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10 Bathroom Mirror Ideas with Lights You’ll Like

In your quest to decorate or redecorate your bathroom, there are a lot of things to consider. Let’s take the bathroom mirror for example. You begin by deciding where to place the mirror within your bathroom. Once the location is decided, you now have to choose the design for the mirror, its shape.

You come across a variety in the market, square, circle, oval, and whatnot. And this does not end here, you then have to decide the lighting too and this by far is the most crucial aspect in the selection procedure. Having proper lighting in addition to the mirror style is essential to enjoy a great experience in your bathroom.

However, you do not need to worry about this aspect, as we will take you through some great bathroom mirror ideas with lights. This will help you choose the best option for your bathroom, so let’s begin!
Bathroom Mirror Ideas with Light

Top 10 Bathroom Mirror Ideas with Lights

1. Moon at The Top

Moon at the top bathroom mirror idea with light
If your bathroom theme is a subtle white,then lighting will not be a problem. You can go with this idea of having a lateral lamp or rope light on the top of your bathroom vanity. Not only will it reflect off the white walls, but also give you the required glow and radiance when looking into your bathroom mirror. You need to make sure that the lamp or the rope light gives off a white light and not the yellow hue, otherwise, this will only ruin the look of your bathroom.

2. Wooden Wall

Wooden Wall - Customized bath mirror with lights
If you are into a wooden texture theme wall, you can adopt this exclusive bathroom mirror light idea. The rope light encompasses the mirror boundary and is enough for you to apply your makeup and go about your skincare routine. This lighting idea is good for bathrooms with a little more towards the darker themes. As dark bathrooms require more focus on the lighting, you can go for this idea without any hesitation. Not only will you get the required glow in the mirror but also enjoy an exquisite design in the bathroom interior.

3. 4 Dots on the Top – Stunning Bathroom Mirror with Light Idea

4 dots on the top - Stunning bathroom mirror with light
Another cool design to illuminate your bathroom mirror is this halo-like lighting. Giving off a zany yet cool aura, this design will give you enough light to carry out your bathroom activities with ease and also add to the interior beauty of your bathroom. The fun part about this design is that you can have it in many shapes and of course the light color can be white or yellow depending on your bathroom and mirror theme. Additionally, this design is recommended for larger rectangular shaped bathroom mirrors.

4. Simple Beauty – A Simple Looking Bath Mirror Idea with Lights

Simple beauty - simple bathroom mirror with light
If you happen to have an oval-shaped bathroom mirror and do not want anything fancy with it, then this idea is your best pick. A rope light bounding the oval mirror will keep your bathroom style simple and subtle and at the same time give the required illumination to do your skincare routine. A lot of modern bathrooms these days have adopted this lighting theme. It is simple yet classy.

5. Square in the Mirror

Square in the Mirror ideas with light
Another lighting idea for a rectangular-shaped bathroom mirror is the backlight addition. This design gives off a frame like look to your bathroom mirror keeping your interior subtle and simple without any extravagance. If you are looking for a modern design, then this one is a decent pick on the list. It is light on the pocket too, you will not have to spend much but get a good result in the end.

6. Working Beauty – Standing Bathroom Mirror with Lights

Working Beauty - Standing Bathroom Mirror with Lights
Wall lamps just never get old! If you are a fan of a traditional look in your bathroom, then this style will be good to adopt. Not only can you add a wooden countertop but also add antique frames to your bathroom mirrors. You may choose to have multiple mirrors and wall lamps in between to illuminate them. This theme can be improvised with the addition of a marble feature wall to accentuate the lamps and the mirrors.

7. Mirror above Basin

Mirror above Bathroom Sink
We like to call this look going back to the basics! As pretty evident in the picture, the design is simple and screams class. The geometric patterns in the feature will only add to the beauty and simplicity of the design. Adding a hanging lamp/light above the bathroom sink to illuminate the mirror is one cool way of adjusting your light. You can adjust the angle too with a moveable head. However, if you are looking for something intricate than this option is probably not for you, it is more of a laid-back design.

8. Bath Mirror with Yellow Finish

Mirror with Yellow Finish
Have a tough time deciding between a rope light or wall lamps? Why not have both? This style of bathroom mirror lighting is exactly what you need if you are facing the above-mentioned trouble. The subtle LED rope light on the boundary inside and two elegant lamps on either side of the mirror, giving off a golden hue enough to do your makeup and even the tiny details on that contour!

9. Luxury in Design – Light Idea for Bathroom Mirror

Luxury in Design - Light Ideas for Bathroom Mirror
Another traditional, geometric bathroom look is up for grabs! Again, the use of exquisitely designed wall lamps on either side of a rectangular bathroom mirror exudes a class of its own. Placed close to the mirror the lamps offer good lighting and a unique style. If you are a fan of geometric and classical mix, this theme will play off pretty good for you. You can add your own touch by choosing a different style for lamps or try it with a different shaped mirror.

10.Wood Bulk – Another Wooden Finish Ideas for Bathroom Mirror

Wood Bulk - Another Wooden Finish Ideas for Bathroom Mirror
The last design on our list is another one featuring wall lamps, but in a slightly different manner than usual. This design of the bathroom mirror features 5 lamps, in a geometric assembly where 2 on each side of the mirror and 3 in a horizontal line above the mirror. Of course, the size of the lamps is small, so the lighting is compensated by the amount utilized. Additionally, this design is optimum for the rectangular mirrors of small size. So, if you are looking for a subtle yet classy theme and want a lot of wall lamps decorating your feature wall, this design is a good option to go for.

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