3-year parts replacement warranty and 30-days money-back guarantee, it is a total value for money fixture for all buyers.

10. Owofan KH1005R – Touch Kitchen Faucet under 100 dollars

As we are discussing most fantastic faucets in the market under 100 dollars, it would be unfair to miss out on Owofan KH1005R. This tap is simply an outstanding product that looks ravishing with a classic black finish and sleek curve. Crafted with a gooseneck design and 16.5inch compact body, it will not only embrace the beauty of your kitchen but will also fit underneath your cabinet.

However, the touch control on the body takes all the limelight and converts your kitchen space into a smart culinary workspace. You can experience multitasking by utilizing the two function spray-head that allows you to change from stream to pre-rinse to perform different tasks at once.

Enjoy a full range of motion with the smooth retractable pull-sprayer that can reach up to 27inch to assist you in performing tasks outside the pan. Cleaning or washing many dishes or veggies won’t require you to compromise on the movement because the spout can swivel in 360-degree rotation.

Even though it gets a touch-control but you won’t have to think about the smudge on the body, and the praise goes to the fingerprint and smudge-free treatment. Apart from the assistive touch system, you will also get a single-handle to modify the water pressure and temperature.

You can stay assured that this faucet will continue to offer its service for many years, and it is mainly due to the reliable brass and ceramic valve construction. The installation process is slightly tricky, but if you can properly follow the guidelines, you can comfortably mount it on the sink.

Plus, the touch-system requires 4 AAA batteries, and you can easily install them within 5mins. The 3-years replacement warranty with a 1month money-back guarantee this tap gets is really boon to the users and allows them to use the faucet stress-free.


We can conclude by saying all the products we have added in our list of the best kitchen faucets under $100 will never cease to amaze you. Not only will you get a wide variety of products, but you will also find different kinds of designs and styles that will suit your needs.

Despite falling in the cheap range, you will also come across different varieties of in the sprayer functions. In addition to variation in spray-function, you will also get to choose products like Owofan KH1005R that will deliver assistive-touch operation.

Whatever is your kitchen decoration requirement, you can quickly achieve your desired outlook and aesthetics with any one of the faucets in this list. They may come with a budget price tag, but you stay assured that they ever give you a chance to complain about their performances.

Likewise, all the faucets in this list flaunt reliable durability, which you would hardly find in this price range. We can confidently say, once you purchase any of these taps, it will become a worthy investment for you and also your kitchen.

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