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Best Foot Pedal Operated Sink and Faucet Reviews 2020

Thinking to bring a change in your kitchen or workplace by adding a new type of sink? Want to add something that will make your cleaning process convenient without requiring you to put your messy or busy hand on the faucet like the touchless faucets? Well, then we have a suggestion for you.

Installing a foot pedal sink with faucet will be a smart move if you want to make the best use of your kitchen space. To make things easy for you, we have created a list of the best foot pedal sinks and faucets that will surely guide you to find the best one.

Top 5 Foot Pedal Faucets and Sinks (at a glance):

Before we move on, do you know what foot pedal sink is, and what are its perks? If you don’t, then check out the following facts.

What is the foot pedal sink and faucet?

Best foot pedal sink and faucet
A foot pedal sink and faucet can be described as a unique type of fixture that performs like any other sink and faucet, but it is controlled by foot. Unlike other sink and faucet combos that are mostly operated using a single or double lever, this type is operated with a foot pedal. The functionality they offer is almost similar to other and even their look. But when it comes to water flow control, they are more efficient than others.

It is designed to simplify the cleaning process in the kitchen as it allows you to concentrate your hand on the cleaning process rather than worrying about water flow. It acts as a single lever faucet, and it comes with a wide variety of shapes, designs and body colors. They are mostly located to the bottom of the kitchen where they are connected to faucet and water supply.

Why should you use a foot-operated sink and faucet?

The number of benefits you will get by installing a foot-operated sink and faucet may not be significant, but it will surely transform your kitchen into a highly-functional unit. Let’s look at the reason why you should use a high-end foot pedal sink with faucet;

  • One of the main reasons behind using a foot pedal sink is that it makes kitchen chores easy and allows you to shuffle between cleaning and food preparation quickly. During busy hours, kitchen chores always keep your hand busy as you have to stir and use the faucet simultaneously. But using a foot pedal makes things easier for you as you can wash food, fill a pot for soup or clean dishes without putting them down to turn on the lever.
  • It keeps your sink hygienic and clean as it bars you from putting your hand on the faucet during cleaning and cooking. Cleaning hand after cleansing dishes or handling raw meat is a tricky task as you will have to use the untidy hand to turn on the water. It not only makes the faucet handle filled with bacteria but also makes it messy. So when you can control the water flow with your leg, then you can comfortably maintain a hygienic sink area. Most importantly, it also keeps the faucet free from stains that often comes when you handle cleaning soaps and raw food.
  • Efficient usage of water supply is another perk that you will get by utilizing any of the best faucet controllers with the foot. The foot lever allows you to get complete control of the water flow so you can turn-on and turn-off the water supply depending upon your requirement. It delivers a sufficient amount of water flow during cleaning or filling but without excess water wastage.

How to install a foot pedal sink with a faucet?

The installation process of foot pedal sink with faucet may seem little tricky, but if you follow the process thoroughly then you can finish it in no time;

  • First, you need to install the sink at the designated place, and it would be better if you can take help from someone while placing it. Connect the bottom hose with the drainage pipe of your house.
  • After placing the sink, it is time to place the faucet with the help of a deck plate. Screw it from both the side and attach the supply line to the lower end of the faucet. If you have a separate cold and hot water supply line, then connect it to the mixing valve with the help of a t-connector.
  • Now place the foot pedal valve in between water supply handle and water supply line.
  • Then connect the foot pedal cable with the valve and tighten the connection properly so that it can turn-on and turn-off within split seconds.
  • Place the foot pedal in such a way that you won’t have lift your leg to press but it also slightly higher from the ground. Attach it to the slab pillar or kitchen furniture with the help of the holder.
  • Lastly, switch on the water supply and check whether you can control water flow with the pedal.

Top 3 Best Foot Pedal Sink (With Faucet) Reviews 2020

1. Aero stainless steel – One of the Best foot pedal Operated Sink with Faucet

Aero XHSB foot pedal sink with faucet may seem like an ordinary setup from a distance, but once you take a close look, you will change your opinion. Cleaning dishes or filling small to medium pots won’t be an issue and all the credit goes to it’s 14inch wide, 5inch high and 10inch deep sink.

The water in the sink is supplied through a high-arch Gooseneck spout that offers you a reasonable water flow rate which is sufficient all kind of kitchen chores. Most importantly, it’s arch design gives you a lot of room for movement, especially during rush hours.

However, the factor that makes Aero XHSB a renowned fixture for the kitchen is its top-class foot pedal for a faucet that keeps your mess hand from the sink. The pedal works like a charm, and it quickly activates the water flow once you tap the pedal with your foot.

Moreover, it takes splits second to stop the water flow when you leave the pedal. To make the water operation a convenient process, it comes with a dual pedal where one of them is used for cold water, and the other is for hot water. What’s more? They come marked with blue and red color, so that don’t face confusion while using hot and cold water.

A highlighting part of Aero XHSB is its robust build quality, and the entire body is based on a durable stainless steel 304 construction. It is an industrial level foot pedal sink with a faucet that comes with a thick wall plate and rust-resistive finish that ensures life-long longevity.

With a hard-wearing basket strainer, it facilitates you with a proper water flow without any dripping. However, the installation process is a little tricky, and it would take a lot of time to install them. Moreover, it has a 30lbs bodyweight so it would be hard for you to fit it all by yourself.

2. UltraSource Floor Sink – Top Industrial/Commercial type Foot Pedal Sink

UltraSource 501500 is a heavy-duty foot pedal sink with faucet that will surely blow your mind with impeccable performance, industrial design, and durability. Geared with a deep sink measuring 16inch wide, 10inch deep and 19inch length, it treats you with ample amount of cleaning and filling space in the sink.

The surrounding top area and inner space of the pan have been designed in such a way that you can comfortably rest your hand without getting any backsplash. People mostly praise this faucet for its gooseneck faucet with swivel aerator that allows you to accomplish any cleaning task with a full range of motion.

The distance between the faucet and sink drain of UltraSource 501500 has been maintained in such a way that you get uninterrupted movement while cleaning. Unlike other least expensive foot pedal sinks, it bags a double foot-operated water flow that not only offers hands-free operation but also keeps the faucet hygienic.

The dual foot pedal is highly responsive that takes a simple foot tap to start the water flow. In addition to water flow, the long double pedal also allows you to switch between hot and cold water. Although you won’t get hot and cold watermarking on the pedal.

UltraSource 501500 is all about durability and welded 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel build quality serves as the proof. Not only that, the bottom and front panel along with faucet back panel are based on a single steel sheet with rolled rims that also ensures enormous longevity. It even comes with a steel hugger that allows you to keep hand-wash bottles secured in one place.

The lower section is based on two sturdy stands that hold the structure steady without causing any jerk while you are using it. Most importantly, the lower panel has been constructed uniquely so that anyone can operate the pedals without facing height hassle.

3. NSF Foot Operated Pedal Sink

An Elegantly designed fitting is a justified way to introduce Aero NSF HSB that earned a lot of positive reviews due to its fluidic performance with useful functionality. Fitting it in a small kitchen won’t be an issue because it gets a compact size of 14inch width, 5inch deep and 8inch splash on the back rear panel.

Despite the compressed size, it offers you an ample amount of space to accommodate the right amount of dishes or other cook-ware for cleaning. To add to the beautiful outlook, the rear panel comes geared with a gooseneck faucet that facilitates you with a standard water flow rate for cleaning and filling tasks.

Unlike any affordable foot pedal sink with faucet, Aero NSF HSB treats you with a soft touch pedal that allows you to clean your dirty hand without touching the faucet. The pedal is strategically placed so that anyone can operate it, and it starts the water flow immediately after you press it.

It gets a dual pedal setup where one of them used for hot water while the other delivers you cold or normal water. To make things more convenient for you, the pedals come garnished with the blue and red color marking to indicate water type.

Build with single stainless steel sheet, Aero NSF HSB will impress you with a robust build quality that would last for years even after years of usage. The whole body is based on stainless sheet finishing that not only gives it an elegant look but also saves it from rusting.

It even gets a filter in the drainage hole of the sink that allows you to keep the drainage pipe free from clutter. However, the installation part is slightly tough due to complex installation process and substantial bodyweight.

Best 3 Foot Pedal Faucets Reviews 2020

1. Copper Floor Mounted – Foot Pedal Faucet for Hospital, Medical and Laboratory

If you are short on budget but still looking for the best budget foot pedal sink faucet, then there is no better option than Takuey Takuey01-Jt. It is a blend of beauty and performance that has made its way into the kitchen of many houses in the United States.

This setup comes with a simple yet elegantly designed faucet that blends well with any sink in the kitchen. It requires only one hole for the setup so you won’t find any issue with compatibility. Accomplishing cleaning and filling task will be a fun time for you because it offers a stand GPM flow rate and ample room for movement.

The most beautiful part of Takuey Takuey01-Jt is its round-shaped foot pedal that is not only highly responsive but also easy to operate. It is slightly different from other models, and the floor mount facility with inlet and outlet pipe installation serves as the proof.

Sadly, there is no option for hot water facility which might be problematic for some users. The round-shaped foot is also rotatable that adds to the convenient usability of the setup. The installation process is pretty simple, and if you follow the instruction, you won’t need the assistance of any professionals.

Takuey Takuey01-Jt comes packed with all the necessary tools that will make your installation process more manageable. You won’t be able to question to the build quality of both the items as the faucet is made out of premium copper while the foot pedal is based on solid brass.

Stay assured that the pedal won’t lose its shine because it is adorned with a polished chrome finish that keeps the body finish intact.

2. AutoTap AT400 Foot Pedal Faucet – Make any Faucet Hands Free

AutoTap Faucet AT400 is a specially designed foot pedal that is created to blend with any faucet in your home. Whether your faucet comes with a single inlet or hot and cold inlet, it won’t matter because it is designed to be compatible with every type.

Basically, it is a five-inch large pedal that fits all types of feet and requires a little amount of force to start the water flow. However, it comes with a 3/8inch actuation pedal movement and needs 4inch toe kick area height for proper operation.

AutoTap Faucet AT400 is all about effective cleaning, and it can outclass even Kohler foot pedal faucet with its performance and functionality. It delivers a whopping 8 gallons per minute water flow rate with a pressure of around 60psi that is quite adequate for all your kitchen chores.

However, the manufacturer states that you can notch up the pressure up to 120psi or lower it to 20psi depending upon your need. It even comes with a filtration inlet port which is unusual for single foot pedal faucet.

Unlike cheapest foot pedal sink in the market, AutoTap Faucet AT400 treats you with a highly durable brass build quality that can offer numerous operations. It won’t take more than an hour to complete the installation process as the installation instruction are explained beautifully.

This foot pedal is a complete package because it comes with the all necessary installation items that include supply lines, connecting tubes, door mount valves, etc. The best part of this fixture is that it doesn’t require any power or battery for operation. Once you buy it, you won’t have to think of repair for the next five years, and it is due to its 5-years warranty coverage.

3. AutoTap AT200 Foot Pedal Faucet – A high Qulity Hands Free Kitchen Faucet

Another potential addition from the renowned AutoTap Faucet is AT200 that has created a decent fan base in the United States. It is a simple-looking foot pedal that can blend with any kitchen decor despite the theme.

Whether single or dual inlet faucet, it won’t be a matter because it is compatible with most of the faucet types. With a dimension of 8inch length, 3inch height and 1/2inch off the ground depth, it serves as an easy to press to pedal for any people.

AutoTap Faucet AT200 is a unique foot pedal faucet that not only work as pedal but also as a kick plate and touch sensor. It may look incompetent due to its small structure, but it offers a high flow water rate that would allow you to complete any cleaning or filling tasks efficiently.

What’s more?
It comes with a lockable lever that gives you the option for manual operation so you can fill large pots without pressing the pedal. However, like AT400, it doesn’t offer you a wide water pressure range and filtration inlet port so it might act as a deal-breaker for some buyers.

In addition to versatility and performance, AutoTap AT200 will also impress you with its build quality, and we can say it is at par with top-end Chicago foot pedal faucet. It is based on stainless steel construction and comes with a 5/8inch inch thickness so you can comfortably use it for years.

However, the pedal actuator valve assembly is not stainless. The installation process is moderately straightforward, and you will find all the hardware in the package.


We hope you will be highly beneficial from all the products we have listed here. All of the products are included after weeks of research and testing so that you can choose the best foot pedal sink and faucet. We have covered all price ranges so you won’t have to worry about your budget range.


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