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Best Franke Sinks Reviews 2020 – Quality, Prices, Warranty etc.

When it comes to choosing the best sink for the most functional area of your home kitchen, homeowners often confused about which sink brand they should choose.

A sink plays a crucial role in maintaining the optimum functionality of the kitchen, so you would obviously want a high-quality basin with some impressive features. According to our team, one brand with which you would never go wrong is Franke. They have been in a top-tier brand in this industry around 100 years, and they have proved themselves to offer highly robust and functional sinks. The articulated designs and varied types of modern shape, along with impressive performance, make them more agreeable to customers.

But before discovering all the best Franke sinks, we would like you to go through certain information about the brand;

Top 5 Best Franke Kitchen Sinks:

About Franke

Franke may not be a popular name in the US market like Kraus, Houzer, but they are considered as one of the top-tier brands in the industry. Franke started its journey in the year 1911 in Switzerland as a sheet metal business, and it was owned by Hermann Franke.

However, it was in the year 1930s, they introduced themselves as a stainless steel sink manufacturer, and they made a significant breakthrough in the market. To cope with the increasing popularity, they had to shift their location from Rorschach to Aarburg Bei Olten and build a new factory along with an office.

Between the years 1976 and 1980, they made their entry into the US market, and it was due to their most elegant sinks. McDonald’s became their client. They have always been committed to making top-notch products, and that is why they are still considered as one of the pioneers that revolutionized the sink market.

Durable construction, attention to detail, state-of-the-earth shape, and impressive features are what make Franke one of the favorite products among house owners. Their R&D department is always working on new products so that they can present their customers with innovative sinks that will make the best out of the space.

Why should you buy Franke sinks?

Well, we have tested numerous Franke sinks till today (at the time of writing), and based on that experience, we can say that there are plenty of reasons to buy them. Franke always looks after the requirement of their customers, and that is why they design their sinks in such a way that their products can live up to the expectation.

The design they offer is really clever as their main motto is to make your day wonderful in the kitchen without hindering the functionality. Without focusing on one particular area, they try to maintain a balance of functionality, style, usability, and comfort.

Whatever is your preference, you will get all types of designs, colors, and shapes from Franke. They have a wide range of sinks with different textures and materials so that you can purchase the one that will complement your taste and kitchen decor.

Another crucial reason behind their huge demand is the innovative functionalities they are bringing with all their ranges. They are creating a kitchen solution so that you can achieve maximum efficiency with minimal effort. Curved edges, rounded corners, optimized surface, foldable colander, on-board chopping board are some beautiful features you will find in their product.

Franke takes a lot of pride in the durability of their sink as they have been producing sheet metal for almost 100 years. Almost all their product gets commercial-grade materials like T304 16gauge stainless sink and 80% quartz granite that is well known as the epitome of durability.

All their product gets scratch, stain and rustproof finish that adds to the durability. Many customers have said that their product last for decades without losing its shine and glazy surface. Most importantly, they have managed to bring variation in their price range without hinder the quality. You will find Franke sinks according to your budget, and this why people praise them a lot.

So we recommend you to buy Franke stainless steel sinks, and you will never regret your decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Franke a good sink?

We can definitely say that the sink produced by Franke, especially the stainless steel models are really worth the price you are paying for them. Whether it is durability, design, functionality, installation facility, or features, you will never be disappointed in any of the segments. They maximize your workspace and efficiency but without biting much space. The numerous amount of positive reviews they have for their product also proves that their products are outstanding.

2. Do Franke sinks scratch easily?

Almost all the Franke sinks get the industrial-grade body finish, and it makes the body resistant to any kind of scratch. Although different sinks come with varied types of finishes like satin finish and brushed finish, the scratch-proof capability is standard in all of them. All the pans are treated in such a way that they can retain their scratch-proof finish even if they are heavily used. Moreover, the material used for construction also makes the sink resistant to scratch.

3. How thick are Franke stainless steel sinks?

Franke stainless steel sink is built from high-quality stainless steel sheets, and all of them come with a thickness variation of 16-18gauge. However, most of the stainless steel sinks model comes with 16 gauge, and as we all know, it is considered as the best figure when it comes to thickness. However, some low-end models might come with 18gauge thickness, but this thickness also offers impressive bent resistant capability and durability.

Top 5 Best Franke Kitchen Sinks Review

1. Franke SL103BX – Best affordable Franke kitchen sink

Hailing from the famous AXIS series of Franke, we present you SL103BX that will not only impress you with its functionalities but also its affordable price tag. Built with a workspace of 18inch length, 16inch width, and 10inch bowl depth, it treats you with enough workspace so that your time in the kitchen can get much better.

The 10inch depth is quite helpful because it helps you to clean large cookware and that too without splashing water outside. The surface gets a gentle curve along with the standard 3.5inch rear side drainage system that quickly sweeps away all the dirty water while you are cleaning.

Once you install this affordable Franke kitchen sink, it will grab everyone’s attention with its timeless Swiss design and sleek edges. The shiny brushed body finish helps to make a style statement in the kitchen; thus, you will have no issue in blending with other appliances. It is suitable for both top-mount and professional under-mount setup that also adds to the overall outlook of your modern cabinet.

However, this top quality stainless steel sink requires a minimum 24inch base cabinet size for proper fitting. All thanks to its three holes for your faucet and other accessories, you can install your desired faucet without ruining the smooth countertop. Importantly the installation process is safe, and you will find all the hardware and template for assistance.

It may seem like just another ordinary sink, but its 20 gauge stainless steel construction will change your perception. Although the 20 gauge may not offer optimum width but it is totally suitable for heavy usage without causing a dent. The high-level body finish also makes the sink ideal for daily usage by keeping it safe from scratch, stain, corrosion, and other damages.

It comes with a safe-T rim that not only adds to the strength of the sink but also protects your finger from sharp edges during installation. It has all the qualities of a top-level pan, and you will find a sound-deadening feature that ensures a quiet and calm kitchen.

2. Franke EDOX33229-1 – Top Franke Granite Kitchen Sink

Franke is always gifting their customer with modern sinks with innovative design, and EDOX33229-1 is one of those models that has flabbergasted everyone with its simplistic look. It gets the unusual 50/50 bowl design that will make it stands out from other appliances in the kitchen and also uplift the overall decor.

However, its Onyx color and smooth corners make the most impact on the design as it gives this top-notch Franke sink an elegant look. The rear side of the sink gets a wavy edge, and it makes the sink more appealing in everyone’s eye

Compatible with under-mount configuration, you can utilize it to create a clean look in a countertop without compromising on efficiency. It also comes equipped with one faucet hole and three knockouts, thus offering you everything in one place. The installation hardware and template come in the package, so it would be straightforward for you to install it.

You shouldn’t judge its durability by the sophisticated look because it is built using premium granite material that offers immense durability and strength. Like every high end, Franke sinks, it also gets a unique body treatment which makes it resilient to heat, dent, scratch, corrosion, and stain. What makes it more enjoyable? The sanitized germ-fighting barrier that acts as a protective layer that fights all the bacteria even between the cleaning cycle and keeps the space hygienic.

This terrific Franke kitchen sink is a beautiful mixture of efficiency and multitasking, and each bowl gets a depth of 9inch along with 17inch length and 14.25inch width. Due to the large bowl with low divider, you can divide your kitchen chores and swift up your meal preparation time.

The inner curved corners allow the sink to maximize the workspace and also makes it easy to clean. Unfortunately, it only comes with the dual rear set waste hole so you will have to purchase the drain set separately. Franke offers a limited lifetime warranty with this model, and it pretty much covers most of the damages.

3. Franke ORX110 – Top Franke Stainless Steel Sink

Franke ORX110 is a top-of-the-line Franke stainless steel kitchen sink that requires no introduction, and it holds all the qualities to become the part of any highly decorated kitchen. It is an outcome of exclusive Swiss craftsmanship, and you can judge it 18guage stainless steel heavy duty built. Although 16 gauge would have been a better choice given the hefty price tag, it comes with.

Garnished with a commercial grade polished finish, it keeps its shiny body surface free from stain, corrosion, heat, scratch, and rust. All thanks to its optimized body curves, you can easily clean the sink without leaving any space. Despite its vast durability, it is only 20lbs in weight, which is fantastic.

The bottom area of this one of the best Franite sinks is covered with sound dampening pads so that you won’t have to hear annoying sounds while doing chores. When it comes to design, it can blow most of the most excellent kitchen sinks with its seamless body design. The whole body gets the polished finish that helps it to complement any decor and add a modern touch.

It is only suitable for the under-mount configuration, so if you are looking for a seamless look, then it would perfectly suit your design. By offering all the necessary hardware and cutout template, Franke has made sure that you can easily install in your cabinetry.

However, the most highlight part of this excellent Franke sink is the integral ledger system that turns your workspace into a highly functional unit. It has an internal ledge inside the pan that supports the shelf grid so that you can place colander and chopping board for multitasking.

Besides, Orca ORX110 also treats you with a 30L X 20W X 9D inch workspace so you will have ample area to accomplish daily kitchen tasks. Whether you want to clean around 30dishes or large baking pans, you won’t have an issue, and you can easily do it without messing with the countertop.

4. Franke Oceania OAX110 Single Stainless Steel Sink

Making its way into the list of finest Franke sink, another high-quality Franke kitchen sink is Oceania OAX110. It is a simple rectangular sized basin that boasts a structure of a vessel, and it is totally designed by Swiss artisans. Tapered edges with rounded corners help it to cater to any design requirement without compensating on the functionality.

From traditional to modern, it has the ability to blend with any decor, and the brushed body finish is partly responsible for it. In terms of installation, you will only have the under-mount choice, but it will be constructive if you want to hide the lips in the cabinet. A minimum 33inch cabinet is required to install Oceania OAX110, so you should be careful while choosing.

If your primary requirement is to have optimum cleaning space, then this top-end Franke with 29L X 18W X 8D inch can comfortably meet your demand. Whether you want to place a large baking sheet or stack a lot of dishes or bowls, you can easily do it without much inconvenience.

Even though the surface doesn’t have groove or curving, but it quickly drains out water with the help of a 3.5inch rear set drain. Moreover, the rear set drain also maximizes the area for cleaning space and also offers extra cabinet space at the bottom.

Many customers have put up many good reviews about this top kitchen sink from Franke, and the factor they have a liked a lot after its efficiency is the durability. The 18guage high-grade stainless steel build ensures top-notch durability and strength so that customers can use it heavily without any second thought. Importantly, the body gets resistive body finish that helps the basin to prevent any scratch, dent, chip, stain, etc.

Running water or dishes while cleaning makes a lot of sounds, so to dampen all the unwanted noise, it gets a sound dampening pad at the bottom. Once you buy it, you won’t have to worry about anything till it lasts because it comes under a limited lifetime warranty.

5. Franke C2233R/9 Stainless Steel

Well, Franke C2233R/9 is a multipurpose kitchen workspace that may fall in the budget segment, but it has all the features to outclass, which are generally found in high-end models. It is a double bowl basin where the left bowl measure 19L X 18W X 9Dinch while the right one measures 17L X 12W X 8Dinch.

It is a dedicated basin for multitasking so that you can notch up your kitchen chore and meal preparation time, especially during busy hours. The left bowl gives you ample space for cleaning while you can utilize the right one for cleansing vegetables. Both of them get the 3.5inch drain hole but don’t get the drain set.

To ensures fast drainage of standing water, the surface has converged towards the waste so you won’t face water flooding while cleaning cookware. It is quite a versatile sink when it comes to installation, and you can set it in the top-mount or under-mount facility.

Moreover, Franke has made three holes above the right bowl so that you can install your favorite faucet. The package also contains installation hardware and template, thus making sure you can easily set it up in your cabinet without professional help.

The design of this budget Franke kitchen sink is more toward simplicity rather than sophisticated design, so adding it to your contemporary decor won’t be a problem. Due to the exquisite satin finish, it really blends well with today’s kitchen cabinets except for colorful models.

The brushed finish not only gives C2233R/9 a fantastic outlook but also helps it to retain the pristine shine by resisting any stain, scratch, dent, chip, and rust. All thanks to its 18guage stainless steel, you won’t get the chance to question its construction because it can last for decades with regular usage. The bottom area also gets the sound deadening pads so that it can offer a quiet kitchen environment by absorbing most of the noises and vibration.


After investing more fifty hours in evaluating and reviewing Franke sinks, we can safely say that all the five sinks will make your life better in the kitchen. These sinks will not only cater to your demand regarding quality and durability but will also offer impressive functionality.

Franke has always put more focus on the need of their customers, and this is the reason all these products has numerous positive reviews.

Our team has put forward their honest opinion in the review so that you can have a proper overview of the sink. Franke does not sponsor this article, and we have made this list due to the increasing demand for Franke sinks from our viewers. In addition to type and material, this list also has some variation in the price range where you can get basins like SL103BX under $100. Or else you can go for Franke ORX110 that cost more $500, and it is designed to notch up the aesthetics of your decor.

We hope you will find your desired Franke sink from this list.

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