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How to Measure a Kitchen Sink?

Are you planning to replace your old kitchen sink with a new one or are in the process of installing a sink from scratch? Well then, you are at the right place, for we are going to guide you on the steps and the equipment necessary to accomplish this task.

Before, you jump onto buying a new sink; you need to check for the space size and measurement of the current sink. Similarly, if you are planning to install a new sink, you will need to measure the space between the countertop and make adjustments according to the type of sink you will be installing. So follow these tips and steps to make accurate measurements of your kitchen sink!

Necessary Tools

You will have to equip yourself with the following tools to begin the task of measurement. Make sure you have them all stacked up near you when you begin the measuring process to avoid any inconvenience.

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Measuring Tape
  • Ruler/Level

Types of Kitchen sinks

Another important point you need to know is the type of sink. This is essential because different types of sinks are measured differently and their installation is done accordingly. So check whether your sink falls in the following types:

  • Under-mount
  • Drop-in
  • Farmhouse

Once you have determined the type of the sink, you are now ready to make the necessary measurements. We have separated the two types of measurements:

  1. Measurement for replacing your old sink
  2. Measurement for installing the new kitchen sink

1. Measurements for replacing an old sink

If you are planning to replace your old sink with a new one then you really don’t have to do a lot, just take a couple of measurements and you will be done. Since you will be replacing it with a similar type, you will not have to make an array of measurements or anything of the sort. Just follow these simple steps and you will be ready to fit in your new sink!

  • Measure the length and width of the sink: To achieve this run the measuring tape from one edge to the other of the sink in a straight line. Note down these values using your pencil on a paper
  • Measure the depth of the sink. For this place the level/ruler on the top of the sink. Then from the bottom of the sink pull the measuring tape till the level/ruler, note this measurement as the depth of the sink on paper. For an under-mount sink, in addition to depth, make sure you also measure the thickness of the worktop.

And you are done!

All you need to do now is to simply buy a new sink of your design choice with these measurements. For a completely new sink, however, you will need to put in extra effort, continue reading to know how to move forward with it.

2. Measurements for new sink installation

sink measurement

Finding a new sink for your kitchen is a complex task, but can be made easy if you have done the measurements of your kitchen sink beforehand. So make your choice for a sink easy by following these tips on measuring the sink:

Measuring the under-cabinet and countertop space

Initially, you will need to measure the space below and above the sink. These spaces will be measured by taking the length, width, and depth of the cabinet space and the adjacent countertop. To measure the countertop space, pull the tape measure from the countertop wall to the front of the countertop edge.

This gives you the maximum width of the sink. You can get any sink within this width range. However, utilizing the maximum width will prevent you from installing regular faucets. You will have to resort to wall-mounted faucets and this will add the burden of drilling additional holes in your wall.

To prevent this from happening, you can measure the base of your faucet and then dedicate that much space free before choosing the sink. Plus, for a farmhouse sink, do remember that it is okay for the sink to jut out slightly from the front edge of the countertop.

Once done with the countertop measurements, you will move on to measuring the length of the space under the cabinet. Crouch in your cabinet and measure it from side to side. From this measurement subtract 3 to 4 inches for any under cabinet fittings in the sink.

Measuring the required depth

Once done with noting down the width and the length of cabinet and countertop, it is now time to measure the depth. In case of replacement, you simply need to measure the depth of your current sink; however, for a new installation, the process is slightly different. To measure the depth, start by placing the level/ruler on the countertop, from one edge to another.

From the level, pull the tape measure to the bottom of the cabinet until it touches the cabinet ledge. This value will give you an idea of how deep a sink your cabinet space can allow. Just make sure you leave a couple of inches as a safe space for the plumbing pipes and fittings for water supply and drainage. For a deeper sink make sure you leave enough space to allow easy assembly of the drain. Make sure you follow these tips before deciding to buy the sink of your choice.

With this, you are now done making the required measurements for the installation of a new sink. Just have this paper with you when visiting the market in search of the sink. No matter which type you will install, these measurements will aid you in the selection.


Installing or replacing a kitchen sink is made easier using the above-mentioned tips and steps. Follow them closely to select an appropriate type and size of the sink to be installed in your kitchen. With these tips, you no longer need to stress over any misfits or trouble yourself with finding a plumber. Just make these measurements by following the given steps and you will be good to go.


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