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Best Pot Filler Faucets 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

If you are someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, you will agree to the fact that a pot filler plays a vital role in the kitchen. It not only brings convenience and functionality but also makes a design statement in the kitchen decor.

However, you can expect an ordinary faucet to treat you with the best pot filling performance and also offer top-notch functionality at the same time. You need to go for the best pot filler faucet that will efficiently fill containers and also last for a considerable period.
Top 5 Pot Filler Kitchen Faucets:

Since there is so much abundance of potential pot fillers, it is quite a daunting task to find the best one. So to get you out of that misery, we have come with a list of top pot fillers faucets that we think will fit your requirement.

However, before we move into the review part, we want to highlight some crucial information that will smoothen your buying process. Plus, they will give an in-depth idea about pot filler faucets and assist you in judging products correctly.
Best Pot Filler Faucet

Top 5 Best Pot Filler Faucets Reviews

1. Geyser GF47-B – Stainless Steel Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet

We often underestimate a faucet based on their brand, but it would be naive to underate Geyser GF47-B because it has impressed users with its performance and usability. Showcasing a commercial-style double swing joint spout, it comfortably sits above the cooking stove, and you can fold it away when you don’t need it.

Plus, the swingarm gives you the ability to accommodate large pots on the stove and offer a 20inch coverage over the countertop. However, the main highlight is its terrific 5.5GPM flow rate with which you can fill jars of any size within a few minutes.

Since Geyser GF47-B is built with a Swiss Neoperl aerator so you will be treated with a splash-free and consistent water flow for all your filling tasks. This good pot filler faucet gets a polished inner surface that ensures a hygienic water supply for all your filling tasks and food preparation needs.

Unfortunately, you will only get cold water supply through this facet, and there is no option to add a hot water supply. It flaunts a double-handle setup that gives you the freedom to control the water flow from any point and add convenience to the user. The 360-degree swivel comes really handy as you can move the spout in any direction and ease up your kitchen chores.

When it comes to design, it may look like just another budget-friendly pot filler faucet, but the attention to detail with smooth body lines gives it a unique outlook. On top of it, this faucet gets brushed nickel design that blends well with most of the modern kitchen decors in the US homes.

You won’t ever have to think about the durability as it is built using 1.5mm thick SUS high-quality stainless steel ensures longevity. The inclusion of precision kerox cartridge also adds to the strength, and it curbs down the chance of any leakage.

2. SUMERAIN – Wall Mount Pot Filler Faucet

Sumerain is a prolific name in the US plumbing industry, and they have an excellent lineup of faucets that includes our next product, S6111NI pot filler. Having the ability to deliver a terrific flow rate of 4GPM at 60PSI, you can quickly fill pan, pots, or any cookware while you’re in the middle of food preparation.

The double swing arm with 360-degree rotation facilitates complete versatility and assists you in extending the arm directly over the cooktop or anywhere on the countertop. Although the spout can reach up to 24inch when you don’t need it, you can fold it away on the wall, and it won’t interrupt you during cooking.

A great thing about cheap pot filler is that you can control the water flow from any point, and the credit goes to the dual handle setup located at both ends. The operation is quite simple, and the handle requires little push for flawless operation.

The spout maintains a convenient height from the cooktop, so accommodating large pots or pans for pasta preparation won’t be a problem for you. This faucet is designed with an NPT 1/2inch connecting thread, so it won’t take more than half an hour for you to fit in with your standard US plumbing connection.

Constructed using premium brass material and ceramic disc cartridge, it serves as the most suitable pot filler faucet for users whose main priority is durability. The brushed nickel may seem only as a design treatment, but it also serves as a resistive layer to prevent scratches, corrosion, and tarnish.

Beautifully crafted with swing arm design and maintaining a minimalistic styling, this faucet would seamlessly blend in any decor, whether it is old-school or gets modern treatment. You can freely use this faucet for all your daily cooking tasks knowing that it is backed by 5-years of leaking assurance.

3. Danze D205012SS – Top Quality Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet

Danze D205012SS Melrose is an exclusively designed expensive pot filler faucet that has neither compromised on look nor performance. It may get a single swing arm body design, but the spout has the capability to reach around 20inch which is adequate for filling pots on any part of the stove.

Enjoy straight, and consistent water flow with its 2.2GPM flow rate and notch up your food preparation by a large margin. The shut-off valve and control valve gives you complete control over the water flow and ensures convenient operation. Plus, the two handles at the wall and spout head make it versatile for usage.

Even though this tap comes with double handle operation but you can only use it for cold water supply, so it might be a problem for users from cold regions. The 5-1/2inch spout height indicates that the faucet maintains a considerable distance from the stove so you won’t have any difficulty filling pots with tall stature.

The installation process is quite straightforward, and it requires only one hole on the wall, thus preventing any consideration drilling tasks on the wall. Importantly, it comes with the standard 14 NPT inlet so it would easily fit with any of the standard plumbing of the house.

We loved D205012SS Melrose’s simple and compact design as it blends comfortably with any decor without looking out of place. It may get the standard stainless steel body finish, but the smooth body lines and little details add the perfect touch style to your kitchen decor.

This faucet, with its brass construction, promises to serve you for a long time in your kitchen without compromising on the performance. To add to the longevity, it gets two ceramic disc valves, so the chance of any leakage or dripping is almost minimal. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty coverage, it saves you from repairing costs and reduces the cost of ownership.

4. Delta Faucet 177LF-SS – Traditional Wall-Mount Pot Filler Faucet

Delta faucet is a legendary plumbing giant that has hardly disappointed anyone with its product, and you can expect the same from the 1177LF-SS traditional faucet. It is a beautiful pot filler kitchen faucet that oozes out a flamboyant outlook with its stainless color and double swivel design.

The factors that make it catch everyone’s attention in the kitchen are the articulating details all over the body and curved body lines. Experience an extended coverage over the stove and countertop, and the credit goes to the 24inch of the double-swing arm. The swingarm has been designed in such a way that you can easily fold and tuck it to the wall when not in use.

While preparing, you won’t have to wait long to fill cookware for cooking because this high end pot filler faucet is geared with a robust 4GPM flow rate. Say goodbye to any clumsiness while fitting a large pot on the cooking stove, and it is due to the 7inch spout height that offers ample space underneath.

With brass body construction and inclusion of ceramic valves, this faucet serves as a one-time investment that would hardly degrade the performance even after heavy usage. Even if you face any issue, Delta has given a limited lifetime warranty service with this product, covering most of the damage costs.

The chance of abrasion, rust, or discoloration is almost none, and it is due to the Brilliance Stainless finish that this faucet gets. With one handle at the wall and another one at the spout, it gives you complete convenience in operation and controls the water flow with a quarter-turn of the handle.

This faucet is designed for wall mount and requires only one hole for fitting; thus, you expect a simple installation process that you can do it by yourself. Despite being an expensive fixture, you won’t find any supply line in the package.

5. KOHLER K-99270-VS – Most Expensive Pot Filler Faucet

Kohler K-99270-VS is undoubtedly a top rated pot filler faucet that employs a timeless design with modern functionalities to transform the way you look at your kitchen. Wearing an old century charm design with detailed bodywork, this faucet will be a showstopper in your kitchen despite the decor.

The sleeky body styling and vibrant stainless finish also play a significant role in the design statement and allows you to bring a fresh outlook on your countertop. Unlike the modern pot filler faucet in matte black color, it coordinates well with other fixtures in the kitchen.

However, the vibrant stainless finish not only makes it look elegant, but it also makes the faucet resist any corrosion and tarnish. The whole body is built on commercial-level stainless steel that ensures a durable performance throughout its lifetime.

Like many high-end pot fillers, Kohler K-99270-VS also employs a ceramic disc valve that also adds to the overall durability and keeps all leakage at check. However, the feature that grabs everyone’s attention is the high 4GPM flow rate that lets you fill large pots within a few minutes and that too without moving it.

Having the capability to stretch up to 22inch, the articulating swing arm faucet gives you complete maneuverability to fill cookware directly on or near the cooking oven. Once the filling task is over, you can easily fold it away to the wall and clear the cooking space.

Importantly, the high-arc spout and 360-degree swivel facility gives you optimum flexibility to move it in any direction you want and also offer impressive clearance. It comes with two separate handles where one of them acts as the primary lever shut off while the other allows you to control the flow.


Before wrapping it up, we can say that installing an excellent pot filler can change the whole dynamics of your kitchen functionality and make cooking easier for you. All the pot fillers faucets we have added are currently the best in the market, and we can assure they would never disappoint you in performance. Geyser GF47-B may offer you a better water flow rate, but when it comes to overall performance, there is no match to Delta 1177LF-SS traditional faucet.

Even in terms of functionality, you will be delighted with the facilities they have on offer. However, they come with different designs, and everyone has different tastes towards design, but we feel all of them will fit well in any decor.

So we hope that you will find the pot filler you desire for installing in your kitchen and that too within your budget. If you have any more queries, you can get in touch with us through comments or email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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