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Best Ruvati Sinks Reviews 2020 – How Good Ruvati’s Sinks are?

When we look for high-quality sinks for your kitchen, we assess different features before buying. But one factor that we often overlook is the brand name, and according to many experts, getting a sink from a reputed brand won’t ever let your investment go in vain. A top brand won’t ever disappoint you with a poor sink or fake promise, but a cheap brand will boast many fake features to lure you.

When you turn to brands like Ruvati, you can stay assured that you will be treated with top-notch sinks that will remain in your kitchen for a long time. This brand is all about flawless design, enhanced functionality, and top-of-the-line durability. The engineers put a lot of emphasis into every detail of each of their sink lineups in an effort to deliver the best Ruvati sinks to the customers.

In this guide, we have come up with top Ruvati sink reviews we think that need your attention as it will help you to find the next sinks for your new or remodeled kitchen.

But before we dive deep into the reviews of all the best Ruvati sinks, we like to put forward some essential facts that will help you to know about this brand.

Top 5 Ruvati Sinks:

About Ruvati

Ruvati may not be a famous brand in the US market, but it is one of those brands that have hardly dissatisfied any of their customers with inferior products. Started its journey in the year 2009, it laid its foundation in the market by flooding the market with top-quality and highly functional products at affordable pricing.

When it arrived in the market, it was either filled with expensive sinks from big brands or cheap products from Asian markets. So the manufacturer saw an opportunity to capitalize, and then they came with their lineup of high-quality products sink at a reasonable price point.

This brand has their headquarter at Austin, Texas and it is helping them to spread their wings as it is a booming market for real estates. Even though they are based in Texas, their roots are tied to Italian design, and the organization always tries to bring the same elements in their sinks that you would find in high-end Italian brands.

Ruvati is known for using a wide range of materials in their sinks, but none of them come close to the stainless steel sink’s popularity. A great thing that makes them unique is a large number of styles and designs they offer in all their sinks. All their sinks meet the essential requirement of functionality, elegance, and user-friendliness. They understand the need for house owners and market demand, and this is why everyone loves their sink.

Why Should You Buy Ruvati Sinks?

Once you start using Ruvati’s sink, you would hardly look for any other brand during remodeling. Their main motto is to create a lineup of sinks that are elegant and beautiful and practical in functionality at the same time. Besides, each of the sinks offers impressive durability, and all of them come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Ruvati even employs a lifetime customer service team who are one just call away to solve any of your issues. They are engineered in such a way that they not only will complement your kitchen or bathroom decor but will also uplift the overall aesthetics. You will find an array of styling in their sinks ranging from contemporary, minimalistic to old-school.

Ruvati is known for offering a wide variety of material that includes stainless steel, granite, fireclay, and many more when it comes to the construction of their sinks. However, their stainless steel sinks are always on high demand, and the main reason is their usage of 16 gauge T304 aircraft grade quality.

While many sink manufacturers in the market use 18-gauge stainless steel, this brand incorporates the thickest 16-gauge stainless steel in all their sinks that offer decade-long longevity. However, if your main priority is an elegant design, then you can choose from their most acceptable range of granite composites and fireclay sinks. You will get numerous finishes in all their products, and it is beneficial for owners who want to create coherence with other appliances in the kitchen or bathroom.

Another reason that attracts a lot of homeowners towards Ruvati is their highly competitive price point and that too, with top-notch functionality and elegant design. This brand is all about giving you a functional and beautiful sink at an affordable price. The organization’s dedication towards its customers is simply incredible, and they always try to make their customers’ lives easier.

All their pans get varied mounting positions, easy installation, and mounting hardware in the package so that you can install it without much hassle. They often offer faucets with their sinks, so you don’t have to search that will match the design and requirement of the sink you want to buy. Many of their sinks come with all the necessary accessories like a drain, basket, strainer, bottom grid, cutting board, and many more whose main job is to make chores simpler.

Ruvati Sink Material Types

Ruvati may not offer huge versatility when it is about the sink’s materials and styles but whatever they deliver satisfies the needs of most of the house owners in the US. Fireclay, stainless steel, and granite are the three materials that you will find in all their lineup. Similarly, they offer three styles, which ensures a timeless and elegant look in the kitchen.


  • Stainless Steel- Stainless steel is probably the most popular choice for Ruvati sinks, and it is mainly due to the incredible durability they have on offer. It gets a minimalistic design with minimal chance of getting affected by stains and scratches. The manufacturer uses highest-grade T304 16-gauge stainless steel that is meant to endure all heavy-duty tasks. Even though they don’t carry beautiful designs, but they help you to lift up the aesthetics of your kitchen.
  • Granite- Beside stainless steel, Ruvati is well-known for beautifully crafted granite sinks that can take the countertop and overall decor to a new height. Not only do their sinks come in different shapes and sizes, but they also come in different designs to create magic in its surroundings. All the granite sinks are made with a composite of quartz and acrylic since pure granite is highly expensive. You won’t ever have to think about durability and functionality as they are designed to make your kitchen functional for a long time.
  • Fireclay- Fireclay may not be famous as the other two materials, but it is gradually climbing up the ladder in the market. With its cast-iron outlook, these Ruvati sinks are becoming a common choice for homeowners who are looking for an elegant sink that would complement their designer kitchen or bathroom. Fireclay sinks are made from ceramic porcelain and enamel coating, so you can stay assured it would last for years.


ruvati sink styles

  • Drop-In or Top Mount- Top mount or drop-in is a typical style where the sink is placed above the countertop in a designated place. It may not create a great look, but it is probably the most effortless style you can obtain with sinks. In this style, the rims stay visible to the users, and the gap between rim and countertop tends to catch a lot of food particles and dirt.
  • Undermount- Undoubtedly the best style option for the sink as it not only creates a seamless outlook but also prevents the deposit of dirt and food particles. The installation is quite tricky as you will have to mount from beneath the cut-out in the countertop. Importantly it is straightforward to maintain and creates a minimalist statement.
  • Dual-Mount- Although dual mount styles are available with limited Ruvati sinks, it serves as an excellent choice for users who want the option of both undermount and top-mount. It comes during remodeling as you will have the facility to change the style based on your design requirement.


Is Ruvati a good sink?

We have tested the Ruvati sink for many weeks, and based on our user experience, we can say they are one of the best sinks you will find in the market. If you go through user reviews, many people have stated that these sinks are extremely good.

Do Ruvati sinks scratch easily?

Almost every Ruvati sink comes with stain and scratch-resistant treatment, and it would be really hard to leave a scratch on the surface. However, using a sharp tool intentionally can cause a scratch on the surface.

How thick are Ruvati stainless steel sinks?

A great thing about Ruvati stainless steel sinks is that they are all made from 16-gauge T304 stainless steel. 16-gauge is the thickest stainless steel in the market that offers enormous durability and sound insulation.

What is their warranty policy?

Every Ruvati sink comes with a limited lifetime warranty policy covering most of the damages and scratch issues. They also offer 24X7 customer support, who are always ready to solve any of your problems.

Now, without further, let’s check out all the Ruvati sink reviews:

Top 5 Best Ruvati Sinks Reviews 2020

1. Ruvati RVH7419 – Low-Divide Undermount Sinks

Ruvati is widely known for its ability to blend style and functionality at an affordable price, and RVH7419 serves as one of the best examples. Flaunting an expansive 33inch workspace and 10inch bowl depth, you can comfortably do all your cleaning and rinsing tasks without needing to use the top of the countertop.

However, it is the 60/40 dual bowl configuration that makes your time in the kitchen much more comfortable as you can efficiently multitask and quicken up your meal preparation. Unlike other sinks, it gets a low divider, thus giving you a fair amount of clearance to accommodate large pots and baking sheets.

Water clearance is a big issue, especially during large chores, and that is why this Ruvati kitchen sink is armed with channel grooves and sloped bottom for quick drainage. The edgeX 10mm tight radius is a big highlight of this pan as the curved corners not only makes it easy to clean but also oozes out an aesthetically pleasing look.

The manufacturer has made a sleek approach for the design of this pan and treated the top area with a brushed finish. It may not be the best looking sink in the lineup, but it blends well with other metal fixtures in the kitchen.

Built with the thickest 16-gauge T304 stainless steel, this sink gives you no room to judge its durability even after years of heavy-duty usage. Besides providing a great look, the brushed finish makes the surface resistant to scratch, stain, chipping, and high heat.

You will be surprised by its quiet operation even when you are cleaning a lot of dishes, and the credit goes to the SoundGuard padding with NoiseProof undercoating. Ruvati has supplied all necessary accessories you will need to make cleaning a fun affair, and it includes a bottom rinse grid, mounting clips, cut out template, and basket strainer assembly.

2. Ruvati RVH8005 – Drop-In Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

From the first look of Ruvati RVH8005, you may consider it as just another stainless steel fixture, but once you start using it, there will be no looking back. This top-quality Ruvati kitchen sink flaunts a robust 16-gauge T304 stainless steel that allows you to use the pan for all kinds of tasks without worrying about its durability.

While cleaning large baking sheets or pouring dirty cookware, you won’t have to think about stain and scratch as the premium-grade brushed finish protects it. Stainless steel sinks often make noise but not this one as it is engineered with thick rubber padding and heavy-duty soundGuard undercoating that absorbs all the noise and reduces condensation.

Ruvati RVH8005 offers a great blend of durability with beauty, and the narrow edges with rounded corners create an attractive outlook on the countertop. The top-mount design, with attention to detail and brushed finish, also adds to the perspective and allows it to complement the kitchen decor.

The top mount installation won’t give you a hard time, and the rim covers around 1inch of the countertop to blend with the top layer. It also features edgeX 10mm slightly curved corners that notch up the modern look and also maximizes the usable cleaning space. With that being said, it comes with a single bowl 33inch large cleaning area so that you never have a problem catering to any kind of kitchen chores.

However, the main impact in the functionality is made by the 10inch bowl depth that allows you to place big pots or pans during meal preparation without touching the faucet. This Ruvati stainless steel kitchen sink is designed to turn the countertop into a highly-functional space by employing drain grooves and sloped bottom. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty coverage, you can use it freely without thinking about repairing cost.

3. Ruvati RVH9233 – One of the best Ruvati Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

RVH9233 can be introduced as a specially crafted top kitchen sink from Ruvati that has caught many people’s attention with its elegance, excellent functionality, and impressive longevity. This sink is all about flaunting a minimalist outlook with its sharp body lines, and it can blend with any decor, whether modern or designer.

Despite being a simple stainless steel sink, the apron front and brushed finish gives it an eye-catching look and allows it to maintain a timeless look with a specially designed countertop. To keep the overall smooth look, Ruvati has even added a decorative drain cover that hides the reverse drain opening.

You will not only appreciate its beautiful design, but you will be surprised by how it makes your time in the kitchen more manageable and less time-consuming. This is undoubtedly one of the best Ruvati kitchen sinks that treat you with a super-wide 33inch cleaning space to facilitate large cleaning tasks without causing clumsiness.

The single bowl also gets 10inch large walls, meaning you can comfortably place a large pot for pasta preparation or cleaning huge baking sheets. Unfortunately, you need to have a 36inch base cabinet size to accommodate this large pan. Say goodbye to standing water while doing large chores, and the praise goes to the fast drainage facilitated by angled bottom with drain grooves.

Ruvati has supplied a cut-out template and installation guide in the package, so you won’t have to hire professionals to mount the pan. Besides, you will also find the bottom rinse grid and basket strainer drain assembly in the package.

When it comes to durability, it outclasses many top tier sinks as it is constructed using 16-gauge thick T304 stainless steel that is known for its indestructible built quality. Plus, the whole body is treated with the Ruvati’s popular commercial grade brushed finish that offers impressive resilience against scratch, stain, heat, and dent.

4. Ruvati RVH8310 – Workstation Bar Prep Sink

RVH8310 is a high end Ruvati sink that is designed in such a way that can turn any countertop into a professional workstation with all the top-notch facilities. Whatever is your chore, you won’t ever face a shortage of space, and the credit goes to the broad 30inch cleaning area.

However, it is the single-tier track on overhanging lips on both sides that turns your sink into a workstation by facilitating you to place accessories. You can easily slide colander, dish drying fold rack, and wood cutting board and quicken up your meal preparation time, especially during rush hours.

The best part of this high budget Ruvati kitchen sink is the elevated 10inch bowls that not only allow you to place large cookware but also prevents the countertop from getting water splash.

The zEDGE zero-radius inside corners make this sink more appealing as it upholds the modern look and also enhances your workspace.

Gone are those days when standing water was a problem for homeowners as nowadays, Ruvati sinks come with slightly angled bottoms with drain grooves. Whether it is a heavy-duty or ordinary task, you can do it all without any worry as it is backed by a 16-gauge premium T304 stainless steel built quality.

Treated with a commercial-grade brushed finish, this sink will get affected by stain, scratch, rust, chipping, and heat, thus giving you complete freedom.

Likewise, RVH8310 holds a contemporary look with its brushed finish that allows the sink to blend with most of the decors. Even though it looks traditional, the smooth body lines and undermount installation makes a significant impact on the countertop’s look.

The package comes with an installation guide, mounting clips, and a cut-out template so you can install the sink by yourself.

5. Ruvati RVH301 – Workstation Ledge Tight Radius Kitchen Sink

Ruvati RVH301 can be introduced as a meticulously engineered pan that makes not only the countertop a multifunctional unit but also a beautifully crafted space. It may showcase a vast 32inch cleaning space but what makes it unique is the single-tier track so that you can slide different accessories to make your chores a fun affair.

The track is basically an overhanging lip where you can put a colander, dish drying roll-up rack, and wooden cutting board to accomplish all your kitchen chores with ease. Thes best part is that you will get all these accessories in the package so you won’t have to spend any more money to make the sink completely useful.

The sizeable 32inch workspace is coupled with a 10inch high wall, and together they ensure an uninterrupted cleaning area for all your large cookware. Thanks to the four drain grooves, sloped bottom, and massive drain, you won’t ever face the issue of standing water while doing heavy-duty chores.

Like any best double bowl Ruvati kitchen sink, it also incorporates the edgeX 10mm radius that ensures easy cleaning and also adds to the overall elegant look.

With that being said, it also flaunts a sleek body structure with a brushed finish that makes it a showstopper in any kitchen decor. Crafted with sharp body lines and undermount design, it will not only become an integral part of the countertop but also will also maintain a seamless styling.

Durability is a highlighting factor of all Ruvati sinks, and RVH301 is no different as it is based on T304 premium 16-gauge stainless steel that offers the best longevity.

To add to the overall durability, this affordable Ruvati kitchen sink also gets a commercial-level brushed finish that protects the sink from scratch, heat, stain, and rust. Most importantly, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty so that you can have peace of mind after buying them.


Ruvati may not be a widely popular brand, but when it comes to delivering high-quality sinks at an affordable price, they always stay at the front. Through this guide, we have come up with top-five kitchen sinks we think will perfectly suit your requirement and will transform your countertop in every way.

Although all of them come with stainless sink construction, we have tried to bring variation by adding sinks with different functionality.

The RVH7419 sink will give a multitasking facility while Ruvati RVH301 will ease up your kitchen chores by offering numerous accessories in the sink. Another great thing about all the sinks is that all of them provide a minimalist yet elegant outlook that would surely make a mark in your kitchen decor.

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