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Best Elkay Sinks Reviews 2020 – The Good and Bad about Them

A kitchen is one of the essential parts of a home, and only the right kitchen sink can complete the space. However, deciding to get a sink is pretty easy but finding them is the most challenging task. Finding a beautiful and functional sink at a decent rate can be a burden, so we did all the groundwork to relieve you from that burden.

We have found some top sinks specifically from the legendary brand Elkay who are widely famous for durable built, functional design, and affordable pricing. In this article, we have put forward some top Elkay sink reviews that will help you to know about them before you make the final decision.

However, before diving into the reviews of all the best Elkay sinks, we were hoping you could go through some important topics that will deepen your know-how about the brand.

Top 5 Elkay Sinks:

About Elkay

Elkay is a highly popular sink brand in the US market that has always stayed in the top tier as they understand user’s needs and design their sinks according to them. Founded by Leopold and Louis Katz in 1920 at Northern Chicago, they have been ruling the market for the past 100 years.

At that time, the market lacked any high-quality sinks, but the arrival of Elkay changed the face of the sink market with their functional design at a competitive price. They have been gradually building their base in the market, and currently, they are the largest manufacturer of stainless steel kitchen sinks.

Elkay is the only organization in the sink that started out as a family business, and it is still run by the family. Since their entry, they have been blending their craft with modern technology, and this is why Elkay’s sinks have never gone out of fashion.

They have always used high-grade materials for building their product and that too, without putting a hefty price tag on their products. Elkay offers numerous types of sinks with different designs, materials, configurations, and functionalities. Besides, they always look after the interest of their customer and always try to satisfy, and this is what makes them different from their competitors.

Why Should You Buy Elkay Sinks?

Elkay is a top-tier brand that has always satisfied its customers with high-quality sinks at affordable rates. Rather than focusing on one particular area, they try to bring a blend of optimum functionality and exquisite design so that it can fit in anyone’s home.

When it comes to design, Elkay offers some of the prominent designs in the market, and all of them come under a reasonable price tag. Even though their stainless steel sinks come with a minimalistic design, their quartz sinks get luxurious treatment with a smooth body finish. Their fireclay and copper sinks also get modern design treatment that is preferred by many posh homes in the US.

Besides being a top supplier of stainless steel sinks, they also have massive popularity for their fireclay, quartz, and copper sinks. Quartz sinks are the second most popular items from the brand, and every year the organization is bringing innovative variation to retain the popularity.

A great thing about this brand is they never compromise on the quality, and they always ensure all the materials are of the best quality. Most importantly, they follow the principle of treating their customers with the best quality products so you won’t ever have to think about their built quality.

They put a lot of importance on build quality, and that is why the organization never uses cheap alternatives for any of their materials. Elkay put a lot of effort into making sinks that are eco-friendly, and almost all of their sinks can be recycled when those units are at the end of their lifecycle.

Another factor that makes Elkay sinks an excellent choice for your homes is that all the sinks come with a limited lifetime warranty where they will cover all kinds of issues without any charge.

Elkay Sink Materials & Style

Elkay offers almost all types of materials widely used for constructing sinks, and all of them are of high quality. They use stainless steel, quartz, fireclay, and copper for building sinks, and all of them hold the capability for many years. The stainless sinks get a subtle yet modern design so that it can easily complement any type of kitchen decor. In contrast, quartz and fireclay get sophisticated treatment with numerous color options.

Moreover, they have modern textures that you would most find in high-end sinks. In terms of styling, they offer all the standard types that comprise under-mount, drop-in, farmhouse, single bowl, and double bowl. A great thing about their styling approach is that they are done in such a way that those styles can add to the functionality of the sinks.


1. Is Elkay a good sink?

After a lot of research and testing, we can confidently say sinks from Elkay are simply outstanding, and they excel in every department. Whether styling, durability, or functionality, they won’t disappoint you in any department.

2. Do Elkay sinks scratch easily?

Elkay incorporates scratch and stain-resistant materials and finishes in all their sinks, so it would be hard to make some scratch on the surface. However, cleaning sharp utensils over a period of time might cause some scratch.

3. How thick are Elkay stainless steel sinks?

Elkay is the leading brand when it comes to stainless steel sinks, and they use 16-gauge material for construction. All their stainless steel sinks are made out of T304 grade that is considered to be the hardest grade.

4. What is their warranty policy?

All the Elkay sinks get a limited lifetime warranty that covers most of the damages and the repairing cost. They even offer 24X7 customer support so that you can get in touch if you face any problem.
Now, it is time that we should start with our list of top kitchen sinks from Elkay along with their reviews;

Now, without further, let’s check out all the Elkay sink reviews:

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1. Elkay ECTRU30179RT – Crosstown Single Bowl Undermount Sinks

If getting top quality Elkay kitchen sink is your main priority that would transform the functionality of your kitchen, then there is nothing better than Elkay ECTRU30179RT.

Based on T304 18-gauge stainless steel, this sink treats you with an incredible built quality that you can use for all types of tasks. The top cover gets a polished satin treatment that not only helps the sink to counter scratch, stain, chip, and rust but also allows in making a design statement.

Combining zero radius design and 15mm corners, it creates a sense of geometric design that is suitable for any contemporary decor. We can indeed say that this pan, with its simple design treatment accompanied by small detailing, can stand out in any type of countertop.

The sink gets an undermount installation style, meaning it will ease up the mounting process and also create a seamless appearance on the countertop.

Stainless steel sinks are known for making noise when someone performs any chores on them, but surprisingly it uses sound-deadening pads that cancel all the noises for quieter operation.

It is designed to notch up the overall functionality, and that is why it comes with a single bowl design so that you can have an uninterrupted area for cleaning large cookware.

Plus, it comes with vast 31-1/2inch space and a depth of 9inch; meaning the size of cookware or amount of veggies for washing won’t be a problem for you. Unfortunately, you will need at least a 36inch cabinet size for mounting this pan.

The tight corners and offset drain design also enhances the working space and gives you a lot more usable space that you will hardly find in other sinks.

2. Elkay ELG2522PT0 – Kitchen Sink

ELG2522PTO is a uniquely construction Elkay kitchen sink designed to add function to your countertop and ramp up your meal preparation time. It is a 25inch long single bowl sink that not only ensures accommodation of large bowls but also a wide area for doing all types of kitchen chores.

It may not be a big pan, but the 9-1/2inch depth makes it easier for you to place large pots during pasta preparation and also prevents water splash.

The inner body gets curvy corners that also maximizes your workspace while the side provides enough room for mounting. The back edge of this sink even offers a vast space so that you can easily install faucets of your liking.

Maintenance is an essential aspect of any sink, and this sink is no different as you can easily keep pristine with an occasional cleaning.

Not only in functionality, but this one of the best Elkay kitchens sinks with robust quartz construction will also impress you. The structure is so sturdy that it holds the prowess to prevent chipping, banging, dent, heat up to 535-degree Fahrenheit, and scratches. The silky surface with resistive coating doesn’t allow any kind of stain to settle and also makes it easy to maintain the right hygiene level.

However, in terms of design, it gets the classic single bowl design, but the putty body finish notches up the overall look to make it compatible with modern decors. The smooth body lines combined with sleek body structure makes it more appealing and allows it to create coherence with other appliances in the kitchen.

3. Elkay ELGU2522GR0 – Greige Undermount Sink

Let’s make way for another mid-budget Elkay kitchen sink that is ELGU2522GR0 quartz undermount sink, and it is as simple as it looks. Based on a simplistic design and compact body outline, this pan blends seamlessly with any decor or countertop design without ruining the aesthetics.

The unique greige color and undermount design, on the other hand, brings out an elegant touch that is appreciated by everyone who has installed it.

Installation is relatively straightforward, and the edges disappear completely inside the countertop for a clean look. However, you shouldn’t underestimate its performance based on its look as it offers an almost 25inch long and 19inch expansive workspace for easy cleaning of dishes and rinsing of veggies.

Placing large stacks of plates or big bowls won’t cause any discomfort while cleaning them, and the credit goes to the 9-1/2inch deep bottoms.

The chance of water standing is almost minimal because Elkay has designed this pan with a reverse drain set that quickly drives out dirty water while you are doing chores. However, you won’t be able to install this sink unless your cabinet has a 30inch broad space for placement. All thanks to the fine quartz molding, you can expect this sink to last for years, even after heavy usage on a daily basis.

A significant advantage of using a quartz sink is that it won’t get affected by chipping, banging, scratches, or heat. Plus, you will get a lifetime warranty coverage with this pan, meaning if you face any kind of damage, the manufacturer will repair it free of cost. Notably, the non-porous doesn’t catch any stain, so the chance of germ build-up is almost nil.

4. Elkay ELGUS3322RMC0 – Mocha Sink

ELGUS3322RMC0 is undoubtedly a high-end Elkay sink that is meant to take the beauty and functionality of your kitchen to the next level. Molded with a beautiful mocha body finish and sleek body design, it will seamlessly blend with your countertop to create a timeless outlook. However, it is the curvy body shape with smooth edges and continuous body lines that makes the main impact on aesthetics and makes it a center of attraction in the kitchen.

The best part is the mocha finish not only enhances the look but also makes it resistant to scratches and stains. You can use this sink for all types of chores as the indestructible quartz built quality can tolerate huge impact, high heat, and chipping.

The quartz gets thick body construction that makes the sink naturally quiet by absorbing all the noises and vibrations.

The chance of any stain and smudge deposition is relatively low, and if you get any, then you can easily clean it with a damp cloth. Typically cleaning chores involves all types of cookware, and that is why it offers a massive 33inch cleaning space for uninterrupted cleaning.

All thanks to the 9-1/2inch deep bowl design, stacking large pots and cleaning a lot of dishes will become a fun affair for you. It also comes with a matching drain set that not only enhances the workspace but also drains out all the water quickly.

Even though it follows a simple under-mount installation process, it weighs more than any Elkay stainless steel kitchen sink, so you should take assistance during installation.

5. Elkay ELGUS3322RBK0 – Undermount Sink

Want to give a bold and exotic makeover to your kitchen as well as your countertop? We suggest you get Elkay ELGUS3322RBK0 that is a perfect blend of elegance and top-notch performance.

Offering a massive 33inch X 20inch work area, you can freely do all your chores, especially while dealing with large cookware and that too without facing any space issue. You get a high 9-1/2inch wall around your cleaning space that not only lets you accommodate all types of kitchen utensils but also prevents any backsplash.

While washing, the chance of standing water or water blockage is almost minimal, and the credit goes to the massive drain.

For this affordable Elkay kitchen sink, we can say it holds an excellent blend of functionality and beauty, and you will understand once you start using it. The combination of curvy body design on the top and bold black finish creates a classic outlook that can give a massive boost to your kitchen’s decor.

Elkay has made a minimalistic design approach on the body by introducing simple curves and smooth body lines so that it can blend with most of the decors. The undermount installation serves as a significant design highlight because it smoothly fits in the cabinet and ensures a classic makeover in the countertop.

You won’t have to worry about the hygiene level as it holds the same easy to clean feature as the best double bowl Elkay kitchen sink. Similarly, you won’t have to think about durability, and it is due to the fine quartz construction that can counter all the standard impact, chipping, and scratches.

With heat-safe capability up to 535-degree Fahrenheit, you can place all types of hot cookware without causing any damage to the sink. Importantly, the thick material built also helps the sink to absorb all the noises and ensures a quiet working environment when you are in a hurry to finish your cleaning chores.


When you go for brands like Elkay for your kitchen sink, you can stay assured that you won’t go wrong in any department. Even though they are not a widely popular brand like its competitor, they follow the motto of treating their customers with great sinks that will notch up the kitchen’s functionality. We have found out the top five sink from their lineup that we think will be perfect for your kitchen in terms of functionality, design, and longevity.

If you want to create a bold statement in your kitchen, then Elkay ELGUS3322RBK0 would be a perfect fit. However, if you need something, the exotic ELGUS3322RMC0 quartz classic will quench your thirst. To make your buying process smoother, we have put forward all the necessary information so that you can identify the sink you are thinking of buying.

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