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Glacier Bay Faucet Reviews – History, Quality, Prices, Warranty

For all the DIY fanatics out there, Home Depot has in store for you, an easy to install faucet! The Glacier Bay kitchen faucets by Home Depot do not require you to summon a plumber to do the fittings. According to our experts, the faucet comes with easy installation, so that whoever has an inkling of installation can get it done in no time.

Glacier Bay Faucet Reviews

History of Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay faucets do not share a rich historical background as other faucets, but being a commodity of Home Depot, its history is interlinked with Home Depot. Their easy installation is something that has greatly augmented its sales in the past and made it a customer favorite.

Due to numerous acquisitions under Home Depot, Glacier Bay has transformed over the years, both in terms of functionality and design. When the retail chain in China under the name of Home way was acquired by Home Depot in 1996, it gave Glacier Bay a wider base in the retail market and production facilities. Over the years, the brand has transformed yet is available to its customers in pretty subsidized rates.

How Good is Glacier Bay Kitchen Faucet?

Being an entry-level brand you will not come across a wide collection of Glacier Bay kitchen faucets. The range is limited to a few pieces in every category you will come across and each of the faucets will have a few technical features complementing the basic faucet function.

However, our search for its online reviews brought us to some positive feedback from the customers. Most of these reviews were available at Home Depot as other online platforms had limited availability of this brand. After analyzing the major chunk of reviews at Home Depot and the minor chunk at other online retailer sites we came up with an average score of 6 out of 10 for Glacier Bay Faucets.

The most likable feature of the faucets from Glacier Bay was their easy installation and of course the leak-free solution. This made them accessible to the DIY installers and leak-free solution ensured a consistent supply of water from the faucet.

The major complaint regarding these faucets by the customers was its inconsistency with the technical features in different models. The faucet often had to be dealt with instant issues upon installation, which made a pretty lousy first experience.

The technology used in Glacier Bay faucets

You will not come across much tech function when it comes to Glacier Bay kitchen faucets. Plus given the subsidized price, getting a basic faucet to complement your kitchen is more than enough.

However, you will find a few pieces in the collection that do carry one or two tech features like motion detection or touchless faucet. This feature like the other top faucet brands ensures that the faucet remains clean and you can simply operate by gesturing your hand or utensil. It comes with a sensor installed in it, to make this action possible.

Certified under ISO 9001, you can find Glacier Bay faucets in different sizes and finishes. These include simple chrome, oil rubbed bronze, nickel, and polished chrome. Most of the faucets by the company, feature high arc design which allows more working space in the sink. The cartridges and the valves in the faucets are all brass and ensure that there are little to zero chances of dripping.

The design of these faucets is kept simple, but you may get variation in the handle, which is either single or dual.

What Types of Kitchen Faucets are Available from Glacier Bay?

Apart from the kitchen fixtures, you will also come across bathroom faucets from Glacier Bay and other plumbing fixtures. However, when it comes to their kitchen faucets you will come across several categories in which they are divided at Home Depot. Although the pieces you might get in each category are limited. Following are the categories in which their kitchen faucets are broadly divided:

  • Pull-down faucets featuring a single handle
  • Pull-out faucets with single handle
  • Side spray With Double handle faucets
  • Wall-mounted faucet range
  • Kitchen faucets for commercial use

All these faucets are available in different finishes by the company. Plus most of them have dual-hole installation, allowing you to use them with 1 hole or a 3 hole sink.

Warranty on a Glacier Bay Kitchen Faucet

The warranty that comes with the Glacier Bay faucets according to Home Depot ensures that the faucets will not leak or drip. According to the guarantee, the faucets are produced in the top grade and will provide the purchaser with a hassle-free experience of up to 20 years. During this period if the faucets show any sign of damage or leaking, it can be repaired free of charge.

However, the sprays that accompany the kitchen faucets are not part of this warranty. The sprays are guaranteed to be free from defects, and any repair can be made free of charge until 12 months from the purchasing date.

So if you happen to make a warranty claim you need to do so in writing, but keep in mind the labor charges needed for repair are not covered in the warranty.

Prices of Glacier Bay Faucets

You can get the most affordable kitchen faucets at Glacier Bay. If you are tight on money or are thinking of renovating your kitchen, Glacier Bay can give you kitchen faucets in an economical range. Additionally, as the faucets are easy to install, it also saves you the cost of labor.

The most expensive faucet you can get here will cost you in the range of $100 – $150. Rest all of the faucet range falls below $100 and if you are not looking for any technical feature, then you can also get the basic faucets for under $50. The prices are pretty much similar on every platform where Glacier Bay faucets are available.


You can always give Glacier faucets a try, as you can get some of the good faucets from Glacier Bay faucet for under $100 only. The choice of this brand is perfect for homeowners looking for ease and affordability.

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