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How To Disassemble a Faucet Easily?

Did your faucet go kaput? Is it hampering your daily chore? Want to repair it or replace it with a new one? Well, dissembling the faucet is the first task you will have to accomplish to reach your goal. You won’t have to call a plumber to disassemble a faucet (we have a guide on replacing a faucet too); you just have to follow some simple steps which make the process much easier than you think.

Before starting with the process of disassembling you need to arrange some tools which you will require during the process;

Tools That You Required

  • All-in-one Screwdriver.
  • Wrench
  • Slip joint pliers.
  • Tweezers

Once you have collected all the essentials, it is time to start the process:

3 Steps to Disassemble a Faucet

How To Disassemble a Faucet Easily

Step 1 – Close the Water Supply

In the beginning, you will have to close the water supply by turning the handle located below your sink. After turning the handle, drain the left out water in the pipe so that there isn’t any dripping issue. Then cover the drain using a sink plug or any cloth because it will prevent screw, pin, washer or any item going down through the drain. It would be great to cover the top surface with a thick cloth so that it doesn’t get any scratch.

Step 2 – Choose the Type of Faucet

Now, check what type of faucet you have because different faucets have a different mechanism. Depending upon the mechanism, you should opt for the disassembling process. For example, some have ball bearing while ceramic disk faucet has a cylinder. So depending upon the type, you will have to commence on the next step.

Step 3 – Make the Final Step

In this step, we will completely disassemble the faucet, and we have created separate sections for a different type of faucets.

Mixer Faucet

So if you have mixer faucet, then you will find a small button at the lower section of the handle, and from there you will have to take out the hex screw using a wrench. Now, slowly rotate the handle so that you can take out the lever from the base. After the lever, you will have to remove the pivot or the head of the valve, and you can use a wrench to remove it.

While removing you should be careful not to damage the adjusting ring. Now take tweezers and carefully remove the seas, washers, and springs. After eliminating everything, gently lift the faucet base using pliers or screwdriver. You should avoid using the body to take out the bottom as it might damage the surface.

Ball Faucet

For this type, you first need to eradicate the handle, and it can be done by unscrewing it using slip-joint pliers. But first, you have to remove the decorative cap to unscrew the handle. It is best to wrap the outer surface so that you can work freely without leaving any scratch. Now take out the cam, washer, and ball using the pliers and also lift out the ball from the main area. It would be best to take out the seals and springs before taking out the o-ring that forms as the base. Now depending upon the model, you should take out the o-ring as well as the base to completely disassemble the faucet.

Compression Faucet

Disassembling a compression faucet is an easy task, and it would take a few minutes to complete the job. First, you need carefully take out the cap on the top which will provide the way for the screw. Then unscrew the join using a screwdriver, and it will allow you to pull up the handle. Then you will have to take out the bonnet by using a slip joint pliers and later the valve stem from the base consecutively. While removing the valve stem, you should turn the hex nut in the clockwise direction. After the stem, it is time for removing the washer and then the base using wrench or pliers.

Cartridge Faucet

Like others, you first have to open the decorative cap of the cartridge faucet because it will allow you to remove the handle. Then take pliers to remove the retaining clip which is circular in shape. After you have eliminated the clip, you can now easily take out the cartridge. Lastly, take out the o-ring using a utility knife, which will be the final step for complete disassembly.

You will have to take out the faucet base from the sink or any other area which will assist you in accomplishing your goal.

Note: It would be a smart move to follow manual while disassembling as it will prevent any unwanted damage. The manufacturers of faucets will supply the manual when you


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