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Best Things to Clean Bathroom Mirrors

Ever wondered why your bathroom mirrors appeared all steaked instead of sparkling clean?

Are you done trying and failing different cleaning techniques and things to make the bathroom mirrors shine?

Well, no need to be annoyed, for the problem may not be with the technique but some points you are probably missing in the procedure or the steps you are misinterpreting. However, we will resolve all your confusions today and give you some tips on the best things to clean your mirrors. So, let’s get started.
best things to clean bathroom mirror

What do You Need to Clean Bath Mirrors

Start by setting your tools aside for the cleaning purpose. You will need a couple of cleaners and washcloths to help you with the task. Assemble the following things:

  1. Cleaning pads (microfiber cloth)
  2. Alcohol
  3. Either a homemade cleaner or an industrial one
  4. Cotton

You shouldn’t Use these Things to Clean Bathroom Mirrors

Another thing that we would like to warn you about is some methods which have been carried on either through rumor or by tradition when it comes to cleaning mirrors. These tips or techniques prove to only spoil the mirror or add more streaks to it then to make it sparkle. So, by all means, avoid these practices, if you want to see some sparkling bathroom mirrors:

Old Newspaper

This is by far the oldest hack suggested to clean the mirrors but let me tell you, it does more harm than good to your mirrors. Using the newspaper initially may seem like a good idea, but the ink may leave behind a residue that will only stain your bathroom mirror. So, avoid this at all costs, unless you are sure of the quality of ink used on the paper.

Cleaning Products

Using cleaning products that are not marked for cleaning bathroom mirrors specifically can again prove fatal for the surface of bathroom mirrors. This may cause permanent stains and the mirror might lose its luster.

Paper Towels

This may sometimes do the cleaning job, but mostly the towels leave behind a residue on the mirror surface.

Prepping the Bathroom mirror

Before you begin cleaning your mirror, we highly recommend you follow these prepping steps which will help you remove gunk and grime accumulated on it. Once these are removed from the surface, you can then spring into action and swipe the mirror to get your required sparkle.

Toothpaste stains, soap, and watermarks need to be removed in this stage in addition to any gunk, grime, or hard water deposits. For this, you have to take the cotton and dip it in some rubbing alcohol. Then apply it to all the spots you detect, you may need to scrub a little in areas where the grime is hard to scrape off. Once done, you ready to clean the bathroom mirror!

6 Best Things to Clean Bathroom Mirror

The fun thing about this ordeal is that you are not restricted to using specific cleaners you have a range of options to choose from and the method of application and cleaning that follows is more or less the same for each of the given options. So, you may choose any of the following options:

Liquid Bleach

Liquid Bleach
Our Recommended Liquid Bleach

Liquid bleach can be used to clean your bathroom mirrors in addition to your laundry. The reactive agents and chemicals which make up the bleach act swiftly to remove any stain on your bathroom mirror.

And the application process is pretty simple, all you need to do is to take the microfiber cloth, squirt some bleach onto it and then scrub it over the bathroom mirror.

After an even application has been done in the mirror, take another clean dry cloth and wipe off all the bleach from the mirror. This will leave behind a clean gleaming surface.

Face Tonic

Your face tonic cannot only be used to clean your face but also to swipe clean your bathroom mirror. Apply a generous amount of tonic to a cotton pad or wipe and rub it on the surface of your bathroom mirror. Once done clean the tonic off with a clean dry cloth and you are done!


As weird as it sounds, but your bathroom mirror can mostly be cleaned with products available within your bathroom. Your toothpaste is one example of that.

But of course, if the mirror is huge you might run out of toothpaste more often if it is used to clean the mirrors in addition to your teeth. To use this technique, take a microfiber cloth and squirt a generous amount of toothpaste onto it. Now evenly apply the paste onto the mirror surface using the microfiber.

Let this stand for a good 15 minutes till the toothpaste dries up. The cleaning action of the toothpaste will remove any stains in this period. Once the time is up, use a damp cloth to scrape off the dried-up paste.

Then finish it off with a dry cloth and you are done. This tip is a bit time taking but can be done if you don’t happen to have other cleaners with you at home.

Lemon Juice

The good old lemons have always been known for their cleansing action. The acid content of lemons enables them to act as effective cleaners for both kitchen and bathrooms, especially when grease and fat stains are concerned. It’s effective too when it comes to cleaning bathroom mirrors. All you need to do is prepare a jar of lemon juice and then dip in cotton pads in it. Scrub the mirror surface with these cotton pads and then clean it off with a dry cloth to get a gleaming surface.

Chlorine Solution

Out next example of the cleaner is the chlorine solution. This is also effective but requires you to have chlorine powder available. Mix some chlorine powder into water and prepare a chlorine solution. Use rubber gloves when applying this solution to the mirror. Let the solution sit and dry on the mirror for 35 minutes. After this rinse the bathroom mirror with water and wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

White Vinegar

cleaning mirror with vinegar

Vinegar is another pantry item that is very effective in fighting off grease and stains owing to its acidic nature. To use this cleaner, make a vinegar solution with 2:1 vinegar to the water. Apply this solution to the mirror surface and let it dry. Soon you will be met with a clean sparkly bathroom mirror.


With these hacks and tips, you can easily get your bathroom mirrors cleaned in no time and get them shiny and sparkly too. We recommend that you use these tips regularly to keep the mirrors shiny and brilliant. If you have some more ideas up your sleeve, do share them with us. Happy cleaning!

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