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Best Ways to Stop Your Bathroom Mirror from Fogging up

Enjoying a warm bath on a cold winter day is bliss but having to face a fogged-up bathroom mirror after this destroys the bliss. You can avoid the fog buildup on the mirror by using the bathroom ventilation, but this also devoid the bathroom of the heat and kills the purpose of a warm bath. So, what to do?

Fret not! For we bring for you some quick hacks and tips to stop your bathroom mirror from fogging up. After implementing these you can easily enjoy a good warm bath and apply to make up using your bathroom mirror!

Stop Bathroom Mirror from Fogging up

4 Easy Ways to Stop Your Bathroom Mirror from Fogging up

Shaving Cream or Vinegar Solution

Who knew your shaving cream could help with the de-fogging of the bathroom mirrors? Most shaving creams, detergents, and soaps are surfactants, which means that they will prevent water particles to condense and stick to your mirror surface.

vinegar and shaving cream

All you need to do before you take your shower is take a small amount of any of these and spread it over the mirror. Then wipe it up clean with a soft cloth. This will make your mirror shine but also give you a clear vanity once you are done with your hot bath. An inexpensive smart hack, what else can one ask for? However, there is a slightly negative side of this. The shaving cream or the detergents will leave behind cloudiness on your mirror.

An alternative to this is the 1:1 vinegar and water solution. This is another cool tip, to keep your bathroom mirror free from fog. Just apply this solution to the mirror surface and wipe it clean with a cloth, you may mix some detergent to improve the defogging action!

Glass Products and De-foggers

A little on the expensive side, if you are willing to spend some bucks for your comfort then this is by far our best tip. By using a specialty product for your bathroom mirrors, you can get rid of the fog and at the same time ensure that their sparkly surface is retained spotless.

Some products that you can easily find in the market include Rain-X. This is commonly used to clean the car windshields and prevent the build-up of fog on their surfaces. Fun fact is that you can use it for your bathroom mirror too. So, the next time you decide to clean your car windshield with this product, remember to clean your bathroom mirror with it as well. Its usage procedure is fairly simple. All you need to do is to spray the solution on to the mirror, let it sit for a minute and then you just wipe it off with a clean cloth and let it dry. Your mirror will be fog-free for at least a month.

Glass anti fog


Another specialty product that works wonder on defogging your bathroom mirrors is Glycerin. You can easily get this at most pharmacies and the cool thing about this product is that it is non-toxic and hence perfect for homes with kids and pets. You may apply the glycerin as it is or forms its solution in water and apply that to your mirror. And wipe it off clean with a cloth; this will keep your bathroom mirrors free from fog during long warm showers.

A Defogging Pad

mirror Defogging Pad

Are you too lazy to move your hands and swipe up your bathroom mirror? Well, we have a solution for you too. The defogging pad is the ultimate solution for those lazy folks out there, who want the results with minimal effort. This is a smart solution powered by electricity to keep your bathroom mirror free from fog.

The science behind the device is that it is attached to the backside of your mirror and heats up the backside gently preventing any fog to accumulate over the mirror surface. This is a professional solution and you may have seen it being used in high-end salons and spas. You can now enjoy this luxury at home by installing these pads in your bathroom mirrors.

This solution will prevent you from the daily hassle of cleaning our bathroom mirrors and save your time too. However, if you want to install these pads, you need to do so before the installation of your bathroom mirror.

As they are attached to the backside of the mirror therefore, this has to be done at the time of mirror installation. Furthermore, care must be taken that you deploy the services of an experienced person in the field as this is a technical job requiring utmost care and precision.

Car Wax and Blow dryer

Another cool, simple hack on our list today makes use of the car wax and a blow dryer. If the aforementioned hack costs you a lot, try this cheap yet effective hack to prevent fogging of your bathroom mirrors. The car wax essentially acts as a de-fogger for the car windshield and is often time used by drivers to defog their windshield in cold weather. This little chemical can act and perform the same functions for your bathroom mirror.

Just simply apply the solution to the mirror surface and wipe it off clean with a cloth to get the solution working. However, being a chemical, it is toxic in nature and usually not recommended for households with pets and kids.

You can also use your hairdryer to get the job done! Don’t believe us? Here is how you can blow-dry the fog away! Simply plug in the dryer, and instead of drying your hair, point it towards the mirror and the fog will disappear in no time.

This is a simple trick for those who are pretty forgetful and may forget cleaning the mirror with a defogger. So, to all those forgetful people out there, we got you covered to folks! However, make sure you plug it in a dry socket, for electricity can be hazardous if it comes in contact with moisture. So, tread carefully when using this technique in your bathrooms.

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