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Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Bluetooth Speaker Reviews 2020

You will agree to the fact that listening to music while taking a shower in the bathroom brings out a whole new experience. Not only does it spice up your shower time, but it also lets you calm your mind while doing your regular bathroom routine.

But it is not always feasible to bring a speaker to your bathroom since it can cause damage to hardware. So if you are looking for a permanent solution, then installing the best bathroom exhaust fan with Bluetooth speaker would do the trick.

Top 4 Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Bluetooth Speaker:

The exhaust fan will take care of excess moisture in the bathroom while the Bluetooth speaker will entertain you while using the lavatory for a long time. In this guide, we will showcase four top-quality bathroom exhaust fan with Bluetooth speakers that will be totally worth your investment.

Top 4 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Bluetooth speakers Reviews 2020

1. Broan-NuTone SPK110 – Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Bluetooth Speaker

Broan-NuTone Sensonic SPK110 is an incredible piece of device that not only treats you with a mesmerizing bathroom environment but also soothing music to back it up. The chance of any mushy climate or growth of mold in your bathroom is nil because the high-capacity 110CFM can show its power in a lavatory up to 105sq ft.

Besides the fan, the completely lubricated motor also plays a significant role in delivering superior performance, and it can run continuously for thousands of hours. To curb down any chance of air cluttering, this top-quality exhaust fan with Bluetooth speaker utilizes a large 4inch duct that can conveniently move a considerable volume of air.

However, it is the inbuilt dual high-fidelity Seasonic speaker that attracts people the most as it can fill a large bathroom with rich audio with optimum clarity. All thanks to the Bluetooth functionality, you can easily stream soothing music or news while relaxing in the bathtub.

The interesting part is that you won’t need any particular application for streaming, and you just need to connect using Bluetooth to play your favorite song. Running quietly at a noise level of 1.0 Sones, it minimizes all the noises so that you can enjoy peacefully without any interruption.

Despite running so many functions at once, you won’t get a high energy bill, and the credit goes to low energy consumption with Energy Star certification.

With a retrofitting in 2X8inch ceiling space and specialized spacer, you can comfortably mount the exhaust fan without requiring any expert assistance. The horizontal duct direction makes the installation easier without any turn and twist.

However, if you wish to use it over a shower or bathtub, then you need to get a GFCI circuit. Durability is a key highlight of this device, and it is due to the 26gauge galvanized steel construction that protects the fan and speaker from any damage.

2. Delta BreezIntegrity ITG70BT – Exhaust Bathroom Fan with Bluetooth Speaker

When you think of getting a quintessential combo of performance and entertainment, one model that you should never miss out is Delta BreezIntegrity ITG70BT. The 70CFM airflow capacity fan can cater up to a bathroom of 70sq ft and keep the surrounding fresh by moving out unnecessary moisture and cigarette smokes.

The fan is paired to a heavy-duty DC brushless that has been constructed to work continuously for a minimum of 70000hours without degrading the speed over time. For the natural movement, it packs a large air duct that facilitates the swift movement of a large volume of air continuously.

This one of the finest bathroom exhaust fans with Bluetooth speakers flaunting UL approval for convenient ceiling mount installation. The compact housing with standard mounting bars makes it incredibly straightforward for you to fit into any old exhaust fan space without much difficulty.

While the fan ventilates your bathroom, you can use the inbuilt Bluetooth speaker to listen to the news, sports trivia, traffic update, or soothing music before you get ready for work. The 3-watt speaker is quite powerful for a small bathroom, and it will always treat your ear with optimum clarity and decent bass.

While enjoying the sound from your new exhaust fan, you would hardly hear any fan noise along with it, and it is due to the super quiet 1.0 Sones level.

Connecting the Bluetooth speaker won’t be a problem, and it is due to a 32ft long-range with compatibility with almost every device. The speaker also bags an IPX4 safety rating, meaning it won’t get affected by moisture or water splash.

Overall the whole package is based on a galvanized steel casing that serves a shield for internal hardware from any kind of damage. Even if you use the exhaust fan frequently throughout the day, the energy efficiency of 10.6CFM/watt won’t cost you a hefty energy bill. Lastly, it is backed by a 3-years warranty coverage, which is a great perk for any exhaust fan.

3. Homewerks Worldwide 7130-04-BT – Bathroom Fan with Bluetooth Speaker

Homewerks Worldwide 7130-04-BT is not your average exhaust fan from the market that only ventilates the lavatory, but will also treat you with wireless music streaming and quiet fan operation.

Unlike standard exhaust fans, this device is built with a powerful Bluetooth speaker that delivers crisp and room-filling audio for your favorite song, daily weather update, and news. From Android, iOS to tablet, and laptop, you can use any device to get a fulfilling sound experience while you are doing your morning routines. However, to get a clear audio quality, you need to place the audio source within 30-feet distance.

You won’t ever get to complain about its ventilation performance as it utilizes a 70CFM fan to eliminate moisture and humidity and make your bathroom breathe like a new place. However, you can expect the optimum performance only if you install it in a bathroom with a maximum size of 70sq ft.

However, with a powerful air movement, it produces a sound level of 1.5 Sones, so you might hear a certain amount of noise while enjoying your music. Built with a large air duct, you can expect this exhaust fan to offer high air movement in any situation.

When it comes to built quality, this top-selling bathroom exhaust fan with Bluetooth speaker would impress you with its galvanized steel construction that prevents corrosion and tarnishing.

The impressive no-cut design and availability quick-connect wires in the packages would facilitate you to install the exhaust fan within an hour. Moreover, it comes attached with all the mounting hardware that makes the installation much more uncomplicated.

Importantly, this product is HVI, and UL certified that indicates they are designed for convenient ceiling installation. What makes it different? The mesh grille that do not only blends seamlessly with any wall color but also uplifts the aesthetics of any kind of decor.

4. HOMEWERKS WORLDWIDE 7130-03-BT – Bathroom Fan with Bluetooth Speaker

7130-03-BT 90CFM exhaust fan from the popular Homewerks Worldwide is a top-notch designer device that has the prowess to change the bathroom’s whole scenario. The unique circular structure with mesh grille gives this one of the best bathroom exhaust fans with Bluetooth speaker a unique look that can charm up any decor.

Under the beautiful construction lies a powerful 90CFM that conveniently ventilates all the moisture and foul odor to give you a favorable climate. The fan is coupled with a commercial-level motor that promises not only the continuous operation but also years-long longevity.

However, this exhaust fan can function adequately in a bathroom with a size up to 90sq ft and won’t offer excellent performance in an ample space.

If you fancy enjoying music or hearing news while taking a shower or chilling in your bathtub, then you can utilize the Bluetooth speaker for wireless streaming. You just need a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to connect to the speaker, and it will automatically deliver a fluidic audio quality to your ears.

However, you will have to palace the music source within 30-feet range; otherwise, you will face a lot of latency in your music streaming. Importantly you can place the exhaust fan almost anywhere in the wall or ceiling, and the UL and HVI certification proves it.

This exhaust fan features a revolutionary no-cut design, so just have to follow the manual to install the exhaust fan at your desired location quickly. You will have all the mounting hardware and quick-connect wires in the package, meaning you can quickly install it when the package arrives.

The exhaust fan is built on a galvanized steel construction that ensures you won’t have to worry about corrosion or any other damage throughout its lifetime. Not only that, but the speaker has also been engineered in such a way that it won’t get affected by moisture. Once you purchase, you will get a 3-years warranty coverage covering most of the damages and issues.
Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Bluetooth Speaker

Why You Should Buy a Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Bluetooth Speakers?

A bathroom exhaust fan with Bluetooth speaker serves as the perfect combo as it offers exhaust fan and speaker in one place. It serves as an ideal replacement for users who love to bring speakers in their bathroom while they shower or do their regular routines.

Both the exhaust fan and speaker work independently so you can use the speaker or exhaust fan separately depending upon your usage. While you play music, the exhaust fan will continue to do its task and will keep the moisture level at an acceptable level.

Nowadays, playing music through a Bluetooth speaker is quite straightforward, and you can use almost any device to stream music through the speaker. You just need a smartphone, laptop, or tablet to play the music in the bathroom and that too from any part of the house.

When you have fresh surroundings and beautiful music in the bathroom, it will take your showering experience to a whole new level. You can always expect to have an exciting time while you use the lavatory. Importantly, it will give your bathroom an overall new outlook and a modern touch that you won’t get with any ordinary exhaust fan.

The exhaust fans with Bluetooth speakers perform in the same manner as any other heavy-duty exhaust in the bathroom. They not only get the unnecessary humidity out of your bathroom but also prevents the growth mold and dew from inflicting any damage.

Apart from Bluetooth speakers, most of these exhaust fans come with low fan noise so that it won’t ruin your listening experience. Plus, when you will use just the exhaust fan, you can expect to have a peaceful time without getting annoyed by high fan noise.


We hope our guide for the best bathroom exhaust fan with Bluetooth speaker will direct you to the ideal model that will match your requirement. Even though the market is filled with many exhaust fans with Bluetooth speakers, our experts have come up with the top 4 products after examining a large stack of products.

All the models have been thoroughly evaluated, so we can confidently say none of the products would ever disappoint you in performance, ventilation, longevity, and audio quality.

We have tried to bring variation in our list by introducing products like Delta BreezIntegrity ITG70BT that can cater to small bathrooms. But if you have a large size bathroom, then you can choose a Broan-NuTone Sensonic SPK110 that has a high capacity fan with a large speaker.

Price won’t be a problem as all the products in this list comes under an affordable price tag. For any further query and information, you can get in touch through our email or comment, and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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