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Best Black Kitchen Faucets Reviews 2020

Making a bold statement in the kitchen decor is a tricky affair, especially with faucets with the standard finish. A stainless steel or chrome finish won’t make an impact like a faucet with a black finish. A black finish is a game-changer that makes the faucet a center of attraction and brings out an elegant touch in the existing kitchen decor. It is one of those colors that can blend with any design and still stand out among others.

So where will you find the best black kitchen faucet? Well, you won’t have to look anywhere else as we have created a list that contains all the finest products.

Top 8 Best Black Kitchen Faucets Review

1. Kraus KPF-1610MBSB – Black Commercial Kitchen Faucet

Without a doubt, Kraus KPF-1610MB Bolden is one of the most beautiful matte black kitchen faucets you will ever come across. Being a commercial-grade faucet, it gets a flow rate of 1.8 GPM that allows accomplishing all cleaning tasks and preventing water wastage at the same time. All thanks to its dual function spray-head with rocker switch, you can switch from aerated stream to powerful spray to meet different kinds of cleaning needs.

But you will like its ergonomic pull-down design the most as you can extend it up to 20reach for complete sink coverage. The buttery retractable flexible hose automatically pulls back the spray-head once you leave it.

In addition to the massive pull-down reach, this beautiful matte black kitchen faucet can swivel up to 180-degree thus giving you a wide range of motion while cleaning. Enjoy smooth maneuverability while you are busy with chores, and it is due to the high arch spout that provides ample gap for washing dishes and accommodating large pitchers.

You won’t have any difficulty in installing it in tighter space, and partly the credit goes to its 90-degree forward rotation. For complete convenience, it is preloaded with all the mounting hardware and 22inch waterlines, meaning you just to tighten the screws to complete the installation.

The commercial styling with industrial open coil design can bring a modern look to any kitchen decor without jeopardizing the existing theme. Garnished with a lucrative matte black finish, it brings out a high-end and contemporary look that can overshadow other equipment in the kitchen. The lead-free brass construction and ceramic cartridge combinations give immense strength to last for years by maintaining the top-notch performance.

You can stay assured that it won’t lose its shine after everyday usage because it gets modern finish that resists corrosion, rust, water spots, discoloration, etc. The easy-clean spray nozzles make the maintenance quite simple, and you can remove the mineral buildup by wiping it off with your finger.
Best Black Kitchen Faucets

2. Delta Faucet 9113-BL-DST – Standard Black Kitchen Faucet

Delta 9113-BL-DST Essa is a state of the earth single-handle matte black kitchen faucet that can transform any kitchen space with its looks and performance. The high-arc spout body may look like just another design, but the graceful matte black finish changes the whole outlook by notching up the aesthetics.

It also wears a gooseneck design with subtle detailing that gives the faucet a new perspective and makes it the focal point of the space. Backed by the Diamond Seal technology, it makes sure you have minimal leakage issue till it last. The integrated Innoflex PEX supply also takes part in eliminated leakage points, thus ultimately adding overall durability.

Doing chores with Delta 9113-BL-DST Essa is totally breeze as its 1.8 GPM flow rate at 60PSI gives you enough power to fill large pots quickly and steer through the hard stain. The spray and stream function in the spray wand is also influential in giving you fun times in the kitchen.

The pull-down spray-head is quite easy to use with the gentle tug, and it can extend up to 20inch, which is a boon for the user with a large sink. Never worry about dangling sprayer because the MagnaTite docking system takes care of that fact by pulling the wand into the original place when not in use.

Offering you complete convenience is the key motto of this top black faucet, and that is why it gets a 360-degree swivel facility. Many products suffer from mineral buildup problems but not Delta 9113-BL-DST Essa because the TouchClean makes it easy for you to clean the mineral residues. The handle is quite easy to operate, and the 90-degree movement serves as proof.

Whether you have one hole or three holes, it can easily install in both the sink type but the three-hole, you need to add the deck plate which is available in the package. It gets a famed lifetime limited warranty, which is a boon to every user.

3. Moen 7594BL Arbor – One of the finest black kitchen faucets from Moen

If you are planning to add drama to your existing kitchen decor, then there is nothing better than adding Moen 7594BL Arbor that can change the whole scenario. Despite being a beautiful tap, it is meant for heavy usage daily, and its durable metal build quality makes sure of it.

The entire body is treated with a resistive coating so that it can last for a lifetime without getting affected by rust, corrosion, water spots, etc. When it comes to design, this great black kitchen faucet will leave you in awe with its high-arc spout structure mated to a gooseneck design. The soft matte black finish will surely impress you because it not only complement your modern kitchen but also adds sophistication.

The main highlight of Moen 7594BL is Moen’s exclusive PowerBoost technology that notches up the speed of the water so that you can clean easily and fill pots quickly. Besides, the pull-down spray wand flaunts four functions where you will get powerful rinse, boosted rinse, aerated stream, and boosted stream to fulfill different types of tasks.

With the Reflex system, the pull-down faucet is quite easy to move, and when not in use, it securely houses the wand. You can stretch the wand up to a great distance so you can expect it to cover tight corners while cleaning.

All thanks to its 15-9/10inch spout height, you will get enough gap to freely move while doing chores or fit large pitchers for filling. The lever handle is highly ergonomic that is quite comfortable to adjust the water volume. It really shines in the installation department because features like Duralock quick connect makes it easy and hassle-free for you to set it up on your sink.

Moen has designed it with standard design mount, so you won’t require anything special to install it. It suitable for both one and three-hole setup and gets an escutcheon for added convenience. Lastly, it bags the lifetime limited warranty that covers most of the damages and repair costs.

4. Moen 5923BL – Black Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Moen 5923BL Align is not your average cheap black faucet that is readily available in the market. Instead, it is a top-end model that is preferred by many homeowners due to its outstanding look coupled with performance. It is a quintessential combination classy outlook with bold beauty, and its premium matte black is mostly responsible for it.

It also gets the high-arc gooseneck design that not allows it to fit under any cabinet but also brings out a contemporary outlook that can blend with any posh kitchen. Once you start using it, there is no going back because it treats you with a pull-down spray-head that can cover up to 68inch that is sufficient for complete coverage.

Even though it only gets 1.5 GPM flow rate but you won’t find any difference while doing chores. Most importantly, it is geared with Power Boost technology that accelerates the water performance to make sure you can clean through hard stains and fill pots faster. It even bags Power Clean spray technology that makes sure you get better spray power to accomplish kitchen chores comfortably.

Hoping from aerated stream to rinse is quite easy, and it allows you to do different tasks properly. Although it doesn’t get a sophisticated docking system but it is constructed with a 10inch docking handle that prevents the spout from dangling.

The coil design in this faucet not only gives it a commercial outlook but also gives it a smooth retractable capacity of the hose. The single handle needs little push, thus allowing to modifying the water flow depending upon your need. Backed by Duralock quick connect, this faucet is straightforward to install in your sink.

Whether you have one or three holes, you can easily fit it in your pan without any issue. Durability won’t ever be your concern because it’s premium metal built makes it last for years, even after daily usage. Moreover, it has a limited lifetime warranty that indicates that it is built to last for many years.

5. Peppermint Black Kitchen Faucet

Peppermint PMUT16Y is a meticulously crafted product that caters to the taste of owners who needs the most suitable black kitchen faucet without spending hundreds of dollars. It holds a perfect balance between performance and styling as it brings out a decent water flow rate with a beautiful semi-arc design.

The matte black finish on the faucet makes a significant impact by giving it a simplistic and timeless outlook to blend with any kitchen. The best part is the matte black finish makes the faucet easy to maintain, and it prevents any water spot or stain, thus assisting you to keep the pristine look.

With the option of 360-degree swivel, you will never be disappointed with the convenience it offers, and you can cover varied angles in your sink. What’s more? It gets a flexible pull-out sprayer with a long hose that not only gives you great reach but also makes sure you can do tasks away from the sink.

It is a multifunctional spout that lets you switch from the gentle stream for daily use to shower rain for crucial rinsing work with a tap on a button. The handle gets Eassy technology that will allow you to adjust water volume and temperature with the same handle.

With a gap of 8.66inch from the head to the bottom of the faucet, you will get an uninterrupted space to freely do your chores and move as you like. It’s touchy clean feature assist you to clean any mineral buildup from the rubber hole with just one wipe with your finger.

Although it might not be an expensive black kitchen faucet, but that doesn’t have stopped it from treating you with impressive lead-free 304 stainless-steel build quality. Also built with high-quality ceramic cartridge, it ensures zero dripping or leakage issue throughout the lifetime. It also gets a 10-years warranty coverage that not only covers all the repairing costs, but the manufacture will replace or refund the product in specific scenarios.

6. Delta Faucet 9159-BL-DST – Another Top-Class Black Kitchen Faucet

Delta is a legendary faucet manufacturer that has some awe-inspiring products under its belt, and 9159-BL-DST Trinsic is one of them. It is a highly appreciated black faucet that will not only make an impact on the kitchen with a refreshing black finish but also with its unparalleled performance.

Whether you want to do heavy-duty chores or regular kitchen tasks, you will never have to compromise, and partly the credit goes to its 1.8 GPM flow rate at 60PSI. Moreover, depending upon your task type, you can toggle between spray and stream function, thus giving you the dynamic functionality you would expect from such high-end black kitchen faucet.

Unlike others, the pull-down sprayer makes your life enjoyable in the kitchen with its 20inch hose reach as you can traverse everywhere in the sink. Importantly, the faucet facilitates 360-degree movement, thus giving you better movement options while cleaning. To prevent drooping, it utilizes the well-known MagnaTite docking system that has a powerful magnet to securely holds the sprayer into the head.

By maintaining an ample distance from the bottom of the sink, it gives enough room to freely do your kitchen task without getting obstructed by the spray-head. You won’t require any professional to install, and it is partly due to the integrated Innoflex Pex supply lines. Moreover, it suitable for both one and three-hole installation, which makes the process easier.

When it comes to the overall outlook, it will surely make a fantastic impression on you with the blend of high-arc and gooseneck design. The matte black color is like a cherry on the top that acts as a resistive cover for complete protection. The chance of calcium or lime buildup is quite less because the Touch-Clean spray holes allow you to clean them with your finger easily.

Durability won’t be your concern because it based on a high-quality metal that strengthens it to last for years. The Diamond seal technology also enhances longevity by reducing the leak points. You can freely use it, knowing the fact that is has a limited lifetime warranty coverage that covers all the damages.

7. Peppermint Black Kitchen Faucet

Fonveth 1030 is a top rated black kitchen faucet that combines fashionable styling and modern functionalities to serve as a vital part of your kitchen. Lead-free solid brass construction gives this immense prowess to not only serve for long years but also withstand heavy usage. Even after years of usage, the rust-resistant finish will make it look like a brand new faucet without any corrosion or discoloration.

With immense durability, you will also get impressive styling, and the matte black finish gives your kitchen a fresh and eye-pleasing outlook. Subtle textures blended with the industrial coil and high-arc designs take the whole perspective to new height without jeopardizing the existing decor.

Whatever is your cleaning need, this top black kitchen faucet can do it all with the help of the multifunctional spray-head. It offers stream for filling large pots quickly, spray to rinse items, and pause option to prevent splash. It is a well-engineered faucet with a pull-down sprayer that, with the 20inch extension, gives you the ability to do all the tasks and also fill pots outside the sink.

Once the work of the sprayer is over, you can hang it spray arm that securely holds the sprayer in place. Like every high-end black kitchen faucet, it also bags a 360-degree swivel feature so that you can move in any direction while doing your chores.

It bags the classic 90-degree handle that not only ensures smooth control of the water volume but also provides control over water temperature. However, it doesn’t offer much room between the spout and sink bottom, but you won’t face any interruption in your movement.

The installation process has made it easier with this faucet as it comes with water line hoses, mounting accessories, and installation instruction. Moreover, it suitable for both one hole and three-hole sink, meaning it would combine with any standard tub. Once you buy this product, you will 90-days money-back guarantee in case you don’t like the performance or look.

8. AguaStella AS98MB Black Kitchen Faucet

If your priority is garnishing your graceful kitchen with modern kitchen faucet in matte black color, then AguaStella AS98MB will ideally cater to your needs. It is a high-arc faucet mated to a vibrant matte black color that brings out an aesthetically pleasing and pristine look in the kitchen.

It makes an excellent companion to any modern or transitional sink type because it has a gooseneck design with clean lines all over the body. Well, it would be naive to underestimate its durability based on its sleek look. With premium material construction, you can expect it to provide a lifetime of consistent service and performance.

In addition to high-quality materials, it also based on Sedal ceramic cartridge and Neoperl CRG motion hose and softpex connecting hoses that ensure tremendous durability and zero-dripping. In the performance section, it doesn’t hold back and provides you a multifunction sprayer that can spray, stream, and stop so that you can curate the water flow depending upon the task.

You will always be treated with the smooth stream while cleaning or filling, and the praise goes to its Neoperl aerator that reduces splash and prevents side spray. Cleaning a large stack of dishes or large cookware has been made convenient with its 18-inch hose reach that assists you in reaching different portions easily.

Even though it has an extensive hose range, it will smoothly retract back to the head position after every use. Moving this one of the finest black kitchen faucets in different directions is quite easy with 360-degree swivel, meaning you will have a broad coverage.

A great thing about this faucet is that it has an SPX flexible hose system that not only gives it ant-twist capability but also ensures hygiene in the water. The pre-installed connecting hoses and motion hose makes this tap easy to install. The upgraded hose weight without screws also facilitates easy installation, and it helps you to complete the setup within ten minutes.


Well, it is now time to say goodbye, and we hope our list will guide you to most of the excellent black kitchen faucet that will cater to your needs. The black finish has always been a favorite choice for many homeowners as it brings elegance and sophistication in their kitchen decor. It not only makes the sink area stand out but also helps it to blend with the modern furniture. Our list contains all the varieties starting from high-end models like Kraus KPF-1610MB to value for money products like AguaStella AS98MB.

Stay assured that none of the products will disappoint in looks, performance, and durability. Our experts have added them to the list after thorough testing and evaluation so you can lay your trust on them. Although we have restricted to one finish but that doesn’t mean you won’t find in variety in our list. So we urge you to thoroughly go through our reviews and get yourself the best model that will blend with your kitchen.

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