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Best Kraus Sink Reviews 2020 – How Good Their Sinks are?

Everyone loves to garnish and enhance the productivity of their kitchen with high-quality sinks from top brands. But not all brands will live up to your expectation and deliver the efficiency you need. So if you are thinking of adding a new sink to your beautiful kitchen, then there is no better option than adding sinks from the legendary brand, Kraus.

It is not only a famous brand in the market but also serves as a critically acclaimed brand that has always satisfied their customer with top-of-the-line sinks. In this guide, we will provide you with an in-depth review of all the best Kraus sinks and also a brief background about Kraus.

So before we move to the review section, we would like you to know about Kraus and why it is always at the top tier position when it comes to sink.

Top 5 Kraus Sinks:

About Kraus

Kraus is a top-rated brand in the plumbing fixture industry whose only motto was to revolutionize the market with affordable yet highly-efficient kitchen and bath products. It was founded back in the year 2007 with the goal of catering to a large mass with high-quality and elegant products that aren’t readily available.
kraus sinks reviews
Although they offer different ranges of products but their sinks and faucets are the main rage in the market. This is why they always emphasize a lot about delivering a top-notch unit with modern styling and up to date facilities.

They have multiple large production houses spread across west and east coasts that help them to cater to the enormous market demands all around the US. This organization is led by a group of highly motivated and creative people who shares the same motto of making great products with innovative designs.

There are numerous brands in the market, but they always stay in demand because they strive to create top-quality products rather than milking profits.

Why Should You Buy Kraus Sinks?

Kraus is one of those brands that always want to treat their customers with high-quality and meticulously designed products that can be easily available to everyone. Their unique design approach to the sinks with an urban feel has helped them to set the standard high and also stand out in the market.

Whatever is your sink design and quality requirement, Kraus is there for you to fulfill your wish. Start from a single bow, double bowl to top mount and under mount, you will find various types of sinks to complement your kitchen decor. Not only that, but they also offer a range of options to suit and satisfy your design preference.

Despite being a comparatively new brand in the market, Kraus is giving sleepless nights to most of the reputed brands in the market with their top-selling products. Their R&D department is always trying to push the envelope in terms of design so that its consumers are always treated with ground-breaking designs.

Besides modern designs, they always incorporate optimized functionality in their products so that you can multitask and build a better kitchen. All their sinks come with ADA certification and IAPMO shield, which depicts the reliability of their products.

Besides everything, another primary reason that attracts numerous homeowners towards Kraus sinks is their affordable pricing. The best part is that even their high-end products also come with affordable pricing.

With best-in-class material and robust components, they also incorporate advanced technology in all their products, and this is why their sink always offers complete satisfaction. According to their user reviews, durability is a crucial feature, and most of the sinks last around a decade without showing any sign of significant degradation. So we can confidently say that once you invest in their pan, you won’t have to look back.

Kraus Sink Material Types

Kraus sinks hold the highest standard when it comes to the material and styling of their pans. They are widely known for employing top-notch and durable materials to construct their sinks. The manufacturer uses a variety of material for their tubs and here will show you all those materials:

  • Stainless Steel- It is probably the most common material used by Kraus, and they always use 16-gauge instead of traditional 18-gauge. A thicker material not only adds to the durability but also curbs down the noise and vibration during usage by a large margin.
  • Granite Composite- After stainless steel, granite composite also serves as a popular material because it brings out an elegant texture and smooth feel in your sink. Not only that, but they are also highly durable and absorb most of the sound. It is similar to the original granite, but it is incredibly affordable.
  • Fireclay- Fireclay is a premium-level material that is mostly used for creating high-end sinks. The fireclay sinks ooze a sophisticated look and feel that any countertop design to a whole new level. Although they are expensive, they are extremely durable with acid, chip, and scratch resistance capability.
  • CeramTek- Kraus is always known for incorporating top-notch materials in their sink, and CeramTek is one of them. It is an expensive material made using advanced granite quartz composite that makes the tub highly durable and resistant to shock. Not only does it come with an elegant finish, but it is also easy to clean.

Different Type of Kraus Sinks

Different types of kraus sinks
When it comes to styling, Kraus has always taken a unique approach for all the standard styles so that the sink can offer a new dynamic outlook. Let’s check out those popular styles;

  • Undermount and Topmount- Under and top mount is a popular mounting style used by Kraus. Topmount is widely preferred by users as it is easy to install and gives the countertop a traditional look. Undermount, on the other, is tricky to install but creates a seamless outlook.
  • Single and Double Bowl- Single and double bowl is probably the most common style offered by every manufacturer. Although a single bowl is more popular, you will find equal amounts of designs, colors, and texture variation in both the styling. Plus, Kraus’s double bowl sinks come with numerous configuration options.
  • Farmhouse and Vessel- Farmhouse and vessel sink are two elegant styling options offered by Kraus. Both these sink styles are meant to give your kitchen a vintage yet modern outlook without compromising on the functionality. These styles don’t come cheap but feature numerous elegant designs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kraus Sinks

Is Kraus A Good Sink?

Based on our research and experience, we can confidently Kraus offers one of the best sinks in the market at an affordable range. They utilize high-quality materials and advanced technologies to create highly-durable sinks that resist scratch, shock, and noise. What makes them unique is their dedication to bringing innovative design, color, and texture in their pan so that they can become eye-candy in your kitchen.

Do Kraus sinks scratch easily?

Most of the sinks from Kraus are made using scratch-resistant body finish, so the chance of any kind of scratch is quite minimal.

According to specific user reports, some low-end models get easily scratched, and it has happened to many models. Almost every sink is built with high-end material that is engineered with nanotechnology, and it helps them to prevent any kind of scratches.

How thick are Kraus stainless steel sinks?

Unlike ordinary brands, Kraus makes use of 16gauge stainless steel, which is really thick for a sink for domestic usage. A 16gauge pan comes with an adequate tub that can not only resist shock but also dampens all the noise and vibration you might make while doing chores.

Now, without further ado, let’s jump to the top 5 Kraus sinks reviews we have found out for you:

Top 5 Best Kraus Sinks Reviews 2020

1. Kraus KHU100-30 – Stainless Steel Sinks

The brand, Kraus, is always synonymous with high-quality products, and their KH100-30 stainless steel sink rightly proves it. This large 30inch sink is an excellent upgrade for any kitchen as it gives ample space to accomplish all your chores with ease. The deep 10inch depth makes the main impact on the functionality by giving you more room to stack large ports or numerous dishes at once.

Plus, it provides a full enclosure to wash all your dishes without making a mess or splashing water on the countertop. To maximize your cleaning area, this high-quality Kraus kitchen sink gets gently rounded corners and also makes it easier for you to clean them.

This sink is designed to provide you maximum usable space for all your chores, and that is why it gets a rear set drain, which also enhances the underneath cabinet space. Ergonomically designed with channel grooves, you won’t have to worry about standing water inside the sink while you are doing the daily chores.

Despite being designed for complete drainage, the base has been angled in such a way that the glassware won’t slip when you place them for cleaning. Whatever is your task on the sink, you will always enjoy a quiet operation in your kitchen, and the credit goes to the exclusive NoiseDefend soundproofing technology that absorbs vibrations.

The non-toxic SoundGuard undercoating and extra-thick pads also play a significant role in eliminating all the vibration and sound to create a peaceful environment. It is a perfect example of style and practicality as it offers a sleek contemporary outlook with a satin finish to create an elegant statement in your countertop.

Built with dent-resistant TRU16 real 16-gauge T304 stainless steel, this pan offers you unparalleled durability for lifelong usage. Most important, it is treated with a commercial grade finish that ensures a pristine look by resisting rust and corrosion.

2. KRAUS KWU112-33 Kore – Undermount Kitchen Sink

KWU112-33 is undoubtedly a top-of-the-line Kraus kitchen sink whose main motto is to give your countertop a complete makeover in terms of functionality and design. The 33inch massive workstation gives you total freedom to perform all your cleaning tasks without facing any difficulty.

On the other hand, the double-bowl configuration allows you to multitask and helps you finish chores accurately rather than making a mess. The bowl is separated by an ultra-thin low-profile divider that creates a free outlook of a single-bowl and also provides the space for accommodating large cookware. Unsurprisingly, it comes with a 10inch extended depth, making sure you won’t face difficulty while placing large cookware for filling water.

However, the integrated ledge with an eight-piece chef kit takes the functionality to a whole new height and eases up your cooking preparation and cleaning process. The chef kit includes a dish grid, bamboo cutting board, drying rack, strainer, and drain cover, thus gives you a complete package for all your needs.

Say goodbye to the annoying noise while you opt for a cleaning task, and the credit goes to the proprietary NoiseDefend soundproofing-technology with protective undercoating that absorbs all the sound.

Crafted with channel grooves and specially angled slopes, you can always expect a clear workstation for your chores as it prevents water from pooling inside the sink. The sharp design and lustrous satin finish will make you fall in love with this high-end Kraus sink.

The under-mount setup makes a difference in the decor as it creates an openness in the countertop. The commercial-grade satin not only gives the pan a gorgeous outlook but also makes it totally rust and corrosion-free. All thanks to the TRU16 T340 premium-grade stainless steel, this sink serves as a workhorse that won’t degrade even after heavy usage for many years.

3. Kraus KHF203-36 Standart Pro – Stainless Steel Sink

Meticulously crafted with heavy-duty TRU16 gauge T304 stainless steel, Kraus KHF203-36 Standart Pro is built to stand the taste of time. To add to the durability, this one of the best double Kraus kitchen sinks also gets wear-resistant satin finish, which is also easy to clean. Besides offering resistive cover, the satin finish also creates a marvelous outlook and assists the pan in blending comfortably with modern or artistic decor.

The undermount installation with apron front design makes it look apart in any countertop without disrupting the aesthetics of other appliances. However, you might face difficulty in accommodating this pan in your countertop as it needs a minimum 36inch cabinet size for setup.

Get ready to enjoy an outstanding cleaning performance, and the credit goes to the supersize 60/40 double bowl setup that caters to multitask, clean, and soak. The manufacturer also provides a premium basket strainer set and steel bottom grid so you can enjoy an organized cleaning process.

With 10inch deep bowls, placing your largest pans and pots is quite easy; thus, you can expect to swift up your meal preparation time. The chance of accumulation of water in the sink is almost nil, and it is due to the gently sloped bottom that ensures superior drainage. However, the bottoms are angled in such a way that your glassware won’t fall when you place them for cleaning.

Metal sinks have the reputation of creating noise while using them, but you can’t say the same with this Kraus stainless steel kitchen sink. Engineered with sound-absorbing pads and NoiseDefend soundproofing technology, it spares your ear from all the vibration and noise you would create during cleaning.

Apart from sound absorption, the protective undercoating also prevents the buildup of condensation that can inflict massive damage to the sink. Once you get this sink, you won’t have to consider repairing costs because every issue is covered by its limited lifetime warranty.

4. Kraus KGD-442 – White Kitchen Sinks

Quarza KGD-442 from Kraus is one of a kind double kitchen sink that will leave you flabbergasted with the lustrous design and unparalleled performance. Even though it gets standard 60/40 dual-bowl configuration but what sets it apart is the curvy low-height divider.

This beautiful sink comes with a massive workspace of 33inch so that you can easily clean or large cookware without any difficulty. Plus, the two separate sinkholes enhance the drainage by a large margin and allow you to multitask with ease. However, it is the specially engineered channel grooves with gently sloped bottoms that causes super fast drainage even when you are cleaning continuously.

This affordable Kraus kitchen sink has been designed with a 10inch depth so that you can easily clean a large number of dishes without any clumsiness. It is exceptionally versatile with the dual-mount design that not only allows you to install it easily but also create a design statement with drop-in or undermount setup.

The white granite color perfectly complements the design of this sink, and we can confidently say it will become a center of attraction in your countertop. The fusion of old and modern styling with smooth corners uplifts the overall look and also makes it easy to maintain.

Besides the ample workspace, another major highlight of this pan is the impressive durability as it combines 80% natural granite with robust acrylic resin for a real stone look and feels. Importantly, the top layers get a thermal finishing that makes the sink stand up to thermal shock and heavy usage without any degradation.

The surface is naturally hygienic that not only resists stains from food but also prevents the deposition of germs, thus allowing you to maintain a healthy and cleaner sink. The thick materials are engineered to absorb most of the sound and vibration, and that is why this budget Kraus kitchen sink gives you a quiet kitchen.

5. Kraus KHU102-33 – Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Kraus KHU102-33 may seem like just another dual bowl pan, but once you start using it, you will understand why it is regarded as one of the best Kraus kitchen sinks. Flaunting a massive 33inch working space, this pan will be useful in large kitchens where cleaning convenience is of great importance.

Bearing a traditional 50/50 bowl setup, it gives you two separate large bowls to accomplish all your cleaning, washing and soaking tasks with complete versatility. You will even get a 10inch depth so that you can comfortably put a large stack of dishes or other cookware for cleaning.

Sinks are mostly used during meal preparation, so to make the preparation time quicker and convenient, Kraus offers sink bottom, basket strainer, and drain assembly. The corners of this sink are gently rounded that not only enhances the working space but also notch up the overall look with its sleek design.

While cleaning, you can freely place glassware on the bottom as the bottom gets channel grooves with gentle curves that prevent the glassware from falling. If you prefer doing kitchen chores quietly, then this top kitchen sink from Kraus is perfect for you. Constructed with NoiseDefend technology and extra-thick sound pads, you will hardly hear any sound while you clean your cookware.

The undermount installation makes the setup extremely easy, and you just have put them in the cut-out place. Sinks in the kitchen are meant for heavy usage, and that is why it is built using TRU16 T304 dent-resistant stainless steel that offers superior strength.

Even after years of usage, this sink will flaunt a clean look, and the credit goes to the commercial-grade satin finish that prevents corrosion and stains. It is covered by a lifetime limited warranty coverage, so you can stay assured you won’t have to spend any extra money while repairing any damage.


Kraus is undoubtedly the best choice when it comes to getting a high-quality sink at an affordable price point. They have a massive lineup of pans with different styles, designs, installation type, and materials. So it is quite tricky to find the right product based on your requirement as a wrong choice might hamper your entire investment.

To help you out, we have highlighted the top five Kraus sinks that we consider is worth the investment you make on them. In this guide, we have covered different types of sinks so that you won’t be limited to individual choices.

You will get products like KH100-30 for a complete cleaning task, while KWU112-33 will be ideal for multitasking. Although they come in different designs and functionality, you will get unprecedented durability in both of them. So stay assured once you install a Kraus sink in your kitchen, you won’t have to look back.

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