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15 Unique Bathroom Faucets (and Bathtub Faucets) You’ll Need

Whether you are redoing your bathroom decor or building a new one, a new faucet will always be a welcome addition. When you are investing a big chunk of money in beautifying your bathroom, you will always want something exclusive that will do justice to new modern decor.

So would it make sense to stick to the standard models? Or garnish your designer bathroom with a unique bathroom faucet? You will obviously shift to a uniquely designed bathroom faucet that has graceful shapes and sleek curves.

Nowadays, designers are blending their creative skills with modern technologies and sophisticated designs to pamper you with taps that are functional as well as stylish.

So here we present to you some unusual bathroom faucets that would not only uplift the decor but will also enhance the functionality by a large margin.

15 Unique Bathroom Faucets Review

1. Ultramodern Chrome Wall Mounted Swivel Tub Filler Faucet

Without a doubt, Ultramodern chrome wall-mounted faucet is a beautiful bathroom faucet that will charm you with its sleek design and minimalistic outlook.

The smooth chrome finish looks charming on this design, and the best part is that it also saves the faucet from corrosion and tarnish. Besides, it is built with premium quality solid brass that assists the tap in lasting for a long time, even with regular heavy usage.

However, the main attraction of this tap is the extended tub spout with a 180-degree movement facility. So you can conveniently move the faucet for catering to your different needs.

With the 60inch handheld shower, you can utilize the faucet for various purposes like rinsing a cloth, washing hard stains, or bathing your kid.

Plus, the 2.0 GPM flow rate of the hand shower gives you great bathing experience while the 4 GPM flow-rates allows you to fill the tub quickly. Whether you want to control water flow or temperature, you can get the desired performance by utilizing its single handle.

Diverting the water from hand shower to tub spout is quite effortless, and you just have to press the square button. The manufacturer offers a five-year warranty coverage with this faucet. For your convenience, they have even added a valve and other mounting hardware.

2. Modern Waterfall Solid Brass Bathtub Faucet

Bring a new dynamicity to your bathroom by adding the modern waterfall wall mounted faucet that is genuinely a top and unique bathtub faucet in the market. The waterfall spout structure makes a beautiful statement in the bathroom as it not only brings out an elegant outlook but also swiftly fills the tub.

Moreover, the open long channel spout can also spice up your bathing experience with its soothing water flow that can go up to 4 GPM. To make your bathing convenient and sensualizing, it also treats you with a highly efficient hand shower.

The hand shower has a massive reach of 60inches, which gives you optimum flexibility and freedom while bathing, even if you are on the other side of the tub.

The hand shower with 2.0 GPM flow comes handy when you want to rinse different parts of your body or clean your head after applying shampoo.

Avoid sudden water shock and scalding while taking a bath, and the credit goes to the ceramic pressure balanced valve that ensures a curated relaxing bathing time.

The smooth edges with seamless styling make it stand out in the tub, set up, and maintains the modern aesthetics of your bathroom. The corrosion-resistant polished chrome finish also enhances its fluidic design and blends easily with any wall color.

3. Mero Deck-Mount Waterfall – Unique Roman Tub Filler Faucet with Handshower

When you look for a designer bathroom faucet for your tub, one model that will pop in most of the list is the Mero 1-handle waterfall faucet. When you need a quick bath before heading out to your office, the open through-shape waterfall faucet fills the tub within a few minutes with its 4 GPM flow-rate.

The sparkling and gentle water flow from the hand shower will surely make your bathing a mesmerizing session. With a one-single handle, you can not only control the water flow but also change the temperature to get a soothing water treatment.

The 60inch makes targeted rinsing during or after an effortless affair, and you can also utilize it for different other tasks.

The deck-mount tub filler with hand shower is effortless to use with its practical design and graspable body. With that being said, the elegant Roman waterfall design with exquisite detailing will make it an eye-candy of the bathroom decor.

The bold matte black finish with durable brass construction will also showcase your sense of styling and reliability.

Installation won’t be a huge issue, and you will find all the mounting hardware and waterline in the package. Use it without any worry because you will have a five-year warranty coverage as a backup.

4. Yanksmart Bathroom – Unique 3 Colors LED Faucet

Yanksmart LED basin mixer faucet is one of a kind faucet that not only delivers a reliable water performance but also lights up bathroom space when you do it.

Geared with 3 LED lights, the transparent spout panel automatically lights up when you switch on the water, thus ensuring full convenience and visibility.

What gives it an edge over others? You won’t have to use a battery as it is based on a hydraulic drive that generates the power from the water flow and lights up the LEDs. With a single handle operation, you can quickly shift from cold to hot water based on your need and also control the water flow.

The Yanksmart LED basin mixer faucet has an 8inch height with 4.8inch spout reach so you will have enough room to do your bathroom chores without any discomfort freely.

Plus, the 1.7 GPM flow-rate delivers a decent water performance to suffice all your needs. This faucet is based on electrochromism material with a drip-free ceramic disc cartridge, meaning it can last for decades.

Possessing a pure rectangular body with a chrome finish and transparent waterfall-type spout, it will definitely become a showstopper in your bathroom.

5. Aquafaucet Waterfall Chrome Finish – Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucet

If creating a harmonious look in your bathroom is your main priority, then Aquafaucet waterfall 8-16inch faucet should be your target. The long arch design with chrome finish not only notches up the aesthetics of your decor but also creates a reflective mirror-like outlook to complement the modern decor.

However, the main attraction of this top fashionable bathroom faucet lies in its waterfall body shape that is completed by the sleek edges. It may look fashionable, but it is built with solid brass, meaning you can cherish its elegant look for many years. Plus, it has a ceramic valve that also adds to the overall durability.

You can stay assured that this faucet will fit comfortably with your three-hole sink, and even though it has 10.6inch height, it would fit under any bathroom vanity. The 5.7inch spout-height and 6inch reach give you enough space to maneuver without any interruption. It can be a good match for your bathroom mirror.

This faucet is all about providing optimum convenience, and that is why it gets two lever handles where one of them caters to hot-water while the other is for cold-water.

You won’t have any problem in accomplishing any task, and partly the credit goes to its 1.8 GPM flow-rate.

6. LightInTheBox Deck Mount – Centerset Unique Bathroom Sink Faucet

LightInTheBox deck mount center-set is a meticulously designed faucet that blends both elegance and top-notch usability. Designed to cater to your decorative bathroom, it gets an unusual contemporary design blended with waterfall shape to create a sophisticated outlook.

The curvy gooseneck structure and chrome finish also makes a significant impact on the overall perspective and also highlights your exquisite taste. Get desired water temperature and flow with a simple push of the single handle and that too without any confusion.

Moreover, installing this tap is quite straightforward, and it requires only one hole for installation. The package contains all the necessary tools and hardware that makes the installation more convenient.

This waterfall-style bathroom faucet might look tiny from a distance, but it offers a 6.1inch spout height and extension that would help you to accomplish most of the tasks instantly.

The laminate sheet of water that comes out through its waterfall spout also makes a satisfying waterfall statement. Moreover, it only gets an 8.9inch overall height, so fit in any congested bathroom sink unit without much difficulty.

Durability is the fundamental requirement of any faucet, and this is the reason it is built with a premium brass body while the handle comprises zinc alloy.

7. Rozin Dragon Shape – Unique Bathroom Sink Faucet

Nowadays, creating an exclusive vintage bathroom decor has become a futile attempt as most of the antique faucets get a traditional design. But what if I tell you, installing the Rozin antique bathroom faucet can help you to create an exclusive decor.

Designed with a dragon’s face spout with a curvy bodyline imitating the dragon’s neck, it will make a unique style statement in your bathroom. The smooth, silky water output through the dragon’s mouth will make you feel as if you are taking a bath in a vintage spa.

The antique brass finish completes the look of this top and unique bathroom faucet and assists it to blend with different decors. Like a dragon, it also possesses an incredible robust body, and it is mainly due to the premium brass construction.

Feature a two knob setup; this mixer tap assists you to comfortably switch between cold and hot water based on your requirement. With a spout height 4.7inch and 4.52reach, you can freely use the tap without facing any discomfort.

You can install it by yourself as it needs only one hole for placement. The manufacturer has also supplied the waterline and mounting hardware, meaning you just have to follow the manual to install them.

8. Rozin Dragon Shape – Unique Bathroom Sink Faucet

Rozing dragon rubbed bronze faucet is not your average bathroom tap in the market; instead, it is a specially engineered faucet manufactured to match your delicate taste. Flaunting the shape of a mythical dragon face, this top quality unique bathtub faucet takes all the limelight in your bathroom.

This exclusive faucet will surely grab everyone’s attention, especially kids who will be fascinated by the detailing and curves on the body. The oil-rubbed bronze finish, on the other hand, perfectly complements the shape and makes it look like an antique piece from Chinese culture.

Built using a brass material and corrosion-resistant finish, you can use this faucet for many years without worrying about damage.

Importantly, this dragon face faucet also gets a premium quality ceramic valve that is well-known among homeowners for its durability. Built with two separate knobs, you won’t get confused while shutting the hot water and switching on the cold water flow.

Unlike other designer faucets, it won’t bother you while you are sitting on the tub, and the 4.7inch spout height serves as the proof.

For convenient deck mounted installation, it requires only one hole for installation. You will get two separate supply lines for cold and hot water in the package.

9. Victoria Classic Design – Unique Roman Tub Filler Faucet

Victoria classic LED bathroom faucet is a crafty and modern waterfall tap that will leave you in awe with its design.

Crafted with an unusual and wide low profile spout design with a flat mouth, it oozes out water flow similar to a waterfall, thus creating a beautiful bathroom environment. Even though the charming sheet of water looks graceful, it has the capability to produce 4 GPM, which is sufficient to fill up a tub quickly.

The brush nickel finish on the spout and knob makes this faucet much more exquisite and allows you to devise an upscale outlook with serene aesthetics.

However, the multiple LED lighting will surely impress you the most as it changes its color based on the water temperature. These LEDs not only makes your bathing an enjoyable session but also constructs a relaxing ambiance.

Changing the water temperature and volume is totally breeze, and you just have to utilize its double handle. It is an ideal blend of design and durability, and the solid brass built quality serves as the proof.

Plus, the valve is made up of ceramic that also indicates enormous longevity. Once you purchase this faucet, you won’t have to think about anything as a limited lifetime warranty will cover you.

10. Moda Contemporary Deck-Mount – Unique Bathtub Faucet

Another unique and noticeable bathtub faucet in this list is Moda contemporary waterfall bathroom faucet, whose demand never goes down.

Incorporating an ultramodern waterfall body shape with superior flat spout, this architectural masterpiece serves an ideal accessory for any bathtub. This unique bathroom faucet also features a polished chrome finish and sharp body lines, which makes it a worthy addition for modern bathroom upgrades.

The widespread spout with its silky water sheet not only imparts a natural outlook but also helps you fill your tub quickly.

To make the bathtub deck a highly functional unit, this roman tub faucet also gets a sleek hand shower that cascades a massive gush of water for rinsing purposes.

With the 60inch hand shower’s extension limit, you can efficiently utilize it for rinsing various body parts, bathing your pup, or cleaning the tub. Plus, it offers three ergonomic knobs for hot water, cold water, and water diversion for added convenience.

Durability will never be your concern as it is built using the blend of high-quality brass, ceramic, and zinc alloy. However, installation can be problematic as you need a specialized deck for installing this five-hole faucet.

We can say that it is totally a value for a money tap that not only gives you a fantastic product but also provides you all the hardware and waterline.

11. Moda Waterfall Wall Mounted Tub Filler Faucet

The waterfall mounted tub filler from the house of Moda is a unique crafted tub accessory that treats you with top-notch design and unparalleled performance.

You might feel that this kind of fashionable faucet won’t give you the same performance as standard models, but surprisingly it comes with a 4GPM flow-rate that fills the tub rapidly. It might have a high-flow rate, but it is also water efficient, so you won’t have to worry about water-bill.

Besides, the smooth sheet of water from its super flat spout will not only give you a mesmerizing bathing experience but will also provide the feel of a natural waterfall.

Plus, the slim body design with a gentle curve is also merged with a brushed nickel finish that brings out the eye-pleasing and practical outlook of this faucet.

Moda waterfall tub faucet also features an ergonomically designed hand shower that has a reach of 60inch to fulfill all your rinsing needs without facing movement shortage. The hand shower with rectangular body structure and smooth lines also adds to the ultra-modern look of the setup.

This faucet comes with three knobs with which you can adjust hot water, cold water, and water diversion. All the units are based on high-quality brass construction along with the corrosion-resistant finish, meaning you will get optimum reliability with unique styling.

12. Ultramodern Chrome Wall Mounted Swivel Tub Filler Faucet

The low-profile arch design with a wide spout to create a waterfall, Victoria waterfall roman is designed to give you the best bathing experience. The streamlined water sheet from the flat mouth of the faucet can fill up within a few minutes, and the credit goes to its 4 GPM water flow.

The exclusive body design also continues in the hand shower that incorporates a vintage Roman styling and curvy body structure to cater to your modern taste. It also features three large buttons with a vintage knob-like design so you can divert water and get the desired water temperature.

All the items are matted to a brushed nickel finish that not only notches up the beauty of the faucets but also makes it resistant to corrosion and tarnishing. Like all the best unique bathtub faucets, this tap also imparts superior durability and reliability through its solid brass and zinc alloy construction.

Whether you are sitting near the hand shower or at the other end, you can easily utilize it for rinsing your body, and the credit goes to the 60inch hose reach.

Installation could be tricky as it requires five holes for installation, but you will get manual, waterlines, and mounting hardware at your disposal.

13. Moda Modern Waterfall Bathroom Spout

With minimalistic outlook and inexpensive pricing, Moda modern waterfall bathtub faucet will be ideal for users who are looking for a unique but affordable bathroom faucet. By incorporating low-arc design and wide spout mouth, it creates a natural waterfall stance to create a beautiful environment in your bathroom.

The simplistic lines and polished chrome finish takes the design to a new height and imparts an ultramodern appeal. Made from top-of-the-line stainless steel and durable finish, it won’t break or lose its shine even after years of rigorous usage.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get a hand shower or knobs to make things more convenient, but you can use this faucet as a welcome addition to your existing setup.

Although it oozes out a gentle cascade of water but the high flow rate fills up the whole tub without wasting much time. With a spout reach of 6.61inch, you can expect the water to fall directly on the tub rather than falling on the edge.

Since it comes as a single-unit and gets a G1/2inch female threaded connection, you won’t have any issue installing it by yourself. Despite being a cheap designer faucet, it gets you five-year lifetime warranty coverage that covers most of the damages.

14. Modern Luxury Roman Bathtub Filler Faucet

Belonging to the luxurious lineup of Modern, the luxury deck-mount waterfall faucet is a truly artistic masterpiece that ensures the sophisticated outlook for your bathroom. Sharp edges, straight lines, and right-angle body design are what defines this sophisticated bathtub faucet.

However, the wide-open spout with soft water cascading creates the ultimate sense of sophistication and bathing experience. The brushed gold finish gives it an edge over every unique bathtub faucet we have added in this list and maintains the sparkling look for many years.

The solid brass construction, on the other hand, ensures top-notch durability while the ceramic valve makes sure you will have drip-free usage.

Don’t get fooled by the gentle waterfall from the spout as this tap can quickly fill a large tub with its 4 GPM water flow.

You will also have a square knob that acts as a diverter to move the water flow from faucet to hand shower and vice versa.

The exciting part is that it blends with all the standard setup and requires only three holes for installation. It also saves you from further investment as you will get all the mounting hardware and water lines in the package.

15. Modern Tub Filler Faucet

If you are giving your bathroom an ultra-modern makeover, then the Modern wall-mount waterfall faucet will perfectly suit your taste. Adorned with a gliding waterfall spout design and elegant body structure, not only it creates a visual treat to the eye but also accentuates with other beautiful fixtures.

The chrome finish makes this faucet much more appealing and also prevents the fixture from facing tarnishing and corrosion. To add to the versatility of the tub set up, it also treats you with a hand shower that also gets the same designer treatment with attention to details.

With the hand shower, you can not only rinse different parts of your body but also utilize it for bathing your kid or rinse any other item.

This faucet also features a separate control where you will get a latch to control temperature and water flow and a knob for diverting water.

With solid brass and zinc alloy construction, it really shines in the durability section and won’t give you a chance to complain. You can comfortably install this 3-hole faucet set up on the wall near your bathtub as it follows a simple setup.

The manufacturer is well-known for taking care of their customer interests, and that is why they have also supplied mounting-hardware and rough-in valves. They even give you a lifetime warranty coverage that covers most of the issues.

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