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Best Two Handle Kitchen Faucets Review 2020 & Buying Guide

Are you finding it difficult to utilize your single handle kitchen faucet during rush hour? Thinking to introduce a new fixture that will make your life more comfortable in the kitchen? Then getting the best two handle kitchen faucet would be the most appropriate choice as it will allow you to access both cold and hot without confusion.

Top 4 two handle kitchen faucets:

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The inclusion of two handles in your kitchen will not only impact on the functionality of the sink area but will also notch up your efficiency. The two handle faucets come with a beautifully crafted widespread design that also plays a significant role in beautifying your kitchen decor.

However, if you are totally oblivious about how you can find those high-quality two-handle taps that will serve as the right investment. Then you won’t have to look anywhere else for these faucets as our team has already found the top ten two handle kitchen faucets for you.

But before we jump into the reviews of all the finest two handle kitchen faucets, we want you to check out some crucial information that will benefit you.

What Is A Two Handle Kitchen Faucet?

The two handle faucet is a widely popular kitchen fixture that utilizes two levers for convenient and swift operation. Unlike single handle units, you will have two separate handles to control the hot and cold water flow.

A significant advantage of this type of fixture is that you can run both hot and cold water at the same time or mix them to get the desired water temperature.

The convenience and easiness offered by this faucet type are simply unmatchable, and you won’t get the same from other kinds. This faucet not only comes with different designs, finish, sizes, and style but also gets a broader price range option.

What to Look For In a Two-Handle faucet?

Best 2-Handle Kitchen Faucets
If you are eyeing to garnish your kitchen with the best two handle kitchen, then you will have to consider different factors before buying one. To help you out, we have listed the vital considerations that you should remember;


Two-handle taps are a special kind of fixture that won’t easily fit in all types of sink configuration. It would need at least three holes in the sink or countertop for the installation. If you are using accessories like a side sprayer and soap dispenser, it might need around 4 to 5 holes.

Space Availability

Furthermore, two handle setup will bite a significant amount of space on the sink as well as the countertop. So you can’t use it on a small pan, and you will need to put it on a large tub or a large countertop. So always consider the space available in your kitchen before going for the widespread two-handle setup.

Water Delivery

While checking out a two-handle tap, you should consider the water delivery rate along with the pressure. Having a minimum 1.8 GPM water flow rate would allow you to perform all your kitchen chores conveniently. If you choose a flow rate above 2GPM with a water pressure around 60PSI, you can swiftly clean dishes and shed all the stains without facing unnecessary splash.

Swivel Facility

Having a swivel spout is a must for today’s modern kitchen as it will allow you to deliver water at any part of the sink. Plus, you can comfortably accommodate large pots for filling or stack dishes for cleaning them. However, not all the two-handle faucets come with swivel facilities due to the compact design. Most of the tap gets a swivel range between 130 and 180-degree, but nowadays, some units are coming up with 360-degree swivel.

Material and Durability

Material and durability go hand in hand as the use of the right kind of material will ensure top-notch durability. Since taps are used continuously in the kitchen, so it had to be highly durable. If you can choose a faucet made up of stainless steel or premium brass, it can last for a long time without facing much wear and tear. Also, make sure the tap is treated with a resistant finish so that it doesn’t get affected by resistance or corrosion. Similarly, make sure the valve is made up of ceramic because they are highly durable and hardly face dripping issues.


Besides the two handles, the faucet should come with some highly efficient that will make things easier for you in the kitchen. Having a side sprayer, pull-down spout, two-function head, etc., would assist you in accomplishing your kitchen chores easily. Depending upon your requirement, you should choose between high and low pressure because there is no point in wasting water.

Advantages of Using Two Handle Kitchen Faucets

Here is the list of benefits that are making two handle kitchen faucet a widely popular choice for homeowners.

  • It makes the hot and cold water operation extremely simple for you and prevents you from getting confused.
  • This faucet type not only gives you precise control over the hot and cold water flow that you won’t get in a single-handle faucet.
  • You can easily mix the hot and cold water to get a water temperature that would serve your purpose and also prevent scalding.
  • It makes the sink area a top-notch functional unit and makes it totally convenient to use.
  • The widespread or deck plate design with the availability of various styles and finish allows it to make a significant impact on the kitchen decor.
  • They come in various price ranges ranging from ordinary brands to top-end brands like Delta, Peerless, Kohler, etc.
  • Most of the double handle tap comes loaded with highly efficient facilities so that you can quickly ramp up your cleaning and meal preparation time.

Now, let’s take a look at all the most excellent two handle kitchen faucets that we have found out for you;

Top 6 Two Handle Kitchen Faucets

1. Moen 7250SRS Belfield – Two-handle high arc kitchen faucet

From the legendary kitchen fixture manufacturer, Moen, we present to you the7250SRS Belfield two-handle faucet that offers the quintessential blend of performance and beauty.

Meticulously crafted with Williamsburg-era detailing and European design cue, this high quality two handle kitchen faucet will outfit your kitchen with an exquisite look.

The stainless steel finish with a smooth body line helps it to create a timeless outlook on the countertop and also gives it a distinctive personality to stand out. It is the deck plate that completes the whole look and makes it suitable for blending with any sink.

You need to have three holes in the sink and a 1/2inch connector facility for the installation process. If the faucet is compatible with your sink, then you won’t have to think about installation because the Dura lock quick connect system facilitates swift setup.

Not only the pan but also the standard design mount makes it suitable for countertop installation. Maintenance is a big hassle for homeowners, but the proprietor Spot Resist finish prevents fingerprints, and water spots ensure low maintenance.

Built with top-quality metal and ceramic valve cartridges, this faucet is designed to stand the test of time. Moreover, it is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty that indicates reliability and longevity it has on offer.

When it comes to performance, it will totally live up to your expectation by delivering an aerated water stream that will make everyday cleaning a fun affair. Thanks to the powerful 1.5GPM water flow, you can cut through hard food residues in the cookware.

Besides, you will get to utilize the two handle system for precise water flow to make and also multitask during cleaning. Plus, the two-handle will not only allow you to adjust the water temperature separately but also will enable you to mix them.

The 9.34inch spout height will come handy for you as you can accommodate large cookware and also move your hands freely.

2. Delta 2256-SS-DST – Good Quality 2-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Undoubtedly, Delta Faucet 2256-SS-DST is a top performance two handle kitchen faucet whose main motto is to make your life more comfortable in the kitchen without compromising on the look.

Calibrated with an efficiency flow rate of 1.8GPM, this tap can comfortably accomplish all kinds of cleaning and filling tasks. The aerated stream it delivers is highly useful, and you quickly clean cookware or wash veggies to notch up your meal preparation time.

However, the central unit in your cleaning arsenal would be the powerful side sprayer that will allow you to comfortably any kind of a mess. Moreover, it is geared with a retractable hose that lets you target the right area for cleaning and filling in any part of the sink without a splash.

Accommodating a large stack of dishes for cleaning or filling a big pocket won’t be a problem, and the credit goes to 9inch height with a reach of 9inch.

The 180-degree swivel design also adds to the convenience and helps you freely move the water stream in any part of the basin. Enjoy complete control over the water temperature and flow as you will get two separate handles for hot and cold water.

Simple installation is a big highlight of this faucet, and you will have all the hardware, including the InnoFlex PEX supply line, at your disposal. However, you need a large basin or countertop for installation as it only fits in the four-hole, 6-16inch configuration.

Hailing from Victoria line up, this faucet is artistically designed with vintage detailing and traditional low arch styling to blend seamlessly with posh kitchen decor.

The Brilliance Stainless finish and widespread configuration create an aesthetically pleasing outlook to coordinate with other appliances in the kitchen. The design treatment also continues in the side sprayer so that it doesn’t look out of place.

With an elegant design, it also treats you with robust construction, and the brass build quality with Diamond Seal Technology serves as the proof.

3. Peerless Tunbridge – Budget Friendly 2-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Peerless Tunbridge P299578LF-SS is a highly rated kitchen tap that may camouflage itself in a simplistic outlook but has the prowess to outclass many top-end taps with its performance.

Flaunting the traditional two handle setup mounted on a deck plate, you can now conveniently adjust the water temperature to cater to different kitchen chores.

The high-arc 9inch spout, on the other hand, gives enough room underneath for uninterrupted movement and also delivers a splash-free aerated stream for cleaning needs. The 1.8GPM flow rate at 60PSI it has on offer is more than sufficient for home cleaning tasks and pot filling purposes.

The Tunbridge faucet is exceptionally versatile and convenient to use as it offers a 360-degree swivel that allows you to target the water in any part of the sink. Another feature that will be highly useful to you is the dominant side sprayer that can easily shed away any hard stain from your cookware.

The sprayer even gets a long retractable hose so you can easily fill pots without bringing it from the countertop to the sink. When it comes to look, we can confidently say that you will love its simplistic outlook with smooth body lines and blade handle design.

It may be a cheap two handle kitchen faucet, but it flaunts a beautiful body curve with stainless steel finish to uplift the decor of your kitchen. Constructed using lead-free metal and washerless stem cartridge, you can use it for years without worrying about leakage or damage.

Enjoy minimal maintenance with the Brilliance body finish that not only resists water spots but also saves the body from rust and corrosion. Although it gets a four-hole, 8inch configuration setup but surprisingly, it is quite straightforward to install and that too without needing the assistance of experts.

4. HIGHCRAFT 393II – One of the Cheapest Two Handle Kitchen Faucet

If you are searching for the best rated two handle kitchen faucets that will maintain a balance between beauty and usability, then Highcraft 393II needs your attention. Offering a mammoth flow rate of 2.2GPM at 60 PSI, its main target is to help you clean all kinds of cleaning and filling tasks without facing a shortage.

The high arc spout leaves an ample amount of room for smooth movement, washing hands, and accommodating big cookwares for cleaning. The convenient side sprayer with a thumb-applied trigger does cleaning and filling totally breeze with easy activation.

To our surprise, the side sprayer’s hose can be extended up to 48inch; thus offering optimum versatility in cleaning at any part of the sink.

Besides, the swivel design in the spout will come really handy to you as you can easily move the spout for cleaning and filling purposes. Engineered to deliver water efficiency, this faucet carries WaterSense certification that depicts it can conserve water without compromising on its performance or functionality.

Experience easy operation with the two handle lever design, and you will just have to turn them to adjust the water temperature and flow with ease. Like others, it also requires four holes and a 1/2inch IPS connection for installation, so check the compatibility before buying it.

Based on a premium lead-free solid brass construction, this faucet is built to serve you for years in the kitchen without any dripping or leakage issue. The quality chrome plated finish not only will beautify your kitchen decor but also makes it easy to clean and resist corrosion.

The symmetric styling creates a pleasing eye outlook in the kitchen. While the high arc design and elegant lines ooze out a contemporary perspective that will compel everyone to admire its beauty. The chrome-plated finish also adds to the overall look and blend seamlessly with any traditional kitchen decor.

5. Delta 21996LF-OB – 2 Handle Kitchen Faucet

Delta Faucet 21996LF-OB is a specially devised faucet that may serve as a cheap two handle kitchen faucet but performs and looks like every other top-notch tap. Articulating vintage design with sleek body lines and high arc gives the faucet a flamboyant look to comfortably fit any decor.

However, the factor that will attract the most is the oil rubbed bronze finish that also brings out an elegant outlook in the kitchen. Not only looks, but this faucet also flaunts a durable metal construction that provides the necessary strength and longevity so that it can flawlessly cater to you in the kitchen.

Along with a sophisticated outlook, the oil rubbed bronze finish also prevents the faucet from corrosion and rust and ensures easy maintenance. Enjoy a drip-free performance throughout the lifetime, and the credit goes to the washerless stem cartridge.

You will love using this faucet because it comes with a long 11inch spout that delivers an aerated stream that will help you to finish your cleaning or meal preparation quickly. Plus, it has a flow rate of 1.8GPM at 60PSI so that you won’t have to compromise while cleaning dishes or filling jugs.

You will also get an added assistance from the faucet’s side sprayer that can clean almost any mess. While target cleaning with the side sprayer, you will enjoy optimum maneuverability, and it is due to the long reach of the retractable hose.

To provide you flexibility during filling large pots or jugs, the faucet pampers you with a 360-degree rotation facility so that you can move the body in any direction.

Whether you want to get hot water, cold water, or mix them both, you can easily do it by utilizing the ergonomically designed two handle setup. You can confidently use the faucet on a daily basis, knowing that it is backed by a lifetime limited warranty that covers all the damages.


Two-handle kitchen faucets are boon to every homeowner as it makes cleaning easier and assists you in adjusting water temperature with ease.

However, not all two-handle taps are efficient, but the models we have found out after a lot of examination will rightly fulfill your need. They offer high performance and provide all the necessary features so that kitchen chores would never be a daunting task for you.

When you bring home taps like Moen 7250SRS Belfield, it will not only notch up your kitchen’s functionality but will enhance the aesthetics. Although they are not suitable for all kinds of kitchens and sinks as they require a minimum of three holes.

But if you have a large pan or countertop and you want to make a big impression, then installing the best two handle kitchen would serve as a smart move. For your convenience, we have added products from various price ranges with different styling so that you will have an ample amount of choices.

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