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Best Kitchen Faucet For Low Water Pressure 2020

Getting a new kitchen faucet to replace the old one is one of the most remarkable things you can do to your kitchen. But if you are suffering from low water pressure, then simply adding the finest faucet from the market won’t cut it. You will need a specialized faucet that can counter the issue of low water pressure and treat you with adequate water pressure to accomplish all kitchen chores.

Now you must be wondering what these specialized faucets for low water pressure are? Where will you find them? Since the market is filled with numerous faucet units from various brands, and everyone claims to offer top-notch performance at low water pressure.

Top 5 Kitchen Faucet for Low Water Pressure:

It would be a daunting task for you to find the most reliable units. So, after a week of research, we have come up with some of the best kitchen faucets for low water pressure that can actually handle the low water pressure and do justice.

Top 5 Best Kitchen Faucets for Low Water Pressure

1. WEWE Single Handle – Pull out Kitchen Faucet for Low Water Pressure

When you are investing in a new faucet, you should consider products like WEWE 3T01L that offer a quintessential blend of performance, design, and affordability. It is one of the highest-rated kitchen faucets that can easily fit in any low-pressure water system and deliver consistent water flow as it has a 1.8GPM flow rate.

Its main motto is to make all the kitchen chores easier for you by offering multitasking facilities, and that is why this faucet treats you with a multifunctional spout. In the 3-water flow settings, the stream mode comes handy for filling pots while the spray mode allows efficient cleaning, and the pause mode prevents unnecessary water wastage.

Moreover, the pull-out sprayer facilitates you to have a full range of washing access and leave no spot untreated.

When your task is over with the sprayer, the sprayer will automatically retract back to the original position without showing any sign of tangling. Every user has stated that this budget friendly low water pressure faucet is easy to handle and offers precise water temperature with a single handle. The best part is that this tap comes preinstalled with a water line, so it would barely take around 30min for you to finish the installation.

You won’t ever get the chance to question the build quality of this faucet, and it due to the presence of brass, stainless steel, and zinc alloy in the construction. It also packs the traditional ceramic valve that ensures drip-free usage and smooth hot and cold water flow.

The brushed nickel finish serves as a protective layer that saves the faucet from rust and getting dirty. Not only that, but the nickel finish also resonates with the elegant design and allows it to become any eye candy in any kitchen.

The high arc design and smooth body lines also add to the overall beauty and make it stand out in the crowd.

2. Peerless P110LF – One of the Cheapest Kitchen Faucet for Low Water Pressure

The Peerless P110LF may seem like just another kitchen faucet in the market, but you should wait until you start exploring its performance and functionalities. Constructed using an extended spout arm, it comfortably fits with any sink of any size.

Even if you have low water pressure in your house, it won’t affect its performance, and it is due to the 1.8 GPM high flow rate that ensures consistent water flow. The ergonomically designed single handle makes the operation totally easy. You just have to simply push it to switch from hot to cold water to cater to different cleaning needs.

The 7inch height of the spout may let you think that you won’t find enough room while cleaning, but surprisingly you can easily move your hand and place large pots.

Peerless P110LF is designed to offer you complete versatility during your everyday kitchen chores, and that is why make use of 360-degree swivel spout. This faucet is loaded with a deck plate so that it will require 3-hole, 8inch configuration in your sink.

Plus, the installation process is totally straightforward, and you will just have to plug the supply lines which are sold separately. This cheap kitchen faucet for low water pressure meets the standard set by the ADA, so anyone in your house can use it.

When it comes to design, this faucet doesn’t showcase any dazzling craftsmanship; instead, it flaunts a minimalistic that can easily blend with any decor. The long arch body with a blade-like handle will create a good impression in your sink as well as your kitchen decor.

It also gets a chrome treatment to create a seamless outlook on the countertop. Durability is a significant consideration for every buyer, and this is why it is built using a premium metal body. On the other hand, the chrome finish gives it the ability to resist any kind of corrosion and tarnish.

3. Comllen Faucet – High Qaultiy Kitchen Faucet for Low Water Pressure

Undoubtedly, Comllen VH-QYS007N is a top performance kitchen faucet for low water pressure whose main priority is performance and functionality rather than styling. It may come with a basic single handle design with a large spout head, but the spout has a length of 18.5inch, ensuring extensive area coverage.

Moreover, it fits comfortably underneath most of the cupboards, and a 6inch spout height offers a decent space to do your chores freely. It comes with a high water flow rate of 1.8GPM that is sufficient to tackle the low water pressure issue and provide adequate water flow for all your tasks.

Most importantly, you won’t be limited to certain areas while cleaning as you can utilize the 23inch smooth-retract nylon sprayer for targeted cleaning.

Designed with an ergonomic button at the spout, you can easily toggle between stream and spray mode to quickly finish your food preparation time during rush hours.

Besides, you will also get to utilize the 360-degree rotation sprayer that offers superior clearance and ample space for pots and a large stack of cookware. The chance of reduced water flow is minimal as you can clean the mineral deposit in the mouth just by wiping it with your finger.

The simple body design elongated spout, and compact handle allows this faucet to make a powerful statement in all kinds of kitchen decor. The brushed nickel finish totally complements its minimalistic design and makes it suitable for any color theme.

Apart from complementing the design, the brushed nickel finish also makes the faucet ideal for daily use by resisting tarnish and corrosion. Constructed with brass, ABS plastic, and zinc alloy, this faucet makes sure you continue to get a consistent performance for at least a decade. It also receives the support of a ceramic cartridge that not only prevents leakage but also ensures 50000 times lifespan.

4. BLANCO 441332 CULINA – Kitchen Faucet for Low Water Pressure

When you are thinking of revamping your kitchen and curbing low water pressure issues, one model that requires your attention is Blanco 441332 Culina. Geared with a 2.2 GPM flow rate and low-pressure rating, you will be treated with a water flow that is generally needed by chefs all over the US.

The dual spray feature makes it ideal for all your kitchen tasks because you can easily use the sprayer for different types of tasks. You will even get to utilize its long pull-out sprayer that will facilitate you to opt for target cleaning of cookware and also one hand usage.

The quick-release magnetic docking system and specialized spray holder makes the faucet a complete commercial fixture and allows you to place the sprayer securely. While cleaning dishes or filling pots, you won’t ever face interruption during movement, and the credit goes to the 21inch tall height.

Plus, you will also get the assistance of a 360-degree swivel that will make things easier and provide you ample space in the sink. The best part is that it only requires one hole for installation, and you can easily set it on the basin without needing anyone’s assistance.

Whether you have a contemporary or vintage style kitchen decor, this low water pressure faucet with its Red Dot award-winning design will blend comfortably with everything. The gooseneck shape, sleek body, and satin nickel gives it a complete elegant look that will attract everyone’s attention.

The build quality is simply unbelievable, and the solid brass body ensures a decade long longevity. It also gets a ceramic disc cartridge so you can stay assured that the chance of leakage or dripping is almost negligible. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty coverage, it gives you complete peace of mind and allows you to use the fixture freely.

5. American Standard 4175.300.075 – Good Quality Pull Down Faucet for Low Water Pressure

Flaunting a classic design with unparalleled performance, the next addition in our list of high-quality kitchen faucets for low water pressure is American Standard 4175.300.075 Colony. It is a terrific budget faucet that may hold a casual design, but the high arc styling with beautiful detailing makes it a center of attraction in the bathroom.

On the other hand, the stainless steel finish beautifies the whole decor and makes it blend with other fixtures in the kitchen. Unsurprisingly, this faucet also delivers fantastic performance with its 2.2 GPM flow rate and assists you in performing all types of kitchen chores despite having low water pressure.

All thanks to the adjustable sprayer patter with the pause button, we can assure you that kitchen chores especially cleaning tasks, would become a fun adventure for you. The pull-down sprayer makes things much more comfortable as it gives you a 20ich long flexible hose to clean cookware from every direction conveniently.

You will also have a swivel facility that you can rotate to cover almost every area of the sink during cleaning and washing chores. It also gets a convenient height of 14inch, which leaves enough room underneath for smooth movement while cleaning.

However, the feature that will attract you the most is the memory position valving that maintains your desired water temperature every time you use the faucet and that too without needing adjustments.

The stainless steel construction with brass spout gives the faucet immense durability and strength to last for a long time. Built with a ceramic disc cartridge, it ensures smooth operation and provides life-long drip-free performance with zero maintenance.

In order to save the faucet from corrosion, scratch and tarnish, this faucet also gets a resistive coating and anti-spot finish. Once you buy this product, you won’t have to worry about any damage because the manufacturer has covered it with lifetime function and finish warranty.

How to Calculate the Accurate Water Pressure in Your Home?

Calculating the water pressure in your home may seem like a tricky task, but in reality, it is much easier than you think. Knowing the actual water pressure in your water system will help you to get a faucet that will deliver a steady flow for all your kitchen tasks. Water pressure is measured in terms of the bar where 1 bar denotes 10.2 meters.

To start with the process, first, you should find the distance between the tap outlet and the bottom of your water tank. Once you have measured it, then you need to find the height between the tap and top of the ceiling. Now you need to calculate the height from the bottom part of your loft to the floor of your tank. After taking all the measurements, you need to add them to determine the total distance, and it will give you the water pressure in your pipeline.

You shouldn’t forget to add the distance if you have any floor between the loft and your kitchen sink. To add that distance, you should find the height between the ceiling and floor and then couple it with the primary measurement. So if your total calculation is 7m, then the water pressure you will need a 0.7 bar, and if it is 5m, you will need a faucet that will cater to 0.5 bar.

What is Low Water Pressure and How to Find Reliable Faucet for It?

The water pressure of a faucet defines the water force you will get through your tap. So a low water pressure system will give you a reduced water force, and they are mostly gravity fed. In this kind of system, the cold water storage is primarily located in the loft while the hot water storage is generally tucked in the cupboard.

So the water pressure at the ground floor tends to stay below 0.5 bar while the water pressure in the upper flow is mostly below 0.2 bar. Besides, the low water pressure also occurs for many reasons, but the primary reason will always be due to reduced water force in the main pipeline.

In general, a faucet catering to low water pressure will have a pressure below 0.3 bar, while a medium pressure faucet serves water pressure within the range of 0.3 to 1 bar. However, a high-pressure tap can cater to a pressure 1 bar.

So if your faucet is dependent on a low water system and it doesn’t get support from a pump, then you should get a tap with a high GPM rating. While choosing, you should make sure it has a pressure rating of 0.2 bar or below.

But if you install a faucet with pressure around 0.6 bar, then you would get low water flow. However, it will work if the main water supply is located at least two to three floors above the floor where the kitchen sink is located.

A faucet with a rating around 0.2 bar may deliver a low water pressure if it is located in the first or second floor. But you will get better water pressure if your kitchen faucet is situated on the ground floor.

What Happens If You Fit The Wrong Water Tap?

When you unknowingly install a wrong water tap with high pressure and high GPM in your low-pressure water system, it would lead to unsatisfactory water output. However, the high rating won’t do any physical damage to your pipeline or faucet. Having a high GPM rate is not the problem, but the main issue lies with the indifference in pressure rating.

So when you get a faucet with a high-pressure rating, not only will it give you a weak hot and cold water-flow, but sometimes you won’t even get water. You need to properly check your water system’s pressure rating before you make any investment on a new faucet.

However, getting a high GPM faucet for low water pressure would be good because it will deliver you a continuous flow of water. But it doesn’t mean you should go for an extremely high GPM because you won’t find much difference between a 1.8GPM and 4GPM except steady flow.


Two-handle kitchen faucets are boon to every homeowner as it makes cleaning easier and assists you in adjusting water temperature with ease.

However, not all two-handle taps are efficient, but the models we have found out after a lot of examination will rightly fulfill your need. They offer high performance and provide all the necessary features so that kitchen chores would never be a daunting task for you.

When you bring home taps like Moen 7250SRS Belfield, it will not only notch up your kitchen’s functionality but will enhance the aesthetics. Although they are not suitable for all kinds of kitchens and sinks as they require a minimum of three holes.

But if you have a large pan or countertop and you want to make a big impression, then installing the best two handle kitchen would serve as a smart move. For your convenience, we have added products from various price ranges with different styling so that you will have an ample amount of choices.

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